File Title
1 HP results show seesawing nature of tech recovery
2 Menlo Park research facility refuses to let humane society see monkey that bit worker
3 Vatican: Everyone can use condoms to prevent HIV
4 Quake hits Papua New Guinea: geologists
5 Greenpeace activists scale oil rig off Mexico
6 Stem cell trial offers hope for vision patients
7 Study: AIDS pill helps gay men avoid HIV infection
8 Gay Rights: Are the Courts Ahead of the American Public?
9 Cambodia Water Festival turns tragic with deadly stampede
10 Secretive Air Force X-37B Robotic Space Plane May Be Nearing Mission's End
11 AP Enterprise: Rig victims' kin feel left out
12 DiCaprio pledges million dollars to save tigers: WWF
13 SpaceX Receives FAA License to Return Private Spaceships From Earth Orbit
14 Venezuela touts major offshore natural gas find
15 China admits it is the world's biggest polluter
16 Scientists Learn Why Alcohol Can Be Good For You
17 Experts demand better protection for sharks
18 UN: Emission pledges fall short of climate target
19 Israeli archaeologists uncover Roman pool
20 North, South Korea exchange fire; 2 marines killed
21 PM calls on NZ to prepare for worst in mine blast
22 Saudi king arrives in US for medical tests
23 Rare Apple I computer to be auctioned in Britain
24 What not to wear? Clothing a security line issue
25 Half of Americans facing diabetes by 2020: report
26 U.N. sees global AIDS epidemic starting to turn
27 Children Born 'Late Pre-Term' More Prone to Low IQ
28 German society faces wrench if draft scrapped
29 New STD Report Finds Some Progress, High Costs for U.S.
30 1 in 4 Overweight Women Think They're Normal Size: Study
31 Pilot transplant project aims to spur kidney swaps
32 Hit by AIDS, Africa welcomes Pope's condom message
33 Feds say glasses with lead are kids' products
34 US gonorrhea rate at record low, other STDs rise
35 Diabetes, Depression Can Be Two-Way Street
36 Bloodstains could give age away
37 Organically-grown vegies not more nutritious
38 Face shields needed for combat: study
39 Meeting the Family? Your Digital Impression Matters
40 FCC May Allow You to Send Text Messages to 911
41 WikiLeaks: New Release 7 Times Size of Iraq Logs
42 Twitter Tirades Test Limits of Freedom of Speech
43 Netflix Expects Video Streaming to Drown out DVDs
44 Daily Use of Antiretroviral Drugs Cuts AIDS Transmission
45 Jim Stanicki: An Online Inspiration on Dying Well
46 Mark Twain Autobiography Reveals Tragic Life
47 Poll: Boomers Unhappiest Over Their Own Sex Life
48 Smokers Need Not Apply: Is Hiring Ban Trend of the Future?
49 Smoking Cessation Program May Save States Money
50 National Indoor Smoking Ban Could Prevent Thousands of Heart Attacks
51 Smoking Rate Has Stopped Declining, Says CDC
52 Electronic Cigarettes: A Safer 'Smoke' or Another Bad Habit?
53 HHS Issues Regulations for Preventive Benefits
54 'Third-Hand' Smoke--the Dust Finally Settles
55 Navy Officially Bans Smoking on Submarines
56 Harmless Hookah? Hardly
57 New Smokeless Tobacco Threat Coming Soon to U.S.
58 The Economic Fruits of Smokefree Schools
59 Second Opinions Not Always Enough
60 Secretive Air Force Robotic Space Plane Nears Mission's End
61 Experts Say China Fuels Tiger Poaching
62 Archaeologists Uncover Roman Pool in Jerusalem
63 Iran Denies Nuclear Setback from Stuxnet Virus
64 Report Claiming Wi-Fi Hurts Trees Slammed as Bogus
65 Why Engineers See Big Potential in Micro Nukes
66 Supersonic Speed Car Said 'On Track'
67 U.S. Airports a "Constitutional Twilight Zone"
68 Pentagon: No Gays Discharged in Past Month
69 Post Office Slayings Leave Tenn. Town Uneasy
70 Scanner Protests Only Delay Travel, Says TSA
71 Church: Pope's Condom Remarks Apply to Women Too
72 HIV Breakthrough: Daily Drug 73 Percent Effective Against Infection, Says Study
73 Johnson & Johnson Recalls Benadryl, Motrin (Complete List)
74 Holiday-Proof Baby Boomer Bodies
75 Kiss of Death? For Allergy Sufferers, Locking Lips Can Kill
76 Lead-Laced Drinking Glasses Spur Federal Probe
77 Vatican: Pope Seeks Debate on Condoms, AIDS
78 Enhanced efficiency when determining band gap in solids
79 World-first to provide building blocks for new nano devices
80 Scientists glimpse universe before the Big Bang
81 1,000 mph car to be built next year
82 Daily dose of HIV drug reduces risk of HIV infection
83 Flying snakes, caught on tape (w/ Video)
84 Nanoparticle thermotherapy as a chemotherapy alternative
85 Breakthrough could lead to disposable e-readers
86 Making stars: Studies show how cosmic dust and gas shape galaxy evolution
87 Ultrathin alternative to silicon for future electronics
88 Ford announces which cities will get first crack at Focus Electric
89 Banking on predictability, the mind increases efficiency
90 New function of gene in promoting cancer found
91 Upper-class people have trouble recognizing others' emotions
92 Adding face shields to helmets could help avoid blast-induced brain injuries
93 The not-so-sweet truth about sugar--a risk choice?
94 Uptake protein acts as zinc's doorway to the cell
95 Tech-savvy put explosion of data to work
96 Israeli archaeologists uncover Roman pool
97 Novell draws new bid of $2.2 billion
98 New findings suggest species' interactions don't always promote diversity
99 Researchers kick-start ancient DNA
100 Gene find could lead to healthier food, better biofuel production
101 Netflix expects video streaming to drown out DVDs
102 High alpha-carotene levels associated with longer life
103 New microscope reveals ultrastructure of cells
104 Scientists build world's smallest 'water bottle'
105 Secrets of nanohair adhesion un-peeled by UA polymer scientists
106 What changes will nanoelectronics bring to our lives?
107 DNA can act like Velcro for nanoparticles
108 Cancer scientists believe nanoparticles could accurately target tumors, avoiding side effects
109 Doctoral candidate publishes on graphene's potential
110 Risk review suggests that carbon nanotubes be treated, for now, 'as if' hazardous
111 Researchers create iridescent glass that can reflect UV or infrared light
112 Nanoscale probe reveals interactions between surfaces and single molecules
113 Researchers find faster way to produce efficient nano-vehicles for gene delivery
114 A new twist for nanopillar light collectors
115 New possibilities for solar energy with molecular 'stencils'
116 Nanotechnology: A dead end for plant cells?
117 Imaging tool may aid nanoelectronics by screening tiny tubes
118 Lyfish-inspired pumps: Researchers investigate next generation medical and robotic devices
119 Simple rubber device mimics complex bird songs
120 Air flows in mechanical device reveal secrets of speech pathology
121 New look at relativity: Electrons can't exceed the speed of light--thanks to light itself, says biologist
122 One way sound: A new material will allow for improved ultrasound imaging
123 Physicists study behavior of enzyme linked to Alzheimer's, cancer
124 Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle sets limits on Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance,' new research finds
125 Pushing black-hole mergers to the extreme: RIT scientists achieve 100:1 mass ratio
126 Light bending by a black hole may offer proof of extra dimensions
127 Pitt physicist wins 2011 Einstein Prize for lifetime unraveling, reshaping general relativity theory
128 Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource 2010-2011 run starts this week
129 Antihydrogen trapped for first time (w/ Video)
130 Physicists demonstrate a four-fold quantum memory
131 New property in warm superconductors discovered
132 New technology gives on-site assessments in archaeology
133 First app from NPL to help researchers working in the lab
134 NASA spacecraft burns for another comet flyby
135 Spitzer sees shrouded burst of stars
136 LIDAR applications in coastal morphology and hazard assessment
137 Study could mean greater anticipated global warming
138 Hybrid tugboat cuts emissions, study shows
139 End to cheap coal closer than we thought?
140 Profiling the largest solar explosions
141 The Amazon: from wetland to river
142 US launches giant eavesdropping satellite
143 'M8' earthquake simulation breaks computational records, promises better quake models
144 Successful launch for NASA's microsatellite FASTSAT
145 Indonesia declares protected zone to save coral reefs
146 Classified spy satellite launched from Fla.
147 Why do the ionized gas clouds stream out from galaxies?
148 Scientists call for protection of Australia's subtropic seas
149 Intel intros first configurable intel atom-based processor
150 Scientists say robot was 'long shot' in NZealand mine rescue
151 Review: Samsung tablet good, but not good enough
152 Controversial JooJoo tablet to be phased out
153 Kno textbook reader to ship this year
154 E Ink, maker of Kindle display, to offer color
155 TSA App tries to ease air travel pain
156 Underwater robots on course to the deep sea
157 Israel army using Facebook to rumble draft-dodgers
158 News Corp. buys education technology company
159 WikiLeaks: New release 7 times size of Iraq logs
160 Naval Academy should be center for study of cybersecurity, new superintendent says
161 When the playroom is the computer
162 Flexible wings driven by simple oscillation may be viable for efficient micro air vehicles
163 New Globus Online service to use the grid for high-performance file transfer
164 Verizon grabs for Internet speed crown in new plan
165 Jet engine too hot? Schedule an MRI
166 Chemists design molecule that responds to stimuli
167 Extending the life of oil reserves
168 Novel fuel cell catalyst lowers need for precious metal
169 Deemed essential to health for decades, chromium has no nutritional effect, researchers show
170 Oscillating layers of molecules on liquid's surface influence carbon capture
171 Researcher develops new way to study single biological molecules
172 UNL biochemist probes protein for disease clues
173 Molecular simulations confirm role of functional rotation in multidrug resistance
174 New fibers and membranes for high-tech products
175 Bulky molecules trap boron compounds into a never-before-seen structural arrangement
176 New path for colon cancer drug discovery
177 Scientists identify first synthetic activator of two critical proteins
178 Scientists to develop tougher plastics from plants
179 Breaking new ground in synthesis of anti-cancer agents
180 On the way to lead-free technology
181 Scientists identify antivirus system
182 New revelations in ammonia synthesis
183 Researchers re-sequence 6 corn varieties, find some genes missing
184 Ancient insects preferred warmer climates
185 California's controlled fires boost biodiversity
186 Rice production withers as Egypt diverts water supply
187 The spice of life: Variety is also good for hares
188 Experts: Demand in China fuels tiger poaching
189 Age estimation from blood has immediate forensic application
190 Scientists clock on to how sunlight shapes daily rhythms
191 Research carries cautionary warning for future stem cell applications
192 Trigger mechanism provides 'quality control' in cell division
193 Vienna's new panda to be called 'Happy Tiger': zoo
194 Putting the squeeze on fat cells
195 Scientists offer new knowledge on 're-discovered' switchgrass moth
196 A correctly set circadian clock, whatever the light intensity
197 Bacteria help infants digest milk more effectively than adults
198 Why do people behave badly? Maybe it's just too easy
199 Monitoring wear in helicopters--and hips, knees and ankles, too
200 Hormone's crucial role in 2 anemic blood disorders
201 Expecting? Don't neglect your teeth
202 Tobacco: Out of sight, out of mind?
203 Method to trick cancer cells to self-destruct shows promise in mice
204 Dealt a bad hand: Pathological gamblers are also at risk for mental health disorders
205 Erectile dysfunction may indicate an increased risk of heart disease
206 New AIDS cases fall by one fifth in a decade: UN
207 Genomic 'markers' may head off thousands of thyroid surgeries
208 Pilot transplant project aims to spur kidney swaps
209 Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis crucial to positive outcomes for patients
210 Cigarette smoking increases rheumatoid arthritis risk in African-Americans
211 Too much of a good thing: Important mechanism in hormone-sensitive breast cancer uncovered
212 Under suspicion: The painkiller ziconotide could increase suicidal ideation
213 Finding the 'fingerprints' of prostate cancer
214 New device may reduce swallowing health risk in patients with Parkinson's disease
215 Discovery halts breast cancer stem cells
216 For your teeth, Thanksgiving dinner is a real food fight
217 Earth and space science missions have fewer risks if conducted by a single government agency: report
218 Sociologists: Latinos lacking in English skills face more risk of violent crime
219 Rewarding higher marks with money doesn't make the grade
220 Delphi: The bellybutton of the ancient world
221 Peruvian diggers find 2.5 million-year-old tobacco
222 Peru president says Yale to return Inca artifacts
223 YouTube PSAs: Comments more persuasive than videos
224 Stonehenge gets millions for major makeover
225 Tests on Danish astronomer's body will take months
226 The incredible impact of stars on culture
227 Researchers follow the money to show complicated ways people connect
228 Research of Danish astronomer's remains completed
229 Researchers link an African lizard fossil in Africa with the Komodo dragon in Indonesia
230 What if we used poetry to teach computers to speak better?