File Title
1 New Altamont wind turbines aim to cut bird deaths
2 Sea lion that flopped ashore is euthanized
3 San Mateo Co.: Reports of mountain lion sightings double in 2010
4 Protests, cyber-skirmishes rage over WikiLeaks
5 Study: Half of women over 40 get annual mammograms
6 Expect busy 2011 hurricane season, CSU team says
7 Inept moves preceded BP spill: U.S. panel co-chair
8 Cephalon, Mesoblast in stem cell development deal
9 Did Collision Cause Japanese Probe to Miss Venus?
10 Cancun climate talks hunt for compromises
11 US scientists create mice from two fathers
12 December's Geminid Meteor Shower Mystifies Scientists
13 Chevron to invest 26 billion dollars in 2011
14 Upbeat UN climate talks work on hiccups
15 The Future Is Here: Cyborgs Walk Among Us
16 Japan probe overshoots Venus, heads toward sun
17 Evidence for ET is mounting daily, but not proven
18 Company is first to return spacecraft from orbit
19 Kids at Day Care Get More Infections Now, but Fewer Later
20 Earth's Core Has Another Layer, Scientists Claim
21 Stranded hiker recounts 6 days in Calif mountains
22 Sunnyvale Planning Commission recommends allowing medical marijuana dispensaries
23 Spanish controllers refuse to testify about strike
24 Hong Kong lowers bird-flu alert
25 New Test Links Blood Protein to Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk
26 Circumcision may not curb gay HIV transmission
27 How MS Affects Kids May Differ by Race
28 Soul legend Aretha Franklin has cancer: reports
29 HIV-positive LA porn actor calls for condom use
30 Senate acts to stop Medicare doctors pay cut
31 Incense burning tied to asthma risk in some kids
32 The Pope, Condoms and HPV: What Pope Benedict May Not Know
33 New Diet Pill Wins FDA Panel's Backing
34 Type of Breast Cancer Drug May Raise Risk of Heart Disease
35 Certain Breast Cancer Drugs Linked With Heart Risks in Older Women
36 Weight-Lifting After Breast Cancer Won't Cause Lymphedema, Study Finds
37 Medical journal criticizes Canada asbestos exports
38 Surgeon general: 1 cigarette is 1 too many
39 Study links receipts, cash to cancer and obesity
40 FDA cannot block e-cigarette imports: U.S. court
41 Daily Aspirin Linked to Steep Drop in Cancer Risk
42 Female Teams Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan
43 Google Zeitgeist 2010: iPad, Justin Bieber, Glee Among Top Searches in U.S.
44 Amazon's UK Site Selling Wikileaks Cable Excerpts
45 Groupon Founder Andrew Mason 'Just Wanted to Work on Cool Stuff'
46 Is Google Trying to Kill Caps Lock?
47 WikiLeaks' Payment Processor to Sue Card Companies
48 Here's a New Reason for Quitting Smoking
49 Dell Near $876 Million Deal for Compellent
50 Bolivian Says Climate Talks May Commit 'Ecocide'
51 Report: Famed Iranian Blogger Granted Prison Leave
52 Company Is First to Return Spacecraft From Orbit
53 Bebo Founder Returns to Social Network as Adviser
54 Private Firm Launches and Lands Space Capsule for NASA
55 Africa's "Terrible Hairy Fly" Found in Kenya
56 NASA Sold Computers With Sensitive Data, Report Says
57 HRT Thwarts Breast Cancer? New Research Draws Fire
58 Nutmeg Treated as Drug for Hallucinogenic High
59 FDA Panel Supports New Diet Pill After Rejecting Two Others
60 A Healthy Tan: Darker Skin Rated More Attractive
61 FDA Panel Endorses Contrave Weight-Loss Drug
62 Experimental New Heart Transplant Procedure Keeps Donor Hearts Pumping Until Surgery
63 New Blood Test May Detect Heart Disease Risk
64 God Comes Into View: Court OK's Hallucinogenic Tea
65 Scarcity of Peyote Means Hard Times for Dealers
66 Parents Blame Exotic Plant for Son's Suicide
67 FDA Panel Advises No Tanning Beds for Minors
68 For Some, Tanning Beds Bring a Lifetime of Regrets
69 Study Shows Links Between Tanning and Addictive Behavior
70 Is Coffee Associated With Heart Disease?
71 Is Exercise Really Helpful In Preventing Heart Disease?
72 What Types Of Exercises Are Best To Prevent Heart Disease?
73 Church Fights for Right to Drink Tea
74 Buyer Beware of Online Acai Offers
75 'Superfood' Acai May Not Be Worth Price
76 Saving Sin City: Hookers for Jesus Target Unlikely Flock
77 Sexes' Battle of the Sins
78 Ants lay trail to complex problem-solving
79 Free radicals not such a bad thing
80 Astronomers find planet with a diamond heart
81 Plant growth could slow warming: NASA
82 Relocating species to ensure survival
83 Frog bladder holds a surprise
84 Bicycle scheme reveals rider behaviour
85 TB defence could be Achilles heel
86 Research proves sunblock prevents melanoma
87 Tough carbon cuts 'key' to climate funding
88 EU loophole 'allows illegal shark finning to continue'
89 Blue whale's gigantic mouthful measured
90 'Diamond exoplanet' idea boosted by telescope find
91 Egypt shark attacks: 'Multiple species' behind attacks
92 Crocs dispel 'living fossil' myth
93 'Left-handed' coiling snails survive more snake attacks
94 Japan's Akatsuki probe fails to enter Venus orbit
95 Could starfish inspire new cure for inflammation?
96 South Asian bloc active at climate meeting
97 Insider flight tips from a seasoned business traveller
98 Amazon site unaffected by pro-Wikileaks attack
99 Phones calls used to redefine UK regions
100 Privacy project uses cryptography to reduce shared info
101 Bebo founder buys stake in the company he sold
102 Sky to close music download site
103 NASA sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data
104 'Lightfoil' idea shows light can provide lift
105 Google puts a big bet on Chrome
106 New deal fails to quell EU food labelling row
107 Ventilator patients helped by music says study
108 France 'underestimates true scale of neonaticide'
109 EU ministers reject 20-week maternity leave plan
110 Women 'anxious about dentists'
111 The teenager who sleeps for 10 days
112 Amazon's UK Site Selling WikiLeaks Excerpts
113 Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf
114 Microsoft: Zuckerberg Nixed $15 Billion Buyout Bid
115 Famed Outdoorsman Hendrik Coetzee in Croc Attack
116 Monarch Butterflies Face Population Crisis
117 Single Whale Swallow: Half a Million Calories
118 Twitter Used by 8 Percent of Online Americans
119 WikiLeaks Ally Anonymous Launches Cyber War
120 Twitter Suspends Account Organizing Support for WikiLeaks
121 Army "Smart" Rifle Getting Afghanistan Field Test
122 Microsoft Close to Voice Tech that Understands What You Mean
123 Putin Criticizes U.S. over Assange Arrest
124 Newborn Baby Girl Stolen From German Clinic
125 Senate GOP Blocks Health Aid for 9/11 Survivors
126 WikiLeaks Foes Caught in Hackers' Crosshairs
127 BPA: Are Your Dollar Bills Contaminated?
128 When You Should Call in Sick
129 Texas Sued over Sale of Baby Blood Samples
130 Tobacco Smoking Danger: Even One Cigarette Risky, Surgeon General Says
131 Medicaid Cuts Could Doom AZ Transplant Patients
132 Chest Blows Fatal for Young Athletes