File Title
1 Aspirin may cut cancer deaths, but caution urged
2 Russia objects to NATO plan to defend Baltics
3 Hotels shelter Venezuelans affected by floods
4 Japan's First Venus Probe Hits Snag While Entering Orbit
5 Key oil spill panel nears final stretch of probe
6 Orexigen to U.S. panel: diet pill safe for approval
7 Japan's first Venus probe struggling to enter orbit
8 WikiLeaks list of 'critical' sites: Is it a 'menu for terrorists'?
9 Backpackers trek the globe with tech toys
10 Why Religion Makes People Happier (Hint: Not God)
11 Argentine president announcing huge shale gas find
12 NY website owner accused of threatening hundreds
13 U.S. exits Citigroup stake and earns $12 billion profit
14 FAA returns Mexico to top aviation rating
15 Daily Sunscreen Use Does Protect From Melanoma, Study Finds
16 Mini Triceratops First Horned Dinosaur from S Korea
17 Compromise spirit at climate talks in last days
18 Japan probe reaches Venus, prepares to enter orbit [cf. 7]
19 Judge denies WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail
20 Albino kookaburras found in northern Australia
21 'Mindfulness' Therapy Works for Depression
22 Android chief shares new OS, tab at D conference
23 Ancient temple ruins dot Cambodia's countryside
24 China hits back at criticism over North Korea
25 Rapists stalk women in Somali refugee camps
26 Airline travel vouchers are not created equally
27 China, 18 others to skip Nobel Peace prize party
28 Foxconn to ship iPad 2 as early as end February: report
29 Retraining a damaged brain
30 Prop. 8 live blog: The latest from the courtroom
31 Oprah's audience begins Australian adventure
32 Africa lagging behind in getting five-a-day: scientists
33 Could Cell Phones Raise Odds for Behavioral Woes in Kids?
34 EU agrees to back Russia's WTO entry
35 Research Finds Not All HIV Affects Immune System Same Way
36 Couples Need $158,000 for Retirement Health Care Costs
37 Kids don't get enough exercise from sports
38 Parents' Acceptance May Help Protect Gay Teens
39 Elizabeth Edwards ends cancer treatment
40 Study finds daily aspirin cuts many cancer risks
41 Teens Go Tech-Free: No Facebook, Texting for One Week
42 Alicia Keys' Charity Reaches $1M Fundraising Goal
43 Experts: Glacier Melt Speeds up, Risking Lives
44 Russia Objects to NATO Plan to Defend Baltics
45 Japan Probe Reaches Venus, Prepares to Enter Orbit
46 ESPN Launches New Website for Women
47 NY Website Owner Accused of Threatening Hundreds
48 Quadriplegic Dan Crews Swamped With Letters: Don't Die
49 Cooking With...Marijuana? Cookbook A Sign of Changing Attitudes
50 FDA Weighs in on Breast Milk Sharing
51 Bicycle scheme reveals rider behaviour
52 TB defence could be Achilles heel
53 Research proves sunblock prevents melanoma
54 Thousands of plant species 'undiscovered in cupboards'
55 Giant fossil bird found on 'hobbit' island of Flores
56 Japan waits on Venus spacecraft
57 Shipping to steer cleaner carbon course
58 New species of bacteria found in Titanic 'rusticles'
59 Conservation warning over supply of Christmas mistletoe
60 Oriental hornets powered by 'solar energy'
61 A near miss for the North Sea oil industry
62 Egypt shark attacks: Red Sea resorts seek explanation
63 Tips for a successful Kenyan safari
64 Shark attack kills German tourist at resort in Egypt
65 Wikileaks defended by Anonymous hacktivists
66 Cloud computing 'could give EU 763bn-euro boost'
67 Wikileaks' struggle to stay online
68 Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk'
69 Half of Europeans are overweight, a report shows
70 EU ministers reject 20-week maternity leave plan
71 High salt levels in ready made Sunday lunch warning
72 Nicotine addiction: What is it?
73 Alcohol
74 Aspirin, cancer risk and a personal decision
75 From prisoner to millionaire: The Banyan Tree story
76 Remains Found of First Horned Dinosaur from S. Korea
77 Rising Oceans Raise Questions on Island Nations
78 Japan Space Probe Reaches Venus
79 Elizabeth Edwards Living End of Life "Her Way"
80 Lenin Statue Blown up in Russian Suburb
81 Battle over Taliban Stronghold Declared "Over"
82 Glass Bakeware Poses Shatter Risk
83 Obesity Not Just U.S Problem.: Half of Europe Fat, Report Says
84 Don Meredith's Fatal Hemorrhage: Was Football to Blame?
85 Peer Pressures Could Strain the Web
86 Lasers Give Scientists Close-Up View of the Skin
87 Predicting Consumer Choices with Neuroeconomics
88 Real Time E-mail Even When a Phone Is Often Off
89 Facebook for Work
90 Let Your Coaster Do the Talking
91 Quantum Dot Displays Start to Shine
92 The Electric Cooling Battery Test
93 Self-Healing Autonomous Material Comes to Life
94 Daily Aspirin at Low Doses Reduces Cancer Deaths, Study Finds--But Caution Urged
95 Plants Engineered to Produce New Drugs
96 Nanosatellite Successfully Ejected from Free-Flying Microsatellite in Space
97 Threshold Sea Surface Temperature for Hurricanes and Tropical Thunderstorms Is Rising
98 Pregnant Mother's Diet Impacts Infant's Sense of Smell, Alters Brain Development
99 First Horned Dinosaur from South Korea Discovered
100 Chemists Design Molecule That Responds to Stimuli
101 Season of Birth May Have Long-Term Effects on Personality, Study Suggests
102 Brain's Architecture Makes Our View of the World Unique
103 Flu Vaccine Grown in Bacteria Works Like Vaccine Grown in Chicken Eggs
104 Exposure to Mobile Phones Before and After Birth Linked to Kids' Behavioral Problems
105 Mammogram Sensitivity Depends on Menstrual Cycle, Experts Recommend
106 Warring Greeks Found Peace in Ancient Egypt: Researcher Uncovers Origins of Greek Trade City in Egypt's Nile Delta Region
107 Exposure to More Diverse Objects Speeds Word Learning in Tots
108 Decoding the Disease That Perplexes: Scientists Discover New Target for Multiple Sclerosis
109 Breaching the Breech Protocol: Researcher Advocates Returning to Old-School Methods for Delivering Breech Babies
110 Small-Molecule Inhibitors Effectively Targeted Active Colon Cancer Enzyme
111 High-Dose, Short-Course Radiation for Prostate Cancer Does Not Increase Side Effects, Study Finds
112 Slurry Sanitation Using Heat, a New, Simple, Low-Energy Method
113 Spontaneous Mutations Important Cause of Mental Retardation, Research Finds
114 Some Kids With Spinal Cord Injury May Be Overlooked for Walking Rehabilitation
115 Overactive FTO Gene Does Cause Overeating and Obesity
116 Adolescents at Risk for Alcohol Abuse Show Decreased Brain Activation
117 Earliest Brain Changes Linked to Alzheimer's Genetic Risk Point to Possible Prevention Therapies
118 Why Married Men Tend to Behave Better
119 LouseBuster: Head Lice Shrivel With Chemical-Free Warm-Air Device
120 A Team With a Shared Lousy Temper Is Better at Mental Tasks
121 Imitating Someone's Accent Makes It Easier to Understand Them
122 How Infants Compare Quantities
123 Shy Trout Size It Up
124 Mechanism Responsible for Spreading Biofilm Infections Identified
125 Life-Saving in the Bacterial World: How Campylobacter Rely on Pseudomonas to Infect Humans
126 Cultured Kidney Cell Layer Is a Step Towards Improved Dialysis
127 Mystery of Repetitive DNA Segments Unraveled
128 Ravenous Foreign Pests Threaten U.S. National Forests
129 Measuring Air-Sea Exchange of Carbon Dioxide in the Open Ocean
130 Oh Deer: Protecting This Year's Christmas Tree Crop
131 Change in Temperature Uncovers Genetic Cross Talk in Plant Immunity; Discovery Sheds Light on How Plants Fight Off Bacterial Infections
132 Season, Time of Day Appear to Predict Higher UV Levels, Need for Sun Safety Measures Among Skiers
133 Medieval England Twice as Well Off as Today's Poorest Nations
134 Carbon Monoxide Trapped in Ice Cores Reveals Unexpected Trends Regarding Burning Biomass
135 Heat Helped Hasten Life's Beginnings on Earth, Research Suggests
136 Global Sea-Level Rise at the End of the Last Ice Age Interrupted by Rapid 'Jumps'
137 Farmers Slowed Down by Hunter-Gatherers: Our Ancestors' Fight for Space
138 Cranberry Juice Shows Promise Blocking Staph Infections
139 Stripes Are Back in Season on Jupiter
140 Dark Matter Could Transfer Energy in the Sun
141 Blacker Than Black: NASA Engineers Developing Material to Help Gather Hard-to-Obtain Scientific Measurements
142 Distribution of Gravitational Wave Sources Predicted
143 Physicists Create Supernova in a Jar
144 Power Grid of the Future Saves Energy
145 Light Touch Brightens Nanotubes: Scientists Find a Little Ozone Goes a Long Way for Fluorescence
146 Fitting a Biological Nanopore Into an Artificial One, New Ways to Analyze DNA
147 Satellite Tracking Campaign Tests European Abilities
148 Smashing Fluids: The Physics of Flow
149 K-12 Computer Science Education Declining
150 Carbon Dioxide-Free Energy Can Meet the World's Energy Needs in 2050, Danish Report Finds
151 Your Web Surfing History Is Accessible (Without Your Permission) Via JavaScript
152 Energy Use in the Media Cloud: 1,175 Gigawatts by 2030, Experts Predict
153 'USB' Interface for Medical Diagnosis?