File Title
1 Chemistry regulation called "a step backward'?
2 1st Calif. high-speed rail segment to be in valley
3 The Tech leader Peter Friess resigns from San Jose museum post
4 'Renaissance of the bay' continues with restoration of 330-acre former salt pond off Alviso
5 Could WikiLeaks survive without Julian Assange?
6 Panel recommends expanding use of stomach bands
7 BP says gov't estimate of oil flow too large
8 Scientists Find Protein That May Help Control Prostate Cancer
9 NASA Delays Shuttle Discovery's Final Launch to February Over Fuel Tank Cracks
10 New BP challenge to spill size could affect fine
11 Private Rocket's Engine Test Stalled By Glitch
12 Sarkozy in India to discuss trade, energy projects
13 Arsenic-Eating Bacteria Hint at Possible 'Shadow Biosphere'
14 Experts keep close eye on badly injured whale
15 2 more rare red foxes confirmed in Sierra Nevada
16 As climate talks drag on, more ponder techno-fixes
17 California's education outlook: huge classes, restive students, overworked teachers
18 Average joes welcomed alongside celebs at Elaine's
19 Controller sickout causes Spain travel chaos
20 Outbreaks Signal Another Flu Season, CDC Says
21 Medicare Cuts May Have Spurred Drop in Prostate Cancer Treatment
22 US military space UAV back on ground after 7 month mission
23 NASA postpones Discovery launch to February 3
24 Beautiful and obsolete: the wristwatch boom mystery
25 Arsenic-Eating Bacteria Points To New Types Of Life
26 US space agency finds new form of life...on Earth
27 Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical
28 Super-Earth Has An Atmosphere, But Is It Steamy Or Gassy
29 Russia to increase missiles unless shield agreed: Putin
30 Study Predicts Distribution Of Gravitational Wave Sources
31 Gravity wave project takes important step
32 Picometre Precision Demonstrated By LISA Pathfinder Tests
33 The Earth Is Not Round
34 Putting A Spin On Light And Atoms
35 Bringing Grace To Earth Mass And Water Movements
36 Problem hits major European gravity satellite
37 Blacker Than Black
38 Cinnamon Can Replace Harmful Chemicals Used To Create Nanoparticles
39 Self-Assembly Of Nano-Rotors
40 Cassini Returns Images Of Bright Jets At Enceladus
41 From Toxicity To Life: Arsenic Proves To Be A Building Block
42 Evidence Of Ancient Impact Preserved In Modern Sand
43 Opportunity Imaging Small Craters On Way To Endeavour
44 The Universe Does Think Small
45 NASA Seeks Nonprofit To Manage ISS National Lab Research
46 Dark Matter Could Transfer Energy In The Sun
47 First Super-Earth Atmosphere Analyzed
48 Silicon-Germanium For Space Electronics Applications
49 Discovery Triples Number of Stars In Universe
50 Massive Galaxies Formed When Universe Was Young
51 Pits, Flows, Other Scenes In New Set Of Mars Images
52 Astronomers Use Moon In Effort To Corral Elusive Cosmic Particles
53 AMS Discoveries Will Surprise, Lead Scientist Predicts
54 Studying Sun's Effects On Earth's Climate
55 HYLAS Satellite Reaches Geostationary Orbit
56 World's Fastest Camera Takes A New Look At Biosensing
57 Manufacturing Made To Measure Atomic-Scale Electrodes
58 Short Light Pulses Will Enable Ultrafast Data Transfer Within Computer Chips
59 Chaogates Hold Promise For The Semiconductor Industry
60 To Boldly Go--But On A Tight Budget
61 No Such Thing As Free Parking
62 Cartoon Characters as Facebook Profile Pictures
63 Report: Groupon Spurns Google's Takeover Attempt
64 PayPal Cuts WikiLeaks From Money Flow
65 As Climate Talks Drag on, More Ponder Techno-Fixes
66 Cyber Attack Hits India's Investigative Agency
67 2 More Rare Red Foxes Confirmed in Sierra Nevada
68 Man Pleads Not Guilty to Running Vast Spam Network
69 Latin Bloc Scolds Rich Countries at Climate Talks
70 Feds Check Wrong Person's E-Mail in Spam Probe
71 UK gives 37m pounds to aid overseas farmers on climate change
72 Hot and cold oil in Cancun climate
73 A perfect day in Miami
74 Sri Lanka war zone becomes wildlife sanctuary
75 Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address
76 Russian man pleads not guilty to global spam scheme
77 Wikileaks files reveal secret US-Yemen bomb deal
78 Obama hails US troops' 'progress' in Afghanistan
79 'Robotic legs' help stroke patients to walk again
80 How to Avoid Cell Phone Malfunctions
81 Rainbow Brite, Smurfs and Other Cartoon Characters Take Over Facebook
82 2 Dead, 83 Injured in Moscow Runway Crash
83 2 Arrests in Massive Israeli Forest Fire
84 GOP Senators Reject Tax Cuts for Middle Class
85 Julian Assange Talks About UFOs, Pride, Death
86 S Korea Defense Nominee Vows Airstrikes on North
87 Mexican Drug Queen Acquitted on Trafficking Charges
88 7 Afghan Demining Experts Released By Captors
89 Pakistan Military Says Its Supports Government
90 UN Investigating Reported Device Blast In Lebanon
91 Abbas: Last Resort--I'll Ask Israel To Take Over
92 Aretha Franklin Surgery a "Success": Should God Get Credit?
93 Wilson Phillips' Carnie Wilson Fired from Diet for Not Losing Weight
94 New observations of exploding stars reveal pauses, flickers and flares not reliably seen before
95 Scientists untangle spider web stickiness
96 NASA postpones Discovery launch to February 3 (Update 2)
97 US Air Force connects 1,760 PlayStation 3's to build supercomputer
98 US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
99 Large Hadron Collider experiments bring new insight into primordial universe
100 NASA creates buzz with 'extraterrestrial' announcement
101 New life form found on Earth: Deadly arsenic breathes life into organisms (Update, Video)
102 Partial reversal of aging achieved in mice
103 A step toward fusion power: MIT advance helps remove contaminants that slow fusion reactions
104 Discovery triples number of stars in universe
105 Your web surfing history accessible via JavaScript: researchers
106 Nissan hopes zero-emission Leaf will electrify drivers
107 Researchers discover a way to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrogen and treat wastewater
108 Pheromones a myth in mammals
109 Sahara desert project aims to power half the world by 2050
110 US military spacecraft back on ground after 7 months
111 NASA engineers develop 'blacker than black' nanotubes (w/ Video)
112 Rutgers scientists: Asteroids did kill the dinosaurs
113 US cable TV bleeds subscribers as online grows
114 A world warmed by 2 or 4 degrees Celsius poses many challenges
115 Milky Way stars move in mysterious ways
116 Some UFOs may be explained as ball lighting
117 Physicists create supernova in a jar (w/ Video)
118 Rainforest collapse drove reptile evolution
119 Using nanotechnology to improve cancer treatment
120 Researchers create new high-performance fiber
121 Graphene: Scientists figure out how to shatter the world's strongest material
122 Measuring the temperature of nanoparticles
123 Cinnamon can replace harmful chemicals used to create nanoparticles
124 Scientists create highly ordered artificial spin ice using nanotechnology
125 Fitting a biological nanopore into a man-made one, new ways to analyze DNA
126 Revealing the secrets of chemical bath deposition
127 Magnetic field directs nanoparticles to tumors
128 Expandable nanoparticles show promise in treating lethal abdominal cavity tumors
129 TiO2 nanoparticles-containing materials in our cities: Impacts are difficult to predict
130 All sprayed at once: Ultrathin coatings made through simultaneous spraying of interacting substances
131 Scientists crack materials mystery in vanadium dioxide
132 World-first to provide building blocks for new nano devices
133 Nanoparticle thermotherapy as a chemotherapy alternative
134 Mechanical engineering at the molecular level: Self-assembly of nano-rotors (w/ Video)
135 Damaging graphene to create a band gap
136 Scientists generate two energetic electronic states from one photon
137 Magnetic switching under pressure
138 Researchers create high performance infrared camera based on type-II InAs/GaSb superlattices
139 Researchers continue search for elusive new particles at CERN
140 Dark matter could transfer energy in the Sun
141 Electron 'pairing': Triplet superconductivity proven experientially for first time
142 Detector blinding attacks on quantum cryptography defeated
143 In Brief: Quantum dot-Induced transparency
144 Physicists close two loopholes while violating local realism
145 Astronomers use moon in effort to corral elusive cosmic particles
146 Researchers demystify glasses by studying crystals
147 Rotating light provides indirect look into the nucleus
148 Nano-diamond qubits and photonic crystals
149 UBC physicists make atoms and dark matter add up
150 Smashing fluids...the physics of flow
151 Tempest in a teapot: Scientists describe swirling natural phenomena
152 The water dance
153 Materials research with antiparticles: Unravelling the secret of nanocrystalline materials
154 Climate: a million deaths a year by 2030: study
155 Anesthetic gases heat climate as much as 1 million cars
156 Snow from space: Satellite images of snow-bound UK
157 3 Questions: Sara Seager on the discovery of a 'new' form of life
158 Soil nutrient management for organic production
159 Study predicts distribution of gravitational wave sources
160 Researchers find evidence of fire in Antarctic ice
161 Vitamins identified as key nutrient which may promote harmful algal blooms in coastal waters
162 Cassini returns images of bright jets at Enceladus
163 Research provides better understanding of long-term changes in the climate system
164 Lead isotopes yield clues to how Asian air pollution reaches California
165 Rewarding eco-friendly farmers can help combat climate change
166 Pits, flows, other scenes in new set of Mars images
167 Researchers find mathematical patterns to forecast earthquakes
168 Thai tech pioneer converts waste into wealth
169 China promises new support to solar development
170 Stanford students create 'do not track' software
171 Energy use in the media cloud
172 India says no BlackBerry solution so far
173 Ethanol in crosshairs as tax deadline nears
174 Putting old tires to new use in transportation projects
175 Virtual training gets real
176 New theory on the origin of water on Earth
177 Greener cement offers concrete environmental benefits
178 Biochemists develop new method for preventing oxidative damage to cells
179 Sows ears and silk purses: Packing more flavor into modern pork
180 A powerful new technology to identify HIV inhibitors
181 Lungfish teeth could hold key to better cars, planes
182 Electronic cigarettes are unsafe and pose health risks, new study finds
183 Marijuana use suppresses immune functions, study shows
184 Mucus in the nose changes perception of smells
185 Sensitive testosterone detector linked to less aggression
186 Researchers find key to gender differences in processing stress
187 New clue in leukemia mystery: Researchers identify 'poison' employed by deadly enzyme mutations
188 Americans moderate views in deliberative democracy experiment
189 Ammonites were probably eaten by fellow cephalopods
190 Poor student outcomes linked to aging schools
191 Minimum wage hikes don't eliminate jobs
192 Neutron bomb inventor Samuel Cohen dies in LA
193 The true language of love? It's math, says Berkeley professor
194 Pray tell: Americans stretching the truth about church attendance
195 A breakthrough in the struggle against the increasingly resistant malaria parasite
196 Recirculating systems for warm-water marine fish developed by USDA scientists
197 Where have all the flowers gone?
198 Great balls of evolution: Microbiologists evolve microorganisms to cooperate in new way
199 Discovery could shrink dengue-spreading mosquito population
200 Scientists home in on chemicals needed to reprogram cells
201 Scientists discover mechanism that turns healthy cells into prostate cancer cells
202 To be or not to be endangered? Listing of rare Hawaiian coral species called into question