File Title
1 Fisher: Helping women cash in on the green economy
2 NASA: Arsenic-eating bacteria suggests extraterrestrial life possible
3 WikiLeaks fights to stay online amid attacks
4 FDA scrutinizes weight loss pill from Orexigen
5 Poland deaths from deep freeze reach 30
6 Secretive X-37B Robot Space Plane Returns to Earth on Autopilot
7 China promises new support to solar development
8 Microbe found that can use arsenic as nutrient
9 Judge orders removal of sugar beet seed plants
10 Gabon detains 13 foreigners for ivory trade: campaigners
11 Brain Damage May Create False Memories
12 Vietnam's planned sale of tiger paste protested
13 Wolf negotiations resume, but no consensus
14 Unmanned US spacecraft returns after 7-month trip
15 Japanese whaler leaves for Antarctic waters: Greenpeace
16 After complaint, NYPD tries a better mousetrap
17 Site of Britain's first ever gunbattle revealed
18 Commentary: Gardens provide key to healthy eating, combating obesity
19 Sunnyvale Planning Commission recommends allowing medical marijuana dispensaries
20 German hackers allegedly steal pop music
21 A procrastinator's guide to holiday air travel
22 Health Tip: Having Diabetes Can Hurt Your Eyes
23 Common Epilepsy Drug Taken During Pregnancy Might Raise Spina Bifida Risk
24 US scientists get $1M prize for childhood research
25 Allergan urges broader use of weight-loss implant
26 Cancer rare after fertility treatment--study
27 Satellite for Sale: Buy It, Bring Web to Developing World
28 Could Digital Downloads Threaten Blockbuster Games?
29 NASA: Life in Space? Not Quite, but Life That Thrives on Arsenic
30 WikiLeaks Fights to Stay Online Amid Attacks
31 Man Sends Viral 'Love Letter' to Long-Distance Girlfriend
32 Outrage After Google Image Reveals Star of David on Roof of Iran Airport
33 Google Admits Trespassing in Pa., Pays Couple $1
34 Student Googles Himself, Finds He's Murder Suspect
35 Seattle Police to Tweet Stolen Car Descriptions
36 Man Pleads Not Guilty to Running Vast Spam Network
37 Gadgets That Bring the Internet to the TV
38 China Passenger Train Hits 300 Mph, Breaks Record
39 NASA Delays Shuttle Flight to Feb., Cracks Culprit
40 Oct. Chip Sales Grow 20 Percent Year-Over-Year
41 Nobel Medicine Laureate to Miss Award Ceremony
42 CERN May Extend Initial Big Bang Research Phase
43 World Running out of New Places to Fish: Study
44 2010 to Be Among Three Warmest Years: U.N.
45 Arsenic-Munching Germ Redefines "Life as We Know It"
46 Experts Find Brain Enzyme That Makes Pain Last
47 Scientists Create New Anti-Shock Material
48 Study Says Huntington's Tests to Aid Drug Search
49 How Many Stars Are There? More Than You Thought
50 Tocophobia, or Fear of Childbirth, on the Rise
51 Man Doses Himself With a Parasite for Intestinal Problems
52 FDA Panel to Consider Lap Band Expansion
53 Mylanta Recall Adds to Johnson & Johnson Woes
54 Jennifer Grey to Have Surgery for Ruptured Disc
55 ROFL at Science? Blog Brings Out Funny Side of Science
56 Climate change sparked rise of the lizards
57 New clues for finding alien life
58 Poorer nations 'need carbon cuts,' urges The Maldives
59 X-37B US miltary spaceplane returns to Earth
60 NASA shuttle launch delayed again for technical reasons
61 Arsenic-loving bacteria may help in hunt for alien life
62 Multiple burials at Orkney Neolithic site
63 Landing on Mars in 2016
64 Italian town's wind farm windfall
65 Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address
66 BT to trial one gigabit broadband
67 Lady Gaga songs 'stolen' in Germany
68 Delays for Google's Chrome questioned by experts
69 Access all areas: Life-changing technology
70 Life goes online after death with 'memory boxes'
71 Broadband world: Connecting Africa
72 India tobacco firms halt production over health warning
73 Kayaking the Florida Keys: A how-to guide
74 Charles Manson's Cell Phone Shocks Calif. Prison
75 Study: Tilting Your Head Can Make You Hotter
76 Credit Cards At Risk from High-Tech Pickpockets?
77 WikiLeaks Fights to Remain Online Amid Attacks
78 Hackers Make Lady Gaga Go...Gaga
79 A Hiker's Best Friend: Shoes With Built-in Radar
80 Secret X-37B Space Plane Back After Mission
81 Digital Whack-A-Mole: WikiLeaks Back on Swiss Net Domain
82 Secret Air Force Space Plane Returns to Earth
83 China Passenger Train Hits 300 MPH
84 Planned Sale of Tiger Paste Protested in Vietnam
85 WikiLeaks Backup Plan Could Drop Diplomatic Bomb
86 Why the Arsenic-Eating Microbe is a Huge Deal
87 Tammy Banovac, Protesting TSA Pat-Downs, Confronts Airport Security in Bra and Panties
88 Elizabeth Smart Trial Update: Smart Storms off During Psychiatrist Testimony
89 XM25 "Game Changer" Weapon Now Killing Enemies Behind Walls in Afghanistan
90 Shahla Jahed (PICTURES): Iran Hangs Soccer Player's Mistress
91 GOP Blocks Childhood Nutrition Bill
92 Stonehenge Builders Said to Use Giant Wicker Baskets to Roll Massive Stones
93 Head of stem-cell agency reverses decision to quit
94 Defeating Drug-Resistant Cancers
95 Cancer Drug Zeroes In on a Genetic Mistake
96 New Cancer Drug Gets Dramatic Results
97 Computers Get Help from the Human Brain
98 The Best Computer Interfaces: Past, Present, and Future
99 Less-Invasive Brain Interfaces
100 Your Next Wallet Is Calling
101 Mobile Networks Move Indoors
102 Making Graphene Nanomachines Practical
103 Hackers Take the Kinect to New Levels
104 How Many Points for Inbox Zero?
105 Color-Changing Badge Detects Blast Exposure
106 Predicting How Long You'll Live
107 Did Amazon Just Move Supercomputing to the Cloud?
108 and Huffington Post Amongst List of Privacy-Invading Websites
109 Device Helps Paralyzed Rats Walk Again
110 Spinal Cord Cures in China
111 Nanofibers Heal Spinal Cords
112 PARC Readies Printed Electronics for Market
113 Printing Cheap Chips
114 Record Performance for Printed Electronics
115 Electricity and Light in One Chip
116 How to Keep Muscles Young: Eat Less Food
117 Getting Ahead of the Curve in a World of Cascading Crises
118 Ink-Jet Printing for Cheaper Solar Cells
119 A New Spin on Silicon Chips
120 Self-Powered Silicon Laser Chips
121 No new areas to fish, study finds
122 Arsenic-munching microbe excites astrobiologists
123 Steamy atmosphere cloaks alien "Super-Earth"
124 Plant breeders preparing for climate change
125 Tiny pseudoscorpion discovered beneath Yosemite
126 Lake effect: World's lakes warming due to climate change
127 Video model shows social cliques forming
128 NASA: Enceladus hotter than expected
129 Depressed patients spot sadness and skip over surprise
130 Founder of Goldman Environmental Prize dies
131 Birdwatchers glimpse rare owlet in Peru