File Title
1 S.F. drug take-back measure up for a vote
2 NASA commits $20 million to save Hangar One
3 Corporate U: Industry's reach into academia renews fears of undue influence
4 Cyberthieves still rely on human foot soldiers
5 Kids' ER visits fell after cold medicines' removal
6 Second U.S. company gets stem cell go-ahead
7 The Man Who Killed Pluto: Q & A with Astronomer Mike Brown
8 More than a million Atlantic sharks killed yearly
9 Fish Story: Doubt Cast on Depletion of Big Ocean Species
10 Believers find mixed blessings in Pope's
11 Scientists Spot Genes Tied to Puberty, Body Fat in Girls
12 Should Pluto Be a Planet After All? Experts Weigh In
13 No letup in carbon emissions, scientists warn
14 Supermodel Christensen highlights global warming
15 Kids of Divorce Have Double the Risk of Stoke
16 Feds OK 2nd human study of embryonic stem cells
17 Poll: Boomers unhappiest over their own sex life
18 Researchers drill for secrets hidden under Dead Sea
19 Secret U.S. Spy Satellite Launches Into Orbit on Huge Rocket
20 10 Ads Too Hot for TV
21 Peruvian diggers find 2.5 million-year-old tobacco
22 Israeli archaeologists uncover Roman pool
23 Inside the Brain: Museum Exhibit Will Blow Your Mind
24 AP IMPACT: Cadmium, lead found in drinking glasses
25 Stanford clinics offer free health care to needy
26 TSA chief: Body scan boycott would be mistake
27 Malaysia urges elderly couples to recall the 'joy of sex'
28 Children safer in Afghan cities than NYC: NATO envoy
29 Cough and cold meds withdrawal is working: study
30 High-Tech Tools for Catching a Cheater
31 Buy Your Very Own Jetpack
32 Brazilians Broadcasting Funerals Over Internet
33 Netflix Raises Prices for Some Subscription Plans
34 Dead Sea Drilling to Unearth Scientific Treasures
35 Multitasking, Wireless Printing Come to iPad
36 India's Famously Clean Leader Muddied by Scandals
37 Novell Draws New Bid of $2.2 Billion
38 Utilities Thrilled and Worried About Electric Cars
39 'Epic Mickey' Draws on Disney History
40 Second U.S. Company Gets Stem Cell Go-Ahead
41 'Sky Pod' to Offer Personalized Ride
42 'Flapless' Aircraft Steered by Air Bursts
43 Puberty genes linked to body fat
44 Financial crisis causes dip in CO2 levels
45 Will Pluto Get a Second Shot as a Planet?
46 Air Force Launches Massive, Secret Spy Satellite
47 Are Winter Tires Worth It?
48 Three-Year-Old Boy Finds $4M Pendant in England
49 Boy, four, unearths 16th Century gold pendant in Essex
50 Clinton: GOP Must Go Past Politics, Ratify START
51 Drone Wars: Science Meets Science Fiction
52 Pope Benedict XVI Condom "Blessing:" Blasphemy or Boost to Global AIDS War?
53 Poll: Baby Boomers Confident About Sex
54 Park Ride Victim Making Amazing Recovery
55 Boy Falls 50 Feet in Stands at Lakers Game; Dies
56 Darvon, Darvocet Banned Over Heart Risk: Was FDA Too Slow to Act?
57 Sky-High Lead Levels Found in Cartoon Glasses
58 10 Tasty Ways to Cut Your Cholesterol
59 10 Best Foods for Your Heart
60 Europe's new astronauts graduate
61 2009 carbon emissions fall smaller than expected
62 'Eavesdropper' satellite rides huge rocket from Florida
63 1,000mph car project 'on track'
64 First pictures of rare wetland spider in Cambridgeshire
65 Skin moles link to delayed ageing
66 Army ants are creators not destroyers of worlds
67 China hints at new climate future
68 Diagrams that changed the world
69 Badger cull: Are we silly to be so sentimental?
70 New hope for Canada's depleted Atlantic fisheries
71 Stuxnet 'hit' Iran nuclear plans
72 Twitter airport 'joke' trial heads to the High Court
73 Eight Cornwall communities in line for faster broadband
74 Pudsey and the social networks
75 The future of government transparency--and online petitions
76 M-Pesa: Kenya's mobile wallet revolution
77 From Warhol to Wright: An arty trip through Pennsylvania
78 New jab for millions across African 'meningitis belt'
79 New Spinal Implant to Help People With Paraplegia Exercise Paralyzed Limbs
80 Important Brain Area Organized by Color and Orientation
81 New Microscope Reveals Ultrastructure of Cells
82 Evolutionary Arms Race Between Plant-Eating Insects and Host Plants Illuminated
83 Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions May Reach Record Levels in 2010
84 'Binocular Rivalry' Deciphered: Key Brain Mechanism Behind Conscious Visual Perception
85 WISE Image Reveals Strange Specimen in Starry Sea: Dying Star Surrounded by Fluorescing Gas, Unusual Rings
86 Researchers Train Bacteria to Convert Bio-Wastes Into Plastic
87 Hubble Captures New Star Birth in an Ancient Galaxy
88 Physicists Demonstrate a Four-Fold Quantum Memory
89 Method for Manufacturing Patient-Specific Human Platelets
90 Jump Rope Aerodynamics
91 Hong Kong Hospital Reports Possible Airborne Influenza Transmission
92 Nanoparticles' Effects on Plants Examined
93 Military Experts Provide Civilian Surgeons With Guidance on Handling Bomb Blast Injuries
94 Rare Disease Reveals New Path for Creating Stem Cells
95 Gene Screening May Refine Prediction of Heart Attack Risk, Researchers Say
96 New Path for Colon Cancer Drug Discovery
97 Kids With Larger Waist Sizes Are More Likely to Have Cardiac Risk Factors
98 Process Leading to Protein Diversity in Cells Important for Proper Neuron Firing
99 Newly Identified Brain Pathways Vital to Understanding Language
100 'Nerd Penalty': Social Costs of School Success Are Highest for African Americans, Study Shows
101 Protein in the Urine: A Warning Sign for Cognitive Decline
102 Rett Syndrome Mobilizes Jumping Genes in the Brain
103 Racial Profiling to Limit Terror Attacks Is Fundamentally Flawed, Expert Says
104 Your View of Personal Goals Can Affect Your Relationships
105 Online Undergrads Learn Well Without Strong Class Bond, Study Finds
106 E. Coli Infection Linked to Long-Term Health Problems
107 Coaching With Compassion Can 'Light Up' Human Thoughts
108 Importance of Exercise for Those at Special Risk for Alzheimer's
109 Improving Ammonia Synthesis Could Have Major Implications for Agriculture and Energy
110 Genetics Determine Winter Vitamin D Status
111 Designing More Effective Anti-HIV Antibodies
112 Faster Water Flow Means Greater Diversity of Invertebrate Marine Life
113 Detroit's Urban Farms Could Provide a Majority of Produce for Local Residents
114 Sticky Snack for Elephant-Shrews
115 Lessons from Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
116 Cement-Like Creation Could Help the Environment
117 Understanding the Vulnerable Northern Bottlenose Whale
118 Microorganisms in the Ground Don't Slack Off in Winter
119 Paleovirology Expanded: Non-Retroviral Virus Fragments Found in Animal Genomes
120 In Fending Off Diseases, Plants and Animals Are Much the Same, Research Shows
121 Gangster Birds Running Protection Racket Give Insight Into Coevolution
122 New Technology Gives on-Site Assessments in Archaeology
123 Upending Conventional Wisdom, Certain Virus Families Are Ancient
124 Enigma of Missing Stars in Local Group of Galaxies May Be Solved
125 Spacecraft Flew Through 'Snowstorm' on Encounter With Comet Hartley 2
126 Pushing Black-Hole Mergers to the Extreme: Scientists Achieve 100:1 Mass Ratio in Simulation
127 New Breed of Space Vehicle: Researchers Developing Conceptual Design for a Mars 'Hopper'
128 Planet from Another Galaxy Discovered: Galactic Cannibalism Brings an Exoplanet of Extragalactic Origin Within Astronomers' Reach
129 Should Airplanes Look Like Birds?
130 Disaster Spawning New Concepts in Bridge Research, Testing and Safety
131 Jet Engine Too Hot? Schedule an MRI
132 Enhancing the Efficiency of Wind Turbines
133 Getting Bubbles out of Fuel Pumps
134 How Hummingbirds Fight the Wind: Robotic Wing May Reveal Answer
135 Orangutans Count on Stats for Survival
136 Mathematical Problems Recast as Physics Questions, Provide New Tools for Old Quandaries
137 Most Powerful Supercomputers Rated for Capabilities Using Tough New System
138 Controlling Cursors With Thoughts: Faster, Simpler, and More Accurately; Advance Helps People Regulate Their Own Brain Response, With Therapeutic Implications