File Title
1 Advance could change modern electronics: High-performance 'metal-insulator-metal' diode created
2 Neural circuit ensures zebrafish will not bite off more than it can chew
3 Facebook tightens grip on user ID data
4 LCD TV companies see falling prices as demand down
5 Spice in curry could prevent liver damage
6 Dracula orchids and goblin spiders
7 Newly discovered gene enables fish to 'disappear'
8 Bypass method alone does not improve insulin resistance
9 Is the shape of a genome as important as its content?
10 A milestone for molecular beams
11 Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram
12 The fuel of evolution: A new hypothesis about how complex life emerged on Earth
13 China boasts world's fastest supercomputer
14 Physicists show that superfluid light is possible
15 Researchers find a 'liberal gene'
16 New evidence supports 'Snowball Earth' as trigger for early animal evolution
17 Origin of skillful stone-tool-sharpening method pushed back more than 50,000 years
18 US approves world's biggest solar energy project (Update)
19 German electric car sets new distance record
20 The physics of how wet animals dry themselves (w/ Video)
21 Introducing the i-Cool Solar air conditioning for trucks
22 Hubble data used to look 10,000 years into the future (w/ Video)
23 Three major networks block Google TV
24 Study says solar systems like ours may be common
25 As Arctic warms, increased shipping likely to accelerate climate change
26 An engineered directional nanofilm mimics nature's curious feats
27 Scientists demonstrate more efficient way to connect nanoparticles for single-electron devices
28 Tracking tumor-targeting nanoparticles in the body
29 Silicon whiskers detect neural responses
30 Toward a better understanding of bilayer graphene
31 Water could hold answer to graphene nanoelectronics
32 Scientists develop method for detecting microRNA from living cells
33 Nano-size biological machinery for manipulating physiological function
34 Self-assembly and chains of rotating magnetic particles
35 Gold nanoparticles that make leaves glow in the dark
36 Microwave oven key to self-assembly process meeting semiconductor industry need
37 Going nature one better: Researchers learn biology's secrets for making tough, resilient materials
38 Using gold particles to fight cancer
39 Smaller is better in the viscous zone
40 Electron billiards in nanoscale circuits: Characterizing photoelectrons with quantum point contacts
41 AFM tips from the microwave
42 A forest of nanorods: Amazing nanostructures created by glancing-angle deposition
43 Solving the mysteries of the plasma universe
44 Six new isotopes of the superheavy elements discovered
45 Current loss tracked down by magnetic fingerprint
46 Optical surface states in magnetophotonic crystals
47 Best yet test of Lorentz invariance
48 New VECSEL could mean a step forward for spectroscopy
49 Study describes a tabletop source of bright, coherent X-rays
50 Making better biosensors with electron density waves
51 Isotope near 'doubly magic' tin-100 flouts conventional wisdom
52 Taking a second look at evidence for the 'varying' fine-structure constant
53 Light on silicon better than copper?
54 Direct laser cooling of molecules
55 Model describes Web page popularity
56 Scientists capture first direct images of theoretically predicted magnetic monopoles
57 Can fluid dynamics offer insights into quantum mechanics?
58 UN nature meeting agrees on land, ocean protection
59 Raising giant insects to unravel ancient oxygen
60 BP, Halliburton 'knew' oil disaster cement was unstable
61 The many colors of the Kuiper Belt
62 Space station on to the 2nd decade
63 Leaks delay final launch of space shuttle Discovery
64 Space radar provides taste of Comet Hartley 2
65 Is the ice at the South Pole melting?
66 NASA's Aqua satellite catches glimpse of Russia's active volcanoes
67 Eutelsat loses just-launched television satellite
68 The body's ability to fight infection to be studied by NASA
69 Russia's Kamchatka volcanoes calm after eruptions
70 Warning systems often don't help tsunami victims
71 Scientists to see if oil spill hurt deep sea life
72 UN biodiversity meeting ends with agreements
73 NVIDIA GPUs power world's fastest supercomputer
74 Robot, object, action!
75 Gadgets: Monster's Mobile Jamz headphones deliver
76 Barnes & Noble unveils color Nook e-reader (Update)
77 A Walkman Obit: Remembering the portable player
78 Sony presses 'stop' on Walkman in Japan
79 HP unveils 'Slate 500' tablet computer
80 Amazon's Kindle sleeker, faster, but not perfectly user-friendly
81 Review: Windows Phone 7 a new start for Microsoft
82 Australia crime official warns of iPhone security risk
83 Apple debuts iPad-inspired MacBook Air notebooks (Update)
84 Robots use their hands to 'think'
85 Introducing Japan's new singing robot (w/ Video)
86 Apple TV improves, but ideal set-top box still just a dream
87 China assures Clinton on rare earth exports
88 Swiss solar plane confirmed as multiple record-breaker
89 Apple beats Blackberry maker in smartphone sales
90 They're watching you: Methods to block nosy Web advertisers
91 Redbox to expand movie rentals to Web
92 S. Africa solar plan draws interest: government
93 India gives nod to BlackBerry messenger services
94 Intel opens biggest ever chip plant in Vietnam
95 University posts info of 40K students
96 Wikipedia to open first office outside US in India
97 Nintendo chief rules out Wii price cut for now
98 Siemens lands 466-million-dollar order from US rail
99 Samsung 3Q profit at record high but outlook mixed
100 Ryerson researchers are building an intuitive communication interface
101 Delivering the virtual cell to the world
102 Searching for purpose in proteins
103 New cotton fabric stays waterproof through 250 washes
104 Researchers discover 'Goldilocks' of DNA self-assembly (w/ Video)
105 Cone of poison: The secret behind the cone snail's venom pump
106 Concerns about the safety of certain 'healthful' plant-based antioxidants
107 Tobacco and its evil cousin, nicotine? They're good--as a pesticide
108 Odorant sensor fabricated from living cells
109 Taking a closer look at plaque
110 Researchers find a stable way to store the sun's heat (w/ Video)
111 MicroRNAs dictate the Epstein-Barr virus' elaborate waiting game, cancer formation
112 All the same size: Assembly of uniformly pure protein microparticles using calcium carbonate templates
113 Researchers develop more reliable, less expensive synthetic graft material
114 Cells can be cultured and sorted on specifically patterned surfaces of biomaterials
115 Chemists discover proton mechanism used by flu virus to infect cells
116 Artificial metalloenzymes, the chemical synthesis of the future
117 Towards better explosives detectors
118 Scientists use gold to discover breakthrough for creating biorenewable chemicals
119 Researchers 'watch' formation of cells' protein factories for first time
120 Discus fish parent young like mammalian mothers
121 Getting around gene loss
122 Less feather pecking with bitter spray
123 New insights into the development of epithelial cells
124 Chimpanzees too tend to be right-handed: Spanish study
125 'Vertical Farm' envisions tall future for farming
126 Assassin bugs trap spiders by mimicking prey (w/ Video)
127 Wild Scottish sheep could help explain differences in immunity
128 GM safety debate may have new twist
129 Researchers generate iPSCs to further treatments for lung disease
130 Protein shows how plants keep their mouths shut
131 Lizard sex linked to climate
132 The chocolate genome, unwrapped
133 UNH's Fred Short adds seagrass data to major conservation study
134 Rictor protein offers scientists a new molecular target for cancer therapies
135 Donor race may impact recurrent hepatitis C in liver transplant patients
136 Researchers engineer miniature human livers in the lab
137 FDA approves Novartis brain tumour drug
138 Breast density, no lobular involution increase breast cancer risk
139 Vampire-inspired blood thinner begins new round of trials
140 Surrogate decision makers wish to retain authority in difficult decision
141 Halloween Special: Why we love to scare ourselves; the anatomy of fright
142 Canned venison a better alternative to grinding your bounty
143 Scientists seek urgent treatment for fatal sleeping sickness
144 Effects of low testosterone in young type 2 diabetics to be studied
145 Financial gain from good report cards in nursing homes
146 Wartime urologic injuries require different mindset
147 OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital conducts second phase of landmark Batten study
148 Not putting the clocks back this weekend will improve health, says expert
149 Making ideas harder to read may make them easier to retain
150 Olive oil protects liver
151 Women with anorexia nervosa more likely to have unplanned pregnancies
152 Debate continues on breast ductal carcinoma in situ
153 Scientist describes toothy microfossils
154 Guiltless gluttony: Mislabeled food items often lead to overeating
155 Voter behavior can explain midterm mood shift
156 Computer scientists make progress on math puzzle
157 Just in time for Halloween: Michigan Tech students solve the mystery of the Paulding light
158 Found: First complete remains of early sauropod dinosaur
159 Facebook study finds race trumped by ethnic, social, geographic origins in forging friendships
160 Using mathematics to identify the good guys
161 Garden of Eden: Paradise lost--and found
162 Study identifies increasing 'marriage migration' to Sweden
163 Columbus cleared of bringing syphilis to Europe
164 Climate change: Cultural shift needed similar to smoking, slavery
165 Into Africa? Fossils suggest earliest anthropoids colonized Africa
166 Investing in kids' future pays off
167 In the footsteps of dinosaurs
168 Learning the truth not effective in battling rumors about NYC mosque, study finds
169 Prospective voters and the new health care law
170 Famous style of Jane Austen may not be hers after all