File Title
1 Global warming seen as threat to state's parks
2 Bike-sharing project expected to begin next year
3 Stanford University opens new stem cell building, bucking federal restrictions
4 FDA rejects highly-anticipated diet drug Qnexa
5 Shortage of boats slows aid for Indonesia tsunami
6 Halliburton used flawed cement on BP well: panel
7 My Date With R2: Reporter Meets NASA's Strong, Silent Space Robot
8 Critical test not done on cement before blowout
9 Ehud Netzer, noted Israeli archaeologist, dies
10 Earth-size planets abound in Milky Way: study
11 BP, Halliburton 'knew' oil disaster cement was unstable
12 Extending daylight could boost health, help planet
13 Bloodlust or Bloodless? Horror Film Love Runs Deep
14 Delegates deadlocked as UN nature meet nears end
15 Scientists to see if oil spill hurt deep sea life
16 Warning systems often don't help tsunami victims
17 Young Sunnyvale resident's homemade hats are a hit
18 NYC museum displays rare blue diamond
19 Groups moving forward to develop AIDS gel
20 Noninvasive Test for Colon Cancer Shows Promise in Early Trial
21 Sprycel Approval Expanded to Include Rare Leukemia
22 Kidney Transplants for Elderly Double Over Decade
23 U.S. Preschoolers Getting Too Much Screen Time: Study
24 Brain Size, Not Lack of Willpower, May Fuel Obese Bad Eating
25 UN probes base as source of Haiti cholera outbreak
26 High exposure to BPA linked to low sperm count
27 Judge: McDonald's must pay obese employee $17.5K
28 H1N1 Flu Linked to Surge in Pneumonia Complication
29 China Red Cross calls for urgent blood donations
30 FDA rejects highly-anticipated diet drug Qnexa
31 APNewsBreak: University Posts Info of 40K Students
32 Samsung, Sony Book Profits but Wary of Road Ahead
33 Delegates Deadlocked as UN Nature Talks Near End
34 Softbank Floats Plan for Japan-Wide Fiber Network
35 Intel's Biggest Chip Plant Opens in Vietnam
36 UK Police Learn How to Follow Crooks--on Twitter
37 Panasonic Net Profit Surges Despite Strong Yen
38 Supplements No Substitute for Healthy Diet
39 Feel the Freezer Burn: Losing Weight by Chilling the Body
40 Earth-like planets may be common
41 Grass could turn toxic waste into energy
42 Ancient Africans first to use sharp tools
43 Globular clusters more than one-off event
44 Nature talks heading for success, delegates say
45 Earth-sized worlds much more common than giant planets
46 Flamingos use colourful cosmetics to enhance feathers
47 Experts say efforts to beat malaria may backfire
48 Ariane rocket completes flawless satellite launch
49 Hawaii's hush-hush getaway
50 3G network brings internet to Mount Everest climbers
51 Microsoft profits from record first-quarter sales
52 China claims supercomputer crown
53 Europe targets wasteful gadgets
54 South African prisoners to be offered circumcision
55 Libido problems 'brain not mind'
56 Haiti cholera outbreak causes not clear, experts say
57 What threat is Weil's disease?
58 Military To Aid Civilian Cybersecurity
59 Mars Rover Finds Signs of Buried Water on Red Planet
60 Baby Killed for Interrupting Mom's Facebook Time
61 Dino Fever over 'Missing Link' Discovery
62 Study: Earth-Sized Alien Planets May be Common
63 As it Woos Developers, Microsoft Updates Internet Explorer 9 Code
64 Robocalls: Why the 'Bots Will Keep on Annoying Us
65 Obama on the "Daily Show:" What You Didn't See
66 U.S. B-Day Tweet to Ahmadinejad: Free the Hikers
67 Shark's Target: I Was "Quivering All Over"
68 Verizon Fined $25M for Questionable Data Fees
69 Iran Offers to Restart Nuke Talks
70 Airport Security Gets a Bit More Touchy-Feely
71 Steeple Man on "Miracle After the Miracle"
72 Earth-Sized Planets May Be Common Throughout Our Galaxy, NASA Survey Suggests
73 Origin of Skillful Stone-Tool-Sharpening Method Pushed Back More Than 50,000 Years
74 Brain's Journey from Early Internet to Modern-Day Fiber Optics: Computer Program Shows How Brain's Complex Fiber Tracks Mature
75 Wild Scottish Sheep Could Help Explain Differences in Immunity
76 Precocious Galaxy Cluster Identified by Chandra
77 Early Sauropod Dinosaur: First Complete Skeleton Found
78 Trapped Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Subsurface Water
79 Modern Humans Emerged Far Earlier Than Previously Thought, Fossils from China Suggest
80 Space Buckyballs Thrive, Finds NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
81 Into Africa? Fossils Suggest Earliest Anthropoids Colonized Africa
82 Cancer's Hiding Spots Revealed
83 Tracking Evidence of 'The Great Dying'
84 Certain Cancer Therapies' Success Depends on Presence of Immune Cell, Mouse Study Shows
85 Cone of Poison: The Secret Behind the Cone Snail's Venom Pump
86 The Unhealthy Ego: What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Our 'Self'?
87 Telomere Length Affects Colorectal Cancer Risk
88 Insulin-Creating Cell Research May Lead to Better Diabetes Treatment
89 New Approach for Identifying Genetic Markers for Common Diseases
90 In a Challenging Infant Heart Defect, Two-Thirds May Have High Chance of Survival
91 How Cancer-Related Proteins Lose Inhibition: Finding May Lead to Better Understanding and Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer
92 A Single Interaction Affects the Way a Child Seeks Information, Study Finds
93 Payday Proximity Changes Consumer Motives and Behavior
94 Getting Older Leads to Emotional Stability and Happiness, Study Shows
95 B-Complex Vitamins May Help Slow Progression of Dementia
96 Tumor Suppressor Acts as Oncogene in Some Cancers, Researchers Find
97 Friends With Cognitive Benefits: Mental Function Improves After Certain Kinds of Socializing
98 Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'
99 Habit Formation Appears to Be an Innate Ability, Fine-Tuned by Experience
100 Emotional Intelligence Predicts Job Performance
101 High Resting Heart Linked to Shorter Life Expectancy in Stable Heart Disease Patients, Study Suggests
102 Green Tea of No Use in Breast Cancer Prevention, Large Study Finds
103 Potential New Treatment for Deadly Nipah and Hendra Viruses; May Also Lead to New Treatments for Measles, Mumps and Influenza
104 Scientists 'Cage' Genetic Off Switches So They Can Be Activated by UV Light
105 Sodas, Other Sugary Beverages Linked to Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome
106 Large-Scale Fish Farm Production Offsets Environmental Gains, Assessment Finds
107 Getting a Grip on CO2: Researchers 'See' How to Capture Carbon Dioxide
108 Dramatic Climate Change Is Unpredictable
109 Root of the Matter: A New Map Shows Life-Saving Forests' Scarcity Defies Past Estimates
110 Predicting Smoggiest Days: Experiments Improve Accuracy of Ozone Predictions in Air-Quality Models
111 Speed Gun for Earth's Insides to Help Measure Mantle Motion
112 Archaeological Sites Threatened by Rising Seas: Scientists Issue Call to Action
113 New Evidence Supports 'Snowball Earth' as Trigger for Early Animal Evolution
114 Vast Amber Deposit from India: New Trove of Fossils Suggests Global Distribution of Tropical Forest Ecosystems in the Eocene
115 Pre-Columbian Societies in Amazon May Have Been Much Larger and More Advanced Than Thought
116 Evidence Is Weak for Tropical Rainforest 65 Million Years Ago in Africa's Low Latitudes, Paleobotanist Says
117 Out of THEMIS, ARTEMIS: Earth's Loss Is Moon's Gain
118 Spiral Galaxies Stripped Bare
119 Astronomers Discover Most Massive Neutron Star Yet Known; Discovery Has Broad Implications for Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics
120 Kepler Spacecraft Takes Pulse of Distant Stars: 'Starquakes' Yield New Insights About the Size, Age and Evolution of Stars
121 Hubble Data Used to Look 10,000 Years Into the Future
122 Better Detection for Diagnostics and Biochemical Defense
123 Making Better Biosensors With Electron Density Waves
124 Emotion Processing in Brain Is Influenced by Color of Ambient Light, Study Suggests
125 North Sea Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide Is Possible, but Time Is Running Out, Expert Says
126 Everything Evaporates, but How?
127 New Strategy to Kill Bugs--Even Those in Hiding
128 Breakdown of Correlated Tunneling
129 Facebook Study Finds Race Trumped by Ethnic, Social, Geographic Origins in Forging Friendships
130 Getting the Big Picture Quickly: Software Edits Huge Images in Seconds Instead of Hours
131 Water Could Hold Answer to Graphene Nanoelectronics
132 Bonding with Mom: Why Day Care May Harm Fussy Tots
133 Mice 'Smell' Light in Olfaction Study
134 The 8-legged Monster Behind Chupacabra Mystery
135 Chemist's Job: Hunt Down the Smallest, Fastest Particles
136 Early Humans' Weapon-Making Skills Sharper Than Expected
137 Preschoolers Watching Too Much TV
138 High BPA Levels Don't Swim Well with Sperm
139 Fancy a Snog? Same-Sex Kissing Common In UK Male Students
140 True Cost of Smoking: Up to $150 a Pack
141 Device gives parents their child's eye view
142 Snowball Earth: Deep Freeze May Have Spawned Complex Life
143 Out of Asia: New Origin Proposed for Humans, Monkeys, Apes
144 Headless Dragonfly, Footless Lizard: Grisly Scene Preserved
145 Adultery Website Reveals Human Nature
146 Price to Save Species Put at 10 Times Present Spending
147 Assassin Bugs Turn Webs Against Spiders
148 Sneezin' in the Rain: New Monkey Is Discovered
149 Asteroid Strike Could Force Humans into Twilight Existence
150 Rangers Will Defeat Giants in World Series: Mathematician
151 Indonesia's Explosive Geology Explained
152 In Amazon, New Species Discovered Every 3 Days
153 China's Three Gorges Dam Finally Filled
154 Why No Doesn't Mean No to Some Men
155 Newfound Virus is a Giant with Lifelike Properties
156 Lungs Sense Bitterness Using a Little Bit of Tongue
157 Insects in Ancient Amber Reveal Unexpected India-Asia Ties
158 Temporary Heart Damage May Explain Marathon Deaths
159 Teens, Parents Both Underreport Drug Use, Study Finds
160 'Time Traveler' May Just Be Hard of Hearing
161 Bloodlust or Bloodless? Horror Film Love Runs Deep
162 Texting Program Helps African Farmers Fight Drought
163 Chupacabra Science: How Evolution Made a Mythical Monster
164 Apple passes RIM, now number four cell phone maker globally
165 Apple takes fourth place in worldwide phone sales
166 Analysts See Enterprise, Consumer Push for Microsoft
167 Fortune: Apple to release Verizon iPhone in early 2011
168 Fortune: Verizon iPhone a 'fait accompli'
169 'I'm on Everest:' High-speed Internet at base camp
170 3G mobile heads to Mount Everest; D.C. Metro still drops calls
171 YouTube Founder Resigns From Operations Role
172 YouTube's Chad Hurley to step down as chief executive
173 Verizon Paying FCC $25M To Settle 'Mystery Fees'
174 23% of stars may have Earth-sized planets
175 Search Unearths Plethora of Earth-Mass Planets
176 Alien Earthlike worlds 'like grains of sand,' say 'wobble' boffins
177 Galaxy may have gobs of Earth-size planets
178 Other Earths? A new estimate raises the odds of finding them.
179 Nearly 1 in 4 stars like the sun may support Earth-size planets
180 Toolmaking technique 55,000 years older than we thought
181 Early Humans' Weapon-Making Skills Sharper Than Expected
182 Stone Age Toolmakers Surprisingly Sophisticated
183 Researchers Find the 'Liberal Gene'
184 Is there a gene for liberals?
185 Is China a supercomputer threat? (Q&A)
186 China gives on tech metals, but not supercomputing
187 China Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer
188 China Wrests Supercomputer Title From U.S.
189 China's Tianhe-1A takes supercomputer crown from US
190 China builds world's fastest supercomputer
191 China's supercomputer called world's fastest
192 Pfizer Widens Recall of Lipitor Bottles
193 Haitian Cholera Death Toll at 305
194 AACR-CRC: DNA Clue to Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer
195 Noninvasive DNA Stool Test Can Detect Colon Cancer
196 New Colon Cancer Screening Test in the Works
197 McDonald's Fast Food Franchise Manager Awarded $17.5K for Getting Fat
198 McDonalds Must Compensate Obese Manager
199 Alcoholic energy drinks inhibit body functions including brain
200 Super-caffeinated alcoholic drinks called 'blackout in a can' worry officials