File Title
1 UCSF team working on artificial kidney
2 San Francisco plans tolls between Peninsula and the city
3 Cow Palace bans rave-type shows after drug-related deaths
4 Work to begin on National Mall levee
5 BP, firms missed key errors before spill
6 Bluefin tuna showdown pits industry vs. ecology
7 Feds: Put rare Hawaii dolphin on endangered list
8 US astronauts' return may be sped by summit
9 Experts: BP ignored warning signs on doomed well
10 BP deep-cleaning Gulf beaches amid new worries
11 Even Preschool Girls Favor Being Thin, Study Finds
12 EPA tells states to consider rising ocean acidity
13 Teenage slaying suspect storms police station
14 Ron Dellums, facing IRS lien, explores early exit
15 San Jose moves toward licensing tobacco retailers
16 Alviso receives clean bill of health from EPA
17 US funds circumcision to fight AIDS in Zimbabwe
18 Fortune-tellers warn of rocky road for William and Kate
19 A Step Toward Personalized Care of Leukemia Patients
20 Halaven Approved for Late-Stage Breast Cancer
21 Hospital Care Deadly for Some, U.S. Study Finds
22 Gestational Period Depends on Structure of Placenta: Research
23 Haiti president appeals for calm in cholera riots
24 Haiti candidates add cholera to list of problems
25 Report details how hospitals can be risky places
26 Report: Preterm births lower, still big problem
27 Zapping nerves helps control high blood pressure
28 Next big thing? Big cholesterol drop with new drug
29 Japanese Probe Returns from Space With Asteroid Samples
30 Beatles Music, Finally, Comes to Apple's iTunes
31 Just How 'Transparent' Is the Obama White House? Scientists Try to Help
32 Facebook Updates Messaging Service, Not 'E-Mail Killer'
33 Samsung Chairman Says Son to Be Promoted
34 EU to Press China Over Rare Earths Supplies
35 Report: India Faces Major Climate Changes by 2030
36 UK Police Bring Terror Charges Against Man
37 Amazon Starts Movie Production Site Amazon Studios
38 Genetech pioneer awarded science prize
39 Japan confirms asteroid dust on outback probe
40 Fish found making their own 'mozzie' nets
41 Yahoo Teams With Groupon, Others to Dangle Deals
42 Advisers Recommend Human Genome Lupus Drug
43 Relics From King Richard II's Tomb Discovered
44 Rare Warm Weather Lands Pink Pelicans in Siberia
45 Great white sharks in Mediterranean made 'wrong turn'
46 Italy lights up for space station
47 Mars 'hopper' may run on nuclear decay and Martian CO2
48 Placenta 'has key role' in determining pregnancy length
49 Garlic 'remedy for hypertension'
50 Why garlic is good for the heart
51 Raw garlic tackles cancer
52 Aged garlic extract lowers blood pressure in patients with treated but uncontrolled hypertension: A randomised controlled trial
53 Kidney zap lowers blood pressure
54 Aviation industry 'ditches' hydrogen
55 Malaria vaccine: Inside look at first human trial
56 US web traffic rerouted via China Telecom
57 Minister Ed Vaizey backs 'two-speed' internet
58 Mark Zuckerberg: 'I've made so many mistakes'
59 A walk of fame for George the robot
60 Lebanon in a week: The ultimate road-trip guide
61 Israeli High Tech Adjusts To Asian Challenge
62 Google Targets Fashionistas with Search Site for Fashion
63 Obscure Coupon Web Sites Could Help You Save Big
64 Report: Massive Hack Targeted Gov't, Military
65 Electric Car Sets Cross-Continental Record
66 Zuckerberg: No, We Don't Yet Have All the Answers
67 E-Mail's 'at' Sign Often Lost in Translation
68 Time-Space Cloak Seen Within Grasp
69 S. Korea Police: Gamer, 15, Kills Mom, Self
70 Dick Cheney: History "Beginning to Come Around" on Bush
71 Piece of Natalee Holloway's Jaw Found in Aruba?
72 World's Oldest Champagne Salvaged from Shipwreck
73 TSA Chief to Get Congressional Pat-Down
74 Is Housing Market Crashing Again?
75 Target's Profit Soars; Earns $535 Million
76 Christopher Hitchens Stares Death in Face: Does He See God?
77 Patients Want More Choices in End-of-Life Care
78 Gosselin Kids Expelled from School: Why?
79 Strep Throat, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Linked: What Can Parents Do?
80 What's a Labrum? Lineman Jake Long Finds Out the Hard Way
81 Prop 203 Passes: Medical Marijuana to Be Legal in Arizona
82 Smallpox, Rickettsialpox Scare "House" Doctors: Is Threat Real?
83 The Graphic Cigarette Warnings Big Tobacco Doesn't Want You to See (PICTURES)
84 As Europe Frets, Greece Flops
85 Post-Election Church Arsonist Gets 6 Years
86 Merchant of Death to Face U.S. Judge in NYC
87 FDA Warns Five Companies Over E-Cigarette Claims
88 Gene linked to ADHD allows memory task to be interrupted by brain regions tied to daydreaming
89 Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research
90 Brent geese show parents know best
91 APS releases report on renewable energy and the electricity grid
92 You are not what you eat
93 Cancer drug target is promising lead for new TB treatments
94 Length of pregnancy influenced by placenta structure
95 Personalized medicine: Tumor analysis reveals new opportunities for existing cancer drugs
96 Researchers map the way to personalised treatment for ovarian cancer
97 Scientists identify potential new target for treating triple negative breast cancer
98 Getting bubbles out of fuel pumps
99 Artificial black holes made with metamaterials
100 'Chaogates' hold promise for the semiconductor industry
101 New low-cost method to deliver vaccine shows promise
102 Structure of a protein related to heart and nervous system health revealed
103 Scientists learn more about how kidneys fail and how new drugs may intervene
104 Using plants against soils contaminated with arsenic
105 New needle-free HPV vaccine increases effectiveness, availability in developing world
106 One-touch make-up--for our cells
107 Scientists announce new advance with potential for future cancer targeting
108 Chemicals' study pinpoints threat to workers' lungs
109 First compelling evidence for a black hole after recent supernova
110 TWIPS--Sonar inspired by dolphins
111 Growing with the flow
112 Researchers Discover Potential Genetic Target for Heart Disease
113 Impulsive behavior in males increases after periods of heavy drinking
114 Energy drink use may lead to alcohol dependence
115 Making the passage of time invisible (and the illusion of a Star Trek transporter)
116 Riso Energy Report 9: CO2-free energy can meet the world's energy needs in 2050
117 Aortic aneurysm treatable with asthma drugs
118 Smoke from fireworks is harmful to health
119 Chemical Biologists Discover New Characteristic of Progeria Protein Linked to Premature Aging Disease
120 New dry powder antibiotic targets tuberculosis, reduces treatment time
121 Imaging tool may aid nanoelectronics by screening tiny tubes
122 Listening for ocean spills and their ecological effects
123 Research links damaged organs to change in biochemical wave patterns
124 Astronomers Discover Merging Star Systems that Might Explode
125 New revelations in ammonia synthesis
126 A New Twist for Nanopillar Light Collectors
127 Treatment that includes surgery results in better blood flow to heart
128 Treating heart attack with fat-derived stem cells may be safe in humans
129 Minimally invasive procedure safe alternative for treating congenital heart defect
130 Community education may shorten treatment time for heart attack patients
131 Post-traumatic stress disorder linked to death, atherosclerosis in veterans
132 Aged, damaged hearts yield stem cells that could treat heart failure
133 Health literacy impacts chance of heart failure hospitalization, study says
134 Preterm birth rates improve in most states
135 Nation's top hospital organ transplant centers identified by HealthGrades
136 Multidisciplinary approach is key to successful treatment of aggressive prostate cancer
137 Nurse practitioner-led spinal clinic produced impressive results and shorter waiting times
138 Doubled risk of anxiety for 18 month-old children with congenital heart defects
139 Lower back and foot pain associated with more severe knee osteoarthritis symptoms
140 The Pericyte Becomes a Player in Alzheimer's, Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
141 Fighting America's "Other Drug Problem"
142 Toronto Western Hospital study demonstrates improved wait times for patients suffering back pain
143 Research into the scientific potential of time-of-flight cameras
144 Dressing indicates infections
145 US falls behind other nations in reducing traffic fatalities and injuries
146 Disadvantaged youth more likely to be high-school dropouts, young parents and poor adults
147 Engineers test effects of fire on steel structures
148 Organ network uses Carnegie Mellon algorithm to match live kidney donors with recipients
149 NERSC Supercomputing Center Breaks the Petaflops Barrier, Fielding One of the World's Top Five Fastest Supercomputers
150 Linking geometric problems to physics could open door to new solutions
151 Bioengineers Provide Adult Stem Cells with Friendly Environment: Simultaneous Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Cues
152 Minneapolis disaster spawning new concepts in bridge research, testing and safety
153 Georgia Tech Researchers Design Machine Learning Technique to Improve Consumer Medical Searches