File Title
1 Oakland cops thought slain man's scale was a gun
2 Department of Energy pours funds into cleantech industry
3 Saudi Arabia blocks Facebook over moral concerns
4 Studies show drug, device help treat heart failure
5 SETI Astronomers Launch New Campaign to Eavesdrop on E.T.
6 Turkey to invite Toshiba for nuclear plant talks: report
7 Fire at German petting zoo kills 26 animals
8 Misfit Failed Star Is Stinky, Cold and Glowing Green
9 Greenpeace protests tennis sponsor's nuclear funding
10 Bonding Over Problems Can Make Women Anxious
11 Va. sturgeon may be key to ancient fish's recovery
12 Chubby Galaxy Cluster Suggests Dark Energy Was Stronger Long Ago
13 Rare Cold Water Coral Discovered in Northern Africa
14 S. Lanka floods force up to 300,000 from their homes
15 Third Crack Found in Metal Skin of Shuttle Discovery's Fuel Tank
16 New Mexico fossil find could be complete mammoth
17 Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoes fast-food toy ban
18 Troubled cruise shows unpredictability of the sea
19 Diabetes Research Made Significant Strides in Past Year
20 Noisy homes leave UK children 'unable to listen'
21 Malaysia plans sex education for six year olds
22 US team tours Africa to boost bioterror safety
23 Spike in dengue has Brazil on alert for epidemic
24 Doctors brace for possible big Medicare pay cuts
25 How to Cut College Costs by $5,000
26 Recommendation Letters May Be Costing Women Jobs, Promotions
27 Many Unhappy Returns for Wandering Minds
28 Bilingual Benefits Reach Beyond Communication
29 The Mind Uses Syntax to Interpret Actions
30 Acidification May Halve Coral Class of 2050
31 Special Skin Keeps Fish Species Alive on Land
32 Seeing Red: Next Installment in BPA-Paper Saga
33 Laptops and Infertility: It Matters How You Sit
34 Fructose Poses Gout Risks Even in Women
35 The Sandman Gene
36 Solving the Mystery of Black Holes
37 Studying How Humans Make Decisions
38 Online Social Networks and Human Behavior
39 Sunburnt Whales
40 Cost Overruns and Delays Add Up to $6.5 billion for NASA's Next-Gen. Space Telescope
41 Milky Way's Black Hole May Blow Bubbles
42 Scientists Discover How the Songbird's Brain Controls Timing During Singing
43 Hurricane Forecasts Can Be Made Years in Advance
44 New Statistical Model Moves Human Evolution Back 3 Million Years
45 Scientists Find New Galaxies Through Cosmic Alignment
46 Comet Encounter
47 Study: Job anxiety spurs obesity epidemic
48 Stem cell pioneer accepts Kyoto prize
49 Museum returns King Tut artifacts
50 Cracks found in space shuttle Discovery's fuel tank
51 NASA: Webb space telescope over-budget
52 The legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald continues 35 years later
53 Apophis asteroid encounter in 2013 should help answer impact worries
54 NASA unveils giant gamma ray bubbles cap galaxy
55 Nuclear forensics study traces Trinity test
56 Hidden bone tests doggy smarts
57 Arabs face severe water crisis by 2015
58 Future computers: Smaller but 'greener'
59 Report warns of dangers of Arctic drilling
60 Kenya to open first Africa carbon exchange
61 Search for the 'God particle' closer
62 Oldest dinosaur embryos identified
63 Forensic camera can spot bloodstains
64 Study: Warming could 'tip' Bolivia drought
65 'Ice-free' surfaces repel freezing water
66 Secrets of 'cat-lapping' revealed
67 Crows can distinguish male, female faces
68 Study: An idle mind is not a happy one
69 Researchers hopeful on pneumonia vaccine
70 Study: Yoga better for mood than exercise
71 Canada urging electronic health records
72 Bed rest for at-risk moms-to-be not best
73 Severe acne may increase suicide risk
74 Deaf adults see better than those who hear
75 Adults may not transmit whooping cough
76 Measuring presenteeism may not be reliable
77 One-quarter of young Spaniards in fights
78 U.S. college drinking culture can change
79 Married couples do better with shift work
80 Many U.K. cancers found in emergency room
81 Call for reducing child pneumonia renewed
82 Lead in water linked to brass plumbing
83 Kids who hate school turn to sex, alcohol
84 Looking older may not be bad health sign
85 Pet Parade: Pampered pets and pet survivors
86 Neuroscience: Settling the great glia debate
87 Demonic device converts information to energy
88 Conservation expedition sparks international row
89 Fusion project looks for savings
90 Wastewater chemicals dampen fish fervour
91 Rapid warming boosted ancient rainforest
92 Be still my light-controlled heart
93 High hopes for arthritis drugs
94 US genome institute takes a clinical approach
95 Experts will assess UK research 'impact' to award funding
96 Motor disorder could have stress-fighting solution
97 Minnesotans Beat Nation in Smoking Declines
98 Myths Fuel Dangerous Decisions to Not Vaccinate Children
99 Autism Cure Claimed by Therapy Group
100 Cool Tech: New Materials Prevent Ice Formation
101 A Science First: Stem Cells Injected into Woman's Brain
102 Art of Medicine: Paintings Sharpen Med Students' Skills
103 Archaeologist Recreates Stone Age Technology
104 Kids + Parents' Number Talk = Head Start, Study Says
105 Wait, what? Study Finds Evidence for Precognition
106 Is this evidence that we can see the future?
107 What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York
108 Bonding Over Problems Can Make Women Anxious
109 Mind Wandering May Lead to a Bad Mood
110 Study: Men Fake Orgasm, Too
111 Van Dyke rescued by porpoises
112 New Family Tree for Plague Traces Its Paths Out of China
113 Q&A: House's Rocket Scientist 'Apprehensive' on Budget
114 Maggot Bodies Sense Bright Light
115 Cricket Sets Testicle Size Record
116 Georgia Tech's Cody Robot Performs Autonomous Bed Baths for Patient Hygiene
117 Earth Oxygen Could Support Complex Life Earlier Than Thought
118 Study Says Drowsy Drivers Are Involved in 17% of Fatal Crashes
119 Adding Iron to Ocean Would Backfire, Algae Study Suggests
120 Connecticut Residents Are Tops in Well-Being
121 Mystery Missile off LA Coast Possibly Just a Jet Contrail
122 Whales Get Sunburned, Too
123 Money, Work Are Top U.S. Stressors, Survey Finds
124 Touchy-Feely NBA Teams More Likely to Win
125 Maxwell's Demon Converts Information into Energy
126 A Renaissance Scholar Helps Build Virtual Rome