File Title
1 Menopausal hormone therapy may increase risk of ovarian cancer
2 Side effects of hormonal breast cancer therapy increased; may affect treatment adherence
3 Exercise may reduce risk of endometrial cancer
4 Home exposure to tobacco carcinogens high in children of smokers
5 Use of androgen deprivation therapy increases fracture risk among prostate cancer patients
6 Long-term statin use is unlikely to increase cancer risk
7 Very few eligible young women opt to take HPV vaccine
8 BGI researchers sequenced the human methylome at single base-pair resolution
9 Drinking 100 percent fruit juice is linked to higher intake of essential nutrients
10 Owzat! Bushcrickets' big secret revealed
11 Ecologists get fish eye view of sexual signals
12 Portable microwave sensors for measuring vital signs
13 Global warming reduces available wind energy
14 New method for simple fabrication of microperforated membranes
15 Foucault, revisited
16 New way of detecting concealed radioactive material
17 Oil will run dry before substitutes roll out
18 Research shows gene-based test can prioritize smokers for lung cancer CT screening
19 DNA reveals origins of first European farmers
20 Softening Crystals without Heat: Using Terahertz Pulses to Manipulate Molecular Networks
21 Mountain ranges may act as "safe haven" for species facing climate change
22 Lab on chip for membrane proteins
23 Scientists identify 1 cause of damage in Alzheimer's disease and find a way to stop it
24 Scientists launch global scheme to boost rice yields while reducing damage to environment
25 Gefitinib may have chemopreventive benefits in pancreatic cancer
26 Anti-gout drug may decrease risk for colorectal adenoma progression
27 UK Astronomers Help Find Snooker Star System
28 Quantum computers a step closer to reality thanks to new finding
29 MicroRNA controls mammary gland development in mice
30 NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy
31 Astronomers Find Giant, Previously Unseen Structure in our Galaxy
32 Novel metamaterial vastly improves quality of ultrasound imaging
33 Study finds low birth weight may cause lifelong problems processing medications
34 Atoms-for-Peace: A galactic collision in action
35 New ultra-clean nanowires have great potential
36 Combined imaging technologies may better identify cancerous breast lesions
37 Using CT, radiologists can pinpoint cause of some strokes
38 Obesity in adolescence significantly associated with increased risk of severe obesity in adulthood
39 Computer-automated monitoring system may help identify medical devices with potential safety risks
40 Variation in heart disease death risk in England largely attributed to population characteristics
41 Significant variations found among medical centers regarding bloodstream infections surveillance
42 Probiotics shorten diarrhea episodes
43 Changing family behavior helps schizophrenic patients avoid relapse
44 Rogue gene hijacks stem cells to jumpstart human cancer
45 Fructose-rich beverages associated with increased risk of gout in women
46 APHA 2010: Attacking the drinking culture on college campuses from different directions
47 New risk factor for developing breast cancer
48 Genes hold key to how well coalitions work, psychologists say
49 Research strengthens evidence of link between paracetamol use in pregnancy and childhood asthma
50 Researchers Find Cancer News May Contribute To Confusion About Cancer
51 Infant foods should be screened for mycotoxins
52 Fusion makes major step forward at MIT through studies of the plasma edge
53 Getting to know the sun advances fusion research
54 Imaging of Alfven waves and fast ions in a fusion plasma
55 The many faces of the shear Alfven wave
56 Plasma as a fast optical switch
57 Taming thermonuclear plasma with a snowflake
58 Vacuum arcs spark new interest
59 Researchers aim to harvest solar energy from pavement to melt ice, power streetlights
60 Robust methods for GMO detection ready at hand
61 New Highly Stable Fuel-Cell Catalyst Gets Strength from its Nano Core
62 Georgia Tech keeps high performance computing sights set on exascale at SC10
63 Researchers Aim to Harvest Solar Energy from Pavement to Melt Ice, Power Streetlights
64 DNA Reveals Origins of First European Farmers
65 Oldest Fossilized Shrimp: Geologists Study Rare Well-Preserved Creature Showing Muscles
66 Alpha Males Take Greater Risks: Study Links Finger Length to Behavior
67 Brains of Neanderthals and Modern Humans Developed Differently
68 NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in Our Galaxy
69 Engineered Plants Make Potential Precursor to Raw Material for Plastics
70 Energy Harvesting: Nanogenerators Grow Strong Enough to Power Small Conventional Electronic Devices
71 Bars Kill Spiral Galaxies, Astronomers and Volunteers Discover
72 Dangerous Chemicals in Food Wrappers Likely Migrating to Humans
73 Rogue Gene Hijacks Stem Cells to Jumpstart Human Cancer
74 Skeletons from the 18th Century Reveal Typhus Epidemic from Spain
75 Why Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Is Greater in Babies of Mothers Who Smoke
76 Global Warming Reduces Available Wind Energy, New Research Finds
77 Psychoprophylaxis Helps Men With Tocophobic--Fear of Childbirth
78 New Findings on Chromosome Changes in Tumor Cells
79 Human Methylome Sequenced at Single Base-Pair Resolution
80 New Anti-Inflammatory Substance: Biochemists ID Important Messenger in Immune System
81 Long-Term Statin Use Is Unlikely to Increase Cancer Risk, Study Finds
82 Obesity in Adolescence Significantly Associated With Increased Risk of Severe Obesity in Adulthood
83 Overcoming the IVF Baby Blues: Hormones and Stress Are Major Contributors to Depression, Research Finds
84 Concern Over Traumatic Brain Injury in Youth Offenders
85 Alzheimer's Disease: New Study Shows How Amyloid Beta Disrupts One of the Brain's Anti-Oxidant Proteins, Points Way to Protect It
86 Fat Sand Rats Are SAD Like Us: Research Shines a Light on a Mood Disorder
87 Brain Bleeding Is Common With Aging, Study Finds
88 Vapor Rub Relieves Cold Symptoms for Children, Helps Them Sleep Better, Study Suggests
89 Bilingualism Delays Onset of Alzheimer's Symptoms, Study Finds
90 Low Blood Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Chubbier Kids, Faster Weight Gain
91 'Altruism Gene' Associated With Higher Willingness to Donate, Researchers Find
92 Tai Chi Relieves Arthritis Pain, Improves Reach, Balance, Well-Being, Study Suggests
93 Probiotics Shorten Diarrhea Episodes, Review Suggests
94 MicroRNA Controls Mammary Gland Development in Mice: Novel Mechanism for Vertebrate Organ Development
95 Bushcricket Has the Largest Testicles Relative to Body Mass of Any Animal
96 Soy May Stop Prostate Cancer Spread: Experimental Soy-Based Drug Shows Benefits in Men With Localized Prostate Cancer
97 Soy Isoflavones May Modify Risk of Breast Cancer
98 Home Exposure to Tobacco Carcinogens High in Children of Smokers
99 Myth of a Germ-Free World: A Closer Look at Antimicrobial Products
100 More Than 1,000 Tigers Reduced to Skin and Bones in Last Decade, Report Finds
101 Climate Change: Regional Differences in Water Reservoir Glaciers
102 Nanoparticles' Journey from Lungs Into Body Chronicled: Insights Into Pulmonary Drug Delivery, Air Pollution Control
103 Were Our Tetrapod Ancestors Deaf?
104 World's Oldest Ground-Edge Implement Discovered in Northern Australia
105 Fire Fuels Flowers Success
106 Earth's First Great Predator Wasn't: Carnivorous 'Shrimp' Not So Fierce, 3-D Model Shows
107 DNA Fingerprinting Traces Global Path of Plague
108 Sensor on Mars Rover to Measure Radiation Environment
109 Close-Up of Hidden Galaxies With New Cosmic Zoom Lenses
110 Simulating Black Hole Radiation With Lasers: Lasers Produce the First Hawking Radiation Ever Detected
111 Cosmic Curiosity Reveals Ghostly Glow of Dead Quasar
112 New Way to Peer at Distant Galaxies
113 New Method for Simple Fabrication of Microperforated Membranes
114 Foucault Revisited: Argentinean Scientists Show How to Build a Pendulum for Any Classroom
115 Getting to Know the Sun Advances Fusion Research: Coaxial Helicity Injection Could Make Fusion Reactors Cheaper
116 Offshore Wind Farms: Low Loss Solutions for Transferring Current
117 New Way of Detecting Concealed Radioactive Material: Sniffing out Dirty Bombs Via Electromagnetic Breakdown of Air
118 Taking Movies Beyond Avatar--For Under 100 pounds
119 Hyper-Texting and Hyper-Networking Pose New Health Risks for Teens
120 Parents Should Talk About Math Early and Often With Their Children--Even Before Preschool, Report Finds
121 Children Find Their Own Way to Solve Arithmetic Problems
122 Greater Food Insecurity from Recession Poses Increased Risk to Low Income Individuals With Diabetes