File Title
1 New Google Tool Makes Websites Twice as Fast
2 Stealth DNA May Control Aging
3 Adding Cabbie Know-How to Online Maps
4 Turbines Could Tap the Mississippi's Power
5 The Great Mobile Cloud Disruption
6 Why China's New Supercomputer Is Only Technically the World's Fastest
7 A Bendable, Light-Bending Material
8 Gesturing at Your TV Isn't Ready for Prime Time
9 Nanogenerator Powers Up
10 A Hybrid Underwater Robot
11 Rewinding the Clock for Aging Cells
12 Can Aging Be Solved?
13 The Secrets Of Ancient Martian and Terrestrial Atmospheres
14 Bringing a Bit of Mars Back Home
15 US, Australia sign space surveillance deal
16 Fifth Ariane 5 Ready To Receive Its Satellite Payloads
17 China Announces Success Of Chang'e-2 Lunar Probe Mission
18 The International Space Weather Initiative
19 Full Week Of Driving Past Set Of Craters
20 Lockheed Martin Delivers Key GPS III Test Hardware Ahead of Schedule
21 Simulating Black Hole Radiation With Lasers
22 The GEO Graveyard May Not Be Permanent
23 Tiangong Space Lab Spurs China Space PR Blitz
24 Space Travel Is Bad On The Bones
25 Tank leak delays Discovery launch until end November
26 EPOXI Reveals Comet Hartley 2
27 SpaceShipTwo designer Rutan retiring
28 UK Scientists Celebrate Mini Big Bangs As Lead Ion Collides
29 Use Satellites To Know Your Snow
30 NASA Extends TIMED Mission For Fourth Time
31 Vega P80 First Stage Is Rolled Out To The Spaceport's Vega Launch Facility
32 China Calls For Improved Earth Observation In Developing Countries
33 Saudi Arabia, Ukraine To Hold Joint Space Explorations
34 Bulava Missile Program Faces Decision Time
35 US e-book sales near one billion dollars in 2010: Forrester
36 Turkey against NATO missile shield targeting Iran
37 US, Australia sign space defence surveillance agreement
38 Iran lashes out at Russia for missile deal
39 Anticancer Protein Might Combat HIV
40 Pet Frogs Can Transmit Salmonella
41 Bitter Lungs
42 Falling in Love Is 'More Scientific Than You Think'
43 Should Health Care Workers Be Required to Get Flu Vaccinations?
44 Why Does Lack of Sleep Affect Us Differently?
45 Beauty From the Bottom Up
46 Spacecraft Eavesdrops on Distant Stars
47 Weighing Risks, Convicts Display Blind Spots
48 Pancreatic Cancer Years in the Making
49 The Fingers Don't Lie
50 'Vertical Farm' Envisions Tall Future for Farming
51 Supersizing Pumpkins
52 Trading Places
53 Omega-3 Pills Fail to Work in Alzheimer's Patients
54 Study: Brain Energy Crisis May Spark Parkinson's
55 Arctic Lake Yields Climate Record
56 Neutron Star Breaks Mass Record
57 Revealing the Galaxy's Dark Side
58 Comet Encounter
59 New Rock Type Found on Moon
60 Genome May Be Mostly Junk After All
61 Central Dogma of Genetics Maybe Not So Central
62 New Methods Detect Subtleties in Human Genomes
63 1000 Genomes Pilot a Hit With Geneticists
64 Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'
65 Skin Is No Barrier to BPA, Study Shows
66 Election Projections for Science Investments
67 Building a Better Bomb Sniffer
68 Where's the Gulf Oil? In the Food Web, Study Says
69 Studying How Humans Make Decisions
70 Online Social Networks and Human Behavior
71 Girl Power: No Male? No Problem for Female Boa Constrictor
72 Scientists Find New Galaxies Through Cosmic Alignment
73 The Mind Uses Syntax to Interpret Actions
74 New Statistical Model Moves Human Evolution Back 3 Million Years
75 Hurricane Forecasts Can Be Made Years in Advance
76 Human-computer music performances use system that links music and musical gestures (w/ Video)
77 Securing the nation with fingerprinting materials
78 Black holes' true power revealed by 'Russian doll' galaxy
79 Oldest fossil shrimp preserved with muscles
80 Link found between arsenic in drinking water and strokes
81 Nanogenerators grow strong enough to power small conventional electronics (w/ Video)
82 Stanford scientists see the logic in the illogical behavior of neurons
83 Aboriginal astronomers observed and recorded a 'supernova-impostor' event: research
84 New DNA repair pathway
85 Differences in human and Neanderthal brains set in just after birth
86 CERN completes transition to lead-ion running at the Large Hadron Collider
87 Laser sets records for neutron yield, laser energy
88 Ellison: Oracle has $4 billion case against SAP
89 Simulating black hole radiation with lasers
90 Cosmic radio beacons
91 Bilingualism delays onset of Alzheimer's symptoms
92 Discovery could reveal secrets of ancient Martian and terrestrial atmospheres
93 New ocean acidification study shows added danger to already struggling coral reefs
94 Scientists discover how the songbird's brain controls timing during singing
95 Iron stimulates blooms of toxin-producing algae in open ocean, study finds
96 Scientists ID new cancer drug target
97 Single parenthood doesn't pay off for plants
98 Scientists identify cellular communicators for cancer virus
99 Making use of jellyfish on dry land
100 Children find their own way to solve arithmetic problems
101 Lab on chip for membrane proteins
102 Israel's scientists think big with the very, very small
103 Scientists create world's first 'super-twisted' light
104 New 'nano-drug' hits brain-tumor target found in 2001
105 Fluorographene: The world's thinnest insulator
106 Big steps in creating small chips
107 Colonic navigation: Nanotechnology helps deliver drugs to intestinal target
108 Extraordinary light enhancement technique proposed for nanophotonic devices
109 Transparent conductive material could lead to power-generating windows
110 Small materials poised for big impact in construction
111 Nobel Prize for Physics is 'wine from vines that took a decade to plant,' says Geim
112 Scientists investigate atomic-scale mechanisms of nanowire growth process
113 Radically simple technique developed to grow conducting polymer thin films
114 Microreactor speeds nanotech particle production by 500 times
115 Cancer drug linked to quantum dots increases drug uptake, reduces inflammation
116 Pivoting hooks of graphene's chemical cousin could revolutionize work of electron microscopes
117 Nanoshells aid in killing breast tumors
118 Quantum computers may be much easier to build than previously thought: study
119 Portable microwave sensors for measuring vital signs
120 Softening crystals without heat: Using terahertz pulses to manipulate molecular networks
121 Taming thermonuclear plasma with a snowflake
122 Getting to know the sun advances fusion research
123 Scientists unlock the secrets of exploding plasma clouds on the sun
124 Quantum memory for communication networks of the future
125 Vacuum arcs spark new interest
126 Novel metamaterial vastly improves quality of ultrasound imaging
127 Fusion makes major step forward at MIT through studies of the plasma edge
128 Next-generation light source gets boost from powerful new analysis technique
129 Imaging of Alfven waves and fast ions in a fusion plasma
130 The many faces of the shear Alfven wave
131 Plasma as a fast optical switch
132 Positronium scatters like an electron
133 The forming of folded structures
134 Gravity eases its pull
135 Physicists produce black hole plasma in the lab
136 Bringing a bit of Mars back home
137 Oil will run dry before substitutes roll out: study
138 US scientists to speak out on climate change
139 Dangerous chemicals in food wrappers likely migrating to humans: study
140 Cleaning up polluting contaminants takes longer than thought: researcher
141 Climate change: Water reservoir glacier
142 Scientists use light signatures to track merging supermassive black holes
143 Threshold sea surface temperature for hurricanes and tropical thunderstorms is rising
144 China unveils photos of moon
145 Video: Flight of the comet
146 The ethical robot (w/ Video)
147 Interest is growing in e-readers
148 US e-book sales near one billion dollars in 2010: Forrester
149 Researchers to build extreme scale supercomputer
150 Jambox a boombox for the smart gadget era
151 Panasonic introduces smallest, lightest interchangeable digital lens camera
152 Dancing Divabot performs on stage (w/ Video)
153 Review: iPhone-controlled drone fun but expensive
154 GPS maker Garmin hanging up on smartphones
155 Kinect aims to please, but price could be a hurdle
156 Logitech introduces solar-powered keyboard
157 Amazon's 3G Kindle leaps 'Great Firewall of China'
158 Robots are lords of the dance at South Korean festival
159 British iPhone 4 alarm glitch 'makes scores late for work'
160 Tokyo 'seizes Google user records' over video leak
161 Carnegie Mellon to develop autonomous capability for 'flying car'
162 Japan's Rakuten e-retailer books larger sales
163 Global warming reduces available wind energy
164 NEC develops organic radical battery for practical use
165 Amazon increases revenue split for papers, magazines
166 Web tool aims to prevent day-after Facebook regrets
167 Republican victory in US election dooms 'net neutrality'
168 MIT researchers test automatic parallel parking (w/ Video)
169 Data from savvy cabbies to help improve online mapping
170 Toshiba introduces high performance blade-type SSDs
171 UC Berkeley students help improve Wikipedia's credibility
172 Scientists identify one cause of damage in Alzheimer's disease, find a way to stop it
173 New method for simple fabrication of microperforated membranes
174 Fine-tuning photosynthesis
175 'Prima donna' protein doesn't work well in pairs
176 Turbo-packed RNA: Turbo reagent allows precise synthesis of tRNA nucleosides
177 UNC team discovers promising target for new pancreatic cancer treatments
178 Scientists advance the understanding of the big getting bigger
179 New photosensitive film converts light into kinetic energy, bends when irradiated
180 New propulsion system for micro-objects
181 Identity of Pompeii's mystery horse revealed
182 Cell membranes behave like cornstarch and water
183 Compounds from periwinkle plant could become more effective cancer drugs
184 Key Parkinson's clue could be protein aggregate
185 A sweet discovery raises hope for treating Ebola, Lassa, Marburg and other fast-acting viruses
186 Levels of coumarin in cassia cinnamon vary greatly even in bark from the same tree
187 Built-in timer for improving accuracy of cost saving paper-strip medical tests
188 Organic onions, carrots and potatoes do not have higher levels of healthful antioxidants
189 More than 1,000 tigers reduced to skin and bones in last decade
190 Mountain ranges may act as 'safe haven' for species facing climate change
191 Heavy metals and moose
192 Sniffer 'hero rats' saving lives in war zones
193 Engineered plants make potential precursor to raw material for plastics (w/ Video)
194 Harvard researchers identify new aspect of cell reprogramming
195 Were our tetrapod ancestors deaf?
196 Rare bat found in oil palm plantation's oasis
197 Leaf-cutter ants
198 Scientists turn skin into blood (w/ Video)
199 Scientists meet to ensure supply of Asia's staple, rice
200 New insect birth control strategy zaps cotton pests
201 Study: Tuna black market worth billions of dollars
202 Moved by religion: Mexican cavefish develop resistance to toxin
203 Key genes may contain insight into evolution of dinosaurs
204 Researchers reshape basic understanding of cell division
205 New NIH data show gains in COPD awareness
206 MicroRNA controls mammary gland development in mice
207 The connection between childhood, teenage abuse and diabetes in women
208 New report suggests why risk for sudden infant death syndrome is greater in babies of mothers who smoke
209 Alzheimer's presents unique cultural challenges for Chinese families
210 Improve memory with culture-sensitive cognitive training
211 Great genetic variation in pancreatic cancer, study shows
212 Breast cancer detection improved with image processing
213 Cognitive problems may appear in children with epilepsy
214 New test for ovarian cancer patients
215 Cancer experience worse for young adults in spite of better survival odds
216 Shock absorbent flooring to reduce injury through falls
217 Researchers to explore why there is a high risk of second stroke
218 Sex, drugs more common in hyper-texting teens
219 Using CT, radiologists can pinpoint cause of some strokes
220 Parents should talk about math early and often with their children (w/ Video)
221 Recommendation letters could cost women jobs, promotions
222 Study shows universities may be failing to sufficiently teach basic research skills
223 To retire or not to retire?
224 Urine for sale? South African city wants to buy
225 Researcher IDs Ice Age sloth bone in Colorado
226 World's oldest axe found in Australia
227 New statistical model moves human evolution back 3 million years
228 Why some voices sound more attractive
229 Specialization builds trust among web users
230 Sifting through the past
231 After nearly 100 years, 'Fauntleroy' manuscript complete again
232 Unions make both members and nonmembers happier
233 Gender has no place in the legal definition of parenthood, says family law expert
234 Despite recession, Hispanic and Asian buying power expected to surge in US
235 Ancient shrimp monster not so fierce after all