File Title
1 Bike-sharing project expected to begin next year
2 Biz Break: For Silicon Valley's tech economy, the Fed to the rescue?
3 After almost giving up on chess, Los Gatos teen brings home world championship
4 Omega-3 pills fail to work in Alzheimer's patients
5 Haiti to evacuate tent cities ahead of storm Tomas
6 BP bills Japan's Mitsui 1.9 billion dollars for Gulf spill
7 Voting From Space: American Astronauts Cast Ballots In Orbit
8 Kenya: 3 suspected poachers, 5 elephants killed
9 China quarantine bureau rejects U.S. corn cargo
10 BP warns of oil spill costs leaping to $40 bln
11 S. Korea to build 8.2 billion-dollar offshore wind farm
12 Fish Oil Won't Slow Alzheimer's, Study Finds
13 Robot's space debut 'giant leap for tinmankind'
14 On launch eve, NASA marks 10 yrs at space station
15 Exercise Makes the Common Cold Less Common
16 Olive Oil and Tree Nuts Seem to Improve Cholesterol Levels
17 Baby Dinosaur's Running Footprints Discovered Near Denver
18 Report: 10-year-old gives birth in southern Spain
19 Pandemic H1N1 Flu Hit Kids Hard in 2009
20 CDC: Haiti cholera matches South Asian strain
21 Brain docs raise concussion alarm for kids' sports
22 Study: Brain energy crisis may spark Parkinson's
23 Julianne Moore speaks out in favor of gay parents
24 Cell-destroying protein to boost cancer fight: scientists
25 World airlines call for improved cargo-screening
26 U.S. Supreme Court to decide Stanford University patent case
27 Researchers identify genetic elements influencing the risk of type 2 diabetes
28 S. Korea to build 8.2 billion-dollar offshore wind farm
29 Algae for biofuels: Moving from promise to reality, but how fast?
30 Physics experiment suggests existence of new particle
31 EPOXI comet mission may face multiple jets Nov. 4 (w/ Video)
32 Breakthrough: Scientists harness the power of electricity in the brain (w/ Video)
33 Aging process revealed by lactate in the brain
34 Collecting your thoughts: You can do it in your sleep!
35 Peptide being tested to treat atherosclerosis inhibits ovarian cancer growth
36 Researchers discover how brain is wired for attention
37 Radically simple technique developed to grow conducting polymer thin films
38 Cassini sees Saturn rings oscillate like mini-galaxy (w/ Video)
39 Google sues US government, says bid terms favor Microsoft
40 Astrophysicists discover new galaxy clusters revealed by cosmic 'shadows'
41 Robot's space debut 'giant leap for tinmankind'
42 Expanding croplands chipping away at world's carbon stocks
43 UV light nearly doubles vacuum's effectiveness in reducing carpet microbes
44 Study: Brain energy crisis may spark Parkinson's
45 Anger makes people want things more
46 Cancer drug linked to quantum dots increases drug uptake, reduces inflammation
47 If GMO genes escape, how will the hybrids do?
48 Microfluidics-imaging platform detects cancer growth signaling in minute biopsy samples
49 Blekko launches human-driven search engine
50 Pitt study finds NSAIDs cause stem cells to self-destruct, preventing colon cancer
51 Successful mothers get help from their friends: Dolphin study
52 Nobel Prize for Physics is 'wine from vines that took a decade to plant,' says Geim
53 Advance could change modern electronics: High-performance 'metal-insulator-metal' diode created
54 An engineered directional nanofilm mimics nature's curious feats
55 Scientists demonstrate more efficient way to connect nanoparticles for single-electron devices
56 Understanding how cells respond to nanoparticles
57 Organic solvent system may improve catalyst recycling and create new nanomedicine uses
58 Image-guided breast cancer therapy enabled by nanodrug
59 Nanoparticles deliver combination chemotherapy directly to prostate cancer cells
60 Small particles show big promise in beating unpleasant odors
61 Tracking tumor-targeting nanoparticles in the body
62 Silicon whiskers detect neural responses
63 Toward a better understanding of bilayer graphene
64 Water could hold answer to graphene nanoelectronics
65 Scientists develop method for detecting microRNA from living cells
66 Nano-size biological machinery for manipulating physiological function
67 Self-assembly and chains of rotating magnetic particles
68 Humidity changes color of birds' feathers, biologists discover
69 Marvelous light from conductor paths
70 Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram
71 Real crime scene investigation of blood splatter patterns imperfect
72 Physicists show that superfluid light is possible
73 Frozen secrets of the 'Ice Cube'
74 'Si' on the new SI: NIST backs proposal for a revamped system of measurement units
75 Scientist predicts AMS discoveries will surprise
76 Six new isotopes of the superheavy elements discovered
77 Current loss tracked down by magnetic fingerprint
78 Optical surface states in magnetophotonic crystals
79 New VECSEL could mean a step forward for spectroscopy
80 Best yet test of Lorentz invariance
81 Study describes a tabletop source of bright, coherent X-rays
82 The physics of how wet animals dry themselves (w/ Video)
83 Making better biosensors with electron density waves
84 Isotope near 'doubly magic' tin-100 flouts conventional wisdom
85 Astronauts cast early ballots from space station
86 Every person emits 2 tons of CO2 a year through eating
87 Syr Darya River Floodplain captured
88 Image: Face-Off
89 Groundwater threat to rivers worse than suspected
90 Indonesian volcano forces flight cancellations
91 Scientists find that evergreen agriculture boosts crop yields
92 Major surgery complete for Deep Space Network antenna
93 Tiny marine creatures could help diagnose the health of Puget Sound
94 New way of removing excess nitrogen from the environment
95 Some city trees may discourage 'shady' behavior
96 Indonesia volcano shoots new blast; 21 more rumble
97 China boasts world's fastest supercomputer
98 The deep sea, from a robot's perspective
99 Saving energy with power grid of the future
100 In a Stockholm hotel, mobile phones replace room keys
101 Nissan sells out electric Leaf before it hits US showrooms
102 After bitter row, Google launches Street View in Germany
103 Dell loses another Taiwan consumer lawsuit
104 Autonomous vehicle to demonstrate portable battery charging for dismounted soldiers
105 Court hears India's 'biggest corporate fraud' case
106 Guitar tab companies trying to strike chord online
107 Eco-friendly fridge clearly has drawback
108 D.C. hacking raises questions about future of online voting
109 India predicts 40% leap in demand for fossil fuels
110 Israeli scientists develop nano explosive sniffer
111 X-ray crystallography reveals structure of precursor to blood-clotting protein
112 One step closer to green catalysis
113 Searching for purpose in proteins
114 New cotton fabric stays waterproof through 250 washes
115 Bismuth for bone cement: Water-soluble cluster key to the formation of hybrid material
116 NC State develops more precise genetic 'off switches'
117 Tobacco and its evil cousin, nicotine? They're good--as a pesticide
118 Odorant sensor fabricated from living cells
119 Regulating Earth's climate with micro-organisms
120 Study shows how ancient plants and soil fungi turned the Earth green
121 Grasses have potential as alternate ethanol crop, study finds
122 Males more considerate than imagined
123 VIMS scientists help solve mystery of 'alien pod'
124 Slight change in wind turbine speed significantly reduces bat mortality
125 Scientists find explanation for global advance of shrimp virus
126 Generational research on drosophila sheds light on genetic mechanism of evolution
127 Fence goes up to keep Asian carp out of Chicago canal
128 King crab distributions limited by temperature in the Southern Ocean
129 Mount St. Helens rises from the Ashes
130 Antibiotics have long-term impacts on gut flora
131 Very large protected areas preserve wilderness but ignore rare species
132 MRI contrast agents change stem cell proliferation
133 Report: 10-year-old gives birth in southern Spain
134 Antibody locks up West Nile's infection mechanism
135 Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults
136 Global map of the sickle cell gene supports 'malaria hypothesis'
137 Gastric bypass alters sweet taste function
138 Strengthening routine flu vaccination and health programs may improve pandemic vaccinations
139 Math researcher illuminates cellular basis of neural impulse transmission
140 U-M's concept of value-based insurance design featured in major health policy journal
141 New study tracks factors leading to physical decline in older adults
142 Macrophage protein has major role in inflammation
143 Exposure of humans to cosmetic UV filters is widespread
144 International summit held to stimulate collaborative clinical research on antiphospholipid syndrome
145 Parents are the biggest influence on children's attitude towards alcohol, study finds
146 Urine test developed to detect heart disease
147 Pain is common in the last two years of life, study finds
148 Language intervention provides educational benefits for preschool children
149 Sharing a lousy temper with the team helps mental task performance
150 Poor children twice as likely to begin school with behavior problems
151 At great expense, railroad bypassed first black-founded town in the US
152 Researchers discover baby sauropod tracks
153 Student researches how texting culture has evolved
154 First great predator not much of one at all
155 Population ignorance in Australia, survey shows
156 Straight young men kiss homophobia goodbye
157 Scientist describes toothy microfossils