File Title
1 Lunar 'Permafrost': Evidence for Widespread Water Ice on the Moon
2 Younger Brains Are Easier to Rewire--Brain Regions Can Switch Functions
3 Light on Silicon Better Than Copper?
4 NASA-Engineered Collision Spills New Moon Secrets
5 Malarial Mosquitoes Are Evolving Into New Species, Say Researchers
6 Energy Revolution Key to Complex Life: Depends on Mitochondria, Cells' Tiny Power Stations
7 Space Weather Mystery Solved: Link Found Between Electrons Trapped in Space and Upper Atmosphere's Diffuse Aurora
8 Microbes May Consume Far More Oil-Spill Waste Than Earlier Thought
9 Star, Not So Bright: Model Explains Evolution of Unusual Black Hole Binary System
10 Worst Coral Death Strikes at Southeast Asia
11 Estrogen Replacement Therapy Speeds Ovarian Cancer Growth, New Study Reports
12 From Bees to Coral Reefs: Mutualisms Might Be More Important to Global Ecosystem Than Previously Thought
13 Spotting Suspicious Moles
14 Forensic Metal Fingerprinting: Simple, Handheld Device Which Can Measure Corrosion on Machine Parts
15 Obsessing Over Strep Throat in Kids: Research Links Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to Common Childhood Illness
16 How Sex Hormones Influence Right Heart Function
17 Cataract Surgery Saves Lives, Dollars by Reducing Auto Crashes, Research Finds
18 Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shrinks Enlarged Prostates in Hamster Model
19 Promising New 'Antigene' Therapy Uses Light Energy to Silence Gene Activity
20 Proton Mechanism Used by Flu Virus to Infect Cells Discovered
21 Teaching Kids to Work Through Trauma
22 Twelve New Epilepsy Drugs Usher in 'Era of Abundance'
23 Low Testosterone Linked to Heightened Risk of Early Death
24 Neurogenetics Research Sheds Light on the Causes of Neurological Disease
25 Dopamine Model Could Play Role in Treating Schizophrenia and Drug Addiction
26 Future Offenses Cause More Intense Feelings Than Past Actions, Study Finds
27 New Mothers Grow Bigger Brains Within Months of Giving Birth: Warmer Feelings Toward Babies Linked to Bigger Mid-Brains
28 Would You Sleep on a Chunk of Ice? Building Your 'Experience Resume'
29 'Drivel' on Facebook More Valuable Than We Think
30 Does Clenching Your Muscles Increase Willpower?
31 Key Difference in How TB Bacteria Degrade Doomed Proteins
32 Scientists Promote Soy by Currying Favor With Indian Taste Buds
33 Poor Start in Life Need Not Spell Doom in Adulthood
34 Molecular Structure of Major Cell Signaling Pathway Detailed
35 Too Many Sisters Affect Male Sexuality
36 Old Logging Practices Linked to High Erosion Rates
37 Sea Levels Rising Around South Atlantic's Falkland Islands, 19th-Century Benchmarks Reveal
38 Philippines May Have More Unique Bird Species Than Thought, Biologist Says
39 Climate Change Tipping Points for Populations, Not Just Species: Survival, Reproduction of Thousands of Arctic and Alpine Plants Measured
40 Disease in Rural China Linked to Polluted Coal
41 Why the Leopard Got Its Spots
42 Rotten Experiments Help to Create Picture of Our Early Ancestors
43 Genomic Comparison of Ocean Microbes Reveals East-West Divide in Populations
44 Mutation Over 100 Million Years Ago Led Flowers to Make Male and Female Parts Differently
45 Ammonites at Ancient Methane Seeps: New Light Shed on Mollusks That Went Extinct 65 Million Years Ago
46 Most Distant Galaxy Ever Measured: Faint Glow from When the Universe Was Only 600 Million Years Old
47 The (Long) Weekend Warrior: Nine Moons, 62 Hours
48 One-Way Martian Colonization Missions: Proposal Would Cut Costs Dramatically, Ensure Long-Term Commitment
49 Astronomers Find Weird, Warm Spot on an Exoplanet
50 The Many Infrared 'Personalities' of the Sculptor Galaxy
51 Taking a Closer Look at Plaque
52 World's Smallest on-Chip Low-Pass Filter Developed
53 Real-Time Imaging of Stroke Models
54 The Coldest Chemistry
55 Direct Laser Cooling of Molecules
56 Using PEAT to Capture, Share and Analyze Protein Experimental Data
57 New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cell Materials
58 New Search Method Tracks Down Influential Ideas: Computer Scientists Have Developed a New Way of Tracing the Origins and Spread of Ideas
59 Researchers Analyze Student Grief Online After Campus Shootings
60 McSleepy Meets DaVinci: Doctors Conduct First-Ever All-Robotic Surgery and Anesthesia
61 California Apollo Program promotes cleantech jobs
62 Cholera outbreak hits rural Haiti--142 dead
63 US launches renewable energy initiative
64 Biogen reports more brain infections in MS patients
65 Want to Take a Spaceflight? Commercial Space Pioneers Say It Takes Risk, Patience
66 No breakthroughs as US, China climate envoys meet
67 Tigers could be extinct within 12 years: WWF
68 Sea ice melting as Arctic temperature rises
69 U.S. Must Be Ready to Meet Asteroid Threat, White House Science Adviser Says
70 Gazprom may take part in TAPI gas pipeline
71 Thousands of baby spiders released in countryside
72 Doomsday Midwest Quake Predictions Overblown, Scientists Say
73 Last year's moonshot splashed up lots of water
74 US envoy: Climate deal still possible in Mexico
75 Gulf corals in oil spill zone appear healthy
76 Ticket sales brisk at revamped Colosseum
77 1 in 3 Americans Will Have Diabetes by 2050, CDC Says
78 AIDS: A 'Winnable' Public Health Battle?
79 Low-dose aspirin lowers colon cancer risk: UK study
80 Experts call for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's in Asia
81 1 in 10 Child Athletes Injured, Experts Say
82 Horror disease hits Uganda
83 The Wet Dog Shake: Scientists Uncover Secret
84 Water on the Moon: a Billion Gallons
85 Most Expensive Domain Name?
86 DNA Spray Links Criminals to the Place They Robbed
87 Smell-O-Vision: Have Japanese Found Sweet Smell of Success?
88 Affordable Waterproof Cameras Make Waves
89 Grocery Store Rep. Confronts Tweeting Customer
90 Mediums Collide at YouTube's Guggenheim Exhibit
91 Japan Plans to Mine Rare Earth Metals in Vietnam
92 Marathon Man: How Not to Hit the Wall
93 No Worries of Major Quake in Midwest: Scientist
94 Warmer Arctic Probably Permanent, Scientists Say
95 Moon Crash Kicks up Ice, Silver, Mercury: NASA
96 Airborne Laser Fails 2nd Shootdown Test in Row
97 Plants Clean Air Pollution Better Than Expected
98 New Method Yields More Rice With Less Water: Oxfam
99 Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Gay Soldiers Say Military Changes Are Easy
100 Disturbing Diabetes Forecast Linked to Obesity
101 Alzheimer's Advances: Promising But Slow-Going
102 Doctors: Alcohol-Caffeine Drinks Pose Health Risk to College-Age Fans
103 Shackled: Women Behind Bars Deliver in Chains
104 Drunkorexia: Alcohol Mixes With Eating Disorders
105 Blood Doping Now a Problem in Cancer Trials
106 Oral Sex Linked to Rise in Men's Throat Cancer
107 The 125 Best Packaged Foods for Men
108 Teen Mothers Most Prevalent in the South
109 Pregnant Moms Still Drinking? 40,000 Babies Per Year With FASD