File Title
1 5-mile tunnel to carry water beneath S.F. Bay
2 Safety group to consider endorsing a total ban on cell phone use while driving
3 Stanford's 'geek president' Hennessy enters 10th year with high-tech global vision
4 Worm hits computers of staff at Iran nuclear plant
5 5 infected with deadly pneumonic plague in Tibet
6 Stem cell treatment for heart attack promising: study
7 Gemini-Titan Rocket Rises Again at Kennedy Space Center
8 Climate activists close down world's largest coal port
9 Longest dinosaur thigh bone in Europe found in Spain
10 Breton wrestlers win live ram legal tussle
11 DNA barcode library to launch in Toronto
12 Air Force Launches Satellite to Track Space Junk Around Earth
13 Activists end protest on Chevron oil ship in North Sea
14 BP fund czar promises bigger, faster claims
15 Sperm Donor Anonymity Sparks Controversy Among Offspring
16 Air Force launches surveillance satellite from Ca.
17 Ski-helmet law for kids dies with veto
18 Grape-eating moth spotted near Gilroy; emergency ordered in Santa Clara County
19 Smith verdicts will resonate for doctors, patients
20 Travel group gains support for airline fee rule
21 No Risk From Delayed Appendectomy
22 What Happens To Health Law If GOP Wins Congress?
23 How Health Overhaul Is Like The Panama Canal
24 Diabetes risk may fall as magnesium intake climbs
25 U.S. Kids Drink Too Little Water: Study
26 Early Detection Helps Man Beat Colon Cancer
27 ER Visits for Kids' Ice Hockey Injuries Soar
28 EU finds no narcolepsy link to flu vaccine
29 $93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?
30 Doctors banned from smoking in Philippines
31 Dust Models Paint Alien's View of the Solar System
32 Newly Created Material Resembles Cilia
33 Taking a New Look at Old Digs: Trampling Animals May Alter Stone Age Sites
34 Cassini Makes First Dive Inside Saturn's Radio Aurora
35 Ancient Egypt's Pyramids: Norwegian Researcher Unlocks Construction Secrets
36 Mimicking Nature, Water-Based 'Artificial Leaf' Produces Electricity
37 'Coreshine' Sheds Light on the Birth of Stars: Astronomers Discover a New Phenomenon in Molecular Clouds
38 Pair of Aluminum Atomic Clocks Reveal Einstein's Relativity at a Personal Scale
39 Acute Pain Is Eased With the Touch of a Hand, Study Shows
40 Insight Into the Impacts of Too Much Communication
41 Key Molecule for Keeping Other Oral Microorganisms in Check Uncovered
42 Withering Well Can Improve Fertility
43 Sensor and Insulin Pump Results in Better Blood-Sugar Control in All Age Groups With Diabetes, Study Finds
44 Training the Trainers: How to Minimize Stress When Horses Are First Ridden
45 Increasing Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages Reduces Disease, Injury, Crime and Death Rates, Study Finds
46 Kids and Diabetes Risk: Do Chromosomes Hold New Clues?
47 Use of Sunless Tanning Products--Common in Teens--May Encourage Sun Safety in Women
48 Cell Division Typically Associated With Cancer May Also Protect the Liver from Injury
49 Postoperative High Blood Sugar Appears to Be Associated With Surgical Site Infection
50 Moving Closer to Outdoor Recreation Not a Recipe for Being More Physically Active
51 People Are Cautious in Asking Help from Their Community, Online Gift Exchange Study Finds
52 Preserving Nerve Cells in Motor Neuron Disease
53 Abortion Does Not Cause Depression or Low Self-Esteem in Adolescents, National U.S. Study Finds
54 New Findings on Multiple Sclerosis: Immune Cells Also Attack Neurons Directly
55 Psychological Pain of Holocaust Still Haunts Survivors
56 Teasing About Weight Can Affect Pre-Teens Profoundly, Study Suggests
57 Improved Tool Developed for Cycling Fitness
58 Putting on the Pounds After Weight Loss? Hit the Gym to Maintain Health Gains
59 Building Language Skills More Critical for Boys Than Girls, Research Suggests
60 New Luggage Inspection Methods Identify Liquid Explosives
61 How Do You Make the Perfect Sled Dog?
62 Botulinum Toxin May Offer Temporary Drooling Relief in Children With Neurological Disorders
63 Stress Can Control Our Genes, Researchers Find
64 Microbiologists Find Source of Fungus's Damaging Growth
65 Drug Against AIDS Could Be Effective Against Herpesvirus
66 Making Bees Less Busy: Social Environment Changes Internal Clocks
67 Irish Lizards Threatened by Agriculture
68 Taking the Pulse of Coral Reefs
69 New Map Offers a Global View of Health-Sapping Air Pollution
70 Arctic Soil Study Turns Up Surprising Results
71 City Living Helped Humans Evolve Immunity to Tuberculosis and Leprosy, New Research Suggests
72 Amazing Horned Dinosaurs Unearthed on 'Lost Continent'; New Discoveries Include Bizarre Beast With 15 Horns
73 Neanderthals More Advanced Than Previously Thought: They Innovated, Adapted Like Modern Humans, Research Shows
74 Child Rearing Practices of Distant Ancestors Foster Morality, Compassion in Kids
75 Learning to Live on Land: How Some Early Plants Overcame an Evolutionary Hurdle
76 Mercury's Comet-Like Appearance Spotted by Satellites Looking at the Sun
77 Earth and Venus Lightning: Similar Mechanisms on the Two Planets
78 Breaking Waves in the Lagoon Nebula
79 Universal, Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered in Deep Space
80 Martian Methane Lasts Less Than a Year
81 New 'Light Switch' Chloride Binder Developed
82 Sensor Important to Understanding Root, Seedling Development
83 A Biological Solution to Animal Pandemics
84 Biometric ID Technologies 'Inherently Fallible,' New Report Finds
85 How Heating Our Homes Could Help Reduce Climate Change
86 Video Gaming Prepares Brain for Bigger Tasks
87 Robotic Arm's Big Flaw: Patients in Wheelchairs Say It's 'Too Easy'
88 Computer Simulations of Real Earthquakes Made Available to Worldwide Network
89 Smartphone App for Genes on Earth Is Tool for Scientists and Entertaining for All
90 Progress Toward Terabit-Rate High-Density Recording
91 Reaction to "Gathering Storm" U.S. science education report
92 The Everglades are getting (somewhat) healthier
93 Sunflowers started 50 million years ago
94 Lost Frogs Found
95 Old ways best in childrearing--think Neolithic.
96 Volcanoes wiped out the Neanderthals?
97 Gas From Raw Sewage to Power Rockets
98 Computer Attacks Linked to Wealthy Group or Nation
99 Racist Messages Pose Quandary for Mainstream Sites
100 Researchers seek to find true level of cyberstalking
101 City life 'boosts bug resistance'
102 Alert issued on danger supplement
103 Touching own injury 'cuts pain'
104 Viagra won't work for you, low testosterone men warned
105 Stuxnet Worm a U.S. Cyber-Attack on Iran Nukes?
106 Tea Party: Republicans as Much to Blame as Dems
107 Itsy Bitsy Spider's Web 10 Times Stronger Than Kevlar
108 Bedbug Anxieties Force Exterminators to Play Psychologist
109 Meteorologist Aims to Predict Any Way the Wind Blows
110 Past Ocean Cold Snap More Dramatic Than Thought
111 City Life Fosters Disease Resistance, Study Suggests
112 U.S. Failure to Innovate Fuels Gathering Economic Storm
113 Is Religion Good for Your Health?
114 The Higher You Are, the Faster You Age
115 Gulf Oil Spill 10 Times Size of Exxon Valdez, Study Confirms
116 Oh $#*!, I'm 3! Kids Learning to Swear Earlier
117 Faster Food: Genetically Altered Salmon May Speed to Market
118 Malaria in Humans Traced to One Infected Gorilla
119 To Keep off 'Freshman 15,' Room With a Jelly-Belly
120 Really Horny Dinosaur Heralded from Lost Continent
121 Confused Monkeys Clarify How the Brain Sees Things
122 Rhino Poaching Soars Along With Demand for Horns
123 Degraded Oil From BP Spill Coats Gulf Seafloor
124 Profound and Peculiar Changes Caused by the Recession
125 Kids Who Own Dogs Are More Active
126 Alternative to X-Rays Makes Its First Step
127 Parting of Red Sea Jibes With Natural Laws
128 Devil in Details? Christine O'Donnell Dabbled in Witchcraft
129 Warming in Deep Southern Ocean Linked to Sea-Level Rise
130 Obese Teens Prefer Gastric Bands over Gastric Bypass
131 Exclusive: Boeing Launches Search for Crucial Rare Earth Elements
132 Hard-Hitting Sports Hold Dangers for Teen Athletes