File Title
1 Officials refuse to clear levees of foliage
2 Christian schools lose appeal bid in UC case
3 Felton Bigfoot Discovery Museum hosts day dedicated to Bigfoot research, local eyewitness accounts
4 Despite socioeconomic status Latinos are rich in health, according to new study
5 Verizon to join AT&T in selling Apple's iPad
6 FDA may limit anemia drug use for kidney disease
7 OPEC maintains oil output quota
8 Wis. governor candidate avoids stem cell questions
9 Robot 'Transformers' Invade Space Shuttle Launch Site For Sci-Fi Film
10 AP Enterprise: BP stations consider other brands
11 Time to find a second Earth, WWF says
12 States rip apart EU bid to fix GM crops mess
13 Astronomer Stands By Discovery of Alien Planet Gliese 581g Amid Doubts
14 Sanctions an 'opportunity' for local companies: Iran
15 Greenpeace flagship 'denied entry to Indonesia'
16 Primates Play with Strangers to Battle Xenophobia
17 Google helps finance 'superhighway' for wind power
18 Tsunamis Send Mysterious Waves into Earth's Atmosphere, Too
19 Herbal Weight-Loss Supplements Loaded with Illicit Drugs
20 Walking may keep brain from shrinking in old age
21 NTSB report cites power glitch in Milpitas before San Bruno blast
22 New scanner aims to make liquids on planes safer
23 'Western' diseases spread to developing world: experts
24 MRI Might Screen for Autism
25 Virus that causes genital warts linked to oral cancer: study
26 Experimental drugs may tackle uterine cancer: study
27 Crime group charged in $100 million Medicare fraud
28 Harry Potter plagiarism case may come to UK trial
29 Race, Medicaid Status Linked to Rapid Hospital Readmission
30 School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line
31 South Africa to test all HIV patients for TB
32 WHO: 1 billion suffer from hidden tropical disease
33 Herbal Weight-Loss Supplements Loaded with Illicit Drugs
34 Many obese people see no need to lose weight
35 Pepper supplement may not work for weight loss
36 Alzheimer's Unlocked
37 UK's NICE to reassess Glaxo's Tyverb cancer drug
38 Chile Miners: NASA to the Rescue
39 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online
40 Apple Shares Top $300 a Share for First Time
41 YouTube Orchestra: Online Auditions Open Today
42 Gamer Drives Girlfriend Off Road Over PlayStation
43 Verizon to Join AT&T in Selling Apple's iPad
44 Internet Radio Service Pandora to Offer Gift Cards
45 UK Police Force Publishes All Incidents to Twitter
46 Bill Gates Dedicates United Way Learning Center
47 Report: AOL, Buyout Firms Mulling Bid for Yahoo
48 Swiss Build World's Longest Tunnel
49 iPad Impact: Tablets Contribute to PC Market Pain
50 New Scanner Aims to Make Liquids on Planes Safer
51 Walking May Keep Brain From Shrinking in Old Age
52 Humpback Whale Sets Travel Record: Researchers
53 Officer Kills Wife, Then Self in Grief Over Son's Suicide
54 Rescued Miners May Be Trapped by Psychological Issues
55 Suicide Pact Gone Wrong: Nebraska Woman Charged
56 Tourists Trek to Mexico for 'Death in a Bottle'
57 HBO Film Inflames Dr. Death's Critics
58 Daughter Hails Montana's Right-to-Die Ruling
59 May the Best Calorie Lose
60 The 125 Best Packaged Foods for Women
61 Supreme Court Case Could Make Vaccine Makers More Liable
62 Down Syndrome Adults, Living Longer, Marry
63 Report: Nutrition Labels Need to Be Standardized
64 Woman With Gigantism May Find New Hope
65 Vivitrol Monthly Shot Approved for Opioid Dependence
66 Chile Miners' Health Concerns Won't End With Rescue
67 In US, Hispanics Outlive Whites, Blacks by Years
68 Will David Arquette's Overshare and New Woman Help or Hurt Him?
69 Miner Yonni Barrios Emerges from Shaft, Greeted by His Mistress
70 Obama Streaker Juan Rodriguez Gets Only Some of $1 Million Prize
71 Hubble captures suspected asteroid crash
72 Bad jobs affect mental health
73 Survey to dive deep into Australian waters
74 Rinderpest virus has been wiped out, scientists say
75 Climate panel agrees 'milestone' reforms, defers others
76 Salmon 'losing distinct genetic characteristics'
77 Background noise affects taste of foods, research shows
78 Campaign builds to construct Babbage Analytical Engine
79 Asteroid collision makes quite a picture
80 Key component contract for ITER fusion reactor
81 WWI ships to chart past climate
82 Deep void yields new fish species
83 Vet's dog theory over ancient Uffington White Horse
84 Anthrax outbreak hits Bangladesh leather and meat sectors
85 Elusive Scottish wildcats filmed
86 William Gibson says the future is right here, right now
87 Call to define rules of cyber war
88 Microsoft's Bing deepens ties with Facebook
89 Video calls: Cool at last?
90 Tech Brief: Paris goes virtual, et al.
91 What's an egg race got to do with inventing?
92 Murder map plots history of homicide in London
93 Marrakesh with children
94 Walking 'could ward off dementia and mental decline'
95 Prostate cancer urine test nears
96 Love can ease pain, say brain researchers
97 'Cutting NHS targets could save epilepsy lives'
98 Call to abolish NHS 'lifetime bonuses' for consultants
99 Apple's New Tease: 'Back to the Mac'
100 U.K. Police Force Posts all Incidents on Twitter
101 Swiss Close in on Finishing World's Longest Tunnel
102 UFO over Manhattan Caught on Tape
103 Verizon to Sell iPads--Is the iPhone Coming Soon?
104 Scanner Tested to Make More Liquids Plane-Safe
105 AOL-Yahoo: Does it Make Sense This Time Around?
106 Decaying Fish Offer Clues to Early Evolution
107 Social Search: Are Users Ready?
108 Apple Shares Top $300 for First Time
109 Mind Blowingly Massive Star Cluster Discovered
110 Report of Earth-like Planet Raising New Doubts
111 Freaking Out About Your Body? Relax!
112 John Elway Gave $15M to Alleged Ponzi Schemer
113 Alleged Xmas Bomber Represents Himself in Court
114 Miners Embrace Freedom, but Obstacles Remain
115 Don't Ask Ruling May Not Close Book on Issue
116 Jillian Michaels a Fraud? Critic Calls Her an Actress Not a Trainer
117 Lana Lawless: Should Transgender Golfer Be Permitted to Play?
118 Hoda Kotb, Cancer, Kathie Lee: She's a Survivor
119 Oklahoma Earthquake One of State's Strongest: How to Stay Safe (PICTURES)
120 Societies evolve in steps
121 The renegade gene test
122 To be the best, cite the best
123 Counting collaboration
124 Dearth of research vessels hampers oil-spill science