File Title
1 Breast density linked to increased risk of subsequent breast cancer
2 Too much of a good thing: Human activities overload ecosystems with nitrogen
3 Scientists reveal first structure of a class of proteins that help guide blood cell movement
4 Study details structure of potential target for HIV and cancer drugs
5 Female fish flaunt fins to attract a mate
6 Deceitful lily fools flies
7 Men perspire, women glow
8 Colorado researcher discovers mechanism for changing adult cells into stem-like cells
9 Cell survival protein discovery rewrites immune system story
10 Crop failures set to increase under climate change
11 Turtle, Dugongs 'at Risk Under Climate Change'
12 Stem cells repair damaged spinal cord tissue
13 HSAN 1: Identification of new mutations, more accurate diagnosis and improved genetic counseling
14 Children's agitation after surgery may be preventable
15 Risks in multiple pregnancies
16 Studying Illnesses Caused by Worms
17 Plants kick-start evolutionary drama of Earth's oxygenation
18 Texas Tech researcher: Bee colony collapse associated with viral, fungal infection
19 Clue to unusual drug-resistant breast cancers found
20 Progress toward first commercial repellent for East Coast's stinker
21 New targeted therapy adds benefit to erlotinib in some patients with advanced lung cancer
22 Erlotinib improves progression-free survival as first-line therapy in advanced lung cancer
23 Identifying subsets of patients who will respond to subsequent lines of chemotherapy
24 Study reveals cancer-linked epigenetic effects of smoking
25 Investigational ovarian cancer drug shows promise against platinum resistant disease
26 Half-time gamblers give stock market insight
27 International Menopause Society calls upon medical community to improve the vaginal health of postmenopausal women
28 Childhood vaccines yes, but not at a cost
29 Venus Express finds planetary atmospheres such a drag
30 New computer switches handle heat that renders transistors useless
31 NIH funds advanced development of 3 biodefense vaccines
32 New deep-sea hot springs discovered in the Atlantic
33 An X-Ray for Your Genes
34 Oxidation mechanisms at gold nanoclusters unraveled
35 Mars: how low can you go?
36 Louisiana Tech researchers earn national attention for energy harvesting device
37 Targeted therapy promising for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer
38 Webb Telescope sunshield passes launch depressurization tests to verify flight design
39 Researchers discover a new class of highly electronegative chemical species
40 Popular prostate cancer treatment associated with bone decay
41 Frequent inaccuracies in testosterone testing lead to call for standardization
42 Obese workers cost workplace more than insurance, absenteeism
43 New report: How will the Affordable Care Act affect 15 million uninsured young adults?
44 Shift work and cancer
45 Front-of-package symbols and systems: IOM phase 1 report
46 UM study: Institutions measure blood stream infection rates differently
47 Clinical trials demonstrate effective weight loss strategies for obese and overweight adults
48 Prepared meals and incentivized weight-loss program for obese and overweight women
49 Surgical technique relieves painful spine fractures in patients with metastatic cancer
50 Georgia Tech Information Security Center releases cyber threats forecast for 2011
51 Life-saving in the bacterial world: How Campylobacter rely on Pseudomonas to infect humans
52 Report examines effects of noise and recommends ways to reduce levels
53 Transgenic corn suppresses European corn borer, saves farmers billions
54 Cheek Swab May Detect Lung Cancer
55 New study shows benefits of Bt corn to farmers
56 Stem cells shape up to their surroundings
57 Structure Of Plastic Solar Cells Impedes Their Efficiency, Researchers Find
58 Brown University chemists simplify biodiesel conversion
59 NASA satellites see Otto become a tropical storm
60 Saturn's Icy Moon May Keep Oceans Liquid with Wobble
61 Can you analyze me now? Cell phones bring spectroscopy to the classroom
62 Technique Allows Researchers to Examine How Materials Bond at the Atomic Level
63 Brain changes found in football players thought to be concussion-free
64 Modeling Pakistan's flooding
65 NASA's Mobile Mars Laboratory almost ready for flight
66 Russian manned spacecraft docks with ISS: official
67 Cassini Catches Saturn Moons In Paintball Fight
68 NASA Partnership Sends Earth Science Data To Africa
69 DLR Launches 'STERN' Rocket Programme For Students
70 UD Researcher On Project Team For NASA First Visit To The Sun
71 Europe's Second ATV Is Prepared For Its 2011 Launch
72 Hubble Uncovers An Overheated Early Universe
73 'A-Train' Satellites Search For 770 Million Tons Of Dust In The Air
74 NSF Grant Will Upgrade And Expand NJIT Radio Telescope Array
75 New technologies confuse reality and fiction: Pope
76 Russia successfully test fires long-range missile: ministry
77 EU's Galileo satnav system over budget, late: report
78 Living Fossils Debunk Star-Formation Route
79 VISTA Reveals Secret Of Unicorn
80 Venus Express Finds Planet's Atmosphere a Drag
81 NASA official: Moon still matters
82 China Scouts Moon Landing Sites
83 Magnetic Anomalies Shield The Moon
84 Opportunity For Close-Up View Of Meteorite Oilean Ruaidh
85 Lockheed Martin-Built Spacecraft Will Be Next Orbiter At Mars
86 US to go back to Mars in probe of 'lost atmosphere' mystery
87 Lunar Probe And Space Exploration Is China's Duty To Mankind
88 Canadian drives into a marsh using GPS
89 European satellite 'blinded' by radio interference
90 Japan seeks solutions for rare earth curb
91 Hungary Toxic Sludge Disaster and 4 More Environmental Catastrophes
92 Madrid's Cute Little Panda Cubs Make Debut
93 Australia's River Restoration Conundrum Highlights Global Water Problem
94 Scientists Spot Tsunamis in Saturn's Rings
95 Astronomers Worldwide Forge New Rules for ET Engagement
96 Is Hungary Downplaying Toxic Sludge Impact?
97 Drill Breaks Through to Trapped Chilean Miners
98 Archaeologists Find Mini-Pompeii Buried in Norway
99 Group Throws Global Party Against Climate Change
100 Man Discovers Halloween Decoration Is Real Skeleton
101 Wisconsin Senate Candidates Clash on Health Care Reform
102 Ohio School Under Scrutiny After Spate of Suicides
103 More Toxic Sludge on the Way if Reservoir Collapses
104 Can the U.S. Afford to Invest in Infrastructure?
105 Kidnapped Aid Worker Killed in Rescue Attempt