File Title
1 China's second lunar probe enters moon orbit: media
2 People apply principles inconsistently, study finds
3 Using cancer's weapons against it
4 How niacin fights high cholesterol: New research gets to the heart of the problem
5 Titan's haze could hold ingredients for life
6 NASA mission to asteroid gets help from Hubble Space Telescope (w/ Video)
7 Clue to unusual drug-resistant breast cancers found
8 Neurons cast votes to guide decision-making
9 Using complex systems approach to study educational policy
10 Measurements of CO2 and CO in China's air indicate sharply improved combustion efficiency
11 Hepatitis C virus damages brain cells
12 Experts say direct-to-consumer genetic tests need innovative oversight
13 How energy-efficient is cloud computing?
14 Backyard astronomer in Ireland finds supernova
15 Hubble astronomers discover early universe was overheated
16 Study sheds new light on how the Sun affects the Earth's climate
17 New fossil suggests dinosaurs not so fierce after all
18 Researchers discover new class of objects encoded within the genome
19 Rowheel wheelchair is pulled to move forward
20 Claim: White flower has world's longest genome
21 SkyLifter airship may one day carry buildings (w/ Video)
22 PC BIOS soon to be replaced by UEFI
23 Hemp produces viable biodiesel, study finds
24 Could solar wind power Earth?
25 Jaguar's new electric concept supercar--the C-X75
26 Oxidation mechanisms at gold nanoclusters unraveled
27 'Express lanes' for ions: By aligning carbon nanotubes in electrodes, researchers boost performance
28 Single-crystal films could advance solar cells (w/ Video)
29 Structure of plastic solar cells impedes their efficiency, researchers find
30 Molecules are motifs in nanosymphony
31 Building a smaller, lighter future: Understanding polymer behaviors below one nanometer
32 The effects of hydrogen on growing carbon nanotubes
33 New approaches needed to gauge safety of nanotech-based pesticides
34 DNA art imitates life: Construction of a nanoscale Mobius strip
35 Bio meets nano: Quantum dots as light antennas for artificial photosynthetic systems
36 Plastics and nanoparticles are the perfect combination
37 Multi-component nano-structures with tunable optical properties
38 Rapidly rotating graphene is fastest-spinning macroscopic object ever
39 In Brief: 'Multiple exciton collection' could result in more efficient solar cells
40 Nanospheres made of aromatic amino acids: The most rigid organic nanostructures to date
41 Fighting cancers by tagging their triggers
42 Growing nanowires horizontally yields new benefit: 'nano-LEDs'
43 Tiny generators turn waste heat into power
44 LCLS helps create order from chaos
45 First successful integrated experiment at National Ignition Facility announced
46 Half-time gamblers give stock market insight
47 Wonder carbon pioneers win Nobel Physics Prize (Update 4)
48 Quantum computing research edges toward practicality in UCSB physics lab
49 A tracking device that fits on the head of a pin
50 A hot new look at working fuel cells
51 For future chips, smaller must also be better
52 SuperB project moves forward, preparing for construction
53 XPP instrument blasts past key milestones
54 When old is new again: Hall effect associated with electrons also occurs in non-charged particles
55 Researchers discover potential of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
56 German, Canadian scientists to open quantum physics center
57 Scientists isolate, hold, photograph individual Rubidium 85 atom
58 Time likely to end within 5 billion years, physicists calculate
59 Predictions of upcoming winners for Nobel Prize in physics
60 Scientists move objects across meter-scale distances using only light (w/ Video)
61 Physicists break color barrier for sending, receiving photons
62 Little progress seen in climate talks in China
63 Discovery of an extrasolar earth-sized planet
64 Hungary's red sludge nearly equals Gulf oil spill
65 Toxicity of Hungary's red sludge flow drops
66 NASA's Mobile Mars Laboratory almost ready for flight
67 Webb Telescope sunshield passes launch depressurization tests to verify flight design
68 Climate change remains a real threat to corals
69 ISS mission delayed after damage to Soyuz craft: director
70 NASA thruster test aids future robotic lander's ability to land safely
71 'The Year of the Solar System' to begin
72 Count down for ESA's MagISStra mission to Space Station begins
73 Modeling Pakistan's flooding
74 Just how low can Mars go?
75 UM unmanned robot team Australia bound for international competition
76 3-D TV sets still viewed skeptically by many
77 Review: A better Apple TV doesn't beat competition
78 Sharp presents 4096 x 2160 consumer LCD TV screen
79 Report: Apple to make iPhones for CDMA networks
80 Cisco to sell videoconferencing box for the home
81 'Enhanced ebooks' take giant book fair by storm
82 Samsung to launch smartphone, tablet PC in Japan
83 Toshiba unveils glasses-free 3-D TV
84 Gadgets: BlackBerry wireless headset offers true hands-free calling
85 Japan's Panasonic develops robot hair-washer
86 The iCub robot learns archery
87 Computer security expert shoots down '10/10/10' fears
88 Microsoft boss silent on possible Adobe acquisition
89 No 3D magic for new Harry Potter movie
90 Obama signs technology access bill for disabled
91 Questions and answers about BlackBerry objections
92 Nobel laureate worries for literature in digital age
93 PayPal lets people deposit checks using iPhones
94 Privacy fears as eight in 10 kids have photos online
95 GetJar out to make mobile phone applications free
96 With Twitter blocked, Chinese micro-blogging thrives
97 Mobile and 'cloud' computing key future job skills: IBM
98 UAE, BlackBerry resolve dispute, averting ban
99 Premier: China won't block rare earth exports
100 Adobe soars on report of possible Microsoft bid
101 UK town using fuel from human waste
102 Japan looking to sell 'smart' cities to the world
103 Researchers discover a new class of highly electronegative chemical species
104 Got fish? Nutrition studies explore health benefits
105 Scientists trick bacteria with small molecules
106 Joining molecules together in Nobel matrimony
107 Surprised chemistry Nobel Prize winner says lab days over
108 Bacteria keep tabs on state of oil field
109 New findings pull back curtain on relationship between iron and Alzheimer's disease
110 Carbon atom pioneers share Nobel chemistry prize (Update 4)
111 Hormone acting as 'molecular glue' could boost plant immune systems
112 Long-distance communication, microbial style
113 Freeing the bonds: 2010 Nobel highlights the carbon future
114 New family of liquid crystals created
115 Gem of an idea: A flexible diamond-studded electrode implanted for life
116 Researchers examine how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics
117 Ozone damage of molecules in the lungs
118 Powerful free radical causes lung damage from oxygen therapy
119 Model unfolds proteins gently
120 West Nile virus discovered in Texas quail population
121 Researchers discover 'walking' properties of bacteria
122 Transgenic corn suppresses European corn borer, saves farmers billions
123 Researcher discovers mechanism for changing adult cells into stem-like cells
124 Report: Virus, fungus new suspects in bee disease
125 New tool in the fight against tuberculosis
126 Deceitful lily fools flies: Solomon's lily imitates a yeasty odor to lure vinegar flies into a trap
127 Every egg is different
128 First census of marine life reveals thousands of new species
129 Researchers consider converting invasive plants to fuel
130 In plants, small changes make big impact
131 Novel protein critical for cellular proliferation discovered
132 Stem cells shape up to their surroundings
133 Crop failures set to increase under climate change
134 Killer disease decimates UK frog populations
135 The elusive intermediary: Newly discovered protein may help to improve crop yields
136 Life-saving in the bacterial world: How Campylobacter rely on Pseudomonas to infect humans
137 Facebook co-founders give $170K to pro-pot measure
138 Surgical technique relieves painful spine fractures in patients with metastatic cancer
139 Erlotinib improves progression-free survival as first-line therapy in advanced lung cancer
140 Alienated youths are more likely to lash out
141 PTSD interrupts lives long after trauma
142 No longer pandemic, H1N1 flu still hangs on in new flu season
143 Improving sonography requires improving sonography school admissions
144 Studying illnesses caused by worms: Scientists are learning how immune cells communicate
145 Autistic children are not good at covering up their lies: study
146 Abbott withdraws diet pill in US, Canada
147 Bloodstream infection surveillance inconsistent between institutions, study shows
148 Heavy metals in Chinese cigarettes pose high risk: study
149 Prohibition of cannabis counter-productive
150 Women's race and class impact contraception recommendations, study shows
151 Targeted therapy promising for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer
152 Obese workers cost workplace more than insurance, absenteeism
153 Shedding light on treasured vaults
154 ATLAS collaboration unveils giant mural at CERN
155 Chicago yields mixed results with unfinished public housing efforts
156 Oldest evidence of dinosaurs found in Polish footprints
157 China faces hurdles amid quest for a Nobel Prize
158 Emotional effects of heavy combat can be lifelong for veterans
159 Iowa State team calculates societal costs of five major crimes; finds murder at $17.25 million
160 Skin color linked to social inequality in contemporary Mexico, study shows
161 Consistent evidence: Speed cameras do reduce injuries and deaths
162 Full-time work no longer considered the norm in Australia
163 Swedish Research Council to bar cheaters
164 Neanderthals had feelings too, say researchers
165 Researchers call for a price cap on cigarette profits
166 Undocumented language found hidden in India
167 Researcher finds top reasons for Facebook unfriending