File Title
1 Long-Extinct Passenger Pigeon Finds a Place in the Family Tree
2 Neuroscience Research May Help Patients Recover from Brain Injury
3 Decline in Sun's Activity Does Not Always Mean That Earth Becomes Cooler, Study Shows
4 From Eye to Brain: Researchers Map Functional Connections Between Retinal Neurons at Single-Cell Resolution
5 New Fossil Suggests Dinosaurs Not So Fierce After All
6 New Type of Liquid Crystal Promises to Improve Performance of Digital Displays
7 Oldest Evidence of Dinosaurs in Footprints: Dinosaur Lineage Emerged Soon After Massive Permian Extinction
8 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Creating Complex Carbon-Based Molecules Using Palladium
9 Brain Cell Communication: Why It's So Fast
10 Rare Oasis of Life Discovered Near Geothermal Vents on Floor of Yellowstone Lake
11 New Findings Pull Back Curtain on Relationship Between Iron and Alzheimer's Disease
12 Hormone Acting as 'Molecular Glue' Could Boost Plant Immune Systems
13 Immune System Linked With Accumulation of Toxic Tau Protein
14 BLADE Software Eliminates 'Drive-by Downloads' from Malicious Websites
15 Drug That Helps Adults Addicted to Opioid Drugs Also Relieves Withdrawal Symptoms in Newborns
16 Blood Pressure Breakthrough Holds Real Hope for Treatment of Pre-Eclampsia
17 Vitamin D Deficiency Rampant in Patients Undergoing Orthopedic Surgery, Damaging Patient Recovery
18 First Clinical Trial of Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy Lends Insight Into the Disease
19 Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Increase Bone Density in Healthy Children, Review Finds
20 Anti-Tumor Drugs Tested by Microfluidic Device
21 Researchers Calculate Societal Costs of Five Major Crimes; Finds Murder at $17.25 Million
22 MRI May Predict Continued Decline in Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment
23 Sociologist Ties Childhood Bullying Traits to Adult Anti-Social Behavior
24 Psychologist Finds 'Shocking' Impact on Name Recall
25 Depression During Pregnancy Increases Risk for Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight
26 Stressed-out Mums May Worsen Their Child's Asthma
27 Land on Your Toes, Save Your Knees
28 Fattening Pollutants? Chemicals in Mother's Blood Contribute to Child's Obesity, Study Suggests
29 Teen Drunkenness Levels Converge Across Cultures, by Gender
30 Top Reasons for Facebook Unfriending
31 Children, Males and Blacks Are at Increased Risk for Food Allergies, Study Finds
32 Breakthrough Test Rapidly Identifies River Blindness
33 New Role for Master Regulator in Cell Metabolism, Response to Stress: Clinical Implications for Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer Research
34 Maggot Art Used to Educate Youngsters
35 New Class of Objects Encoded Within the Genome: Non-Coding RNA Molecules Function Similar to Gene Enhancer Elements
36 Deep-Sea Coral Reefs Discovered in Mediterranean
37 Bee Pastures May Help Pollinators Prosper
38 Air Pollution Alters Immune Function, Worsens Asthma Symptoms, Study Finds
39 Climate Change Affects Horseshoe Crab Numbers
40 Geothermal Mapping Project Reveals Large, Green Energy Source in West Virginia
41 Key Reproductive Hormone in Oldest Living Vertebrate Identified
42 Novelty and Complexity Are Result of Small Evolutionary Changes
43 Neanderthals Had Feelings Too, Say Researchers
44 New Language Identified in Remote Corner of India; One of Thousands of Endangered Tongues Around World
45 Powerful Supercomputer Peers Into the Origin of Life
46 NASA Mission 'E-Minus' One Month to Comet Flyby
47 NASA's WISE Mission Warms Up but Keeps Chugging Along
48 WISE Captures Key Images of Comet Mission's Destination
49 MAVEN Mission to Investigate How Sun Steals Martian Atmosphere
50 Cluster Helps Disentangle Turbulence in the Solar Wind
51 Fuel Cells in Operation: A Closer Look
52 Doppler Radars Help Increase Monsoon Rainfall Prediction Accuracy
53 Nano Drugs: Insoluble Medicines Can Be Made Orally Available If in Nano Crystal Form
54 Designing Instruments for a Robotic Space Probe to the Sun
55 Possible Green Replacement for Asphalt Derived from Petroleum to Be Tested on Iowa Bike Trail
56 New Computer Modelling System Predicts Responses to HIV and AIDS Treatments
57 Best Drug Development Results from Computer/Test Tube Combination
58 Phillies, Rangers, Yanks, Giants to Win, Says Math Guru
59 Web-Based Creativity: Can Working in Virtual Communities Be More Effective Than Face-to-Face Cooperation?
60 Interactive Video Games Can Cause a Broad Range of Injuries
61 Andre Geim: in praise of graphene
62 Kuiper Belt may be born of collisions
63 AP-mtvU Poll: Technology Brings Connection, Stress
64 Justin Timberlake Prefers Vinyl to MP3s
65 Data Overload Block Tracking of Sex Offenders
66 Japan Looking to Sell 'Smart' Cities to the World
67 Scientists See New Bugs, Frogs in Papua New Guinea
68 Russian Spacecraft Damaged During Transportation
69 Panel: Gov't Blocked Scientists on Spill Estimate
70 High Amounts of Heavy Metals Found in China Tobacco
71 Migrant Cap Will Damage UK Science: Nobel Winners
72 Nobel-Winning Work Is Matchmaker for Molecules
73 Prayer and Pumping Iron: Faith-Based Exercise Works for Grandma
74 High-Protein Diet Factored Into Athlete's Sudden Death
75 Kidney on a Mission: Silly Costume Draws Attention to Serious Disease
76 Solar surprise for climate models
77 Ancient galaxies found in modern universe
78 Carbon chemistry pioneers share prize
79 Solar surprise for climate issue
80 MEPs urge EU to lead battle to save biodiversity
81 Giant moon collision 'may have formed Saturn's rings'
82 Nobel prize winners warn against immigration cap
83 Hungarian chemical sludge spill reaches Danube
84 Swimming with wild otters
85 Facebook unveils 'groups' feature and user controls
86 mWomen aims to supply millions of mobiles to women
87 BT required to open fibre network by Ofcom
88 Are parents the biggest threat to online privacy?
89 Should the internet win the Nobel peace prize?
90 Three questions for CTOs: Anthony Haywood, Idappcom
91 Arrests over Aids drugs in India
92 'Too posh to push myth' exposed, say researchers
93 'He washed his hands until they were cracked and bleeding'
94 HP Ends the Tease: WebOS Smartphones Set for 2011
95 Logitech Revue brings Google to your TV for $300
96 Mario Vargas Llosa Wins Nobel in Literature
97 Broadband Legislation and Net Neutrality Soap Opera
98 A Look Back at America's Fallout Shelter Fatuation
99 Cheerleaders Balk at Revealing Uniforms
100 NY May Ban Buying Sugary Drinks with Food Stamps
101 Erotic Calendar Made for Putin Riles Russians
102 Who's Hiring for the Holidays
103 Spartan Choice: Man Picks Game over Pacemaker
104 Rare Tesla factory tour reveals new battery pack
105 Flu vaccine trials at Stanford University seek participants
106 CDC: More American adults hobbled by arthritis
107 AP-mtvU Poll: Technology brings connection, stress
108 100s evacuate downtown South Bend after gas leak
109 Genes Influence the Way You Shop, Study Finds
110 For Astronaut Twin, Launching Into Space Is All In the Family
111 Host China plugs its climate efforts at UN talks
112 One Star Birth Scenario Debunked By 'Living Fossil' Galaxies
113 Little-known Shark Species Gets a Closer Look
114 Most Americans Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Poll
115 White House says it didn't withhold oil spill info
116 Toxic Red Sludge: How Do Chemicals Cause Burns?
117 Russian spacecraft damaged during transportation
118 Health Tip: Feed Your Toddler Enough Iron
119 Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Breast Density
120 Denser Breasts Raise Odds of Second Breast Cancer, Study Finds
121 10 Reasons Seniors Continue to Work
122 7 Percent of Babies Now Have Email Addresses
123 Games backs safe sex despite plumbing problems
124 Doctors' Weight Loss Talks Better When Empathetic
125 NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys
126 CDC: More American adults hobbled by arthritis
127 One Medical Atrocity Infects Truth About Another
128 Diabolical (and Nutty) Plan to Arm Rats to the Teeth
129 Spanish Armada Deploys to Fend Off U.S. Treasure Hunters
130 Daisy's Sexy Spots Drive a Fly into Frenzy of Pollination
131 Neural Diagrams Help Explain Color Vision
132 Shipwreck May Yield Secrets of Antiquity
133 Oldest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered
134 Circus Lions Attack Trainers
135 Grain of Hope: Researchers Seek a Super-Rice
136 Q&A: Discoverer of Dead Gay Duck Sex
137 Education Lacking During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
138 Happy Couples Are On the Same Page--Literally
139 Comet May Not Have Rocked Stone Age World