File Title
1 The Pentagon's 5 Fantastic Flying Machines
2 Study: Praying for Partner Helps Stop Cheating
3 Ancient Penguin Was 5 Feet Tall, Dressed Down
4 Get Ready for Zero-Gravity Fun at Russian Space Hotel
5 US Apologizes for Infecting Guatemalans With STDs
6 Twin Study Finds PTSD Is as Real as It Gets
7 Coffee Could Help Prevent Parkinson's in Quarter of the World's Population
8 China Launches Lunar Probe as NASA Turns Back on Moon
9 Facebook Unites Father and Daughter After 25 Years
10 Study: US Food Waste Is a Huge Energy Drain
11 US to Tell US Citizens to Be Vigilant in Europe
12 As the Midterms Approach, Liberals Rally to Build Enthusiasm
13 Divers, Robot Deployed in Hunt for Lost Balloonists
14 Suit: Kids Found Dead Classmate's Brain at Morgue
15 How Astronomers Hunt for New Planets
16 Will Edible Dirt Make You Clean Your Plate?
17 In Naples, A Clash Over Trash
18 Are women self-inducing abortions?
19 No Dueling, and Other Weird Recent Laws
20 Teen Girls Drawn to Risky Weight-Loss Surgery
21 Prehistoric Remains Found in Aceh Town
22 Politics Push Back Casa Grande Expansion
23 British Library puts Greek manuscripts online
24 Were Some Ancestral Puebloan People the Victims of Ethnic Conflict?
25 Observatory: Neanderthals' Tools Were Their Own Work
26 'Hobbit' Was an Iodine-Deficient Human, Not Another Species, New Study Suggests
27 The Gold Mask of Tutankhamun and Its Significance
28 Box found in Arctic has no Franklin, Amundsen items
29 No evidence for ancient comet or Clovis catastrophe, archaeologists say
30 Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
31 Ancient history could be paved
32 UA Archaeologist, Colleagues Find No Evidence of Catastrophic Impact
33 Ancient New Guinea settlers headed for the hills
34 Salem man finds 2,000-year-old shekel on the shore
35 Portals to Other Realities
36 Archaeological excavation of Peoria Palo Verde Park site nears end
37 Mummy tattoos hint at ancient Andean acupuncture
38 New Clues Emerge About World Trade Center Boat's Past
39 Archaeologists in Egypt unearth 3,400-year-old granite statue of pharaoh
40 Database to raise alarm on vaccines
41 Grog-proof fence proves a peace-keeper
42 Celebrations muted despite 'singing land'
43 Bonsoy scare triggers calls for iodine oversight
44 Aged men in the dark on osteoporosis risk
45 Drug cheats will try to beat system
46 Indian bowler has dengue fever
47 Case to make death as good as it can get
48 All because of generalists: grey nomads
49 The Albert Park
50 Noble vision for the developing world: blindness
51 No let-up in crusade against killer flu: influenza A
52 Failures recorded as demand soars for abortion pill
53 ADHD caused by genetic disorder, scientists say
54 Coroner warns on babies in bed
55 Moves afoot to cut trans fats exposure
56 Adults sleeping with babies increases risk of sudden and unexplained infant death, inquest finds
57 ADHD blamed on genes, not parenting
58 Rum, baccy and turps--the Royal Navy's cure-alls
59 Fertility treatments risk gender imbalance
60 IVF treatments risk gender imbalance
61 Mozzies infected in war on dengue
62 Indigenous urban dwellers better off but not happier
63 Older workers keep noses to grindstone ABS report finds
64 Broken homes can disadvantage kids for life, study finds
65 Extinction not always a death sentence
66 Why I Left My Publisher in Order to Publish a Book
67 Two-legged pig learns to walk
68 Stormtec Stormbags
69 Kid demonstrates English language in 24 accents
70 American medical establishment ran Tuskegee experiments in Guatemala, too
71 The 2010 Ig Nobel Award Winners Announced
72 Deodorant sought for NZ's smelly birds
73 Artificial human brain being built in a lab
74 More accurate measurements makes oil spill much larger
75 General relatively measured over tiny scales
76 'Thunder thigh' dino takes record
77 One fifth of all plants threatened by extinction
78 New Australian Moon walk footage revealed
79 GM silkworms to produce super spider silk
80 New way to generate human stem cells
81 Dinosaurs significantly taller than thought
82 TB vaccine to cut infections by 90%
83 Group not a sum of parts especially with women
84 Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
85 South Africa rhinos: Poachers now take 20 rhinos per month
86 Monarch butterflies migration headed towards Mexico
87 Plane that flies by flapping its wings makes historic first flight
88 The closer you are to the ground, the slower time moves
89 Women apologize more often than men, study shows
90 Raytheon unveils new military exoskeleton in 'Iron Man 2' tie-in
91 Russian companies plan to construct commercial space station
92 Aliens will be harder to find after they stop using radio signals, study suggests
93 Gliese 581g, a new planet like Earth: Could humans live there?
94 Huge, red penguin unearthed by paleontologists
95 One less skill for soldiers to master at boot camp: bayonet training
96 Ancient volcanic field reawakens in Saudi Arabia
97 Packing light for Mars? Bring genetically modified algae
98 The peculiar dinosaurs of Laramidia: weird horns and more
99 Kosmoceratops richardsoni: New dinosaur adorned with bony bells and whistles
100 Mars orbiter back up and running again following computer glitch
101 San Diego whale unearthed at the zoo
102 Moses' parting of the Red Sea: Is there a physical explanation?
103 Solar Cell Production Increases 51 Percent
104 Don't Be A Hater, It's Making You Sad
105 Scientists develop new 'photonic' chip that could make quantum computers a reality
106 Stephen Hawking Asks, What Is Reality?
107 Image of the Day: Saturn's Titan--Will We Find Life There?
108 China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy
109 Chunk of original earth found
110 Tech For (And By) Africa
111 Why We Dream: Real Reasons Revealed
112 Why Do Couples Start to Look Like Each Other?
113 How fins became limbs