File Title
1 Best Buy CEO says Apple's iPad has halved some notebook sales
2 Suppliers preparing for 2nd-gen iPad launch in Q1 2011--report
3 Apple's 27-inch LED Cinema Display now available for purchase
4 Morgan Stanley: Apple's iPad consuming 25% of PC notebook sales
5 Warner Bros. execs find Apple's 99 cent TV show rentals too cheap
6 Best Buy CEO backpedals on iPad cannibalizati
7 Apple planning standalone digital newsstand app for iPad--report
8 Google Voice iPhone apps approved by Apple
9 iPad 'slightly cannibalizing' Apple's own low-end MacBooks--report
10 Sports Illustrated says unfair iPad subscription terms led to cut features
11 Apple acquires Swedish facial recognition company for $29M
12 Apple signs secretive multi-year technology licensing pact
13 Content subscriptions for Apple's iPad could debut in 1-2 months
14 Licensing deal with Rovi seen as more evidence of Apple HDTV
15 Editable Google Documents coming to iPad
16 Verizon iPhone would hurt AT&T less than expected--report
17 PC industry customer satisfaction again dominated by Apple
18 Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 9, Premiere Elements 9 for Mac
19 Apple sues 'HyperMac' accessory maker over MagSafe, iPod cables
20 Ping talks between Apple, Facebook failed after 18 months--report
21 Apple's relaxing of App Store rules has 'muted' effect on Adobe
22 NBC strongly opposed to Apple's 99 cent iTunes rental model
23 Apple, Google and Microsoft to face off for 'digital living room'
24 Forbes lists Steve Jobs as 42nd richest American
25 iPad, Apple's 'Mac of the masses,' predicted to sell 21M in 2011
26 Apple exploring shrunken audio jacks for even smaller iPods
27 Verizon CEO hopes Apple will offer iPhone for its 4G network
28 Apple now the world's second largest company by market value
29 Viacom also opposed to Apple's 99 cent TV rentals, CBS will 'see what happens'
30 Apple wins major patent covering original iPhone and iPad
31 In 1H 2010, Apple took 39% of the industry's profit, more than 3 largest handset makers combined
32 Apple shares hit new all-time intraday, closing highs
33 Adobe shares plummet on dismal 4th quarter guidance
34 Steve Jobs, demigod
35 Steve Jobs: The man who makes Apple tick
36 Join the dots on six future Apple technologies
37 Join the dots on six future Apple technologies
38 T3 reviews Apple's new Mac Pro: 'Fast, configurable and attractive; Everything a Mac should be'
39 N.J. schools explore using Apple iPads as teaching devices
40 N.J. schools explore using iPads as teaching devices
41 Wall Street breaking up with the BlackBerry in favor of Apple iPhone
42 Apple releases Pages 1.2 for iPad
43 Korea passes 1 million iPhones milestone
44 Blockbuster files for bankruptcy protection
45 Apple's new developer rules do little to help Adobe
46 J.D. Power: Apple iPhone ranks highest in smartphone customer satisfaction--again
47 Apple now worth eleven times Dell's market value
48 Verizon Wireless to introduce tiered pricing; would love to carry Apple iPhone
49 New York and New Jersey public transit riders can now pay fares via iPhone (with video)
50 Patent applications show Apple working on next wave of digital camera technologies
51 The secret of Apple's success: Steve Jobs' ability to say 'no'
52 Apple's Jobs: 1,000 No's on Way to Triumph
53 Mossberg: Working vacation to Paris without laptop a pleasant success, thanks to Apple's iPad
54 An American in Paris Says Au Revoir to His Laptop
55 Apple becomes world's second most valuable company
56 Netflix CEO thinks U.S. too 'self-absorbed' to notice they're paying more than Canadians
57 Apple patent applications details tiny new audio jacks for even smaller iPods
58 Apple bringing former SurfaceInk engineers in-house
59 Researchers discover genetic clues to evolution of jaws in vertebrates
60 Cassini captures new views of Saturn's aurora (w/ Video)
61 Stomach-churning experiment not for the faint of heart
62 World's smallest animation character shot with smartphone camera and microscope (w/ Video)
63 Glitch delays space station crew's return to Earth
64 Pair of aluminum atomic clocks reveal Einstein's relativity at a personal scale
65 As Android challenges smart-phone rivals, consumers benefit
66 Livermore lab nears launch of fusion quest
67 Caltech researchers design a new nanomesh material
68 Robotic arm's big flaw: Patients say it's 'too easy'
69 Coordination failure: Researchers provide insight into impacts of too much communication
70 Scientists recreate extreme conditions deep in Earth's interior
71 Groundwater depletion rate accelerating worldwide
72 Researchers discover less expensive low-temperature catalyst for hydrogen purification
73 Magnetic power offers energy-saving alternative
74 Dust models paint alien's view of the solar system (w/ Video)
75 Researchers identify structure that allows bacteria to resist drugs
76 Solar storms can change directions, surprising forecasters
77 Cilia revolution: Man-made, hair-like structures poised to change industry paradigms
78 Shining starlight on the dark cocoons of star birth
79 Taking a new look at old digs: Trampling animals may alter Stone Age sites
80 FCC opens up unused TV signals for broadband
81 Florida panthers bound back thanks to Texas mates
82 Mammograms have only 'modest' impact on breast cancer: study
83 Study shows latest government spill estimate right
84 Leaf-like solar cells: Water-based 'artificial leaf' produces electricity
85 New ultracapacitor recharges in under a millisecond
86 Animal cells communicate electrically over long distances via nanotubes
87 Ultrashort laser ablation enables novel metal films
88 Nano antenna concentrates light: Intensity increases 1,000-fold
89 New nanomaterial, shaped like Stars of David, discovered by Israeli scientists
90 Learning from lizards: Geckos inspire new method to print electronics on complex surfaces
91 Nanocatalyst is a gas: New formula could make fuel production better, greener
92 Ultrasensitive biosensor can detect proteins, aid in cancer diagnosis
93 Novel electronic biosensing technology could facilitate a new era of personalized medicine
94 Nano-Vehicle acts as cluster bomb for tumors
95 Magical BEANs: New nano-sized particles could provide mega-sized data storage
96 Nanoparticle-decorated cells power novel approach to cancer therapy
97 Predicting nanoparticle interactions in the body
98 Novel chemistry amplifies ability of nanoparticles to detect rare cells
99 Engineer shrinks 'U' logo
100 'Nanosprings' offer improved performance in biomedicine, electronics
101 Japanese researcher observe magnetic domains at 500íC with spin-polarized scanning electron microscopy
102 Scientists using lasers to cool and control molecules
103 Physicists find evidence of new state of matter in a simple oxide
104 Physicists cross hurdle in quantum manipulation of matter
105 Physicists control chemical reactions mechanically
106 Mechanical logic gate: Could levers replace transistors?
107 Scientists generate rotating electron beams
108 Tying string theory together: A new book attempts to explain string theory to the masses
109 Optical chip enables new approach to quantum computing
110 Putting a spin on light and atoms: How to build a better magnetometer
111 Understanding behavioral patterns: Why bird flocks move in unison
112 New wave: Spin soliton could be a hit in cell phone communication (w/ Video)
113 Research shows radiometric dating still reliable (again)
114 Scientist proves Braess paradox 'disappears' under high traffic demands
115 Lead-free piezoelectric materials of the future
116 Imagination Station to offer NASA's New Views of the Universe exhibition
117 Cassini gazes at veiled Titan
118 Synthetic life could aid space exploration
119 Help from sonar determines whether historic shipwreck poses oil pollution threat
120 Relics from Scott's doomed Antarctic trip fetch 500,000 dlrs
121 Arctic soil study turns up surprising results
122 NASA sees important cloud-top temperatures as Tropical Storm Malakas heads for Iwo To
123 Everglades restoration program making tangible progress after 10 years
124 New map provides global view of health-sapping air pollution (w/ Video)
125 Fears mount of massive Caribbean coral bleaching: study
126 Ocean cooling contributed to mid-20th century global warming hiatus
127 Mercury's comet-like appearance spotted by satellites looking at the Sun
128 E-readers mishandle some book formats
129 Android 2.2 Upgrade for Droid X users good to go
130 Marvell announces first triple-core 1.5 GHz mobile processor
131 Robots could improve everyday life, do chores
132 Dancing robot swan triggers emotions
133 Kodak's new kiosks create photo collage in seconds
134 Crowds turn out for iPad's China launch
135 Disabled Japanese tourist plans robo-suit adventure
136 Sedentary gaming gets a shot in the arm with Move
137 Review: How the iPad won over a skeptic
138 Biometric ID technologies 'inherently fallible,' new report says
139 CarTel project researching cars as mobile sensors
140 Software smart bomb fired at Iranian nuclear plant: experts
141 US reviewing ways to fight cyber attacks: general
142 Hollywood sounds alarm on streaming piracy
143 Japan to pilot digital textbooks in classrooms
144 A second day of technical troubles at Facebook
145 Solar dish research focused on future
146 University of Nevada, Reno demonstrates successful sludge-to-power research
147 Key molecule for keeping oral microorganisms in check discovered
148 New kind of fuel cell delivers energy and fine chemicals with no waste from renewable raw materials
149 Cocaine and ecstasy detected in waters of the L'Albufera in Spain
150 Portable laser devices to improve disease diagnosis
151 The Achilles' heel of tendons
152 New fluorescence technique opens window to protein complexes in living cells
153 Squeezing more production out of bacteria
154 New cause of blindness discovered by scientists
155 Turning over a new leaf
156 Shutting off a gene causes mobility issues, researchers say
157 Noninvasive and accurate: Absolute temperature mapping for biomedical applications
158 Plague researchers race to beat bioterrorists
159 Entangled frameworks limber up
160 Biochemical link between biological clock and diabetes discovered
161 Putting the brakes on drug-resistant HIV
162 'Miracle tree' may form basis for low-cost water purification
163 At the crossroads of chromosomes: Study reveals structure of cell division's key molecule
164 BASF says it has uncovered cause of Swedish potato mix-up
165 Scientists release first cultivated ohelo berry for Hawaii
166 Cancer-associated long non-coding RNA regulates pre-mRNA splicing
167 Estimate of flowering plant species to be cut by 600,000
168 Genetic switch underlies noisy cell division
169 City living helped humans evolve immunity to TB
170 Why are there no hyenas in Europe?
171 More predators doesn't equal more danger for urban bird nest
172 Wheat researchers combine forces to battle major disease
173 Elderly Malaysian rhino enlisted in breeding attempt
174 56 pilot whales die after stranding on NZ beach
175 Scientists convert carbon-dioxide emissions to useful building materials, using genetically altered yeast
176 Genetically altered salmon? It doesn't stop there
177 Researchers engineer adult stem cells that do not age
178 Researchers crack cuckoo egg mystery
179 'Extinct' frogs haven't croaked--scientists
180 Phantom limbs more common than previously thought
181 Video gaming prepares brain for bigger tasks
182 Stress can control our genes
183 Disparities in heart attack treatment may begin in the emergency room
184 Malaria's newest pathway into human cells identified
185 Research team fully maps human proteome
186 Amgen recalls anemia drugs due to glass flakes
187 With MRSA more common outside of hospital, prevention is key
188 Black motorcyclists--even in helmets--more likely to die in crashes
189 Molecular 'playbook' for halting heart failure risk factor uncovered
190 Researchers find faster, less-intrusive way to identify transplant recipients' organ rejection
191 Team of researchers finds possible new genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease
192 Can't live without it: The nicotine addiction
193 Living wills pose dangers in suicide patients, expert says
194 Childhood asthma explained with gene mapping
195 Longest dinosaur thigh bone in Europe found in Spain
196 Preservation of food in glass or can 'revolutionary,' still used two centuries later
197 Could economics solve the prison crisis?
198 Suicide bombing likely to increase as more militant groups adopt tactic, research shows
199 New dinosaur species discovered on 'lost continent' (w/ Video)
200 Experience, privacy guide how people choose online news
201 The holy grail of human resources: New selection tool to revolutionize hiring
202 Building language skills more critical for boys than girls
203 From dolphins to dinosaurs--how fine detail is preserved in fossils
204 A scientific research study analyzes when to buy airline and theater tickets
205 Behind the wheel: Restricting young drivers
206 Neanderthals more advanced than previously thought
207 Calif. utility stumbles on 1.4M years old fossils
208 Archaeologists find theater box at Herod's palace
209 Experts search Egypt's pharaonic past for climate change fix