File Title
1 Santa Rosa moves to protect salamanders
2 Biblical scholar's date for rapture: May 21, 2011
3 China nabs 5,400 people for online porn in 2009
4 Montana 3rd state to allow doctor-assisted suicide
5 Hangover remedies by nature
6 China to be 3rd biggest wind power producer: media
7 Hole in the Moon Could Shelter Colonists
8 Pope urges lifestyle changes to save environment
9 Toyota's hybrid Prius faces US probe over brakes
10 Anglican leader laments 'terrible and gruelling' decade
11 NASA's Next Mission May Visit Venus, Asteroid or the Moon
12 Police: Gas piped in to blow up Calif. building
13 100 Years Ago: The Amazing Technology of 1910
14 Scientists find clue to killer of Tasmanian devils
15 Lost Couple Can't Blame GPS, Air Force Says
16 Group rallies for donors at stem cell drive honoring Cupertino librarian
17 Fisher: Dreams for the decade to come
18 Laser Deemed Best Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
19 Smoking, drinking up risks of gut, throat cancers
20 Her Music Eases the End for Dying Patients
21 Solution to killer superbug found in Norway
22 Did Americans get any healthier over past decade?
23 Watch Out: Cyber Threats to Expect in 2010
24 5 Technology Predictions for the New Year
25 Google Nexus Offers Little Competition to Apple iPhone
26 China Nabs 5,400 People for Online Porn in 2009
27 Scientists Find Clue to Killer of Tasmanian Devils
28 A Note on Copenhagen's Successful Failure
29 R U Buzzed? An iPhone App Can Tell You
30 Lack of Estate Tax in 2010: Now Cheaper to Die?
31 Tasmanian devil facial cancer origins 'identified'
32 DNA analysed from early European
33 'Lifeless' prion proteins are 'capable of evolution'
34 Will smartphones see off sat-nav?
35 Pet tarantulas pose risk to owners' eyes, say doctors
36 Montana paves way for assisted suicide
37 Could better awareness cut pancreatic cancer deaths?
38 Rare New Year's "Blue Moon" Rings in 2010
39 Good News in Race to Save Tasmanian Devils
40 Swine Flu on Decline, Health Officials Say
41 Killer Superbugs Beaten With Drug Control
42 Doctor-Assisted Suicide Gets OK in Montana
43 New Weapon in Airport Security Explained
44 Dozens Killed at Pakistan Volleyball Game
45 Iraq Dismayed by Blackwater Dismissal
46 Thousands March for Democracy in Hong Kong
47 TSA Nominee Changes Story on Data Snoop
48 Apple Orders 10 Million Tablets? Sound Fishy
49 Tablet: Big iPhone or thin MacBook?
50 NASA Focuses Next Mission on Venus, Asteroid or the Moon
51 Marshall up for $650M mission
52 WUSTL-led Moon mission is finalist for NASA's next big space venture
53 Predict Our Apple Tablet Coverage, Win an Apple Tablet
54 Apple Very Optimistic About the iSlate: Has Ordered 10 Million Units
55 Imagine how some apps could have helped 2009 and might make 2010 entertaining
56 ShowTime 2 Adds Video Recording to iPhone, iPhone 3G
57 Amazon could pay for Kindle sales coyness
58 Will Kindle Pay For Not Disclosing Its Sales?
59 Audubon Society concludes annual bird count at refuges
60 EPA questions New York state plan to drill for shale gas
61 Motorola conjuring something big?!
62 Motorola Might Be Prepping an Android Smartphone with a 4.3-inch Screen
63 2010's Top Security Threats: Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone Apps
64 AT&T: The end of the wireline telephone is in sight
65 LCD TV Sales Boom Foreseen In 2010
66 Scientists find details of tumors killing off Tasmanian devils
67 Scientists Discover Origin of a Cancer in Tasmanian Devils
68 Face Cancer Killing Many Tasmanian devils
69 Earlier Bedtimes May Fight Teen Depression
70 Earlier Bedtimes Reduce Risk of Depression in Teens
71 Sleep-deprived teenagers 'more likely to suffer depression'
72 The earlier to bed, the healthier the head
73 NC smoking ban for restaurants, bars signals another shift in state's tobacco history
74 Smoking, Animal Shelter, Ethics Rules Arrive in NC
75 Smoking ban might go even further
76 FDA warns of extortion scam targeting online prescription buyers
77 Calif health officials issue candy warning
78 Opinion: Lead loaded candy recall in California
79 CDPH warns consumers not to eat Cicorindo Candy
80 New Law: Trans Fat Ban
81 New law requires restaurants to use more-healthful oil
82 Statewide ban on trans fat, started in Tiburon, one of many new state laws
83 2010 rings in new state laws
84 BBS proteins shown to run an export business that protects cilia
85 Student sleuths using DNA reveal zoo of 95 species in NYC homes--and new evidence of food fraud
86 Common mechanism underlies many diseases of excitability
87 Drug-resistant urinary tract infections spreading worldwide
88 Chloride increases response to pheromones and odors in mouse sensory neurons
89 New research could advance research field critical to personalized medicine
90 Arctic Could Face Warmer and Ice-Free Conditions
91 Researchers Use New Acoustic Tools to Study Marine Mammals and Fish
92 Rapid flu testing
93 Chlorophylls effective against aflatoxin
94 Scripps research team develops technique to determine ethnic origin of stem cell lines
95 Assessing lead time of selected ovarian cancer biomarkers
96 Short-term school closures may worsen flu pandemics, Pitt study finds
97 Putting Limits on Vitamin E
98 Engineered tobacco plants have more potential as a biofuel
99 Mystery solved: Facial cancer decimating Tasmanian devils likely began in Schwann cells
100 Nervous culprit found for Tassie devil facial tumor disease
101 To a mosquito, matchmaking means 'singing' in perfect harmony
102 Using modern sequencing techniques to study ancient modern humans
103 Evolution caught in the act
104 Carbon nanotubes show promise for high-speed genetic sequencing
105 Scripps Florida scientists show 'lifeless' prions capable of evolutionary change and adaptation
106 Unusual protein modification involved in muscular dystrophy, cancer
107 Small molecules found to protect cells in multiple models of Parkinson's disease
108 Superatoms mimic elements: Research gives new perspective on periodic table
109 A 'fountain of youth' for stem cells?
110 Cockroaches offer inspiration for running robots
111 Rice scientists divide and conquer
112 Schizophrenia mouse model should improve understanding and treatment of the disorder
113 Pharmacists Improve Care of Diabetics While Cutting Costs, UB Research Shows
114 New Video Reveals Secrets of Webb Telescope's MIRI
115 ESA space telescope with CU-Boulder connection looks back to early galaxies
116 Findings suggest cardiovascular devices often approved by FDA without high-quality studies
117 Ginkgo biloba does not appear to slow rate of cognitive decline
118 Guideline: Widely used device for pain therapy not recommended for chronic low back pain
119 Fewer left-sided colorectal tumors observed after colonoscopies
120 Children more likely to catch swine flu, says new research
121 Severity of H1N1 influenza linked to presence of Streptococcus pneumoniae
122 Body's own veins are superior material for aortic grafts
123 Addictive Effects of Caffeine on Kids Being Studied by UB Neurobiologist
124 Young Hunters Most Likely to Be Injured Using Tree Stands, Say UAB Researchers
125 It's never too late to quit smoking and save your vision
126 Chronic sinusitis patients experience improved quality of life after endoscopic sinus surgery
127 Earlier bedtimes may help protect adolescents against depression and suicidal thoughts
128 Study links restless leg syndrome with erectile dysfunction in older men
129 Adding a Genetic Supertool
130 Spider web glue spins society toward new biobased adhesives