File Title
1 Russia May Send Spacecraft to Knock Away Asteroid
2 Famous San Francisco Sea Lions Leave in Droves
3 Mississippi Ranked Most Religious State in U.S.
4 Exclusive: Formerly 'Dead' Mom, Baby 'Doing Good'
5 Jaycee Dugard and Other Amazing Survivors of the Past Year
6 Ginkgo Doesn't Stop Cognitive Decline
7 When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong
8 Ever Been Locked in the Airplane Bathroom?
9 NASA picks three in space contest
10 'Back to nature' cuts flood risks
11 Mobiles offer new view of reality
12 Spinvox bought by Nuance for 64m pounds
13 2010 gears up for explosion of 3D
14 Nokia says most Apple products violate its patents
15 Apple tablet computer rumour sends shares up
16 The US virtual economy is set to make billions
17 2009: the year on Twitter
18 Parents warned on children's safety risk from alcohol
19 Swine flu virus 'could still mutate' WHO warns
20 Hackers Break GSM Cell Phone Code
21 Twitter Co-Founder Tackles Mobile Payments
22 Putin Urges US To Share Missile Defense Data
23 Sheen's Wife Recanting Knife Threat Story?
24 Yemen Raids Al Qaeda Hide-Out; 1 Arrested
25 NYC's Tavern on the Green Bites the Dust
26 Banking: A Crack In The Swiss Vault
27 Times Square Security Scare Over
28 MSNBC Criticized For Response To Terrorism Story
29 Unexpected Perks of Coffee Consumption
30 Mom, Baby Revive Mysteriously on Xmas Eve
31 N.H. Woman Swallowed Anthrax, Expert Says
32 Studies: FDA Heart Device Approval Flawed
33 Texas Hospital Saves Money and Lives
34 Broderick Case: Chief Gets Jail Term
35 Google Nexus One Said To Cost $530 Unlocked
36 Blue moons, asteroids hitting Earth, skiers have best seat in the house
37 Russia To Thwart Asteroid's Collision With Earth
38 Roscosmos to consider project to save Earth from asteroid
39 Russia mulls rescuing Earth from possible asteroid collision
40 Nokia increases legal pressure on Apple's iPhone
41 Nokia steps up its fight with Apple
42 Nokia, Apple Patent Feud Continues
43 Telcos Hold Key to Apple Tablet Sales
44 Speculation Building over Apple's Unconfirmed Release of Tablet Computer
45 Adobe To Surpass Microsoft As Hacker Target
46 Obama set to launch vision for NASA
47 2011 budget key to NASA ambitions
48 2009: A Turbulent Year for NASA
49 S.F.'s vanishing sea lions baffles experts
50 Disappearance Of Sea Lions In San Francisco Perplexes Scientists
51 Mystery surrounds exodus of Pier 39 sea lions
52 TechBytes: Google Event
53 AT&T: The most hated company in iPhone land
54 What's the one app you can't live without?
55 2009 in Review: The year in iPhone
56 LinkedIn gives Bump a run for its money with latest iPhone app
57 Sublime Sand: Desert Dunes Seen From Space
58 The World Spent $112 Billion On 205 Million TVs This Year: 69 Percent Were LCD TVs.
59 Need good news? TV sales are up
60 Sales of LCD TVs Bounce Back
61 Zuckerberg spends Christmas dethroning Google
62 Facebook was the most visited site in the country on Christmas
63 Facebook is number one website at Christmas
64 Facebook Wants Seppukoo Site to...Commit Seppukoo
65 Is It Illegal To Commit Seppukoo On Your Facebook Account?
66 Lots of H1N1 vaccine in Minn., not much H1N1 flu
67 Ginkgo extract doesn't slow cognitive decline
68 Ginkgo Biloba Doesn't Slow Mental Decline
69 Study: Ginkgo biloba has no effect on Alzheimer's, dementia
70 Ginkgo Biloba Herb Fails To Fight Off Alzheimer's Disease
71 N.H. Woman Gets Anthrax, Likely From Drum
72 Anthrax Case Linked to Drumming Circle, New Hampshire Officials Say
73 Anthrax found in drums used at UNH ministry
74 Medical Device Studies Lack Scientific Rigor, Researchers Find
75 Implanted cardiac device testing is scant, study finds
76 FDA Cautions Against Agency Impostors
77 FDA impersonators continue attempted extortion
78 Colorado mom, baby revived after Christmas Eve birth
79 Medical miracle: Colorado mother, newborn son revived after dying in labor on Christmas Eve
80 Pfizer Stops Research on Experimental Cancer Drug
81 Pfizer ends late-stage lung-cancer study
82 Pfizer Ends Test of Lung-Cancer Drug
83 Acupuncture May Cut Hot Flashes, Boost Sex Drive in Breast Cancer Patients
84 Acupuncture as effective as venlafaxine for management of hot flashes
85 Acupuncture Stops Hot Flashes After Cancer
86 Cocaine cut with dangerous horse drug
87 Most cocaine diluted with unsafe livestock drug
88 Most Cocaine Now Laced With Poisonous Livestock-Deworming Drug
89 Popular Treatment for Low-Back Pain Doesn't Work
90 New Device Prints Human Tissue
91 College Linemen at Risk for Obesity, Diabetes
92 Following a Childhood Dream: Discovering Dinosaurs
93 9 Discoveries That Made Us Blush in 2009
94 Soils give clean look at past carbon dioxide
95 High-tech tipples: The future of cocktails
96 How Amyloid Beta Reduces Plasticity Related to Synaptic Signaling
97 Molecular Chaperone Keeps Bacterial Proteins from Slow-Dancing to Destruction
98 Scientists Discover a Controller of Brain Circuitry
99 1st Molars Provide Insight Into Evolution of Great Apes, Humans
100 State-of-the-Art Probe Will Lead to Better Solar Cells
101 Engineered Tobacco Plants Have More Potential as a Biofuel
102 Nervy Repair Job
103 Making Money with Social Media
104 The Lithium Rush
105 Experts Break Mobile Phone Security
106 True Match
107 Mutant gene lessens devastation of flesh-eating bacteria
108 Suzaku Finds 'Fossil' Fireballs from Supernovae
109 Looks can be deceiving: Lizards acquire the same camouflaging adaptation in different ways
110 Body's own veins provide superior material for aortic grafts
111 Guide to breaking cell phone security revealed
112 Antibody finds, wipes out prostate cancer: study
113 As the World Churns
114 Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV
115 Research gives new perspective on periodic table
116 Japan's mobile phone marvels go back to the future
117 Tiger Woods Scandal Cost Shareholders up to $12 Billion
118 South African doctor sees drug-resistant HIV
119 Famous San Francisco sea lions leave in droves
120 Scientists develop technique to determine ethnic origin of stem cell lines
121 Chemists Discover How Cells Create Stability During Critical DNA-to-RNA Information Transfers
122 Scientists discover a controller of brain circuitry
123 Mayan glyphs detail priest's life, blood sacrifices
124 Seeing without looking
125 After foiled US plane attack, scanners revisited
126 Japanese researcher unveils 'hummingbird robot'
127 Hacker pleads guilty in huge credit card theft case
128 Scientists Show How Bacteria Move Electrons Across a Membrane
129 Russia in secret plan to save Earth from asteroid: official
130 NASA's WISE Space Telescope Jettisons Its Cover
131 New Video Reveals Secrets of Webb Telescope's MIRI (w/ Video)
132 Bangladesh tries to save lone coral island
133 NASA awards CU-Boulder $3.3 million for concept study for mission to Venus
134 Cassini Spacecraft to Monitor North Pole on Titan
135 Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture
136 Glider robot a sleek ocean explorer
137 As shuttle's career nears an end, NASA turns focus to satellites
138 Cockroaches offer inspiration for running robots
139 Consumers to benefit from advances in chip design
140 Nuance buys British voice-to-text company SpinVox
141 Belarus to toughen control over Internet
142 Phone points illegal border crossers to water
143 Google plans Android event in January
144 Moving video to 'captcha' robot hackers
145 Nokia expands patent dispute beyond Apple iPhone
146 Hearing assistance comes to the home (w/ Video)
147 San Jose police mount cameras on officers' heads
148 Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears
149 Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray
150 Researchers Use New Acoustic Tools to Study Marine Mammals and Fish
151 Sick of blurred identity, US plant pathologists formed own society
152 Student sleuths using DNA reveal zoo of 95 species in NYC homes--and new evidence of food fraud
153 First molars provide insight into evolution of apes, humans
154 Molecular chaperone keeps bacterial proteins from slow-dancing to destruction
155 Simplest bacteria unravelled at the cellular level
156 Researchers Create New Way To Locate Big Genetic Variants
157 BBS proteins shown to run an export business that protects cilia
158 New Method Tests Severity of Key Citrus Virus
159 More than 20 whales die in mass beaching in New Zealand
160 Emerald BioStructures announces discovery of small molecule modulators of PDE4
161 Addictive effects of caffeine on kids being studied by UB neurobiologist
162 Judge not lest ye be judged? Researchers explore 'moral hypocrisy' in powerful people
163 Blood test that provides prior blood sugar average now recommended for diabetes screening, diagnosis (w/ Video)
164 New research could advance research field critical to personalized medicine
165 Chlorophylls effective against aflatoxin
166 Ginkgo biloba does not appear to slow rate of cognitive decline
167 Rapid flu testing
168 Findings suggest cardiovascular devices often approved by FDA without high-quality studies
169 Study Puts Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes to the Test
170 Acupuncture reduces hot flashes, improves sex drive for breast cancer patients
171 Pharmacists improve care of diabetics while cutting costs, research shows
172 The cancer 'TRAP'
173 Use of telemedicine for ICU patients not linked with improvement in survival
174 Senior-citizen volunteers fight Medicare fraud
175 WHO chief: swine flu pandemic continues
176 Tylenol Arthritis Caplet voluntary recall expanded
177 Students' sharp eyes restore dinosaur's rightful name