File Title
1 Proposition 8 trial sees joust over whether homosexuality is product of choice or nature
2 UC regents OK millions in incentive pay
3 Earth Not Properly Protected from Asteroids
4 Coast Guard: Oil spill in Texas waterway contained
5 WWF fears for Siberian tiger after Russian oil leak
6 Astronauts finally get Internet access in space
7 Genetics Used to Track Transmission of MRSA Bacteria
8 Emerging nations pledge climate change unity in India
9 15 whales die beached in NZ, 33 coaxed to sea
10 Save the tiger: Pressure mounts for tougher action
11 Santa Cruz pot group drops lawsuit vs. feds
12 Anti-abortion forces flex muscles at S.F. rally
13 'Inglourious Basterds' wins SAG film award
14 US gets world airline support for tighter security
15 Obesity Tied to Common Kidney Cancer
16 Strength training aids stroke-weakened hands, arms
17 Potty Training Best Between Ages 2 and 3
18 Fake forms of Glaxo diet drug can be dangerous: FDA
19 Designers Unearth Apple Tablet Prototypes--From 1983
20 Removing Part of Skull Makes for Better Brain Scans
21 3-D Gaming Is Waiting for Its Avatar
22 Bigger, Better Telescopes Needed to Find Near-Earth Asteroids
23 Study Predicts Big Market for Cars With Cords
24 Iran to unveil three new home-built satellites: report
25 When Passing Rocks And Planetry Forces Go Head To Head
26 Cosmonauts Earn 150000 Dollars A Mission
27 Public Invited To Pick Pixels On Mars
28 N.Korea lashes out at Seoul's 'preemptive strike' plan
29 New combat ship joins U.S. Navy
30 Israel, Turkey close to drones deal
31 BAE Systems unveils new howitzer
32 Afghan strategy hinges on Pakistan
33 Top Kashmir rebel killed ahead of India's Republic Day
34 Obama wants 'answers' from China over Google cyberattacks
35 Cherie Blair to act for Aborigines in nuclear case
36 Turks, Uighurs killed by Afghan drone attack: website
37 US to supply 'Shadow' drones to Pakistan: officials
38 US-Russia deal on Afghan transit is working: ambassador
39 Booming Chinese economy snaps at Japan's heels
40 California Adopts First Statewide Green Building Code
41 Mississippi Delta Earthquake: America's Haiti Waiting to Happen?
42 Life Without a Pulse: Heart Pump Aids Cardiac Patients
43 Lead Found in Women's Handbags
44 Harrabin's Notes: Cash for influence
45 Gorillas 'ape humans' over games
46 Sexy sparrow exposed as world's most promiscuous bird
47 'I had 30 doses to my brain'
48 UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers
49 Apple Tablet an Ideal Business Tool
50 Holy tweet! YouTube-era pope urges blogging for faith
51 Pope Spreads The Word One Tweet At A Time?
52 Pope Benedict XVI: Use Internet perspicaciously for preaching
53 How Google's Nexus One censors cuss words
54 Google Strives to Extend Search Dominance
55 'Trivial' Passwords Enabled Huge Hack
56 Weak Passwords Pervasive, Despite Security Risks
57 What iPhone news might January 27 bring?
58 How will NASA defend Earth against killer asteroids and comets?
59 Chrome's Voice extension enables click and call
60 Google launches click-to-call with Voice extension
61 Google announces updated version of Chrome Voice extension
62 Owners let in after tents collapse at Scottsdale car auction
63 Russo and Steele auction remains closed
64 Car Owners Survey Storm Damage at Auction Site
65 Touch talk
66 This week in Crave: The 'help, we're drowning in tablet rumors' edition
67 Bear cam update: No word on cub's gender
68 From Backyards to Backwoods: Live bear birth is exciting view of nature
69 Bottom-up health care reform is what we want
70 Groups Rally for Health Care Reform
71 New Yorkers, seniors will suffer most if health care reform fails, as insurance rates rise
72 If Bills Fail, a Quandary for Insurers
73 Medicare doctors waning in rural Arizona
74 Analysis: Paring back health care not so easy
75 Salami recalled in multistate salmonella outbreak
76 Salami recalled amid investigation [et al.]
77 Stunning New Image of Cat's Paw Nebula
78 Neurons Developed from Stem Cells Successfully Wired With Other Brain Regions in Animals
79 Neuron Connections Seen in 3-D
80 Spectacular X-Ray Tails Surprise Astronomers
81 Water Hits and Sticks: Findings Challenge a Century of Assumptions About Soil Hydrology
82 Human Running Speeds of 35 to 40 Mph May Be Biologically Possible
83 Insect Colonies Operate as 'Superorganisms,' New Research Finds
84 New 'Nanoburrs' Could Help Fight Heart Disease
85 Humans Caused Demise of Australia's Megafauna, Evidence Shows
86 Last Decade Was Warmest on Record, 2009 One of Warmest Years, NASA Research Finds
87 Fertility Drugs Contribute Heavily to Multiple Births
88 Scientists Capture Haiti Disaster With High-Tech Imaging System
89 Vitamin D Supplementation Can Reduce Falls in Nursing Care Facilities
90 Useless Online Student Quizzes
91 Choice Doesn't Always Mean Well-Being for Everyone
92 NSAIDs May Be More Effective Than Paracetamol for Period Pain
93 Mussel-Inspired 'Glue' for Fetal Membrane Repair
94 Cervical Cancer: Combined Drug and Radiotherapy Improves Survival
95 Malnutrition Higher in Children Born to Child Brides
96 Stress Peptide and Receptor May Have Role in Diabetes
97 By Measuring Magnetic Fields in Brain, Researchers Identify Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Biomarker
98 HIV Infection Prematurely Ages the Brain
99 Common Heart Medications May Also Protect Against Parkinson's Disease, Study Finds
100 Scientists Show How Brain Tumors Outsmart Drugs
101 Parkinson's: Treadmill Training Improves Movement
102 Consumers Have Mixed Reactions to Puffery in Advertising
103 How to Live Your Life Twice: Psychologist Busts a Myth and Offers Tips to Counter a Mid-Life Crisis
104 Want to Convince? Use Abstract Rather Than Concrete Language
105 Congo Receives Help from Space After Volcano Eruption
106 Ice Is 'Rotten' in the Beaufort Sea
107 Worldwide Nitrogen Deficit Constrains Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Plants
108 Brazil's Northeast Under the Vagaries of the Oceans
109 Membrane-Coat Proteins: Bacteria Have Them Too
110 Overseas Collections Play Important Role In Controlling Invasive Species
111 Urban 'Green' Spaces May Contribute to Global Warming
112 Rice Responsible for Asians' Alcohol Flush Reaction, Research Finds
113 Can Modern-Day Plants Trace Their New Zealand Ancestry?
114 Chemical Analyses Uncover Secrets of an Ancient Amphora
115 Most Modern European Males Descend from Farmers Who Migrated from the Near East
116 Rover Gives NASA an 'Opportunity' to View Interior of Mars
117 Cosmology: Weak Gravitational Lensing Improves Measurements of Distant Galaxies
118 Resumed Mars Orbiter Observations Yield Stunning Views
119 Bubble Physicist Counts Bubbles in Ocean to Answer Questions About Climate, Sound, Light
120 Tracking MRSA Evolution and Transmission: Revolutionary Strategy for Control and Prevention of Infection
121 Consumers Over Age 50 Should Consider Cutting Copper and Iron Intake, Report Suggests
122 A Computer Per Student Leads to Higher Performance Than Traditional Classroom Settings
123 How Does an Outfielder Know Where to Run for a Fly Ball?
124 Vaccination or Culling Best to Prevent Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Computer Models Suggest
125 Protecting Passengers: New System for Determining the Dynamic Behavior of a Bus Body Structure