File Title
1 Superbug family tree sketched out
2 Virus spreads by bouncing off infected cells
3 Most powerful hurricanes on the rise
4 Scientists shed new light on walking
5 An organic transistor paves the way for new generations of neuro-inspired computers
6 YouTube expands support for HTML5
7 Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon Has The Attention Of The USAF (w/ Video)
8 Water hits and sticks: Findings challenge a century of assumptions about soil hydrology
9 Moving through time
10 Siemens Sets New Record for Wireless Data Transfer using White LEDs
11 Slime design mimics Tokyo's rail system
12 Video of virus in action shows viruses can spread faster than thought possible
13 High vitamin D levels linked to lower risk of colon cancer
14 Engineers find significant environmental impacts with algae-based biofuel
15 How to live your life twice: Psychologist busts a myth and offers tips to counter a mid-life crisis
16 Eagle Owls Send Sweeter Valentines When Moon Is Full
17 San Andreas Fault study unearths new quake information
18 AMD posts a profit, thanks to $1.25B Intel payment
19 Rover Gives NASA an 'Opportunity' to View Interior of Mars
20 Researchers suggest new memory storage mineral
21 Research finds first oral bacteria linking a mother and her stillborn baby
22 Zebrafish swim into drug development
23 Explained: Gallager codes
24 Kindle beefs up for what Apple has in store
25 Language structure is partly determined by social structure, says psychology study
26 Electric Cars and Hybrids Ready to Go High End
27 Stroke's 'death signal' discovered; may aid drug development
28 Water still has a few secrets to tell
29 Watching crystals grow provides clues to making smoother, defect-free thin films
30 Physicist counts bubbles in the ocean to answer questions about climate, sound, light (w/ Video)
31 Biophysicists manipulate 'zipper,' reveal protein folding dynamics
32 US ITER awards agreement for Tokamak Cooling Water System
33 New light shed on old dispute between Einstein and Bohr
34 Going Beyond Moore's Law by Using the Third Dimension
35 Exotic symmetry seen in ultracold electrons
36 Physicists develop 3D metamaterial nanolens that achieves super-resolution imaging
37 Novel zoom objective with deformable mirrors
38 Has U.S. hit its final frontier in space?
39 Galaxy Cluster Abell 3627: Two Tails to Tell
40 NASA Research Finds Last Decade was Warmest on Record, 2009 One of Warmest Years
41 Tropical Storm Magda puts North Western Australian on alert
42 SOFIA Telescope Assembly Activated In Flight
43 'Cooling' forests can heat too
44 USF Study Shows First Direct Evidence of Ocean Acidification
45 Cave reveals Southwest's abrupt climate swings during Ice Age
46 UN climate report riddled with errors on glaciers (Update)
47 New research suggests that near-Earth encounters can 'shake' asteroids
48 What Happened in Haiti?
49 NASA Orbiter Listening for Phoenix Lander Hears Nothing
50 On the Trail of a Cosmic Cat (w/ Video)
51 Strong quake hits Haiti: US geologists
52 Kepler Mission Update: First exoplanet discovery, focal plane anomaly
53 Public Invited To Pick Pixels on Mars
54 Motorola offers Baidu search on China smartphones
55 Nokia to offer free mobile navigation services
56 Green jobs grow slowly
57 Can the Eastern U.S. get a fifth of its power from wind by 2024?
58 EU clears Oracle takeover of Sun
59 Engineers: New sensor could help treat, combat diabetes, other diseases
60 YouTube streamlines its video-viewing page
61 4 countries clear hurdle for non-Latin Web names
62 Russian firm to produce cheap electric cars
63 Microsoft fixes browser flaw used in Google breach
64 Researchers develop new bushfire warning device
65 European space company wants solar power plant in space
66 Digital music sales rise but piracy is sour note
67 Inflammation 'on switch' also serves as 'off switch'
68 New study focuses on protein dynamics
69 Human running speed of 35-40 mph may be biologically possible
70 Sunflower DNA map could produce plants for fuel
71 More Asian carp DNA found near Lake Michigan, officials say
72 New evidence links humans to megafauna demise
73 Unwanted guests: How herpes simplex virus gets rid of the cell's security guards
74 Tobacco plant thwarts caterpillar onslaught by opening flowers in the morning
75 Discovery of algae's toxic hunting habits could help curb fish kills
76 Genetics helps to crack down on chimpanzee smuggling
77 Black bear about to bear cubs live on Internet
78 Humans were once an endangered species
79 Mountain plants unable to withstand invasion
80 Can modern-day plants trace their New Zealand ancestry?
81 Scientists using X-ray vision to produce more nutritious flour
82 New concoction reprograms differentiated cells into pluripotent stem cells
83 Coconut palms bring ecological change to tropics, researchers say
84 Australia moving cancer-hit Tasmanian Devils to new islands
85 Llama proteins could play a vital role in the war on terror
86 Nano-motors facilitate communication between brain cells
87 Common heart medications may also protect against Parkinson's disease, study finds
88 US birth weights on the decline
89 Tracking MRSA evolution and transmission
90 Obesity ups cancer risk, and here's how
91 Scientists discover cells critical to childhood leukemia
92 Smokers with cancer could quit and double survival
93 Combat wounds not the leading cause of evacuations
94 Degree of obesity raises risk of stroke, regardless of gender, race
95 Ask the non-experts: Psychologists use non-expert student observers in autism research
96 Team finds childhood clues to adult schizophrenia
97 Lack of cellular enzyme triggers switch in glucose processing
98 Identification of the gene responsible for a new form of adult muscular dystrophy
99 Recession hits California students at school and at home, report finds
100 Do children need both a mother and a father?
101 Study: Animals populated Madagascar by rafting there
102 'Coffee Talk' Disappearing In Native New Yorkers
103 Saxon queen discovered in Germany
104 Useless online student quizzes
105 Global business teams need time to talk, not just e-mail
106 Study: Companies better off hiring CEO from within in the long term
107 Sexist Olympic coverage
108 Want to convince? Use abstract rather than concrete language
109 Judges on trial: How to promote judicial accountability
110 Those less motivated to achieve will excel on tasks seen as fun
111 Egypt announces find of ancient cat goddess temple
112 Too many choices? New study says more is usually better
113 Our memory of time is shortened when we believe products and events are related
114 Consumers have mixed reactions to puffery in advertising
115 People born in the 1940s not the spenders we thought they were