File Title
1 'Doomsday Clock' Changes Today: Are We Closing in on Midnight?
2 Do Hands Speak Louder Than Words?
3 Haiti Earthquake Overwhelms Medical Workers
4 Haitian Earthquake Trauma May Strike People in U.S.
5 Haiti Earthquake Medical Aid May Take 'Military'-Style Operation
6 Can Airport Security Deal With Non-Terrorist Outbursts?
7 Haiti Earthquake Slams Local Hospitals
8 Three-second fish memory 'rubbish'
9 First exoplanet 'fingerprint' detected
10 Space station needs 'extension to 2020'
11 Hydro scheme awarded major prize
12 Ethiopia launches new Omo River hydroelectric plant
13 New bird species found in rainforests of Borneo
14 Arctic polar bears imperilled by man-made pollution
15 Light shed on fish gill mystery
16 Back to school on biodiversity
17 Security experts say Google cyber-attack was routine
18 Manchester to gain fibre network
19 Scottish crimes to be reconstructed in 3D
20 Judicial review for McKinnon extradition decision
21 Schools must embrace mobile technology
22 Steve Jobs and Sir Tim Berners-Lee baffle the Brits
23 The Google v China face-off
24 Playing games in class
25 Google's about turn in China
26 Alzheimer's disease 'could be detected by eye test'
27 Locum doctor inquest hears of patient's last moments
28 Did UK get it right on swine flu?
29 Avoiding Cyber Charity Scams
30 Social Networking in Haiti Updates World
31 China Warns Web Companies to Obey Law
32 Alleged Quake Scams Popping Up Already
33 Technology Aims to Replace Animal Testing
34 Sharp Rebound for PC Sales in Q4
35 RealNetworks CEO Quits After 16 Years
36 Eric Holder Vows to Fight Economic Crime
37 Haiti "In Shambles," With Help Scarce
38 N/A
39 American Students Missing in Haiti
40 Key Challenges Confront Haiti Recovery
41 Medical Concerns Mount After Quake
42 Home Drug Tests Given to L.I. Parents
43 Superfoods for Women
44 Tests May Shed Light on Egypt Mummy
45 Google in China: Pulling Out May Not Be a Good Idea
46 China official's comments on Internet control
47 A Heated Debate at the Top
48 'Doomsday Clock' Moves Away From Midnight but Only by 1 Minute
49 Doomsday clock's inexorable tick tocks forward and/or back
50 Analysts: PC Shipments Bounce Back in Q4, But Apple Losing Share
51 Mac sales can't keep pace with cheap PCs, Apple slips to No. 5
52 Y chromosome not stagnating, men not idiots
53 Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins
54 Male Chromosome May Evolve Fastest
55 Y chromosomes evolving rapidly
56 Google Leads U.S. in Search as It Mulls Exit from China
57 Google and China play hardball in fight over search services
58 Google rules search in December; Bing drops
59 In Search Of...Images Worth 1,000 Results
60 Google vs China: A chance for Yahoo! and Bing?
61 Google Earth Reveals the Devastation in Haiti
62 GeoEye Satellite Images: Haiti Before and After
63 Satellite imagery shows devastation from Haiti earthquake
64 Vodafone claims 50,000 first-day iPhone sales
65 Vodafone: 50,000 iPhones Sold On First Day
66 Apple App Store Has Lost $450 Million to Piracy--Or Perhaps Not
67 Mac OS X dev reflects on Apple; $100K tablet bounty; App Store piracy
68 Android malware: How open is too open?
69 Apple's App Store 'has lost $450 million' since opening
70 Piracy May Have Cost Apple, iPhone Devs $450 Million
71 Zinio app brings magazines to iPhones...and perhaps iSlates?
72 International Space Station Crew Takes Spacewalk
73 First ISS spacewalk of 2010
74 Now, the great Facebook security giveaway...literally
75 LG Bets on Android Despite Windows Mobile Deal
76 NASA Listens for Phoenix; More Extra-Solar Planet Observations
77 For Stuck Mars Rover, Time is Running Out
78 Are Those Trees on Mars?
79 Proof of Martians 'to come this year'
80 NASA hopes Phoenix Mars Lander will rise again
81 DOJ, schools settle over Kindle's blind access
82 The Haiti Earthquake
83 Text Messages Raising Big $$$ for Aid to Haiti
84 Mobile Giving at $10 Per Text, Raises $2 Million for Haiti Quake Victims
85 Mobile charity giving sends over $1 million to Haiti
86 IBM Strikes Major Cloud Deal With Panasonic
87 IBM grabs largest enterprise cloud deployment
88 Panasonic Dives Into IBM's Cloud
89 Verizon looks for more revenue in wireless data
90 Verizon Wireless Completes More Than $100 Mln In Upstate New York Network Enhancements In 2009--Quick Facts
91 Intel claims Core i5-based MacBook Pro promo was a mistake
92 Intel's MacBook Pro update slip: what to expect
93 Intel Backtracks on i5 MacBook Pro Leak
94 Intel promo points to new Core i5 MacBook Pro
95 WHO official: H1N1 threat not exaggerated
96 U.S. obesity rates reaching a resting point, studies show
97 Obesity Rates Hit Plateau in U.S., Data Suggest
98 Chronic sleep loss hampers performance
99 You can't always catch up from sleep loss
100 Sleeping in doesn't make up for chronic sleep loss
101 A Good Night's Slumber Won't Reverse Chronic Sleep Loss
102 Missing Sleep Bad For Your Health
103 Morphine shows promise against post-traumatic stress disorder
104 Morphine helps wounded avoid post-combat stress
105 Morphine found to help stave off PTSD in wounded troops
106 Morphine Cuts Both Pain and PTSD
107 Doctors Without Borders: Supplies and Staff Scarce
108 Haiti quake survivors spend second night in streets
109 Disease Could Become as Deadly as Quake
110 Eye test could diagnose Alzheimer's Disease
111 Eye test could aid dementia fight
112 Loss of Smell Could Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's
113 Simple eye test for Alzheimer's 'to be offered at opticians in as little as five years'
114 Cervical Cancer Awareness month under way
115 2nd UPDATE: Merck Submits New Data To FDA To Widen Gardasil Use
116 Merck submits Gardasil data for women 27 to 45
117 Study Supports Connection Between BPA and Heart Disease
118 Chemical in Many Consumer Plastics Linked to Heart Disease
119 Windpipe transplanted after being grown in woman's arm
120 Transplanted Trachea Grows Own Blood Supply in Patient's Arm
121 Migraines, Depression: A Genetic Link?
122 Migraines And Depression May Share Genetic Link
123 Depression and migraine may be caused by same gene
124 Charity develops artificial pancreas
125 Walgreen Threatens to Pull Pharmacies From Medicaid Program
126 State Watch: Walgreen Medicaid Prescription Threat, Conn. Insurance Claims
127 Walgreen May Leave Medicaid Leaving Seniors Alone
128 Tuberculosis patient flies despite being on banned list
129 Mayor faces new foe: sodium
130 People 'happier' at weekends, scientists 'discover'
131 Weekends are happier days for a reason
132 Study finds people happier, more vital on weekends
133 There's a reason you're happiest on weekends