File Title
1 Santa Clara engineering students give up Christmas with family to help African villagers
2 Underground tremors caused by moon, sun, Berkeley study finds
3 San Andreas found extremely sensitive to stress
4 House and Senate look to final health care talks
5 Shoppers return to malls, looking for deals
6 Strong quake in eastern Indonesia, no tsunami
7 Ukraine has problems paying for gas: Gazprom
8 Stem Cell Research Gets a Boost From Vitamin C
9 Star Remnants Retain 'Memory' of Explosions
10 Tug grounds on same reef as Exxon Valdez tanker
11 N. America's biggest fish slips toward extinction
12 2 rare Siberian tigers among dead circus cats
13 South Korea's Lee visits UAE; nuclear deal eyed
14 China adopts law to boost renewable energy industry
15 Pakistan: US men had maps of nuclear power site
16 Research Reveals How Breast Cancer Rearranges Genome
17 Americans Delay Cell Phone Upgrades
18 AP Enterprise: Feds mull regulating drugs in water
19 Magma building up in Philippines' Mayon volcano
20 First Jesus-era house discovered in Nazareth
21 Chief calls for appeal of 'misguided' armor ruling
22 Low blood sugar may impair diabetics' driving
23 Flu Vaccine for Seniors Approved
24 Anti-Hunger Smells Could Battle Obesity
25 GOP lawmakers change tune on costly health plans
26 A comparison of House, Senate health care bills
27 Senate bill could hurt insurers at least initially
28 N/A
29 House and Senate look to final health care talks
30 Mele Kalikimaka! First Family Heading to Hawaii for Christmas
31 First Functional Molecular Transistor Comes Alive
32 Recycle Your Yule Into Christmas Alt-Fuel
33 Saturn's Moons Are Cuter Than Sugarplum Fairies
34 Tidal Forces Trigger Tremors on San Andreas Fault
35 Get Started With Google Wave
36 Boeing's 787 Is as Innovative Inside as Outside
37 5 Legal Cases That Defined Music in 2009
38 Focus a Camera
39 Insurgents Intercepting Predator Video? No Problem
40 Arkanoid--More Retrogaming for Your iPhone
41 Go-Go Kidz Travelmate Lets You Go Go Through the Airport
42 Orbital: All You Need Is One Thumb
43 Warming Already Speeding Up Insect Breeding
44 Spirit Right-Front And Right-Rear Wheels Remain Stalled
45 S.Korea approves massive LCD investment in China
46 Website For Astronomers To Report Unexplained Aerospace Phenomena
47 Kansas Scientists Probe Mysterious Possible Comet Strikes On Earth
48 Avatar Moon Pandora Could Be Real
49 UK Outlines Science Priorities
50 Silicon Technology Offers Extended X-Ray Vision Of High-Energy Cosmos
51 Africa Establishes New Space Partnerships
52 Space Debris A Concern In Satellite Launch
53 Studying The Surface Of Titan
54 LOFAR Maps The Radio Sky At Effelsberg
55 Brown Dwarf Pair Mystifies Astronomers
56 25 Years in Peptic Ulcers: From Chronic to Curable
57 Now That It's Passed: What You Need to Know About the Senate Health Care Bill
58 Ancient whale sucked mud for food
59 Troubleshooters that block cancer
60 Scientists aim for musical impact
61 AI aims to solve in-game chatter
62 Climate and humans: the long view
63 Cold weather misery for arthritis patients
64 Bomb Suspect May Be Prominent Banker's Son
65 Apple tablet finally a reality?
66 Will no one bring us the Apple tablet?
67 The Wonder Of Apple's Tablet
68 Apple stock at all-time high on tablet rumor
69 Apple owns mystery deepens
70 Evidence points to Apple's ownership of domain
71 Apple Own, Possible Name of Tablet
72 Apple 'iSlate' Trademark and What is a 'Magic Slate'?
73 2009: Year of the Social Network
74 Social networking shaping college recuitment trends
75 More companies connect with customers through social networking
76 Getting started at the App Store
77 Top 10 Best iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for $0.99 Cents
78 10 best iPhone apps for music fans
79 As DDoS Attacks Go, This One's a Dud
80 Last-minute Amazon, Wal-Mart shoppers delayed by DDoS attack
81 isoHunt loses big: infringement "old wine in a new bottle"
82 isoHunt guilty of inducing copyright infringement
83 Christmas Blues for isoHunt--Liable for Inducing Copyright Infringement
84 A clear but limited win for Hollywood over isoHunt
85 Amazon Continues Blu-ray Sales After Christmas
86 How Blu-ray stole Christmas (and why that should worry you)
87 Internet Users Spend an Average of 13 Hours a Week Online, Survey Finds
88 Average Person Spends 13 Hours Online Per Week
89 Average Net user now online 13 hours per week
90 Average time online higher than years ago; sky still blue
91 Oklahoma firm recalling beef products in six states
92 National Steak and Poultry E coli Outbreak
93 Contamination Threat Makes Company Recall Meat
94 Ill. doctors use 1 liver for 2 patient transplants
95 Oregon hazelnut scare limited to 1 percent recall
96 Calorie Restriction: Scientists Take Important Step Toward 'Fountain of Youth'
97 The Past Matters to Plants
98 Sun and Moon Trigger Deep Tremors on San Andreas Fault
99 How the Brain Encodes Memories at a Cellular Level
100 Keck Telescopes Gaze Into Young Star's 'Life Zone'
101 Santa's Sleigh: Researcher Explains Science of Christmas Magic
102 Herschel Space Telescope Uncovers Sources of Cosmic Infrared Background
103 World's First Molecular Transistor Created
104 Youthful Appearance of Stars Known as Blue Stragglers Explained
105 Scientists Map Speed of Climate Change for Different Ecosystems
106 Genomic Toggle Switches Divide Autoimmune Diseases Into Distinct Clusters
107 Tourists in Antarctica Cause of Major Concern
108 Signaling Decreases Blood Pressure, Study Finds
109 Certain Genes Boost Chances for Distributing Variety of Traits, Drive Evolution
110 Do Consumers Always Approach Pleasure and Avoid Pain? New Study Suggests an Alternative
111 Antibody-Guided Drug Shows Encouraging Activity in Metastatic Breast Cancer
112 Bone Control of Glucose Levels
113 Who Gets Expensive Cancer Drugs? A Tale of Two Nations
114 New Inherited Eye Disease Discovered
115 Sensitizing Leukemic Cells to Death-Inducing Compounds
116 Growing Evidence Suggests Progesterone Should Be Considered a Treatment Option for Traumatic Brain Injuries
117 Psychologists Show That Future-Minded People Make Better Decisions for Their Health
118 Alzheimer's Disease May Protect Against Cancer and Vice Versa
119 Fine-Tuning Treatments For Depression
120 Cause of Nonallergic Itch Identified
121 Could Acetaminophen Ease Psychological Pain?
122 Wii Fit May Not Help Families Get Fit
123 Conservation Areas Threatened Nationally by Housing Developments
124 Genetic Study Reveals the Origins of Cavity-Causing Bacteria
125 Canopy Giants and Miniature Fungi Among 250 New Species Discovered in Kew's 250th Anniversary Year
126 New Insights Into Mushroom-Derived Drug Promising for Cancer Treatment
127 Fight Infection by Disturbing How Bacteria Communicate
128 How Flu Succeeds
129 Microscopic Flower Petal Ridges Flash to Attract Pollinating Insects; Scientists Now Know How Ridges Form
130 Ski Runs Are Not Created Equal
131 Hatchery-Raised Salmon Too Crowded
132 Fungal Footage Yields Insight Into Plant, Animal Disease
133 Soil Studies Reveal Rise in Antibiotic Resistance
134 Australian Fossil Unlocks Secrets to the Origin of Whales
135 Fossil Shelved for a Century Reworks Carnivore Family Tree: Limbs Changes Understanding of Early Carnivore Locomotion
136 Modern Behavior of Early Humans Found Half-Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought
137 Story of 4.5-Million-Year-Old Whale Found in Spain
138 Hypoxia Tends to Increase as Climate Warms, Study Finds
139 Weir in Space and Dimmed Sun Creates 200-Million-Mile-Long Lab Bench for Turbulence Research
140 Cassini Holiday Movies Showcase Dance of Saturn's Moons
141 Brown Dwarf Pair Mystifies Astronomers
142 Scientists Shed Light on a Mysterious Particle, the Neutrino
143 Little Stars from the Early Galaxy: Understanding the Milky Way's Oldest Stellar Population
144 New Warning System Warns of Driver Drowsiness and Distraction
145 Low-Cost Temperature Sensors: Tennis Balls to Monitor Mountain Snowpack
146 Method Makes Refineries More Efficient
147 Do Computers Understand Art?
148 Glitter-Sized Solar Photovoltaics Could Revolutionize the Way Solar Energy Is Collected and Used
149 Scientists Improve Chip Memory by Stacking Cells
150 List Helps Computers Understand Expressions With More Than One Meaning
151 Electronic Health Records: Concerns About Potential Privacy Breaches Remain an Issue