File Title
1 Method found to read 30,000-year-old DNA
2 Archeological Site Opens in Huatulco, Mexico
3 Relic reveals Noah's ark was circular
4 Chromatic Palette of Mexica Sculptural Art Identified
5 Lost Amazon Complex Found; Shapes Seen by Satellite
6 Valletta was built on agricultural land, archaeological evidence shows
7 Plateau was ancient salt-making site
8 Archaeologists: 50,000 Years Old Volcanic Cave Discovered in Syria
9 Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo
10 The oldest brothels in the Malaga
11 Iraqi police seize artifacts amid smuggling fears
12 Largest Saqqara Tomb Discovered
13 What Happened to the Hominids Who May Have Been Smarter Than Us?
14 Deal Signed to Protect Ancient Art in Utah Canyon
15 Did Unemployed Minoan Artists Land Jobs in Ancient Egypt?
16 Archaeological Cemeteries and public Baths Unearthed in Syria
17 Sacred Statue Uncovered at Site of Ancient Hindu Temple in Yogyakarta
18 Tombs Reveal More On Egypt's Middle Class
19 Sifting fact from fiction in Cao Cao's mausoleum
20 Oldest primate fossils found
21 Viral phenomenon: Ancient microbe invaded human DNA
22 Daily blog tracks Penn's archaeological research in Laos
23 Most ancient Hebrew biblical inscription deciphered
24 15th-century relic discovered in Haveri
25 Beccles dig unearths ancient secrets
26 Iraqi archaeologists find ancient Sumerian settlement
27 Bits of 81 ancient bronze mirrors unearthed
28 Egyptian Eyeliner May Have Warded Off Disease
29 Megalithic spin? Brockdorff Circle report literally rewrites history
30 Heavy Brows, High Art?: Newly Unearthed Painted Shells Show Neandertals Were Homo sapiens's Mental Equals
31 How the Alexander Mosaic was Seen
32 Japan university develops see-through fish
33 Massive statue of Pharaoh Taharqa discovered deep in Sudan
34 Mental illness blocks the road back home
35 Obesity: lose fork, go under the knife
36 Why we must talk about death
37 What helps men live longer
38 A suitable case for cancer treatment
39 For ancient Egyptians, make-up was more than cosmetic
40 Europe grinds to a halt as freezing cold, snow and ice create havoc
41 Do-it-yourself disciples risking trip on Jacob's ladder
42 Mice wave memory loss away
43 Education is what is needed--not a flying fox cull
44 Polish fossil find turns around key evolutionary theory
45 Nervous wait for three men bitten by mad bat
46 Diagnosing autism with MEG imaging
47 Facebook turns to the ivory tower
48 'Kama Sutra' most pirated e-book of 2009
49 Can full-body airport scanners harm you?
50 Origin of Tassie devil facial cancer found
51 Researchers develop transparent goldfish
52 End of the road for NASA's Mars rover?
53 Kepler telescope finds five new exoplanets
54 Astronomers predict discovery of Avatar moon
55 Australia suffers hottest decade yet
56 Prehistoric koalas didn't eat gum, study says
57 Seaweed chokes the Great Barrier Reef
58 Aboriginal folklore leads to meteorite crater
59 Could mobile phone radiation protect against Alzheimer's disease?
60 Milky Way enigma: Why galaxy's central black hole is silent
61 Baylor professor turning cow manure into fuel-grade ethanol
62 Miracle at Memorial: Mom and Baby Die During Labor, Revived
63 Biofueling the Future: New Energy Sources Allow More Efficient Heating Technology
64 New Micro-Machine Harvests Energy from Vibrations
65 Glowing walls could kill off the light bulb
66 Scientists Find an Antibody Which Hunts and Kills Prostate Cancer
67 Google launches a utility as DOE funds data center efficiency
68 Will a robot be the next great humanitarian?
69 Finding a Second Earth Could Happen Anytime Now: NASA/Harvard Teams (A Daily Galaxy 2009 Top Post)
70 Alyssa Milano Raises $92,568 for Clean Water With Twitter: Join the Tweet for Good Phenomenon
71 Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Ever Found Started out as a Gas Giant
72 How Plants 'Feel' the Temperature Rise
73 Ant Has Given Up Sex Completely, Researchers Confirm
74 Echinoderms Contribute to Global Carbon Sink; Impact of Marine Creatures Underestimated
75 What Came First in the Origin of Life? New Study Contradicts the 'Metabolism First' Hypothesis
76 Evolution's Footprints in Human Genome Precisely Tracked Using New Approach
77 30,000-Year-Old Child's Teeth Shed New Light on Human Evolution
78 Evolutionary Surprise: Eight Percent of Human Genetic Material Comes from a Virus
79 Fossil Footprints Give Land Vertebrates a Much Longer History
80 How Earth Survived Its Birth: New Simulation Reveals Planet Migration Prevents Plunge Into Sun
81 Micro RNAs Can Turn Genes Off
82 Targeting Cancerous Vessels
83 Ipratropium Bromide May Increase Risk for Cardiovascular Events
84 What Connects the Elderly and Sports People? Smart Sensor Technology
85 Hispanic Elderly More Likely Than Whites to Live in Inferior Nursing Homes
86 Pediatric Cancer Survivors at Risk for Diseases That Predispose Them to Heart Disease
87 SNPs in C-Reactive Protein Are Not Associated With Increased Risk of Cancer
88 Periodic Paralysis Study Reveals Gene Causing Disorder
89 Metformin Is Safe for Patients With Advanced Heart Failure and Diabetes Mellitus, Study Shows
90 Abnormal Blood Calcium Levels Deadly for Kidney Disease Patients
91 Sleeping Beauty Hooks Up With Herpes to Fight Brain Disease
92 New Molecular Mechanism Discovered That Guides Visual Nerves Towards Brain
93 Chloride Increases Response to Pheromones and Odors in Mouse Sensory Neurons
94 New Brain Scan Better Detects Earliest Signs of Alzheimer's Disease in Healthy People
95 Quitline Messages That Stress Benefits of Quitting May Improve Smoking Cessation
96 Study Examines Calorie Information from Restaurants, Packaged Foods
97 Healthy Older Adults With Subjective Memory Loss May Be at Increased Risk for MCI and Dementia
98 Mozart Therapy: A Sonata a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
99 Setting the Record Straight on Weight Loss
100 How People Work...and the Fingerprint Mystery
101 When Hooking Up With Opposite Sex, Genital Complexities Do Matter, Fruit Fly Research Finds
102 Sharing a Hospital Room Increases Risk of 'Super Bugs'
103 Warmer Climate Could Stifle Carbon Uptake by Trees, Study Finds
104 Protein Dynamics: Hidden, Transient Life of a Protein Between Active States Illuminated
105 Environmentalists and Fishing Community Can Both Win, Say Experts
106 Old Hay and Alpine Ibex Horns Reveal How Grasslands Respond to Climate Change
107 Where Do Puffins Go in the Winter?
108 Cold War Offered Odd Benefit--It Limited Species Invasions
109 Zircons and Their Message from the Earth's Mantle
110 Scientists Call for Moratorium on Issuance of Mountaintop Mining Permits
111 Most Ancient Hebrew Biblical Inscription Deciphered, Scholar Says
112 Earliest Tyrannosauroid Rediscovered in Museum Collection
113 From Crickets to Whales, Animal Calls Have Something in Common
114 New Evidence Of Culture In Wild Chimpanzees
115 Using Modern Sequencing Techniques to Study Ancient Humans
116 WISE Eye Spies First Glimpse of the Starry Sky
117 Milky Way's Magnetic Attraction Ten Times Stronger Than Rest of Galaxy
118 Astronomers Get New Tools for Gravitational-Wave Detection
119 Sun Glints Seen from Space Signal Oceans and Lakes
120 All Sustainable Transportation Subsidies Shouldn't Be Created Equal, Experts Say
121 Remote Triggering System For Avalanche Airbags Developed
122 Rules Governing RNA's Anatomy Revealed
123 New Solvent Technologies to Replace Use of Harmful Toxic Acids
124 Airport Full-Body Scanners Expose Passengers to Less Harmful Radiation Than Most Flights, Experts Say
125 New Record in the Area of Prime Number Decomposition of Cryptographically Important Numbers
126 Argumentative Agents for Online Deal-Making
127 Mobile Bushfire Monitoring: Modern Wireless Technologies Could Save Bushfire Lives
128 Technological Safety Net for Fall-Prone Elderly
129 H1N1 Virus Spreads Easily by Plane
130 Physicists Solve Difficult Classical Problem with One Quantum Bit
131 New mathematical model aids Big Bang supercomputer research
132 Team Shines Cosmic Light on Missing Ordinary Matter
133 Why Won't the Supernova Explode?
134 Golden ratio discovered in a quantum world
135 Viral phenomenon: Ancient microbe invaded human DNA
136 Quantum fluctuations are key in superconductors
137 Pi calculation smashes records
138 Coral can recover from climate change damage
139 Scientists say dolphins should be treated as non-human persons
140 Florida's cold snap disaster for tropical wildlife
141 Laser projector, set-top box win gadget awards
142 Nanoscience goes 'big': Discovery could lead to enhanced electronics
143 Using Nanotechnology to Boost the Lifespan of Medical Implants
144 Paper strips can quickly detect toxin in drinking water
145 Neutrino data to flow in 2010; NOvA scientists tune design
146 Quantum Computer Measures Energy in Molecular Hydrogen
147 How people work...and the mystery of your fingerprints
148 Magnet Lab Reclaims World Record For Highest-Field Resistive Magnet
149 Quantum simulation of a relativistic particle
150 Bering Strait influenced ice age climate patterns worldwide
151 Super cyclone Edzani staying safely at sea spawning super swells
152 Massive white dwarf in our galaxy may go supernova
153 New tidal streams found in Andromeda reveal history of galactic mergers
154 As Rainier's glaciers recede, debris chokes rivers
155 Warmer Climate Could Stifle Carbon Uptake by Trees, Study Says
156 Astronomers simulate how white dwarf stars merge and become a supernova
157 Mirror Testing at NASA Breaks Superstitious Myths
158 Planning Our Phases on the Moon
159 Nexus One first impression: A sleek Google phone, worthy vs. iPhone
160 New sunglasses can also be used for 3-D viewing
161 Marvell Announces World's First Quadruple Core Processor for ARM Instruction
162 Seagate Super Speeds Transfer Rates With USB 3.0 External Portable Hard Drive
163 Intel rolls out new chips that show lead over AMD (Update)
164 SAMSUNG Sets New Standards, Breaks Boundaries with Latest Lineup of Blu-ray Players
165 Fujitsu USB 3.0-SATA Bridge IC Earns USB-IF Compliance Certification for SuperSpeed USB
166 Panasonic Develops World's Largest 152-Inch Full HD 3D Plasma Display
167 Samsung unveils e-reader, partnering with Google
168 E-reader boom kindles a variety of new options
169 China writers say Google ready to settle book row
170 Lego expands its universe with online game
171 Yahoo, IBM and H-P win stimulus money for energy projects
172 Researchers develop new method of quantitative art authentication
173 Pink technology put porn viewers into virtual action
174 Sanyo rolls electric bicycles into US market
175 In search of speed
176 Intuit app lets iPhones prepare US tax returns
177 Panasonic to expand solar cell, 3-D TV production
178 Argumentative agents for online deal-making
179 2010 should be a good year for clean tech
180 Online shopping revolution?
181 Yahoo! expands Web-connected TV push
182 Supercomputer offers MATLAB capability
183 Staying safe in snow
184 DOCOMO Develops 8-Band Power Amplifier for Mobile Phones
185 White House answers some questions on video chat
186 Discovery of enzyme activation process could lead to new heart attack treatments (w/ Video)
187 A role for calcium in taste perception
188 Scientists Investigate How Fireflies Emit Different Colors of Light
189 Worm's eye view: Molecular worm algorithm navigates inside chemical labyrinth
190 Researchers discover molecular security system that protects cells from potentially harmful DNA
191 Researchers Identify microRNA targets in C. elegans
192 Where did SF Bay's sea lions go? Try Oregon Coast
193 Cold War offered odd benefit--it limited species invasions
194 New approach precisely tracks evolution's footprints in the human genome
195 Camera traps yield first-time film of tigress and cubs (w/ Video)
196 Organic feed influences gene expression in chickens
197 Scientists uncover role of protein critical for activating DNA replication
198 Duda, where'd my spines go?
199 Reluctant hero? Cleaner fish show it pays to be selfless
200 Rules governing RNA's anatomy revealed
201 How plants 'feel' the temperature rise
202 Environmentalists and fishing community can both win, say experts
203 New 'lily' Tangerine Tango can jazz up summer gardens
204 Polar bears in southern Beaufort Sea spending more time on land and open water
205 Biologists develop efficient genetic modification of human embryonic stem cells
206 Wild Iberian horses contributed to the origin of the current Iberian domestic stock
207 Resistance to antibiotics can be drawback for bacteria
208 Study explains why light worsens migraine headaches
209 Research adds to evidence that autism is a brain 'connectivity' disorder
210 Rheumatologists advance genetic research related to disabling form of arthritis
211 Sleeping Beauty hooks up with herpes to fight brain disease
212 Researchers identify an immune cell linked to inflammation and scarring in Graves' eye disease
213 Brain imaging may help diagnose autism
214 CDC: Swine flu now widespread only in 1 state
215 How high can a climber go?
216 Deep brain stimulation successful for treatment of severely depressive patient
217 Blood test could improve graft-versus-host disease treatment
218 Research suggests new ways to boost cognitive performance of older adults
219 New Device Can Aid Physicians in Detecting Heart Attacks
220 Gone with the wind: Tubes are whisking samples across hospital
221 Research confirms efficacy of the newly reclassified TMN staging system
222 Healthy older adults with subjective memory loss may be at increased risk for MCI and dementia
223 Volunteering may prevent the elderly from becoming frail
224 Brain activity levels affect self-perception
225 Egypt discovers new workers' tombs near pyramids
226 Australian WWII wreck seen for first time in 66 years
227 Property tax increases drive few elderly to move out of their homes
228 Low-paid workers suffer high rate of workplace abuse, survey shows