File Title
1 Cold Weather Blows From Dakotas to Florida
2 A Memory Card That Will Never Be Too Full to Take Photos
3 enTourage eDGe Dualbook Fuses Tablet and E-Reader
4 'Strawberry-Like' Crab Species Discovered Off Taiwan [& other Amazing Animals]
5 Cell Phone Radiation Cuts Alzheimer' Mice
6 Daughter Hails Montana's Right-to-Die Ruling
7 Will It Pass? Health Care Bill at Risk
8 Exterminating Superbugs at the Source
9 EU awards Galileo satellite-navigation contracts
10 Super-Earth 'began as gas giant'
11 Fossil tracks record 'oldest land-walkers'
12 Dark matter 'beach ball' unveiled
13 Female toads inflate to avoid sex
14 Whaling showdown in the Southern Ocean
15 Microsoft and HP show off 'slate' PC
16 London unveils digital datastore
17 Bigger Amazon Kindle DX lays down gauntlet to rivals
18 Downloads up as album sales drop
19 Mobile phone radiation 'protects' against Alzheimer's
20 Hormones 'govern ability to breastfeed'
21 Women 'too busy' to go for cancer screenings
22 Ukraine's twin town revels in special status
23 Should we bring back rationing?
24 Cancer drugs 'treat' aggressive childhood brain tumours
25 U.S. Military Goes Hi-Tech in 21st Century
26 Microsoft Promises XBox Add-On This Year
27 3-D Television Makes Big CES Splash
28 Ballmer Pushes Tech For The Living Room
29 Cat Found Frozen Thaws, Survives
30 Negro on Census Form Called Offensive
31 Dogs Trounce Cats in Likeability Poll
32 Lose Weight--in the Drive-Thru?
33 Infertility: Have You Checked Your Sperm?
34 Bathing Patients Curbs Hospital Infections
35 Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency
36 W.H. Defensive over Health Care Fast Track
37 Sea stars suck up carbon
38 Can a Person Freeze to Death?
39 Cell Phone Radiation Might Improve Memory
40 Rare Wild Tiger and Cubs Captured on Video
41 Vampires Among Us: From Bats to Psychics
42 Airport Body Scanners Not Harmful, Groups Say
43 A Helmet to Prevent Paralysis
44 Emergent Images to Outwit Spambots
45 TV Enters New Dimensions
46 Upgrading the Laptop's Touch Pad
47 Quantum Darwinism can explain the nature of classical reality. But is it really a form of natural selection or just an imposter?
48 Startup Tests Drugs Aimed at Autism
49 Lombardi researchers find investigational agent reduces tumor resistance to breast cancer therapy
50 1 solution to obesity: Muscles that act as an energy drain
51 Leptin-controlled gene can reverse diabetes
52 MIT neuroengineers silence brain cells with multiple colors of light
53 Incidence of type 1 diabetes doubles in 20 years, continues rising at 3 percent per year--but why?
54 Study identifies a protein complex possibly crucial for triggering embryo development
55 Unraveling kidney cancer
56 Study Examines Calorie Information from Restaurants, Packaged Foods
57 Study: US biofuels policies flawed
58 Coal from mass extinction era linked to lung cancer mystery
59 Nitric oxide-releasing wrap for donor organs and cloth for therapeutic socks
60 Canine compulsive disorder gene identified in dogs
61 'Nanodragster' races toward the future of molecular machines
62 More evidence on benefits of high blood pressure drugs in diabetic eye disease
63 Researcher links diabetic complication, nerve damage in bone marrow
64 Team finds link between stomach-cancer bug and cancer-promoting factor
65 Silencing brain cells with yellow and blue light
66 Camera traps yield first-time film of tigress and cubs
67 Pediatric cancer survivors at risk for diseases that predispose them to heart disease
68 30,000-year-old teeth shed new light on human evolution
69 Fossil footprints give land vertebrates a much longer history
70 CSHL scientists uncover role of protein critical for activating DNA replication
71 Scientists' breakthrough in production of biofuels
72 Wild Iberian horses contributed to the origin of the current Iberian domestic stock
73 Discovery of a new molecular mechanism that guides visual nerves towards the brain
74 Astronomers Get New Tools for Gravitational-Wave Detection
75 In All The Galaxy, Just 15 Percent Of Solar Systems Are Like Ours
76 Celebrex inhibited the burden of skin cancer in high-risk patients
77 News Release--heic1001: Hubble finds most distant primeval galaxies
78 Astronomers detect earliest galaxies
79 Miscanthus, a biofuels crop, can host western corn rootworm
80 Worm's Eye View: Molecular worm algorithm navigates inside chemical labyrinth
81 Electric field propels worms to test new drugs
82 New panchromatic capabilities of Hubble reveal an unprecedented view of the universe
83 'Ferropaper' is new technology for small motors, robots
84 Scientists reveal Milky Way's magnetic attraction
85 Quantum simulation of a relativistic particle
86 UV LED therapy shows promising results in preventing focal seizures
87 Most earthlike exoplanet started out as a gas giant
88 Iowa State physicists beginning to see data from the Large Hadron Collider
89 How the Earth survived birth
90 Study: New brain scan better detects earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease in healthy people
91 Research on rarely studied cell-receptor regions opens door to eliminating drugs' side effects
92 Abuse in childhood linked to migraine and other pain disorders
93 Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer's disease
94 Setting the record straight on weight loss
95 Fewer headaches on the horizon thanks to latest guidelines
96 Efficacy of flu vaccine drastically reduced for RA patients treated with rituximab
97 Biologists develop efficient genetic modification of human embryonic stem cells
98 Periodic paralysis study reveals gene causing disorder
99 Blood glucose self-monitoring: No benefit for non-insulin-dependent patients with type 2 diabetes
100 Mobile bushfire monitoring
101 Liver donations from living donors increase 42 percent after educational intervention
102 IU study: Screening and treating girls doesn't reduce prevalence of chlamydia in teens
103 A Sonata a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
104 Duda, Where'd My Spines Go?
105 UCLA study shows metformin is safe for patients with advanced heart failure and diabetes mellitus
106 Nature's most precise clocks may make 'galactic GPS' possible
107 Sun glints seen from space signal oceans and lakes
108 Goddard scientist's breakthrough given ticket to Mars
109 University of Nevada, Reno researcher devises new solar pond distillation system
110 Getting a grip on school timetables
111 Observation about how nervous system learns and encodes motion could improve stroke recovery
112 Israel succesfuly tests anti-rocket system
113 Taiwan firm put on watch list after sales to Iran
114 France wants to save Airbus military transport project
115 More Guantanamo ex-inmates tied to militants: Pentagon
116 Militant attack in Indian Kashmir's summer capital: police
117 Outside View: Strategic incompetence
118 Time not right for new Iran sanctions: Chinese envoy
119 S.Korea urges N.Korea to return to nuclear talks
120 Boeing wins UAE deal for six military transport aircraft
121 US missiles kill 11 at Pakistan militant fort: officials
122 Hovering drone draws rave reviews at CES
123 Brazilian government to decide on fighter jets: minister
124 New chips from Intel highlight its lead over AMD
125 Better antiseptic curbs post-surgery infections
126 Midwest bracing for heavy snow, wind chills of -50
127 Crater on Earth Helps Scientists Plan Moon Mission
128 Fish out of water: When did animals move to land?
129 Activists pursue Japanese whalers by helicopter
130 Streamlined Stem Cell Procedure May Speed Up Research
131 U.S. denies contractor arrested by Cuba is spy
132 Sudan could plunge into new war: aid agencies
133 EPA replacing Bush smog limit with stricter rule
134 4-legged animals emerged earlier than thought
135 Experts: Cold snap doesn't disprove global warming
136 Governor pledges to spare education from cuts
137 Dieters Beware: Food Calorie Counts Are Frequently Off
138 Low selenium tied to throat, stomach cancers
139 Could Your Cell Phone Help Shield You From Alzheimer's?
140 Gas stoves show small effect on kids' lung function
141 Anthrax outbreak in Scotland kills 6 drug addicts
142 Better antiseptic curbs post-surgery infections