File Title
1 NASA's Kepler probe finds five strange new planets
2 Top minds tapped in aid of legislation
3 Raptor perches set to control squirrel invaders
4 Saviors of Mount Sutro
5 Tragedy propels Sunnyvale engineer to assist the homeless
6 Hunting newborn tests for super-rare gene diseases
7 Another undersea quake strikes near Solomons
8 Explosive Nearby Star Could Threaten Earth
9 Rahall: EPA drops objection to W.Va. surface mine
10 Taiwan scientist discovers 'strawberry' crab
11 Stem Cells Likely to Help Genetic Disorders First
12 Earth-Sized World Could Lurk in Outer Solar System
13 Big U.S. fund group divests over Sudan
14 Sarkozy wants French carbon tax to start in July
15 Lessons of a weekend of free health care
16 Young, Overweight Fall Prey to Weight-Loss Spam
17 Restless legs syndrome, erectile dysfunction linked?
18 More Toddlers, Young Children Given Antipsychotics
19 Health Tip: Why People Lose Their Hair
20 New guidelines back mammograms starting at age 40
21 'Octomom' doctor accused of gross negligence
22 Rights groups laud end of US HIV/AIDS travel ban
23 Genes May Put Black Americans at Risk for Diabetes
24 How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Obesity
25 Spotty enforcement for new US air screening rules
26 'Avatar,' 'Trek,' 8 others score Producer noms
27 California leaders seek budget help from D.C.
28 Video Boxes, 'Notbooks' and E-Books to Dominate Gadgets in 2010
29 Air Force Completes Killer Micro-Drone Project
30 Arts: Japanese Photographer Bends Electricity to His Will
31 Elusive Supermassive-Black-Hole Mergers Finally Found
32 Blogger's Twitter Account Implicated in TSA Leak Hunt
33 Toshiba Escargot Vacuum
34 Decision Looms on iPhone Hack
35 Court to Cops: Stop Tasing People into Compliance
36 Author of Torture, Spy Memos Was Just Doing His Job
37 New Exoplanet Hunter Makes First 5 Discoveries
38 Age of Solar System Needs to Be Recalculated
39 10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist
40 CES 2010: Sin City Heats Up for Annual Gadget Show
41 Google Poised to Take Wraps off New Mobile Phone
42 Planet-Hunting Telescope Unearths Hot Mysteries
43 Autism Group Calls for More Studies on Restrictive Diets
44 Ever-Tightening Security Creates Misery for Senior Flyers
45 Mother of Nine Sues Massachusetts Hospital After Unauthorized Sterilization
46 Model Burned in Vicious Sulfuric Acid Attack
47 Most Dangerous 'Sport' of All May Be Cheerleading
48 Two types of killer whales found in UK Waters
49 Kenya arrests 'rhino poaching gang'
50 Boiler scrappage scheme launched
51 Copenhagen climate deal 'satisfies' Saudi Arabia
52 NZ, Australia research whales to challenge Japan
53 Computer method 'spots art fakes'
54 Tuna hits highest price in nine years at Tokyo auction
55 Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo
56 Arctic roots of 'upside-down' weather
57 Do we need to say our prayers?
58 3D TV, e-readers and tablet PCs to debut at CES show
59 Facebook blocks social network profile removal service
60 File-sharing student fights fine
61 Mr. Bean replaces Spanish PM on EU presidency site
62 Socialising with Scoble
63 CES: Vegas inducements and the future of 3D
64 Giving up smoking 'raises diabetes risk'
65 Cancer drugs 'treat' aggressive childhood brain tumours
66 Indian city of Mumbai hit by condom thefts
67 Afghan aid fails to feed the hungry
68 Cutting Through The Hype Around "Green"
69 Skype Heads For The Living Room
70 ESPN Announces Launch of 3D Network
71 EA Still Planning Tiger Woods Online Game
72 Apple To Ship "Tablet" In March?
73 Manhattan Home Sales Rebound in 4Q
74 Obama Has Made the Oval Office His Own
75 Factory Orders Jump 1.1% in November
76 Spoon Size Could Affect Your Health
77 $2.3 Trillion Spent on Health Care in 2008
78 Neurologist Denies Concussion-Disease Link
79 Airline Caterer Flunks Federal Inspection
80 The Best Ways to Lose 20 Pounds
81 Ashton's Book of Girl Empowerment
82 Eating Antioxidants for a Better You
83 The Truth on Government Spin
84 Kenya's Bid to Expel Radical Cleric Fails
85 Job Losses, Cancer Among Our Top Concerns
86 Kin: Alleged Jordanian Spy Sought Holy War
87 Hubble Reaches the 'Undiscovered Country' of Primeval Galaxies
88 Sweet corn study provides large-scale picture of better fields
89 'Junk DNA' could spotlight breast and bowel cancer
90 Argonne streaming visualization sends images across the world (w/ Video)
91 Massive Black Hole Implicated in Stellar Destruction
92 Researchers develop anti-cancer 'nano cocktail'
93 Runaway anti-matter production makes for a spectacular stellar explosion
94 A single atom controls motility required for bacterial infection
95 Linguist uses Internet to study how we say things
96 Insect cells provide the key to alternative swine flu vaccination
97 Yale Scientists Isolate Specific Tumor Cells that Cause Cancer
98 Acacias use ants to guard flowers
99 Taking a deeper look at lunar soil, with X-ray vision
100 Thai hill farmers help preserve genetic diversity of rice
101 Kepler Space Telescope Discovers its First Five Exoplanets
102 As the refrigerator said to the hi-fi...
103 Giant intergalactic gas stream longer than thought
104 Scientists target East Coast rocks for CO2 storage
105 New and improved RNA interference
106 New key factor identified in the development of Alzheimer's disease
107 2010 tech bug hits German credit cards
108 Closing the loop for ALMA
109 Toxicants detected in Asian monkey hair may warn of environmental threats to people and wildlife
110 Using CNTs as infrared sensors
111 Scientists 'photograph' nano-particle self-assembly
112 Quantum age edges closer
113 Research gives new perspective on periodic table
114 Researchers recalculate age of Solar System
115 Australian lakes may hold clues to life on Mars
116 WUSTL-led moon mission is finalist for NASA's next big space venture
117 Eclipses Yield First Images of Elusive Iron Line in Solar Corona
118 Solar-powered irrigation significantly improves diet and income in rural sub-Saharan Africa
119 Spectacular Mars images reveal evidence of ancient lakes (w/ Video)
120 Moon Rock Gains Traveling Companion for Historic Return to Space
121 The PARASOL Satellite Moving Off the A-Train's Track
122 Flaring Young Stars
123 Hong Kong air pollution: 'life-threatening' levels
124 Lava flows ravage national park forest in DRCongo
125 North China oil spill threatens Yellow River
126 Future uncertain for stuck Mars rover
127 Powermat broadens lineup for wireless charging
128 Google poised to take wraps off new mobile phone
129 Freescale promises bargain-price tablet this year
130 Microsoft sets prices for forthcoming Office 2010
131 Electric car Think to be assembled in US in 2011: report
132 ESPN to introduce 3-D sports channel
133 Facebook blocks social network 'suicide' website
134 Experts say spam e-mail grows because it works
135 Obama administration seeks more wireless spectrum
136 Ore. phone ban has loophole, challenges expected
137 Samsung aims to quadruple LED-backlit TV sales
138 Researchers pin down long-elusive protein that's essential to 'life as we know it'
139 New finding may help baby boomers get buff
140 New research findings may help stop age-related macular degeneration at the molecular level
141 Leptin-controlled gene can reverse diabetes
142 A global breakthrough in the study of a protein linked to the spread of viruses
143 MyoD helps stem cells proliferate in response to muscle injury
144 Eavesdropping on bacterial conversations may improve chronic wound healing (w/ Video)
145 Reducing some water flow rates may bring environmental gains
146 LSU professor develops technology to take mystery out of fishing
147 New ARS-Developed Soybean Line Resists Key Nematode
148 Scientists determine how precursors of gene-regulating small RNAs are sorted by cellular machinery
149 Virus may chauffeur useful 'packages' into plants
150 Genes for drought-tolerance, aflatoxin may mingle to boost corn production
151 Hunters kill 20 wolves in first Swedish hunt in 45 years
152 Mayo researchers find obesity key
153 Few breast cancer surgeons follow quality of care standards, study finds
154 FDA drug approvals mostly flat in 2009
155 Technology new gateway into treatment for problem alcohol users: study
156 Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection
157 Intermittent androgen deprivation at least as effective as continuous androgen deprivation
158 Caffeine consumption associated with less severe liver fibrosis
159 Study shows serious emotional disturbances among children after Katrina
160 Sharing a hospital room increases risk of 'super bugs'
161 Liver stiffness measurements identify patients with rapid or slow fibrosis
162 Report suggests similar effectiveness among options for managing low-risk prostate cancer
163 Strength training, self-management improve outcomes for knee osteoarthritis
164 Sexual function does not continuously decline after radiation therapy treatments for prostate cancer
165 Common anti-inflammatory drug could help prevent skin cancers, researcher says
166 Obesity now poses as great a threat to quality of life as smoking
167 Natural compounds in pomegranates may prevent growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer
168 Hispanic elderly more likely than whites to live in inferior nursing homes
169 New research suggests fat mass helps build bone mass in girls
170 3 Questions: Making unemployment work
171 Study takes a look at social networking sites
172 One size doesn't fit all for learning technology skills