File Title
1 Homeless need mental health support
2 Death rate cut in Aboriginal infants linked to later illness
3 Call for GPs to tackle age-related hearing loss
4 San Francisco's sea lions ship out
5 Breakthrough in Tasmanian devil facial cancer fight
6 Malaria linked to warming
7 Walls may make light bulbs obsolete
8 Scheme to help 'cotton wool kids'
9 Subterranean secrets of our lost giants
10 Swine flu kills by lung injury: study
11 Cancer victims welcome ABC's new Brisbane premises
12 Sinornithosaurus millenii unveiled as the first-known venomous dinosaur
13 Volcano about to blow its top
14 Cancer specialists cast doubt on prayer power
15 Thalidomide victims win settlement and apology from British government
16 Scientists 'crying wolf' over coral
17 Plastics Bisphenol A (BPA) component affects intestine
18 People drinking several cups of coffee a day reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
19 Federal government's first Super clinic 'an expensive joke,' says Dr. Carl Grace
20 More spent on health of indigenous Australians
21 Genetic maps transform cancer fight
22 Harmonographs
23 Paper art: 100 extraordinary examples.
24 Taste Test: Ginkgo nuts
25 Island caretaker with dream job stung by jellyfish
26 Warm fall may have misled turtles
27 Remains of early 1900s plane found in Antarctica
28 Tasmanian devil cancer origins found
29 Mass. joins program to cut tailpipe emissions
30 Russia may try to knock away asteroid
31 Science center sued over anti-Darwin film
32 Scientists study mussels in Calif. for pollution clue
33 San Francisco's sea lion horde evacuates its Pier 39 home
34 MIT wheels out new bike prototype at climate conference
35 Off the road
36 Tobacco-rich N.C. bans smoking in restaurants
37 Officials shut down Shanghai dairy
38 To curb drinking, Russia hikes vodka prices
39 Teens' lack of sleep linked to suicide thoughts
40 Erectile dysfunction tied to sleep problem
41 Swine flu on the wane in most states
42 Swine flu may be less contagious than feared
43 13 states demand Senate dump deal from health bill
44 Mother, baby both revived after Christmas Eve birth
45 Ten things that cause mass extinctions
46 Eight spin-offs from space
47 Eight creatures that live on the edge
48 Eight weird instances of animal sex
49 Eight designs stolen from nature
50 Orion's family portrait snapped
51 Fake platelets to stem blood flow
52 Mammoths more modern than we thought
53 Fossils may age Europeans 200,000 years
54 Physicists uncover authors' literary fingerprint
55 Octopus observed using tools
56 Koalas and clownfish may face extinction
57 Blood tests detect cancer
58 More pores could ease global warming
59 New dinosaur solves evolutionary riddle
60 Ovaries under constant pressure to be male
61 Fruit flies are alcoholics too
62 Mammoth extinction altered ecosystem
63 Avatar: the real-life science behind the fantasy
64 WISE set to search for universe's hidden 'dark' objects
65 NASA moon 'bombing' a plunge into the mystery of lunar water
66 Jupiter collision packed a huge wallop
67 Airport security: two alternatives to full-body scanners
68 'Avatar': The Real-Life Science Behind the Fantasy
69 Medical Statistics Don't Always Mean What They Seem to Mean
70 Evacuated Villagers Head Home After Active Volcano Downgraded
71 Escaped Prisoner Left Trail on Facebook, Daring Cops to Catch Him
72 25 Years in Arthritis: New Treatments, New Hope
73 25 Years in Myopia: Surgical Advances Improve Vision
74 25 Years in Lung Cancer: An Arduous Fight
75 Medical Statistics Don't Always Mean What They Seem to Mean
76 Freeze leads to wildfowl hunt ban
77 Missing San Francisco sea lions 'off Oregon'
78 Salute the Spirit of exploration
79 Human trials of artificial artery
80 Bringing music medicine to the NHS
81 Fin Whales, Once Rare, Crowd Calif. Coast
82 Spreading the Word on Good Deeds
83 Obama Adviser: No Smoking Gun in Bomb Plot
84 U.S., U.K. Close Embassies in Yemen
85 U.S. Leading Assaults on al Qaeda in Yemen
86 'Lifeless' Prions Capable of Evolutionary Change and Adaptation
87 Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease: Nervous Culprit Found
88 How the Moon Gets Its Exosphere
89 Elusive Protein Points to Mechanism Behind Hearing Loss
90 Final Moments of Bee Landing Tactics Revealed
91 Fast Pace of Glacier Melt in the 1940s: Lower Aerosol Pollution
92 Quelling Casimir: Scientists to Control Quantum Mechanical Force
93 Looking Back in Time 12 Billion Years With New Instruments on Herschel Space Observatory
94 A Facial Expression Is Worth a Thousand Words
95 Champagne Is Good for Your Heart, Study Suggests--But Only in Moderation
96 Unusual Protein Modification Involved in Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer
97 Whiskers Hold Secrets of Invasive Minks
98 Physiologic Factors Linked to Image Quality of Multidetector Computed Tomography Scans
99 Indian Ocean Climate Event Recurs Quicker With Global Warming
100 Telephone Depression Program Offers Benefits At A Moderate Cost
101 Small Changes in Protein Chemistry Play Large Role in Huntington's Disease
102 Molecular Anchor Links the Two Inheritable Diseases Fanconi Anemia and Bloom's Syndrome
103 Genomic Differences Identified in Common Skin Diseases May Lead to Better Treatments
104 Bacterial Protein Mimics Its Host to Disable a Key Enzyme
105 The Skinny On 'Lean' Education
106 Drunk Walking Makes New Year's the Deadliest Day of the Year for Pedestrians
107 Partners Sculpt Each Other to Achieve Their Ideal Selves: If Successful, Relationship Goes Well
108 Why Powerful People--Many of Whom Take a Moral High Ground--Don't Practice What They Preach
109 Scientists Identify DNA That Regulates Antibody Production
110 Fungus Contaminant in Corn, Peanuts, Soybeans: Chlorophyll Effective Against Aflatoxin
111 High Fat Diet Increases Inflammation in the Mouse Colon
112 Imaging Study Shows HIV Particles Assembling Around Genome of Infected Cell
113 Will Higher Global Temperatures Make It Easier for Viruses to Jump Species?
114 Major Offshore Quake Could Surge Inland to Seattle Area
115 'Land Grabs' For Rice Production Due To Supply Threats
116 Springtime Sheep Grazing Helps Control Leafy Spurge
117 Engineered Tobacco Plants Have More Potential as a Biofuel
118 Permafrost Thaw May Accelerate Arctic Groundwater Runoff
119 Northern South America Rainier During Little Ice Age
120 Handful of Iron Beads Offer Clues to Solve Mystery of Ancient Iron Forges
121 First Molars Provide Insight Into Evolution of Great Apes, Humans
122 Seeing How Evolutionary Mechanisms Yield Biological Diversity
123 Iranian Scholars Share Avicenna's Medieval Medical Wisdom
124 NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Has Uncertain Future as Sixth Anniversary Nears
125 NASA's WISE Space Telescope Jettisons Its Cover
126 Explaining Plasma Motion Around Saturn
127 Window Opens Into Moon's Past Volcanism
128 How Much Ice Needed to Create Martian Land Formations?
129 Lithium-Air Batteries Could Displace Gasoline in Future Cars
130 New RNA Interference Technique Can Silence Up to Five Genes
131 Researchers Demonstrate Nanoscale X-Ray Imaging of Bacterial Cells
132 'Spaghetti' Scaffolding Could Help Grow Skin In Labs
133 Making Payments Via Cell Phones
134 Moving Video to 'Captcha' Robot Hackers