File Title
1 Computational Process Zeroes In On Top Genetic Cancer Suspects
2 Component Of Mothballs Is Present In Deep-space Clouds
3 Diesel Exhaust Is Linked To Cancer Development Via New Blood Vessel Growth
4 Monkeys Get A Groove On, But Only To Monkey Music
5 Giant Galaxy Hosts Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole
6 Discovery Of Novel Genes Could Unlock Mystery Of What Makes Us Uniquely Human
7 Cradle And Birthday Of The Dog Identified: East Asia 16,000 years ago
8 Precise Radio-Telescope Measurements Advance Frontier Of Gravitational Physics
9 Stop Emitting Carbon Dioxide, Or Geoengineering Could Be Only Hope For Earth's Climate, Experts Warn
10 Milk Drinking Started Around 7,500 Years Ago In Central Europe
11 A Breath Of Fresh Air Could Improve Drug Toxicity Screening
12 Map Characterizes Active Lakes Below Antarctic Ice
13 Early, Aggressive Treatment Recommended For Critically Ill Patients With Hematological Malignancy
14 'FEAsy' Analyzes Designs From Raw Sketches To Speed Parts Creation
15 Some Discrepancies Exist Between Outcomes Indicated In Trial Registration And Later Publications
16 Are Intravenous Treatments Safe? New Research Raises Doubts
17 PET/CT Scans May Help Detect Recurring Prostate Cancer Earlier
18 Waist-hip Ratio Better Than BMI For Gauging Obesity In Elderly, Study Finds
19 Circulating Tumor Cells A Must Watch
20 Preparing For The H1N1 Pandemic: A Formidable Foe
21 High School Put-downs Make It Hard For Students To Learn, Study Says
22 Gene Contributes To Two Different, Common Neurological Movement Disorders
23 Cheap Drinks At College Bars Can Escalate Drinking Among College Students
24 Why Don't Brain Tumors Respond To Medication?
25 Men Experience Sexual Dysfunction During Hepatitis C Therapy
26 How Alcohol Blunts Ability Of Hamsters To 'Rise And Shine'
27 No Such Thing As Ethnic Groups, Genetically Speaking, Researchers Say
28 Neuroscientists Find Brain Region Responsible For Our Sense Of Personal Space
29 Depression And Anxiety Affect Up To 15 Percent Of Preschoolers, Canadian Study Finds
30 Teetotalers More Likely To Be Depressed Than Moderate Drinkers
31 Tiny Pump Means Pain Relief For Big Cats: Vets Modify Implant To Give Pain Relief After Surgery
32 Biotransformed Blueberry Juice Fights Fat And Diabetes
33 Study Reveals How A Common Virus Eludes The Immune System
34 H1N1 Pandemic Virus Does Not Mutate Into 'Superbug' In Lab Study
35 New Device Is Highly Effective At Controlling Ticks That Spread Lyme Disease
36 Increasing Residential And Employment Density Could Mean Reductions In Vehicle Travel, Fuel Use And Carbon Dioxide Emissions
37 Invasive Green Mussel May Inspire New Forms Of Wet Adhesion
38 Changes In California's Bird Communities Due To Climate Change, Study Finds
39 Grasshoppers Can Transmit Virus To Livestock
40 Risks Involved With Transgenic Fish
41 Mice Living In Sandy Hills Quickly Evolved Lighter Coloration
42 A Lost Picasso? Alloy Composition Profiles Could Help Identify, Date And Authenticate Bronzes
43 Underwater Expedition Delivers Key Findings In Search For Evidence Of Early Americans
44 We Are All Mutants: Measurement Of Mutation Rate In Humans By Direct Sequencing
45 Model Suggests How Life's Code Emerged From Primordial Soup
46 Old Moon Discovery Helps Unlock Earth Ocean Secrets
47 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Passes Significant Design Milestone
48 Astronomers Find Coldest, Driest, Calmest Place On Earth
49 Is The Milky Way Doomed To Be Destroyed By Galactic Bombardment? Probably Not, Study Says
50 Bio-enabled, Surface-mediated Approach Produces Nanoparticle Composites
51 Time To Lift The Geoengineering Taboo, Experts Urge
52 Platinum Nanocatalyst Could Aid Drugmakers
53 Signs Of Ideal Surfing Conditions Spotted In Ocean Of Solar Wind
54 Bioavailable Contaminants Come From Exxon Valdez Oil Catastrophe; Natural Coal Deposits Not Source Of Environmental Pollution, Study Finds
55 New iPhone App 'Outbreaks Near Me' Locates H1N1 (Swine Flu), Infectious Diseases
56 Child's Play May Revolutionize Video Gaming, Police Work
57 Towards Healthier Communication: Social Networking Tools To Enhance Personal And Social Wellbeing
58 New Clean Room To Push Boundaries Of Computer Memory Technology
59 Children With Autism Use Alternative Keyboard To Communicate With Their Families And Their World
60 XCOR Powers Up The Lynx 5K18 Rocket Engine Test Program
61 Thousands Of New Images Show Mars In High Resolution
62 The future first clown in space to advocate for water
63 SMOS Team Gears Up For Launch Campaign
64 Rocket Hiccup No Jam-Up For China
65 Robot created to work in care facilities
66 Researchers Show Component Of Mothballs Is Present In Deep-Space Clouds
67 Reno Researcher Uses 100,000 Degree Heat To Study Plasma
68 NASA Partners To Revolutionize Personal Transportation
69 Lockheed Martin Says Orion Is Go For CDR
70 Is Cygnus X-1 Still A Star
71 Indian satellite confirmed US moon landing: scientist
72 ESA Astronaut Answers Your Questions From Space
73 Crews Installing Station Science Equipment
74 Chandrayaan-1 Confirms Lunar Magma Ocean Hypo
75 Air Force Space Command Takes An Operational Safety Pause
76 Raytheon Standard Missile-6 Completes Key Developmental Test
77 Pakistani nuclear scientist says restrictions lifted
78 Pakistan in controversy over U.S. missiles
79 Researcher uncovers secrets of Kells 'angels'
80 Renewable Energy Made by Mixing Salt and Fresh Water
81 New graphene-based nanomaterial with magnetic properties designed
82 Dead Ahead: Similar Early Warning Signals of Change in Climate, Ecosystems, Financial Markets, Human Health
83 Technology helps teach kids with autism
84 YouTube to offer online movie rentals
85 Chemists reach from the molecular to the real world with creation of 3-D DNA crystals
86 Novel anti-cancer drug yields positive response in people with advanced skin, brain cancer
87 Breakthrough holds promise for development of effective cancer therapies
88 Hand axes in Europe nearly a million years old: study
89 NASA analyzing junk that could threaten astronauts
90 Methane gas likely spewing into the oceans through vents in sea floor (w/ Video)
91 New breakthrough in bubble research
92 Researcher regenerates brain tissue in traumatic injuries
93 Wiretapping Skype calls: virus eavesdrops on VoIP
94 Giant Galaxy Hosts the Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole
95 'NanoPen' may write new chapter in nanotechnology manufacturing
96 Component of mothballs is present in deep-space clouds
97 Study finds prime time on the Internet is 11 p.m.
98 Two More Earth's Chandler Wobble Jumps Revealed, Last in 2005
99 Market value of vervet monkey falls if monoploy is broken
100 Indian satellite confirmed US moon landing: scientist
101 Fungal map of mutations key to increasing enzyme production for bioenergy use
102 Believing is seeing, when it comes to emotions
103 Patent: Nintendo's Wii Football Controller
104 A breath of fresh air could improve drug toxicity screening
105 Scientists to work on non-volatile 'universal memory' devices in new clean room facility
106 New Cancer Drug Delivery System Is Effective and Reversible
107 Scientists cool gas by laser bombardment
108 Researcher uses 100,000 degree heat to study plasma
109 No strain for Andromeda: Galaxy is cosmic cannibal
110 Study reveals seismic shift in methods used to track earthquakes
111 What's Holding Antarctic Sea Ice Back From Melting?
112 Time to tap climate-change-combating potential of the world's ecosystems
113 Humans causing erosion comparable to world's largest rivers and glaciers
114 Trash or treasure? Discarded US computers often get a second life
115 Great Barrier Reef under serious threat: report
116 NGC 4945: The Milky Way's not-so-distant Cousin
117 Sustainable fertilizer: Urine and wood ash produce large harvest
118 UC San Diego to develop ocean observing cyberinfrastructure
119 Time to lift the geoengineering taboo
120 Risky schemes may be only hope for cooling planet: scientists
121 Moon Rock Turns Out to be Fake
122 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Passes Significant Design Milestone
123 Spacewalkers tackle hefty tank removal in orbit
124 Oceanographers examine mercury levels of pelagic fish in Hawaii
125 Blu-ray drives seeing limited growth within PCs
126 SDSC dashes forward with new flash memory computer system
127 Toyota developing anti-drunk driving gadget
128 OrbiTouch keyboard: Removing the barriers of autism
129 What's Smelly But Can Fuel a Car?
130 Tweet for hire: More big businesses hire tweeters
131 Review: Use power outlets as a Wi-Fi alternative
132 A new avenue for MEMS-based sensor design
133 makes its case against Google book deal
134 Sculptor plugs Greek classics into iPod Age
135 Google pledges more blurring in Switzerland
136 Twitter opens a door to Iowa operating room
137 Private exchange to aid startups seeking more cash
138 News Corp. seeks stake in Saudi media company: WSJ
139 Google blames Gmail outage on server maintenance
140 gets 1M books from Google scans
141 Khosla Ventures raises 1 bln dlrs for green tech
142 expands local news with NowPublic buy
143 Boron-based compounds trick a biomedical protein
144 Powerful new 'molecular GPS' helps probe aging and disease processes
145 Graffiti-free historic buildings: New polymer coating to help
146 Getting better visualization of joint cartilage through cationic CT contrast agents
147 Silk-based optical waveguides meet biomedical needs
148 Researchers to mimic nature's probes
149 Researchers uncover genetic origins of rice fragrance
150 Scientists begin census of microbes: the trillions that live in or on us
151 Bumblebees dive in to fill a void
152 Scientists map fish habitat and movements at Gray's Reef Marine Sanctuary
153 Changes in California's bird communities due to climate change
154 Monkeys get a groove on, but only to monkey music (w/ Audio)
155 When a whistle beats a tweet
156 Cradle and birthday of dog identified
157 Over time, an invasive plant loses its toxic edge
158 Dynamic changes in DNA linked to human diabetes
159 World's first cloned wolf dies: researcher
160 Mobile phone towers a threat to honey bees: study
161 Food 'Tattoos' an Alternative to Labels for Identifying Fruit
162 Systems Biology Reveals Diversity in Key Environmental Cleanup Microbe
163 First genetic link between reptile and human heart evolution
164 New study shows those blinded by brain injury may still 'see'
165 Vitamin C deficiency impairs early brain development
166 Single flu dose or two? Why doctors aren't sure
167 Diesel Exhaust Is Linked To Cancer Development Via New Blood Vessel Growth
168 Statin cuts heart problems after artery surgery
169 High school football, wrestling athletes suffer highest rate of severe injuries
170 Connections the key to overcoming shame, says researcher
171 SNPs linked with prostate cancer confirmed in Japanese men too
172 Detecting often undiagnosed pain in people with dementia
173 Evidence that priming affiliation increases helping behavior in infants as young as 18 months
174 Avastin dramatically improves response, survival in deadly recurrrent glioblastomas
175 World's first baby born from new egg-screening technique
176 Buyer beware: Estrogen supplements not as effective as claimed
177 Study results promise faster recovery from life-threatening blood cell shortages
178 'Brain profiling' to keep suicidal soldiers alive
179 High school put-downs make it hard for students to learn, study says
180 Parolee releases spike violent crime, study suggests
181 Impact of positive parenting can last for generations
182 Education expert urges schools to help their students feel more involved
183 Fixing the Cyber Security Problem
184 Gulf exploration yields evidence of raw materials used by early Americans
185 Lost sounds of the past brought to life (w/ Video, Audio)