File Title
1 Battery business boost
2 Butterflies' migrational timekeeper found
3 Strawberry pesticide leaves sour taste
4 Vaccine protects against HIV virus
5 Publisher retracts paper by Iran's science minister
6 Indian ancestry revealed
7 Buoy damage blurs El Nino forecasts
8 Research chief steps down over fake data
9 The elephant and the neutrino
10 Water on the Moon?
11 Lack of sleep linked to Alzheimer's
12 Why 'Star Wars' missile defence lives on
13 Greenhouse effect all in chemical bonds
14 Contraceptives to help poor cope with climate change
15 What should we make of the HIV vaccine 'triumph'?
16 Bugs to reveal songbird social lives
17 Years of caste system belie Indians' shared ancestry
18 The world's best impact craters
19 Widespread water may cling to moon's surface
20 How far could you travel in a spaceship?
21 Climate change may trigger earthquakes and volcanoes
22 Asteroid attack: Putting Earth's defences to the test
23 For proteins, evolution can't go backwards
24 Omens are worsening for Copenhagen climate talks
25 US dirty bomb attack would bring clean-up chaos
26 Gene for memory and IQ gives students low grades
27 Knife fish robot takes to the water
28 Free will is not an illusion after all
29 Augmented reality gets off to a wobbly start
30 Mystery of horned females solved
31 Found: 62 meteor showers new to science
32 New Stove Dramatically Improves Lung Health in Mexican Women
33 Anytime Is Good for Heart Surgery
34 Study Looks at Using the Immune System to Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
35 New Study Finds Way to Stop Excessive Bone Growth Following Trauma or Surgery
36 Don't Rush to the Emergency Room If You Think You Have 'Swine Flu'
37 Rising Above the Din
38 Piezoelectric Fingers Key in New Breast Cancer Detector
39 New Research Reveals the Ancestral Populations of India and Their Relationships to Modern Groups
40 Ratchet-like Genetic Mutations Make Evolution Irreversible
41 Australia's Experience with Iodine Nutrition: Lessons Learned
42 Risks and Benefits of Anti-Thyroid Drugs
43 Chemical Exposures Interacting with Iodine Deficiency
44 Who's at High-Risk for Thyroid Disease? Should They be Screened?
45 Recent Developments in Iodine Deficiency in Europe
46 Thyroid Nodules in Children Pose Greater Risk of Malignancy
47 The Impact of Regional Aerosols in China
48 California Innocence Project Celebrates 10 Years of Securing Exonerations for the Wrongfully Convicted
49 Study Explores Possibilities of Reducing Mortality During Spinal Infusion of Opioids
50 Swine Flu Could Wreak More Havoc on U.S. Economy, Says Economist
51 Palette of Our Palates: A Brief History of Food Coloring and the Future of Natural Food Dyes
52 Why Wine Is Good for Health: More Research to Raise a Glass
53 Legumes Could Be Significant Protein Powerhouse for Undernourished Populations
54 Edible Apple Film Wraps May Protect Meat and Poultry Products against Foodborne Pathogens
55 Extracts of Common Spices May Prevent the Production of E. coli O157 Toxin
56 Research Team Working to Keep Terrapin Turtle Off Endangered Species List
57 When Is a Lie Really a Lie?
58 Researchers Identify Protein that Repairs Alzheimer's Brain Damage
59 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology May Help in Keeping Foods Safe
60 Microwaving Frankfurters May Protect against Food-borne Illness
61 Drug Might Slow Parkinson's Disease Progression
62 Cognitive Problems After Surgery May be Unrelated to Heart-Lung Bypass
63 Reactive Oxygen Levels in Fruit Flies Act as a Cell Signaling Mechanism for Immune Response
64 Research Team Leads Unprecedented, NIH-Supported Attempt to Discover the Rules for Assembling Human Tissue
65 Babies with Position-Related Head Flattening May Have Higher Rate of Ear Infections
66 Using Listerine Reduces Germs That Travel Thru Bloodstream
67 Researchers Examine Use of Toad Venom in Cancer Treatment
68 Study Suggests Brain Remembers a "Forgotten" Language
69 Bubble Trouble Team Hits the Lab for Good Hygiene
70 Deep Impact and Other Spacecraft Find Clear Evidence of Water on Moon
71 Electronic Prescribing Helps Prevent Injuries and Reduce Health Costs
72 How Gene Defects in Mitochondria Impair Respiration, Other Life Functions
73 Retail Giants Own Large Share of Retail Pie
74 Blood Transfusions More Than Doubled Since 1997
75 Sleep Loss Linked to Increase in Alzheimer's Plaques
76 H1N1 Flu: Are Parents Underestimating Risk to Kids?
77 University Lab Demonstrates 3-D Printing in Glass
78 Diabetes Drug Shows Promise in Fighting Lethal Cancer Complication
79 Viagra Relatives May Shrink Abnormally Large Hearts
80 Americans Using Complimentary and Alternative Medicine with Increasing Frequency
81 Nanoparticle-based Battlefield Pain Treatment Moves a Step Closer
82 Childhood Kidney Disorder Has Lasting Effects
83 Children Who Are Spanked Have Lower IQs, New Research Finds
84 Manipulation Improves Back Function in Late Pregnancy
85 Young Adults Visit Doctors Least at an Age When Risky Behavior Peaks
86 Certain Cancers More Common Among HIV Patients than Non-HIV Patients
87 New DNA Test Predicts Risk of Severe Scoliosis
88 Parents with Autistic Infants to Try Responsive Teaching
89 Ants Vs. Worms: New Computer Security Mimics Nature
90 Scientists See Water Ice In Fresh Meteorite Craters On Mars
91 Getting A Leg Up On Whale And Dolphin Evolution: New Comprehensive Analysis Sheds Light On The Origin Of Cetaceans
92 Twin Keck Telescopes Probe Dual Dust Disks
93 First Evolutionary Branching For Bilateral Animals Found
94 Ancestral Populations Of India And Relationships To Modern Groups Revealed
95 NASA's Spitzer Spots Clump Of Swirling Planetary Material
96 Lasers From Space Show Thinning Of Greenland And Antarctic Ice Sheets
97 Stimulating Sight: Retinal Implant Could Help Restore Useful Level Of Vision To Certain Groups Of Blind People
98 Water Present Across The Moon's Surface, New Research Shows
99 Mutations Make Evolution Irreversible: By Resurrecting Ancient Proteins, Researchers Find That Evolution Can Only Go Forward
100 Viagra Relatives May Shrink Abnormally Large Hearts
101 Swimming Robot Makes Waves At Bath
102 Vaccination And Testing For The Human Papilloma Virus Could Eradicate Cervical Cancer
103 Catalytic Catamarans: Common Industrial Catalyst Sports Rafts Made Of Platinum
104 Rough Day At Work? You Won't Feel Like Exercising
105 Vitamin D Deficiency In Younger Women Is Associated With Increased Risk Of High Blood Pressure
106 Identification Of Highly Radiosensitive Patients May Lead To Side Effect-free Radiotherapy
107 New Strategy For Highly-selective Chemotherapy Delivery Developed; Study Points Way To Precisely Targeted Cancer Treatments
108 HIV Vaccine Regimen Demonstrates Modest Preventive Effect In Thailand Clinical Study
109 Two-Thirds Of Prostate Cancer Patients Do Not Need Treatment, Study Reveals
110 Personality Traits Influencing Weight Loss, Study Finds
111 Gammaglobulin Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease To Be Tested
112 Depression And Anxiety Disorders Of Adolescents Are Not The Same Thing
113 'Back-breaking' Work Beliefs Contribute To Health Workers' Pain
114 Schizophrenia Gene Linked With Abnormal Neurogenesis In Adult And Postnatal Brain
115 Lies My Parents Told Me: Parents Use Deception To Influence Their Children
116 RU Kidding? Research Finds That Chatspeak Has No Impact On Children's Spelling Ability
117 Explaining Why Pruning Encourages Plants To Thrive
118 Short-term Stress Enhances Anti-tumor Activity In Mice, Study Shows
119 Moody Memories? Mood Has Limited Effect On Memory, Study Shows
120 How Mitochondrial Gene Defects Impair Respiration, Other Major Life Functions
121 New Way Deadly Food-borne Bacteria Is Spread
122 'Green Clean: 'Researchers Determining Natural Ways To Clean Contaminated Soil
123 Fungus Enhances Susceptibility Of Resistant Malaria Mosquito To Pesticides
124 Genetic Discovery Could Break Wine Industry Bottleneck, Accelerate Grapevine Breeding
125 With Map Of Potato Genome, Scientists Hope To Improve Crop Yield
126 Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Lung Disease On The Rise In The United States, Study Finds
127 Rhododendron Expansion May Increase The Chance Of Landslides On Southern Appalachian Slopes
128 Acute Impact On Brain Function In Earthquake Survivors
129 Hot Microbes Cause Groundwater Cleanup Rethink
130 End Of An Era: New Ruling Decides The Boundaries Of Earth's History
131 Rare Discovery: Engraved Gemstone Carrying A Portrait Of Alexander The Great
132 Archaeologists Find Burial Cellar In Ancient Syrian City Containing Spectacular Artifacts
133 New Species Discovered On Whale Skeletons
134 African Origin Of Anthropoid Primates Called Into Question With New Fossil Discovery
135 ALMA Telescope Reaches New Heights
136 Finding Water On The Moon Has Major Implications For Human Space Exploration
137 Switzerland Sends Its First Satellite Into Space
138 Cassini Reveals New Ring Quirks, Shadows During Saturn Equinox
139 Lotus-plant-inspired Dust-busting Shield To Protect Space Gear
140 Nanoparticle-based Battlefield Pain Treatment Moves A Step Closer
141 First Bose-Einstein Condensate With Calcium Atoms Produced
142 Denver To Barcelona: Global Cities And Greenhouse Gas Emissions
143 Cracking The Brain's Numerical Code: Researchers Can Tell What Number A Person Has Seen
144 Measuring The Next Successful Antennas For In-body Health Monitoring Devices
145 Quantum Mechanics Advance Reported Using Superconducting Electrical Circuit
146 Promising Photonic Devices: A Tiny, Tunable Well Of Light
147 Why Size Isn't The Only Thing That Matters For Data Storage