File Title
1 Veteran crew named for final space shuttle flight
2 AP IMPACT: Gov't stands by as mercury taints water
3 Birth control could help combat climate change
4 Coldest place in the solar system? Right nearby
5 Early, smaller version of T. rex discovered
6 T.G.I.Thursday
7 I.Coast toxic dump 'still claiming lives'
8 Justice targets Bush Cabinet official in probe
9 S.Korea scientist wins dog cloning court battle
10 Lawsuit accuses FEMA of ignoring species threats
11 'The Age of Stupid': a wakeup call on climate
12 Scanning Dead Salmon in fMRI Machine Highlights Risk of Red Herrings
13 Red Rocks on Mars Aren't Just Rust
14 FCC Expected To Announce Support of Net Neutrality Monday
15 If You Love Your Gadgets, Tear Them Apart
16 Giant Star Blows a Glowing Space Bubble
17 Better Place Promises 100,000 EVs by 2016
18 Humanoid Robot Plays Soccer
19 Your Jetpack Ride Awaits on eBay
20 'That Guy'--Terminal Man Gets Busted!
21 LaserActive, Gaming's Greatest Boondoggle
22 Intelligence Analyst Says Hacking Charge Doesn't Compute
23 Tolkien's Spy Past Inspires Hunt For Hobbit, Rings Spooks
24 High-Speed Video of Locusts Could Help Make Better Flying Robots
25 Acrobatic Octopus Arm Could Be Model for Flexible Robots
26 Seeqpod-like SongBeat 360 Charges for Search, Not Music
27 Wired-o-Nomics: 5 Industry Collusions We'd Like to Throw Down a Black Hole
28 5 Fun Piratical Projects for Landlubbers
29 Eight Piratical Apps For Your ayePhone
30 Tiny T. Rex: Fossil Shows the Dino King Started Small
31 Teen Acne and Depression: Can Mood Worsen Skin?
32 Advanced Solar Panels Coming to Market
33 Superefficient Solar from Nanotubes
34 A Salt and Paper Battery
35 China's Potent Wind Potential
36 Hybrid Man-Eating Pythons? Florida Is on Alert.
37 Don't Change That Channel: DTV Woes Still Abound
38 Station grabs Japanese freighter
39 US objects to Google book deal
40 Audio labels speak to the blind
41 'Viagra cream' could prove safer
42 Unhealthy men 'may lose 10 years'
43 Two H1N1 Patients, Two Different Outcomes
44 Dogs Get Skin Cancer Too
45 First Swine Flu Vaccines to be Nasal Spray
46 Woman Impaled in Neck by Branch Is OK
47 New Signs of Burials in Garrido Backyard?
48 Apple Will Lose Fight to Ban Google Voice in the End
49 Google letter to FCC points finger for app rejection at Apple
50 Yarrrr! September 19 be Talk Like a Pirate Day
51 Talk like a pirate day translator, phrases, saying and quotes
52 NASA names veteran crew for final shuttle mission
53 Apple's Flimsy Excuse for Its Camera-Shy iPod Touch
54 In hundreds of cities, parking spaces become parks
55 Activists set up in urban parking spots
56 Parking meters became parks in St. Paul, Minneapolis
57 Grass in my parking spot?
58 Disputed Solar Energy Project in California Desert Is Dropped
59 Solar energy firm drops plan for project in Mojave Desert
60 BrightSource drops solar project in Mojave
61 For students, Windows 7 will equal Snow Leopard's price
62 Even More Hidden Refinements in Snow Leopard
63 Microsoft Takes Apple War to Dorm Room
64 The Snow Leopard appreciation society
65 Why I chose Windows 7 over Snow Leopard (and you should, too)
66 Snow Leopard 'less secure than Windows Vista'
67 China warns of stability threat from H1N1 flu
68 Mosquito-borne African virus a new threat to West
69 West Nile Virus Present in San Bernardino County
70 You Have No Idea What Health Costs
71 Insurance costs outpacing family incomes
72 Ohioans' health care premiums outpace pay
73 Study examines rising cost of health care in Washington
74 More volunteers should join fight against rising cases of dementia
75 Trouble With Daily Activities Could Point to Alzheimer's Risk
76 Habits to Help Prevent Alzheimer's
77 'Neglecting dementia can cause grave consequences'
78 Inconvenient Truths About Gardasil and Swine Flu Vaccines
79 First swine flu vaccine due soon
80 37% of U.S. Teen Girls Got HPV Vaccine
81 CDC: 1 in 3 teen girls got cervical cancer vaccine
82 Introduced Japanese white-eyes pose major threat to Hawaii's native and endangered birds
83 T. rex body plan debuted in Raptorex, but 100th the size
84 Genes controlling insulin can alter timing of biological clock
85 New links between epilepsy and brain lipids
86 Gene screen reveals 2-way communication between common biological pathways and body's daily clock
87 Vaccine to prevent urinary tract infections shows early promise
88 U of C alumnus finds high numbers of heat-loving bacteria in cold Arctic Ocean
89 A tiny tyrannosaur
90 Binge drinkers let down guard against infection
91 The wonders of wine
92 Secrets of insect flight revealed
93 Polymorphisms of the interleukin-1 gene complex may influence alcohol dependence
94 Early age at first drink may modify tween/teen risk for alcohol dependence
95 Education and reward genes interact to influence alcoholism among Mexican-Americans
96 US tax breaks subsidize foreign oil production
97 Topical erectile dysfunction therapy shows promise
98 Hot microbes cause groundwater cleanup rethink
99 Antioxidant Controls Spinal Cord Development
100 Using magnetism to turn drugs on and off
101 Researchers prolong the half-life of biopharmaceutical proteins
102 Portable and precise gas sensor could monitor pollution and detect disease
103 Young age at first drink may affect genes and risk for alcoholism
104 Bugs in Boxes Shed Light on Biological Invasions
105 Nevada professor discovers new way to calculate body's 'Maximum Weight Limit'
106 APS Podcast Updates Research on Elephant Seismic Communication
107 Researchers make rare meteorite find using new camera network in Australian desert
108 Planck first light yields promising results
109 Mechanism related to the onset of various genetic diseases revealed
110 Killing Cancer Like a Vampire Slayer
111 American-Made SRF Cavity Makes the Grade
112 Putting a Strain on Nanowires Could Yield Colossal Results
113 NOAA Announces an Experimental Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast Bulletin for Lake Erie
114 Salmon migration mystery explored on Idaho's Clearwater River
115 Smaller isn't always better: Catalyst simulations could lower fuel cell cost
116 Invasive species on the march: variable rates of spread set current limits to predictability
117 Invading black holes explain cosmic flashes
118 Diamonds are a laser's best friend
119 Small gems in space
120 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health insurance: Harvard study
121 Decade-long US project to fight malaria builds thriving African mosquito net industry
122 Weight loss is good for the kidneys
123 Memories of the way they used to be
124 Too many bars in rural America linked to high suicide rates instead of idyllic life
125 Seasonal influenza: Not enough health care workers have themselves vaccinated
126 Cheap, Quick Bedside "Eye Movement" Exam Outperforms MRI for Diagnosing Stroke In Patients with Dizziness
127 Medications Effective in Reducing Risks for Breast Cancer Can Also Cause Serious Side Effects
128 HIV uses several strategies to escape immune pressure
129 Postmenopausal women benefit from endurance training as much as younger women
130 Mount Sinai first in nation to ablate atrial fibrillation using new visually-guided balloon catheter
131 New rabies vaccine may require only a single shot...not 6
132 National new biology initiative offers potential for 'remarkable and far-reaching benefits'
133 Research teams successfully operate multiple biomedical robots from numerous locations
134 Drug discovery process more accurate, less expensive using novel mass spectrometry application
135 Nullarbor fireball cameras find rare meteorite
136 Pedestrian crossings could be monitored
137 Controlling the language of security
138 TECNALIA presents innovative mobile robots which are autonomous and polyvalent
139 Half a century with the "century"