File Title
1 Return-to-moon plan gets boost on Capitol Hill
2 Report: Great Lakes toxic cleanups lagging badly
3 North America backs plan to cut greenhouse gases
4 Do Brains Shrink As We Age?
5 One in six Mediterranean mammals face extinction
6 What Do Public Tirades Say About Our Current State of Civility?
7 Electricity Harvested From Trees
8 Obama administration wants more salmon protection
9 Schwarzenegger signs order boosting clean power
10 Strange Dwarf Planet Has Red Spot
11 Comet Outburst Spawns Mini-Comets
12 FDA approves new swine flu vaccine
13 Early Spankings Make for Aggressive Toddlers, Study Shows
14 Anxious Kids at Risk for Obesity in Adulthood
15 Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's
16 Is there really a skin cancer epidemic?
17 Not All Kids With Head Injuries Need Brain Scans
18 Watch and wait good option in prostate cancer: study
19 Scary Music Is Scarier With Your Eyes Shut
20 Molecular Evidence Supports Key Tenet Of Darwin's Evolution Theory
21 Rome Was Built In A Day, With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Digital Photos
22 Jupiter Captured Comet For 12 Years In Mid-20th Century
23 Evidence Points To Conscious 'Metacognition' In Some Nonhuman Animals
24 For Carnivorous Plants, Slow But Steady Wins The Race
25 Double Nucleus Galaxies: Ravenous Black Holes And Ripples In Space-Time Continuum
26 Widespread Occurrence Of Intersex Bass Found In U.S. Rivers
27 Neurons Found To Be Similar To U.S. Electoral College
28 Wine Tasting: Expectations Influence Sense Of Taste, Tests Show
29 Comprehensive Cardiac CT Scan May Give Clearer Picture Of Significant Heart Disease
30 Virtual Maps For The Blind
31 Endothelin Drugs Benefit Those With Pulmonary Hypertension
32 50 Millionth Unique Chemical Substance Recorded In Chemical Abstracts Service Registry
33 Don't Stand By Me: When Involving An Interested Party May Not Be In Your Best Interest
34 Individual Genetic Data Illuminates How Genes Influence Human Health
35 Patients With Interstitial Lung Disease Need Not Avoid Air Travel, Study Finds
36 Work Conditions Impact Parents' Food Choices
37 Popular Stomach Acid Reducer Triples Risk Of Developing Pneumonia, Study Suggests
38 Weighing Costs, Benefits Of HIV Treatments
39 Fake Video Dramatically Alters Eyewitness Accounts
40 Iraq Troops' PTSD Rate As High As 35 Percent, Analysis Finds
41 Study Identifies Which Children Do Not Need CT Scans After Head Trauma
42 Figures Of Speech: Understanding Idioms Requires Both Sides Of The Brain
43 Antioxidant Ingredient Proven To Relieve Stress
44 Hemp And Marijuana: Genes Producing THC, Active Ingredient In Cannabis Plant, Identified
45 Spanking Found To Have Negative Effects On Low-income Toddlers
46 Daily Bathroom Showers May Deliver Face Full Of Pathogens, Says Study
47 Second-hand Smoking Results In Liver Disease, Study Finds
48 The Buzz On An Amazing New Mosquito Repellent: Will It Fly?
49 When You've Doubled Your Genes, What's One Chromosome More Or Less? How Polyploidy And Genomic Change Can Lead To Evolutionary Change
50 Linking Epstein-Barr Virus To Multiple Sclerosis
51 Engineered Pea Seeds Protect Against Parasites
52 RNA Interference Found In Budding Yeasts
53 When Proteins Change Partners: Competition Between Proteins Maintains Cellular Balance
54 Barcoding Endangered Sea Turtles
55 Climate Change Adaptation Expected To Cost 2-3 Times More Than Previously Estimated
56 Human Impacts And Environmental Factors Are Changing The Northwest Atlantic Ecosystem
57 First Complete Image Created Of Himalayan Fault, Subduction Zone
58 Gold Solution For Enhancing Nanocrystal Electrical Conductance
59 Largest-ever Collection Of Coins From Period Of Revolt Against Romans Found In Judean Hills
60 El Nino, Global Warming Link Questioned; Possible Link Between 1918 El Nino And Flu Pandemic?
61 Figurines Of Aphrodite From Roman Empire Era Discovered In Hippos
62 What Do Dinosaurs And The Maya Have In Common?
63 Fungus-treated Violin Outdoes Stradivarius
64 Interactive, 360-degree Panoramic View Of Entire Night Sky
65 Astrophysics: High Energy Galactic Particle Accelerator Located
66 Electronic Nose To Return From Space Station
67 Magnetic Fields Play Larger Role In Star Formation Than Previously Thought
68 Surprise In Earth's Upper Atmosphere: Mode Of Energy Transfer From The Solar Wind
69 Water Quality In Orbit: H2O Disinfection Tested On International Space Station
70 Getting Plants To Rid Themselves Of Pesticide Residues
71 Tapping Geothermal Energy: New Drilling Method With Fire And Flame In The Depths
72 Dual Simulation Improves Crash Performance
73 Looking Deeply Into Polymer Solar Cells
74 Researchers Using Parallel Processing Computing Could Save Thousands By Using An Xbox
75 Artificial Intelligence Helps Diagnose Cardiac Infections
76 How Photon Echoes Can Be Used To Create A Quantum Memory Device
77 Findings Could Lead To Improved Lip-reading Training For The Deaf And Hard-of-hearing
78 Graphitic Memory: Advances Bring Graphite As Storage Medium A Step Closer
79 Could Exotic Matter Provide an Infinite Source of Energy?
80 $21 Billion Orbiting Solar Array will Beam Electricity to Earth
81 Salt and Paper Battery May One Day Replace Lithium Batteries
82 Facebook Lite On its Way
83 Reading Kafka, watching Lynch improves learning, study suggests
84 Facebook says it passed key financial milestone
85 New X-ray technique illuminates reactivity of environmental contaminants
86 Rome was built in a day, with hundreds of thousands of digital photos
87 Studying ancient man to learn to prevent disease
88 Sophisticated telescope camera debuts with peek at nest of black holes
89 Reptiles stood upright after mass extinction
90 Scientists look for reasons behind herring decline
91 Coming to mobile phones: Wall Street Journal fees
92 Possible genetic factor for male infertility identified
93 Weeding out marijuana: Researchers close in on engineering recognizable, drug-free Cannabis plant
94 Sheep that shed light on personality differences
95 Kepler and the Search for Life in Our Galaxy
96 US government takes leap into the Internet 'cloud'
97 Scary music is scarier with your eyes shut
98 IBM Announces Highest Performance Embedded Processor for System-on-Chip Designs
99 Craters on Vesta and Ceres Could Hold Key to Jupiter's Age
100 FDA approves new swine flu vaccine
101 Caistor skeleton mystifies archaeologists
102 Researchers study insecticide-free method for control of soybean aphids
103 The African origin of anthropoid primates called into question
104 Making Massive Stars
105 Friction force differences offer new means for manipulating nanotubes
106 Nanophotonic devices could revolutionize the telecommunications industry
107 Nanoparticle treatment for burns curbs infection, reduces inflammation
108 Plasma power: Turning fusion into a renewable energy source
109 Molecules on a string, and why size isn't the only thing that matters for data storage
110 Replacing coal with cattle
111 Scientists unravel the chemistry of Titan's hazy atmosphere
112 Can U.S., China find common ground in climate talks?
113 Longest lightning storm on Saturn breaks Solar System record
114 US astronaut says legalize undocumented Mexicans
115 Study predicts an uncertain future for forests
116 Spirit Rover: Computer Modeling Supplements Dusty Testing
117 Ocean acidification: impact on key organisms of oceanic fauna
118 James Webb Space Telescope Begins to Take Shape at Goddard
119 Set world standards for electronics recycling, reuse to curb e-waste exports to developing countries
120 Aerial Imagery System Helps Save Water
121 Black Hole Pumps Iron
122 Astronomers unveil an amazing, interactive, 360-degree panoramic view of the entire night sky
123 Jupiter had temporary moon for 12 years
124 Digging deeper below Antarctica's Lake Vida
125 Microsoft-Yahoo deal gets extended antitrust review
126 Adobe to buy Omniture for $1.8B; 3Q profit slides
127 After outcry, T-Mobile drops paper billing fee
128 Schwarzenegger to sign order boosting clean power
129 UGA licenses technology to make fuel from dead forests and agricultural waste
130 France approves Internet piracy bill
131 Machine vision for hot surface automatic inspection
132 Will China's Planned Solar Field Lower the Cost of Alternative Energy?
133 Engineering Professors Develop Electric Hybrid Vehicle Concept for RV Travelers
134 Brookhaven Lab Patents New Method for Mercury Remediation
135 Northwest salmon recovery plan may include breaching dams
136 New sequencing technique could boost pine beetle fight, improve cancer research
137 Building a base for honeybees
138 Northwestern United States could face more tamarisk invasion by century's end
139 Evolution still scientifically stable
140 Isopod Replaces Fish's Tongue
141 Scientist Probes Promising Link Between Warmth, Better Moods
142 Direct evidence of role of sleep in memory formation is uncovered
143 A rare discovery: An engraved gemstone carrying a portrait of Alexander the Great
144 'Biotech violin' outdoes Stradivarius
145 How Do We Perceive Art?