File Title
1 Awards given for leukemia treatment, DNA advances
2 7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You
3 2 Utah areas on list of West's 'imperiled' land
4 German rivals joust on jobs, nuclear power at TV debate
5 China showers gifts on tiny, resources-rich Timor
6 Columbia astronaut's son dies in F-16 crash
7 Two Genes May Determine How Well MS Patients Do
8 Apollo moon rocks lost in space? No, lost on Earth
9 Dead lion raises heat on scandal-hit Bangladesh zoo
10 Nanotech safety: Smaller particles may be riskier
11 1.27 million displaced by China's Three Gorges Dam
12 Thousands alter their lives in flooded West Africa
13 50 million new patients? More primary docs a must
14 Oil drops below $69 as dollar gains, stocks slide
15 $100 million question: Where's broadband in US?
16 Fisher: The health care maze
17 Ad campaign in Bay Area answers questions about Islam
18 New S.F. high school nurtures immigrant youth
19 Hubble astronaut to speak in Millbrae
20 Cupertino, Sunnyvale schools show growth in STAR testing
21 Want Your Own Dinosaur? Place Your Bids
22 Video Exclusive: Moby's 'Mistake' Tells a Tale of Flotsam Love
23 Sept. 14, 1904: Birth of the Craziest Road Race Ever
24 Practical Joking Becomes a Battle for the Last Laugh
25 Wired's Guide to Hoaxes: How to Give--and Take--a Joke
26 Surgical Robots Operate With Precision
27 Deep-Sea Robot Roves the Unexplored Ocean Depths
28 5 Cool Eco-Conversions We'd Like to See
29 Video: How Swine Flu Spread
30 Flying Transformers: Birds Gear Up for Migration
31 Review: Beatles: Rock Band Comes Together Beautifully
32 Actor Patrick Swayze dead at 57
33 Sneak test shows positive-paper bias
34 Cavern dig uncovers 15,000-year-old weapon
35 Terracotta Army Museum denies major discovery
36 Site of 1960s California commune becomes archeological dig
37 Israeli archaeologists find ancient fortification
38 Bulgaria Archaeologists Find Relics of Medieval Saint at Perperikon
39 Europe's oldest stone hand axes emerge in Spain
40 Archaeological findings could influence plans for Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail
41 Fragment from world's oldest Bible found hidden in Egyptian monastery
42 Europe's first farmers replaced their Stone Age hunter-gatherer forerunners
43 Discovering the Greek side of Istanbul
44 Ancient Connection: Evidence from Summer Digs Points to Shawnee Lookout as Oldest Continuously Occupied Site
45 Law offers less protection for American Indian sites
46 3,000 year old Iron Age remains uncovered at North Wales archaeological dig
47 Guatemala Mayan city may have ended in pyramid battle
48 Dogs First Tamed in China--To Be Food?
49 Third century Buddhist relics, caves found at Taranga Hills
50 Sixth century stone sculpture of Hindu goddess discovered in Kashmir
51 'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem
52 Rock shelter yields rare proof of early Ohioans
53 Search hopes to find 510-year-old Nfld. church
54 Lost city could be Gujarat's womb: Archaeologists
55 Fossil find in Georgia challenges theories on early humans
56 Colossal Apollo Statue Unearthed in Turkey
57 Egyptian temples followed heavenly plans
58 A skull that rewrites the history of man
59 Fairy tales have ancient origin
60 Indian artifacts discovered in bayou
61 Ancient figurines were toys not mother goddess statues, say experts as 9,000-year-old artefacts are discovered
62 Scientists to explore sacred Maya pools
63 Human Archeological Remains Found in Sacsayhuaman
64 Largest-ever Collection Of Coins From Period Of Revolt Against Romans Found In Judean Hills
65 Peru: Pre Inca citadel found in Zana river's upper basin
66 Bible-Era Mystery Vessel Found--Code Stumps Experts
67 Stone man joins carved animals in neolithic farmyard
68 Archaeologists discover oldest-known fiber materials used by early humans
69 A Mystery in the Desert
70 Bank Team Supports Archaelogical Dig of 7,000-Year-Old Silk Road Find
71 UM students dig for artifacts at ghost town of Coloma
72 New program gives wounded warriors work preserving America's past
73 Iron Age discovery unearthed at farm
74 Earliest known depiction of Second Temple lamp uncovered
75 Ancient synagogue found in Israel
76 Extinct Eagle May Have Hunted Humans
77 Ashwell treasure find 'rare' and 'significant'
78 Loo unflushed for 500 years is archeologists' goldmine
79 Researchers to explore sacred Maya pools of Belize
80 Pre-hispanic citadel found in Peru
81 Buried treasure
82 Archaeological Findings--A mass cemetery carved in rocks discovered in Syria
83 Male bass in many US rivers feminized, study finds
84 US astronaut says legalize undocumented Mexicans
85 Showerheads may harbor bacteria dangerous to some
86 Jupiter had temporary moon for 12 years
87 Ancient Aphrodite Figures Hint at Pagan Resistance
88 California feud breaks out on clean energy plan
89 Audit: Gov't could lose millions in gas royalties
90 Aircraft in Gulf to be tracked using satellites
91 Awards given for leukemia treatment, DNA advances
92 China breaks ground on space launch center
93 NASA's Mars Rover Might Be Stuck For Good
94 Longest Lightning Storm: Saturn Sets Record
95 Awards given for leukemia treatment, DNA advances
96 PETA wants to turn Va. prison into chicken museum
97 US turns over seized prehistoric relics to China
98 Greenpeace calls Canada polluter, climate change 'bully'
99 Japanese Cargo Ship Faring Well on First Voyage
100 Two Genes May Determine How Well MS Patients Do
101 1.27 million displaced by China's Three Gorges Dam
102 Studies: Swine flu spreads long after fever stops
103 Google hopes readers will 'flip' over new format
104 Fisher: The health care maze
105 Ad campaign in Bay Area answers questions about Islam
106 New S.F. high school nurtures immigrant youth
107 Cupertino, Sunnyvale schools show growth in STAR testing
108 Commentary: Time for regional approach to fluoridation
109 Exercise can extend survival even in 'oldest old'
110 Curbing Obesity Epidemic Key to Health Care Reform: Experts
111 Dutch clear man of daughter's genital mutilation
112 Drug Offers Hope Against Tough-to-Treat Hypertension
113 Alzheimer's Gene Affects Brains of Young Adults
114 Common Diabetes Drug May Fight Cancer
115 Too Few Latinos Get Colorectal Cancer Tests
116 Diabetes drug kept breast tumors away in mice
117 US to unleash "Wild Things" to fight childhood obesity