File Title
1 Europe's first farmers replaced their Stone Age hunter-gatherer forerunners
2 How manuka honey helps fight infection
3 Building better bone replacements with bacteria
4 Using waste to recover waste uranium
5 Novel bacterial strains clear algal toxins from drinking water
6 Making bacteria make useful proteins
7 Making more efficient fuel cells
8 Zoo volunteers help explain mysteries of the genome
9 Largest ever Alzheimer's gene study unveils dementia mysteries
10 Researchers restore missing protein in rare genetic brain disorder
11 Using microbes for the quick clean up of dirty oil
12 Researchers find first evidence of virus in malignant prostate cells
13 Genomes reveal bacterial lifestyles: Research
14 Mounting a multi-layered attack on fungal infections
15 Using insects to test for drug safety
16 Designing probiotics that ambush gut pathogens
17 Small molecule inhibits pathology associated with myotonic dystrophy type 1
18 'Liposuction leftovers' easily converted to IPS cells, Stanford study shows
19 Study of huge numbers of genetic mutations point to oxidative stress as underlying cause
20 Half of the fish consumed globally is now raised on farms, study finds
21 UM scientists pinpoint critical molecule to celiac disease, possibly other autoimmune disorders
22 New genomic model defines microbes by diet--provides tool for tracking environmental change
23 Prevent periodontitis to reduce the risk of head and neck cancer
24 Even in a safety net health system, colorectal cancer screening disparities remain
25 Healthy older brains not significantly smaller than younger brains, new imaging study shows
26 Enzyme inhibitor takes an unexpected approach toward blocking cancer-promoting protein
27 Analysis confirms that nano-related research has strong multidisciplinary roots
28 Malignant signature may help identify patients likely to respond to therapy
29 Scientists discover new genetic variation that contributes to diabetes
30 Brain defect implicated in early schizophrenia
31 Infections may lead to faster memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
32 Rate of teen binge drinking cut more than 1/3 by prevention system
33 'Hygiene hypothesis' challenged
34 New vaccine shows promise for COPD patients at risk for pneumonia
35 Scottsdale Healthcare-TGen clinical trial results signal advances against skin cancer
36 Species diversity helps ASU researchers refine analyses of human gene mutations
37 GEN reports on expanding NextGen sequencing applications
38 Precise Radio-Telescope Measurements Advance Frontier Gravitational Physics
39 Satellites and submarines give the skinny on sea ice thickness
40 Map characterizes active lakes below Antarctic ice
41 NGC 4945: The Milky Way's not-so-distant Cousin
42 University of Georgia researchers show component of mothballs is present in deep-space clouds
43 University of Nevada, Reno researcher uses 100,000 degree heat to study plasma
44 University of Hawaii at Manoa astronomer finds giant galaxy
45 Brown Economists Measure GDP Growth from Outer Space
46 Forget Curbing Suburban Sprawl
47 New DNA Markers for Alzheimer's
48 Recyclable Hydrogen Fuel Tanks
49 2009 Young Innovator: Shahram Izadi, 33
50 Catching Fake Meds in a Snapshot
51 Clues to Blast-Related Brain Injury
52 Japan Set To Launch Space Freighter To ISS On Sept. 10
53 Shuttle And Station Crews Wrapping Up Joint Mission
54 Saturn Moon Could Power 150 Billion Labor Day Barbecues
55 Space Scientists Meet To Plan Mars Exploration
56 Vietnam To Launch Second Satellite In 2012
57 Ten Years Of Scientific Parabolic Flights By DLR
58 Unlocking The Mysteries Of Neighbouring Galaxies
59 REXUS/BEXUS Contest For Rocket And Balloon Experiments
60 Proba-2 Flies Into Its Russian Launch Site
61 Orion Launch Abort Team Designs With Confidence
62 'Heat Stroke' Caused India's Lunar Probe To Fail
63 Brown Economists Measure GDP Growth From Outer Space
64 Russia To Start Construction Of New Space Center In 2011
65 Satellite Being Designed To Connect Villages
66 NKorea says it is in final stage of uranium enrichment
67 Russia 'delivers SAMs to Syria'
68 Jordan's Noor sees chance for global nuclear disarmament
69 Nanoelectronic Transistor Combined With Biological Machine Could Lead To Better Electronics
70 Lasers Generate Underwater Sound: Potential For Naval And Commercial Underwater Acoustic Applications
71 Hydrogen Storage Gets New Hope
72 Molecular Decay Of Enamel-specific Gene In Toothless Mammals Supports Theory Of Evolution
73 Humans Causing Erosion Comparable To World's Largest Rivers And Glaciers, Study Finds
74 That Late-night Snack: Worse Than You Think
75 'Achilles' Heel' In Y Chromosome Linked To Sex Disorders
76 Milky Way's Not-so-distant Cousin Likely Harbors Supermassive Black Hole
77 Monkey Brains Signal The Desire To Explore
78 Economists Measure GDP Growth From Outer Space
79 Oxidative Stress Is Underlying Cause Of Huge Numbers Of Genetic Mutations, Study Finds
80 How To Boost Value Of Alzheimer's-fighting Compounds
81 Denosumab Increases Bone Density, Cuts Fracture Risk In Prostate Cancer Survivors
82 Alarming Invasion Of Round Goby Into Great Lakes Tributaries: Impact On Endangered Fishes 'Serious'
83 Rate Of Teen Binge Drinking Cut More Than One Third By Prevention System
84 Scientists Pinpoint Critical Molecule To Celiac Disease, Possibly Other Autoimmune Disorders
85 Narrow-band Imaging Increases Specificity Of Early Lung Cancer Detection
86 Pancreatic Cancer Affects Blacks At Higher Rates
87 Diabetes Advance: Researchers Find Gene That Causes Resistance To Insulin
88 Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer Is Associated With Disruption Of Sleep-wake Rhythm In Women
89 More Genetic Risk Factors For Alzheimer's Disease Found
90 Key Protein Controlling Brain Formation Identified
91 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improves Sleep And Pain In People With Osteoarthritis
92 Why Cry? Evolutionary Biologists Show Crying Can Strengthen Relationships
93 Why Solitary Reptiles Lay Eggs In Communal Nests
94 Natural Compounds, Chemotherapeutic Drugs May Become Partners In Cancer Therapy
95 Indoor Plants Found To Release Volatile Organic Compounds
96 For Peat's Sake: Alternative Growing Media
97 Targeted Investments In Climate Science Could Present Enormous Economic Savings Across The Globe
98 Climate Change Influences The Size Of Marine Organisms: Big Advantage For The Small
99 Satellites And Submarines Give The Skinny On Sea Ice Thickness
100 Greening University Classrooms: Adding Plants Increases Student Satisfaction
101 Weeds That Reinvented Weediness: New Research Sheds Light On Origins And Success Of Flowering Plants
102 Europe's First Farmers Were Immigrants: Replaced Their Stone Age Hunter-gatherer Forerunners
103 First Genetic Link Between Reptile And Human Heart Evolution Found
104 Next-door Cosmic Encounter: Neighboring Galaxies Collided 2-3 Billion Years Ago
105 Researcher Uses 100,000 Degree Heat To Study Plasma, What Happens To Matter Around Black Holes
106 Thousands Of New Images Show Mars In High Resolution
107 Metaklett, A Steely Hook And Loop Fastener
108 Organic Electronics A Two-way Street, Thanks To New Plastic Semiconductor
109 US Energy Use Drops In 2008
110 Made-to-measure Solutions For Enhancing Prostheses Of Amputated Legs
111 Flying By The Skin Of Our Teeth
112 Cheat-Resistant 3D IPhone Game Relies On Score-Checking Replays
113 Open Source DNA: A New Solution To Guarantee Privacy And Scientific Freedom In Genetic Research
114 Counting Duplicated Genome Segments Now Possible
115 Designing Cars For Expectant Mothers