File Title
1 More evidence found that a comet smashed into Canada
2 Archaeologists Discover Nymph Sanctuary in Central Bulgaria
3 Finding King Herod's Tomb
4 Pre-Incan mummy dug up in center of Lima
5 Archaeologists find graveyard of sunken Roman ships
6 5 ancient Roman shipwrecks found off Italy coast
7 Ancient Inca Road Still Links Latin American Countries
8 Altar to Mysterious Deity Found at Roman Fort
9 UK's oldest Roman Coin found in Thatcham
10 Archeologists find 20,000-year-old hearth in Taitung
11 DNA confirms coastal trek to Australia
12 Substructure Discovered in Chichen Itza
13 Archaeologists discover Mideast's "largest Roman garrison" in Syria
14 Evidence of Stone Age man found in Digbeth
15 Prehistoric hut gives clues to ancient Alp life
16 Sun Pyramid was the Axis Mundi for Teotihuacan Culture
17 The Mysterious Downfall of the Neandertals
18 4000-year-old paraplegic found
19 Ancient Theater Masks Rediscovered in Pompeii
20 Alexandria--Looking for the queen
21 Anthropologists awed by catch of the day
22 Global warming played a role in Incas' rise, report says
23 Bulgaria Archaeologists Find Solid Golden Ring with Roman Gem
24 51 Headless Vikings Found in English Execution Pit?
25 Archaeological digs uncover Qatar's past
26 Chaco Royalty Ordered 'Catered' Food at Colorado's Chimney Rock Site 1,000 Years Ago
27 Hominids' African Origins, 50 Years Later
28 Giant pencil traces archaeological finds fast
29 Bulgaria Archaeologists Restart Work on Thracian Temple near Starosel
30 Secret life of medieval city found under Cathedral Square
31 Unesco, archaeology dept urged to save Buddhist stupa
32 Erie scientist leads what could be ground-breaking search for early Americans
33 Know what this says?
34 Computers tackle fresco puzzles
35 Archeologists renew studies at hominoid dig sites in SW China
36 Images reveal 'lost' Roman city
37 Venice "Ancestor" City Mapped for First Time
38 Henry II 'spent a fortune on Dover Castle to counter Becket cult'
39 Ancient warrior's skeleton found near Rome
40 2,000-year-old ritual cup found in Old City of Jerusalem
41 The rising sun in Egyptology
42 SHIGA / Castle ruins may shed light on loyal warlord
43 Hidden Gobi Desert relics found
44 8,000-year-old human skeleton found in a Turkey tomb
45 Was There Really a Great Flood?
46 5 Ways Vitamin D Could Save Your Life
47 Rush Limbaugh Drops 90 Pounds
48 Est. 200,000 Americans Living With Early Alzheimer's--and They Have Not Hit 65
49 Company Tables Medical Marijuana for Swine Flu
50 Gym Class Sending More Kids to the ER
51 'Gayby Boom' Fueled by Same-Sex Parents
52 'Happiness meter' analyses blogs, tweets
53 Immune cells cause post-stroke damage
54 Nano-step for measuring single atoms
55 'Feather-eating bugs' dull birds
56 Scientists find new strain of HIV
57 Astronauts wanted--no bad breath
58 Honeybees warn of risky flowers
59 Silicon Valley's secret recipe
60 Deforestation is 'key climate issue'
61 Saving the gems of the Stone Age
62 Fire risk 'super' ants discovered
63 US file-sharer refuses donations
64 'Fake UK sites' trick consumers
65 Facebook criticised by Archbishop
66 Apple fix to iPhone security flaw
67 Teens React to Online Warnings
68 Google Buys Ad Space to Stoke Sale of Apps
69 California Must Prep for Climate Change
70 Nissan Rolls Out Electric Car
71 Beer A Health Booster?
72 Plague Kills 2nd Man, China Seals off Town
73 Study: 150% Rise in School P.E. Injuries
74 New HIV Strain Seen in Woman from Cameroon
75 Google CEO Schmidt leaves Apple board
76 Google Chief Resigns as Apple Director
77 Google CEO Schmidt To Resign From Apple's Board
78 Google Billboard Ads Gun for Microsoft and Promote Google Apps
79 Google Woos Business Users With Billboard Ad Campaign
80 FCC weighs into Google Voice for iPhone saga
81 How Apple can mess with your life
82 FCC's more proactive stance: Should we cheer or worry?
83 Apple Tablet Prototype is Real, Nov. Launch Expected, says Report
84 Tablet prototype "seen first-hand;" Apple keyboard hack detailed
85 RIAA wins $675,000 fine in Joel Tenenbaum P2P lawsuit
86 Security Analyst: Las Vegas ATMs May Have Malware
87 Fake ATM scam rumbled by Defcon hackers
88 Bank robbers stuff up placement of fake ATM
89 International Space Updates, August 2009
90 Astronaut doesn't change his undies for a month
91 A Month Without Clean Underwear
92 Report: eBay is building a Frankenskype
93 Legal Spat Pushes Ebay to Develop New Base for Skype
94 Mozilla updates bug-tracking site
95 Goldman Sachs: BlackBerry, iPhone own smartphones, but if Apple ever gets an enterprise subsidy...
96 Should Microsoft buy Palm?
97 iPhone rings at Microsoft
98 Ruining Coral Draws Fines in Hawaii
99 Hawaii Issues Large Fines To Protect Coral
100 Damaging Hawaii's Coral Reefs Will Cost You
101 Hawaii protecting coral reefs with big fines
102 Hawaii increases fines to protect coral reefs
103 Big fines protect coral reefs
104 South Africa reports first swine flu death
105 Hong Kong records 206 new cases of flu A/H1N1
106 Q+A: What is plague and what are its various forms?
107 Deadly plague on the rise, town quarantined
108 Plague Kills 2 Men in Remote China; Town Quarantined (Update3)
109 Strain of HIV Found in Woman Traced to Gorillas, Not Chimps
110 New strain of HIV may have come from gorillas
111 Savient says FDA not approved gout drug; to resubmit
112 F.D.A. Rejects Savient's Gout Drug
113 Study finds rise in injuries of students in gym classes
114 Gym Class Injuries Up 150 Percent
115 UPDATE 1--Astra, Bristol price diabetes drug same as Merck's
116 New Type 2 Diabetes Drug Onglyza Approved
117 Onglyza Sanctioned for Type 2 Diabetes
118 UPDATE: FDA Approves Onglyza For Type 2 Diabetes
119 UPDATE 3--Roche's Avastin gets U.S. nod for kidney cancer
120 A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare
121 Harris Sherline: The Health Care Dilemma, Part III
122 Single-payer health care would improve society
123 Dangers of tanning: Stay out of those beds!
124 WHO: Tanning Beds are Cancer Risks
125 Assessing the Risks of Tanning Beds
126 Fungus plaguing avocado trees found in S. Fla.
127 Fungal disease affecting avocados spreading in Treasure Coast
128 Laurel Wilt Disease Confirmed on Homestead Avocado Sample
129 Laurel wilt fungus found in three avocado groves in Homestead, Florida
130 Birds born to fear red
131 Centuries-old sketches solve sunspot mystery
132 Interview: America turns red, white and green
133 Surveillance sandpit tests future Mars rover
134 Why food is about more than nutrition
135 Five snacks that are shaped like the universe
136 Dark energy may disguise shape of universe
137 Innovation: Award-winning product design of 2009
138 Time to stub out subliminal packaging tricks
139 Gorilla HIV makes leap to humans
140 Sticky tape emits useful terahertz rays
141 Giant pencil traces archaeological finds fast
142 Using fat to fight the flab
143 Glass leaf 'sweats' to generate electricity
144 Alaska's biggest tundra fire sparks climate warning
145 World's first computer may be even older than thought
146 Look this way for key to time travel
147 Evolution's third replicator: Genes, memes, and now what?
148 Mind tricks: Six ways to explore your brain