File Title
1 A Step Forward for Microbial Machines
2 Faster Printable Circuits
3 When a Good Idea Works
4 Biotech Bacteria Could Help Diabetics
5 2009 Young Innovator: Andrea Thomaz, 33
6 Creating a Heart Patch
7 A Touch of Ingenuity
8 The Evolution of Retweeting
9 Entangled Light, Quantum Money
10 Better Gas-to-Methanol Catalyst
11 2009 Young Innovator: Michelle Khine, 32
12 Changing A Cell's Biological Battery
13 New Type of Disappearing Ink
14 Down with MPG, MPGe, G/100M, KWh/100M
15 A Beacon to Guide Cancer Surgery
16 In Vino Veritas
17 Quantum Cryptography for the Masses
18 Jaycee Dugard Abduction Case Highlights Failure of Psychics
19 Job Insecurity Worse For Your Health Than Unemployment
20 If Blood Is Red, Why Are Veins Blue?
21 Microbe Metabolism Harnessed to Produce Fuel
22 Sun's Cycle Alters Earth's Climate
23 More Wind Power: Not So Simple
24 Internet Addicts Get First U.S. Treatment Clinic
25 Louisiana Native Takes on Storm Season
26 Darn! I'm Just an Internet Hoax!
27 Ancient Bird's Feathers Had Iridescent Glow
28 Powerful Ideas: Mutant Bacteria + Polyester = More Biofuel
29 Death Calculator Predicts Your Odds of Kicking the Bucket
30 Device Lets the Tongue See
31 What You Should Know About Glaucoma
32 Health Care Debate Based on Lack of Logic
33 Scientists Create Clear Image of Tiny Molecule
34 New Theory for Why We Cry
35 Researchers Hope to Mass-Produce Robots on a Chip
36 Scientists Image the 'Anatomy' of a Molecule (w/ Video)
37 Forests of Artificial Trees Could Slow Global Warming
38 Big Blue dreams of a big green battery
39 Antibody Replacements Just a 'Click' Away
40 Tick saliva could hold cancer cure: Brazilian scientists
41 Hoover's pro-labor stance helped cause Great Depression, economist says
42 Scientists Discover Hunger's Timekeeper
43 Swine flu virus now most prevalent strain of flu: WHO
44 Scientists construct 'off switch' for Parkinson therapy
45 Child's play may revolutionize video gaming, police work
46 Milk drinking started around 7,500 years ago in central Europe
47 WPA Wi-Fi Encryption Cracked In Sixty Seconds
48 Mosquitoes are picky about their appetite
49 Researchers decode structure of promising sea compound
50 Mathematical keys to a sixth sense--the lateral-line system
51 Scientists Use Squid Ink to Draw its Jurassic Period Owner
52 Slowly slip-sliding faults don't cause earthquakes
53 Physicist Proposes Solution to Arrow-of-Time Paradox
54 Scientists find 'great Pacific Ocean garbage patch'
55 How a Solar-Hydrogen Economy Could Supply the World's Energy Needs
56 Study Demonstrates How We Support Our False Beliefs
57 Canadian scientist aims to turn chickens into dinosaurs
58 US ranks 28th in Internet connection speed: report
59 Evolution of the appendix: A biological 'remnant' no more
60 Researchers propose new way to reproduce a black hole
61 Acoustic tweezers can position tiny objects
62 Tumors Feel the Deadly Sting of Nanobees
63 Golden Nanotubes Used for Imaging Agent to Detect Tumor Cells, Map Sentinel Lymph Node
64 Self-destructing messages: Light-reactive coatings make metal nanoparticles into inks for self-erasing paper
65 LEGO toy helps researchers learn what happens on nanoscale
66 Lower-cost solar cells to be printed like newspaper, painted on rooftops
67 Let there be light: Teaching magnets to do more than just stick around
68 DNA-Coated Nanotubes Help Kill Tumors Without Harm to Surrounding Tissue
69 Scientists develop targeted cancer treatment using nanomaterials
70 A safe approach to nanotechnology: Boiling up zinc oxide nanorods without toxic solvents
71 Scientists Detect 'Fingerprint' of High-Temp Superconductivity Above Transition Temperature
72 In-situ insights into alloys
73 Scientists Make Temperature-Regulating Coffee Mug
74 Has PAMELA Already Seen Dark Matter?
75 Shuttle to carry 'Constrained Vapor Bubble' experiment to International Space Station
76 Rewriting general relativity? Putting a new model of quantum gravity under the microscope
77 Research pinpoints conditions favorable for freak waves
78 Massive Stars Near the Galactic Center
79 Warped debris disks around stars are blowin' in the wind (w/ Video)
80 Cygnus X-1: Still a 'Star' After All Those Years
81 Large Area Telescope First Year Data Released
82 New study shows nitrous oxide now top ozone-depleting emission
83 New temperature reconstruction from Indo-Pacific warm pool
84 The mysterious glaciers that grew when Asia heated up
85 Costs of adapting to climate change significantly underestimated
86 Mars Orbiter Puts Itself in Safe Mode Again
87 Mirror cast for Mexican 6.5-meter infrared telescope
88 New look at gravity data sheds light on ocean, climate
89 Problem cancels moon rocket test firing in Utah
90 NASA's satellite imagery sees Hilda hit a wall
91 Tunnels concentrate air pollution by up to 1,000 times
92 Apple denies battery problem with exploding iPhones
93 Review: Yoostar is a movie-studio-in-a-box
94 Sony's eBooks to work with libraries
95 Review: Camera phones that let you snap and gab
96 Apple in hot water in France over 'exploding iPhones'
97 Harness power of the sun with solar gadgets
98 Frenchman hurt in new 'exploding iPhone' incident
99 New robots mimic fish's swimming (w/ Video)
100 Fla. man accepts plea in record data theft case
101 State govs saying 'No thanks' to mystery laptops
102 Tech gadgets can be addictive
103 Firm feeds demand for iPhone apps
104 43 percent: New solar power world record
105 It's semantic--easier solution to annotate and search images
106 An intelligent system avoids forgetting things
107 Tighter oversight on border laptop searches
108 Scalable Energy Efficient Data Centers
109 The nutritional value of Andalusian lupines is revealed
110 'Fatostatin' is a turnoff for fat genes
111 Hankering for molecular electronics? Grab the new NIST sandwich
112 A better test to detect DNA for diagnosing diease, investigating crimes
113 People vary widely in ability to eliminate arsenic from the body
114 Nuisance or nutrient? Kudzu shows promise as a dietary supplement
115 Rutgers-Camden developing enzyme function database
116 Reject watermelons--the newest renewable energy source
117 Opening the Door for CO2
118 When cells run out of fuel
119 Research could have a green solution for food safety
120 Appetite spells three wolves' doom in Switzerland
121 A Real Dracula Story
122 Unique study isolates DNA from Linnaeus' botanical collections
123 Scientists identify gene for resistance to parasitic 'witchweed'
124 Scientists improve delivery of cancer-fighting molecules
125 Small rodents encourage the formation of scrubland in Spain
126 Critter control, au natural
127 Ant has given up sex completely, researchers say
128 Snaring bigger bugs gave flytraps evolutionary edge
129 Discovery of natural odors could help develop mosquito repellents (w/ Video)
130 Termites eavesdrop on competitors to survive
131 Pioneering research produces industrially vital chemical through engineered bacteria
132 Northwest fears that invasive mussels are headed its way
133 'Curtain twitching' skylarks keep track of strangers through their songs (w/ Video)
134 Global priority regions for carnivore conservation
135 Bat Love Songs Decoded (w/ Video)
136 New tool to predict the risk of death in COPD
137 New research findings pave the way to more accurate interpretation of brain imaging data
138 Baby's mp3 heart monitor
139 Scientists discover nerve growth factor with therapeutic potential in Parkinson's disease
140 Depression and anxiety affect up to 15 percent of preschoolers
141 Novel genetic region identified for childhood asthma in Mexicans
142 Handwriting-based tool offers alternate lie detection method
143 Immune defect is key to skin aging
144 Caffeinated alcoholic drinks stir up legal concerns
145 What You Hold May Affect the Weight You Give to a Matter
146 Researchers find high-dose therapy for liver disease not effective
147 Cardiac arrest casualties form a valuable source of donor kidneys
148 Urine LAM-ELISA poor at diagnosing TB
149 Prehistoric tools discovered at Isles of Shoals
150 Cognitive scientists use eye-tracking technology to learn what makes a great geologist
151 People seek balanced political information to defend their positions
152 Outcome matters more than intention when punishing or rewarding accidents
153 Tiny ancient shells point to earliest fashion trend
154 Study: Oil speculators dominate open interest in oil futures
155 Iridescence found in 40-million-year-old fossil bird feather
156 Interior design now has a language all its own
157 Results show math, science aren't out of reach
158 Employee's loyalty to workplace damaged by unfair treatment
159 Do the media lead entrepreneurs astray?
160 New Research Examines How Career Dreams Die
161 Men abuse more but women more likely to be arrested
162 Probing Question: Why do we love reality television?
163 Scientific Understanding of Corruption Sought
164 To each his own: Consumers and self-designed products
165 Women Are Sort of More Tentative Than Men, Aren't They?
166 The art of persuasion: Are consumers interested in abstract or concrete features?
167 Researchers find saying 'I'm sorry' influences jurors
168 Trust in a teardrop: Researcher says tears can help build, strengthen personal relationships
169 Placing ads: Location, location, location
170 Share and share alike: How the modern world affects our tendency to share
171 When consumers search for authenticity: In the eye of the beholder?
172 Why Weight Watchers succeeds: Meetings provide a blend of spirituality and therapy