File Title
1 Genetically engineered bacteria are sweet success against IBD
2 Little known type of cholesterol may pose the greatest heart disease risk
3 Our nostrils share a rivalry too, study finds
4 With nothing to guide their way, people really do walk in circles
5 Increased climate volatility expected to worsen poverty vulnerability in developing countries
6 Walking in circles
7 The blossoms of maturity
8 Scientists discover bioluminescent 'green bombers' from the deep sea
9 Switching on the power of stem cells
10 Chronic kidney disease linked to malfunctioning mitochondria
11 Neural networks mapped in dementia patients
12 The ends of mRNAs may prevent the beginnings of cancer
13 Aphids saved from gruesome death by virus-infected bacteria
14 New discovery points the way towards malaria 'vaccine'
15 A new 'bent' on fusion
16 Off-label use: Oft not evidence based
17 Mouse brain rewires its neural circuits to recuperate from damaged neural function after stroke
18 Gene discovery reveals a critical protein's function in hearing
19 Seeing the tree from the forest: Predicting the future of plant communities
20 New Iowa State supercomputer, Cystorm, unleashes 28.16 trillion calculations per second
21 Gene discovery reveals a critical protein's function in hearing
22 Impaired transport in neurons triggers prion disease
23 Clues to Gigantism Provided by Family in Borneo Mountains
24 At the fungal farmer's market, only the best cyanobacteria are for sale
25 UCSF researchers identify two key pathways in adaptive response
26 Romantic, candle-lit dinners: An unrecognized source of indoor air pollution
27 Toward making smart phone touchscreens more glare and smudge resistant
28 Hidden treasure: Technique reveals buried image in famed illustrator's painting
29 Homes pollute: Linked to 50 percent more water pollution than previously believed
30 Painless 'microneedle' patch may take the sting out of shots
31 Plastics in oceans decompose, release hazardous chemicals, surprising new study says
32 New approach to wound healing may be easy on skin, but hard on bacteria
33 Bio-enabled, surface-mediated approach produces nanoparticle composites
34 Let there be light: Teaching magnets to do more than just stick around
35 Ultrathin leds create new classes of lighting and display systems
36 Blood test can detect brain damage in amateur boxers
37 Princeton team learns why some drugs pack such a punch
38 Disrupting a Destructive Duo: U of T Mississauga researchers inhibit cancer proteins
39 New images capture cell's ribosomes at work, could aid in molecular war against disease
40 New treatments offer better survival and fresh challenges in colorectal cancer
41 Dartmouth researchers propose new way to reproduce a black hole
42 NASA, AFOSR test environmentally-friendly rocket propellant
43 Increasing the number of kidney transplants
44 Hello wearable kidney, goodbye dialysis machine
45 Majority of US hospitals will have smoke-free campuses by end of year
46 Less than 50 percent of women with abnormal paps receive follow-up care: study
47 Fecal DNA methylation detects gastric and colorectal cancers
48 JNCI news brief: High serum insulin levels and risk of prostate cancer
49 Robot's gentle touch aids delicate cancer surgery
50 Long-term exercise, healthy eating habits in young adults: U-M study
51 Daylight could help control our weight
52 Mount Sinai first with new technique to prevent a major cause for heart-related stroke
53 Research shows why low vitamin D raises heart disease risks in diabetics
54 New reagents for genomic engineering of mouse models to understand human disease
55 Study reveals new metabolic safeguards against tumor cells
56 Researchers Boost Production of Biofuel That Could Replace Gasoline
57 Targeted investments in climate science could present enormous economic savings for UK and Europe
58 A safe approach to nanotechnology
59 Argonne, University of Chicago scientists develop targeted cancer treatment using nanomaterials
60 Chinese culture at the crossroads
61 Millionths of a Second Can Cost Millions of Dollars: A New Way to Track Network Delays
62 In Brazil, Paying Farmers to Let the Trees Stand
63 Snorkel Genes Help Deepwater Rice Survive
64 Ancient Man Hurt Coasts, Paper Says
65 Drilling Ordeals Said to Delay Geothermal Project
66 Adding Layers of Skills to a Science Background
67 Ruling on Longline Fishing Aids Turtles
68 From a Distant Comet, a Clue to Life
69 Tests Begin on Drugs That May Slow Aging
70 Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop
71 Clash Over Rebirth of Mt. St. Helens
72 Universities Are Preparing for Back-to-the-Classroom Outbreaks of Swine Flu
73 An Aide for the Disabled, a Companion, and Nice and Furry
74 When You're Your Mother's Keeper
75 Melon and Ginger Soup
76 Protecting the Fair's Prize Pig From the Swine Flu
77 At the End, Offering Not a Cure but Comfort
78 Gigantic jets blast electricity into upper atmosphere
79 Mega black hole twice as big as we thought
80 Dawn and dusk dives help tuna find their way
81 Expanding waistlines may cause shrinking brains
82 Mobile messaging network counsels Cape Town drug users
83 Tone-deaf people have fewer brain connections
84 E. O. Wilson: We must save the living environment
85 Failure to launch: abandoned NASA projects
86 Saturn moon's mirror-smooth lake 'good for skipping rocks'
87 Appland: How smartphones are transforming our lives
88 Rude awakening for NASA's human space-flight dream
89 [38] Picture[s] of the day
90 Global warming could change Earth's tilt
91 Universal vaccine could put an end to all flu
92 Scant support for sex test on champion athlete
93 Worldwide battle rages for control of the internet
94 A New 'Bent' on Fusion
95 Let There be Light: Teaching Magnets to Do More than Just Stick Around
96 Flexible Soil Model Maps Remote Areas
97 Challenges to Choosing the Best Cultivars for Crop Production
98 Cleaning Up Black Carbon Provides Instant Benefits Against Global Warming
99 Sandia, DHS to Demonstrate Cargo Security Technologies; Aug. 28 Event Highlights Security Technology for Intermodal Transport
100 Why Sleep? Scientist Delves Into One of Science's Great Mysteries
101 Enterprising Students Seek to Green Michigan Tech Campus
102 Gene Discovery Reveals Protein's Function in Hearing
103 Researchers Find Target for Pulmonary Fibrosis
104 Microbiologists Find Defense Molecule That Senses Respiratory Viruses
105 Science Can't Improve on Bat's Bizarre Nose
106 Will Antitrust Probe Keep Microsoft, Yahoo Apart?
107 Apple Denies 'Rejecting' Google Voice for iPhone
108 Spain's 1st Face Transplant Patient Can Smile Now
109 Army's New Bid to Promote Mental Health: 170 questions.
110 Hunt on for explorer's lost plane
111 A step closer to 'synthetic life'
112 Ancient dial solves time riddle
113 2m pounds to protect islands' machair
114 Bizarre-looking bat's strong bite
115 Scotland's 'earliest face' found
116 Upwards lightning caught on film
117 Brighter idea for bendy displays
118 Bizarre newt uses ribs as weapons
119 Still waiting to bag the big one
120 Bloodhound diary: Pressure builds
121 Females 'distrust flashy males'
122 Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off
123 Tech giants unite against Google
124 Iran tries to crack games market
125 Oracle gets go-ahead to buy Sun
126 Microsoft previews new controller
127 High hopes for invisibility cloak
128 Pirates look forward to business
129 Handsets enhance the real world
130 Chemist warning on drug shortages
131 Lung cancer genetics unravelled
132 Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO
133 'They stoned my house every night'
134 Blood treatment 'shortens hospital stays'