File Title
1 The Smallest Laser Ever Made
2 Energy-Aware Internet Routing
3 A Lunar Nuclear Reactor
4 Bone-setting Glue
5 Wi-Fi via White Spaces
6 2009 Young Innovator: Kevin Fu, 33
7 Decoding the Profit Gene
8 Fighting Stomach Flu with Tobacco
9 2009 Young Innovator: Jose Gomez-Marquez, 32
10 Reprogrammed Human Cells Shed Light on Rare Disease
11 Ultracaps Could Boost Hybrid Efficiency
12 OurTube
13 First 3-D Patterned Nanostructures
14 Cheaper LEDs
15 Antivirus Protection Gets Social
16 The Electric Acid Test
17 Commerce secretary approves Arctic fisheries plan
18 Breakthrough Makes LED Lights More Versatile
19 Falling tree hits, kills OR Forest Service worker
20 Putin calls for mass checks after dam tragedy
21 Veterans start over as colleges ignore experience
22 Scientists make "sugar bug" drug for bowel disease
23 Scientists: New species of worms release 'bombs'
24 China panda gives birth to twins: state media
25 2nd lead poisoning case hits China, 1,300 sick
26 NASA Wins Emmy for Apollo 11 Moon Broadcast
27 Genes, not just drugs, can bend gender too
28 More dead confirmed in Russia power plant accident
29 Stanford scans 2,500-year-old mummy with a CT machine
30 Visitors center for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary nears groundbreaking
31 Stanford scanner penetrates mummy's secrets
32 Many in state hope El Nino beats predictions
33 WHO predicts 'explosion' of swine flu cases
34 On defense, Obama woos right, left on health care
35 Reasons to Avoid Windows 7
36 NASA Panel Faces the Facts, and Asteroids
37 Rocket Booster: Let Private Sector Help NASA
38 So Smart: Electric ForTwo Arrives This Fall
39 Um, What's Broadband? Asks the FCC
40 How Filmmakers Used Spy Tech to Catch Dolphin Slaughter
41 No Bombs Means No Problems for Garmsir's Election Day
42 JetBlue Hopeful: Want Pass, Will Travel
43 Toxic Soup: Plastics Could Be Leaching Chemicals Into Ocean
44 CBS Embeds a Video Playing Ad in a Print Magazine
45 Missing An Opportunity To Build A Long-Lasting Solar System Exploration Architecture
46 Software caused postponement of first SKorean rocket launch
47 Spirit Could Yet Rove For Many More Sols
48 Research Reveals Major Insight Into Evolution Of Life On Earth
49 Major Advance Made In Understanding The Birth And Early Evolution Of The Universe
50 DMCii Wins Contract To Image Sub-Saharan Africa
51 Block Island Offers More Opportunities For Closer Inspection
52 Ariane rocket to hoist satellites for Japan, Australia
53 Russia may nix S-300 sale to Iran
54 Defense firm touts iPhone video war game
55 USAF Organizes Cyberspace Units Under One Command
56 Pakistan feels heat from nuclear powers over talks block
57 US firm on talks as NKoreans pay rare visit
58 NKorea holds US talks, moves to ease border restrictions
59 ABL Keeps Optical Components Aligned Perfectly To Achieve First Flight Firing
60 Applied Energetics Receives US Army Contract For Laser Guided Energy
61 With Nothing To Guide Their Way, People Really Do Walk In Circles
62 Plastics In Oceans Decompose, Release Hazardous Chemicals, Surprising New Study Says
63 A Look Into The Hellish Cradles Of Suns And Solar Systems
64 Breakthrough Uses Light To Manipulate Cell Movement
65 Self-assembled DNA Scaffolding Used To Build Tiny Circuit Boards
66 Research Reveals Major Insight Into Evolution Of Life On Earth
67 Echoes Of The Birth Of The Universe: New Limits On Big Bang's Gravitational Waves
68 Galaxies Demand A Stellar Recount
69 Scientists Create First Three-dimensional Global Map Of Electrical Conductivity In Earth's Mantle
70 Satellites Unlock Secret To Northern India's Vanishing Water
71 Watching Stem Cells Repair The Human Brain
72 Ocean-drilling Expedition Cites New Evidence Related To Origin And Evolution Of Seismogenic Faults
73 Corticosteroid Injections May Be Helpful To Manage Vocal Fold Polyps Without Surgery
74 Nanophysics: Serving Up Buckyballs On A Silver Platter
75 Need For Improved Toy Safety, New Research Shows
76 Study Supports DNA Repair-blocker Research In Cancer Therapy
77 Labor Induction Need Not Increase Cesarean Risk
78 Genetic Variations Linked To Brain Size
79 New Targets For Treatment Of Invasive Breast Cancer Discovered
80 Dermatologist Skin Examinations Detect More, Thinner Skin Cancers Than Patients Identify Themselves
81 Fatigue Related To Radiotherapy May Be Caused By Inflammation
82 Mind Control Can Make You A Better Surgeon
83 No Comfort In Comfort Foods During Tough Economic Times, Study Finds
84 Key Factor That Stimulates Brain Cancer Cells To Spread Identified
85 Smokers' Tongues Fail Taste Test
86 Bilinguals Are Unable To 'Turn Off' A Language Completely, Study Shows
87 Personality Traits Associated With Stress And Worry Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
88 'Killer Spices' Provide Eco-friendly Pesticides For Organic Fruits And Veggies
89 Excessive Exercise Can Be Addicting, New Study Says
90 Life And Death In The Living Brain: Recruitment Of New Neurons Slows When Old Brain Cells Kept From Dying
91 Pinhead-size Worms + Robot = New Antibiotics
92 Scientists Help Explain Effects Of Ancient Chinese Herbal Formulas On Heart Health
93 First Ever Use In Europe Of An Insect To Fight Invasive Plant Species
94 A Dog's Life: Relationships Between Dogs, Owners Fall Into Three Categories
95 Highest Ever Winter Water Temperatures Recorded Off Tasmania
96 Pitcher Plants' Red Colors Don't Attract Prey
97 Disease Risks When Moving Wildlife To New Areas: Endangered Laysan Duck Cautionary Tale
98 Stone Tools, Rare Animal Bones: Clues To Caribbean's Earliest Inhabitants Discovered
99 Arabic Chemists From The 'Golden Age' Given Long Overdue Credit
100 Agricultural Methods Of Early Civilizations May Have Altered Global Climate
101 Dark Energy From The Ground Up: Make Way For BigBOSS
102 Seeing The Cosmos Through 'Warm' Infrared Eyes
103 Particles As Tracers For Milky Way's Most Massive Explosions: 'Dark Matter' Origins Of Mysterious Flux Challenged
104 Scientists Make First Discovery Using Revolutionary Long Wavelength Demonstrator Array
105 Variability Of Type 1a Supernovae Has Implications For Dark Energy Studies
106 Researchers Boost Production Of Biofuel That Could Replace Gasoline
107 Toward Limitless Energy: National Ignition Facility Focus Of Symposium
108 DNA-coated Nanotubes Help Kill Tumors Without Harm To Surrounding Tissue
109 Capping Two-faced 'Janus' Nanoparticle Gives Engineers Complete Control
110 Detecting Bias In The Reporting Of Clinical Trials
111 Student's 'Green' Use For Online Social Networking
112 Ultimate Long Distance Communication: Talking To Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
113 Computer Scientists Scale 'Layer 2' Data Center Networks To 100,000 Ports And Beyond