File Title
1 Imitation Promotes Social Bonding In Primates
2 Antarctic Glacier Thinning At Alarming Rate
3 World Record In Packing Puzzle Set In Tetrahedra Jam: Better Understanding Of Matter Itself?
4 Trigger-happy Star Formation: Radiation From Massive Stars
5 Brain Innately Separates Living And Non-living Objects For Processing
6 'Hidden Portal' Concept Described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway
7 Early Modern Humans Used Fire To Engineer Tools From Stone; Complex Cognition Older Than 72,000 Years?
8 First Human Gene Implicated In Regulating Length Of Human Sleep
9 Increased Ocean Acidification In Alaska Waters, New Findings Show
10 Unexpected Relationship Between Climate Warming And Advancing Treelines
11 MRI May Cause More Harm Than Good In Newly Diagnosed Early Breast Cancer
12 Biologists ID Molecular Basis Of High-altitude Adaptation In Mice
13 Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation: Passive Oxygen Flow Better Than Assisted Ventilation
14 Graphene Has High Current Capacity, Thermal Conductivity
15 Smile As You Read This: Language That Puts You In Touch With Your Bodily Feelings
16 Bypassing Bypass Surgery: New Blood Vessels Grown To Combat Heart Disease
17 Finding May Explain Anti-cancer Activity Of Thiazole Antibiotics
18 Scientists Develop 'Gas Gauge' For Placenta Aimed To Prevent Pregnancy Loss
19 Cancer Mortality Rates Experience Steady Decline: Conventional Method May Underreport Declining Death Rate For All Age Groups
20 Binge Drinking Affects Attention And Working Memory In Young University Students
21 Discovery Of Genetic Mutation In Leigh Syndrome
22 Parents Can Help Stop The Obesity Epidemic, Says Psychologist; Healthy Body Image Is First Step
23 Active Ingredients In Marijuana Found To Spread And Prolong Pain
24 Brain Damage Seen On Brain Scans May Predict Memory Loss In Old Age
25 Sleep Patterns In Children And Teenagers Could Indicate Risk For Depression
26 Bad News For Coffee Drinkers Who Get Headaches
27 Ability To Process Information As A Baby Continues Into Adulthood
28 Parents Fear Errors During Children's Hospitalization
29 People With Lots Of Working Memory Are Not Easily Distracted
30 Does Facebook Usage Contribute To Jealousy In Relationships?
31 How Pathogens Have Shaped Genes Involved In Our Immune System
32 An Apple A Day Keeps Kidney Stones Away: More Fruits And Veggies, Less Salt Prevents Stones From Forming
33 Mango Seeds May Protect Against Deadly Food Bacteria
34 Mighty Mice: Treatment Targeted To Muscle Improves Motor Neuron Disease
35 White Tea Could Keep You Healthy And Looking Young
36 Manganese Damages Immune Response In Marine Animals, Research Finds
37 Baltic Sea: Rapid Changes In Winter Climate
38 GOES-11 Sees Tropical Cyclones Fizzling And Forming In Eastern Pacific
39 Possible Genetic Links Between Environmental Toxins And Multiple Myeloma
40 Climate Change Could Have Negative Effects On Stream And Forest Ecosystems
41 London's Earliest Timber Structure Found During Belmarsh Prison Dig
42 Middle Miocene Oxygen Minimum Zone Expansion Offshore West Africa: Evidence For Global Cooling Precursor Events
43 When Did Humans Return After Last Ice Age?
44 Archaeologists Find Cache Of Tablets In 2,700-year Old Turkish Temple
45 Bipedal Humans Came Down From The Trees, Not Up From The Ground
46 Mars Orbiter Shows Angled View Of Martian Crater
47 Storms In The Tropics Of Saturn's Moon Titan Discovered
48 Mars, Methane And Mysteries: Red Planet May Not Be As Dormant As Once Thought
49 Violent Youth Of Solar Proxies Steers Course Of Genesis Of Life
50 Chemists Discover Twisted Molecules That Pick Their Targets
51 One Nano-step Closer To Weighing A Single Atom
52 Camera Flash Turns An Insulating Material Into A Conductor
53 Muscular Protein Bond--Strongest Yet Found In Nature
54 Experiments Push Quantum Mechanics To Higher Levels
55 Light Shed On Brain's Mechanism Responsible For Processing Of Speech
56 Cultural Evolution Continues Throughout Life, Mathematical Models Suggest
57 Nurses Open To Idea Of Robots
58 Improving Air Force Situational Awareness With Smart Satellite Imagery
59 Martian Dust Devil With Track And Shadow
60 Orbiting The Moon With Orion
61 India Mulls Using Nuclear Energy To Power Chandrayaan II
62 Caltech Scientists Discover Storms In The Tropics Of Titan
63 Double Engine For A Nebula
64 Trigger-Happy Star Formation
65 CSU Experiment Takes Flight With NASA
66 Clouds Discovered Over Titan Tropics
67 Huge Storm Detected On Titan
68 KVH Mini-VSAT Broadband Service Goes Live In Asia-Pacific
69 US military embraces robot 'revolution'
70 Facts about US military robots
71 US envoy on North Korea sanctions heading to Asia
72 Pyongyang releases South Korean detainee
73 Detected Russian subs 'failed' their mission: report
74 Variations in Perception of Bitter Go Way Back
75 Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered
76 Early Humans Used Heat-Treated Stone for Tools
77 2 Studies Challenge Notion of Rise in Atlantic Storms
78 NASA Panel Grapples With Cost of Space Plans
79 Q & A: Red Hot Chili Peppers
80 Reviving the Lost Art of Naming the World
81 The Earth Is Warming? Adjust the Thermostat
82 Scientist Tackles Ethical Questions of Space Travel: A Conversation With Paul Root Wolpe
83 A Pungent Life: The Smells in My Head
84 Taking Steps to Cope With Chemo Brain
85 N/A
86 Really? The Claim: Some Dogs Look Like Their Owners
87 The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease
88 Barley, Bulgur and Lentils, Oh My
89 Unlocking the Secrets of Short Sleepers
90 Should Running Hurt a Little?
91 Health Debate Fails to Ignite Obama's Grass Roots
92 In Debate Over Health Policy, Some Words Are Seldom Spoken
93 False 'Death Panel' Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots
94 TYZX Selected For 3D Vision Systems For Advanced Sensing UGVs
95 NATO chief assesses Kosovo exit strategy
96 NGC-Developed Beacon Illuminator Laser Proves Reliability In ABL Tests
97 LockMart-Built System Directs Laser Beam In ABL's Simulated Target Intercept
98 LockMart Begins Testing Australia's First Aegis Weapon System
99 Are Robots The Next Hit Product For The Defense Industry
100 Navigating In The Ocean Of Molecules
101 China probes hospitals over illegal transplants: report
102 China artist vows to sue over police beating
103 Ghana seeks investor for a new oil field
104 China steel makers must stop future projects, says official
105 Ugly bats are built to bite
106 Second backwards planet found, a day after the first
107 Malaria vaccine holds out eradication hope
108 RFID tags get an intelligence upgrade
109 Wilder, wetter cyclones will hit Japan's economy
110 Night-time photos shed light on growing economies
111 The fat that makes you thin
112 NASA should avoid a straight shot to Mars, panel says
113 Earliest fired knives improved stone age tool kit
114 Drug shows cancer stem cells not invulnerable
115 Ozone is a long-range killer
116 Human facial expressions aren't universal
117 Hover no bother for flapping 'nano' aircraft
118 Milky Way may have a huge hidden neighbour
119 Older Drivers Know Their Shortcomings, Except One
120 Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis Offers Large Social, Fiscal Benefits
121 Team Tracking Potential New Salamander Species
122 The stunning light graffiti images brightening up Britain's landmarks
123 The Trumpet of the Swan
124 Taxi of tomorrow: The space-age pods with no driver, no fumes...just a 'start' button
125 Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness by Lisa Hamilton
126 Exhibit Gives Humans Extreme Senses Of Animals
127 The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik
128 Bringing back the bilby
129 How to fake science, history and religion
130 The buzz on an amazing new mosquito repellent: Will it fly?
131 New eco-friendly self-cleaning material tough on stains, light on effort
132 New study expands the list of hazardous chemicals in smokeless tobacco
133 Legislation restricting Internet access
134 Doing what the brain does--how computers learn to listen
135 Cognitive behavioral therapy improves sleep and pain in people with osteoarthritis
136 Tiny flares responsible for outsized heat of sun's atmosphere
137 MRI may be unnecessary prior to treatment in most newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
138 Early fire use ignites discussion about the evolution of human brainpower
139 Bionanomachines--proteins as resistance fighters
140 The peopling of the Americas
141 USC researchers identify 'regulatory' genetic sequences that may predict risk for prostate cancer
142 Mango seeds may protect against deadly food bacteria
143 Active ingredients in marijuana found to spread and prolong pain
144 First human gene implicated in regulating length of human sleep
145 An apple a day keeps kidney stones away
146 Impact of cannabis on bones changes with age, study finds
147 UC Davis challenge produces a better air conditioner
148 Energy efficient sewage plants
149 Cognitive behavioural therapy improves sleep and pain in people with osteoarthritis
150 Doing what the brain does--how computers learn to listen
151 The peopling of the Americas
152 Bionanomachines--proteins as resistance fighters
153 UC Davis challenge produces a better air conditioner
154 MRI may be unnecessary prior to treatment in most newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
155 Mango seeds may protect against deadly food bacteria
156 First human gene implicated in regulating length of human sleep
157 Researchers identify 'regulatory' genetic sequences that may predict risk for prostate cancer
158 Space telescopes find trigger-happy star formation
159 Students to tweet telescope takeover
160 Giant Crystal Cave Comes to Light
161 Giant Crystal Cave's Mystery Solved
162 Giant Gypsum Crystal Cave
163 Crystal Cave of the Giants
164 Crystal Cave of Giants in Mexico