File Title
1 Brits fume over Americans who bash Britain's National Health Service
2 Scientists find rare gene behind short sleepers
3 Ancient whale remains found near Santa Cruz
4 Some People Just Need Less Sleep
5 Life's Evolution May Depend on Galaxy
6 NASA Orders Extra Fuel Tank Tests for Shuttle Launch
7 S. Korean firm to open major dog cloning centre
8 Monkeys, like people, prefer mimics: study
9 US to auction rare T-Rex skeleton
10 China 'sacks nuclear chief' over graft probe
11 Adopt a Star, Help Fund Science
12 Qatar's RasGas ups LNG production capacity to 28.5 Mta
13 Chocolate 'cuts death rate' in heart attack survivors
14 Shanghai kids' sex-ed camp fails to excite: report
15 Restrictive Diet for Kids May Backfire
16 Good News for Elderly: Happiness Keeps Growing
17 MRI May Not Improve Breast Cancer Outcome
18 Exercise May Help in Leukemia Recovery
19 China child lead poisoning cases reach 615: report
20 Health Tip: Debunking Diabetes Myths
21 The Great Health Reform Debate arrives in the Bay Area
22 Wobbling earth triggers climate change
23 Early humans forged tools from fire
24 Planetary crash leaves stellar ring
25 US probe captures Saturn equinox
26 Bird watcher makes meal of midges
27 Facial expressions 'not global'
28 Early toolmakers were 'engineers'
29 Blue tits embrace 'aromatherapy'
30 Anti-terror gun stops boats dead
31 Your answers to 10 tricky children's questions
32 Alarm sounded over game futures
33 Video game sales fall in the US
34 Sony to support open ebook format
35 Microsoft backs long life for IE6
36 Bots bend it like Beckham
37 Many women 'not on safest pill'
38 NHS attack by MEP 'unpatriotic'
39 Pregnant women to get flu vaccine
40 Drug 'attacks cancer stem cells'
41 Australian man wins bid to die
42 Bloggers debate British healthcare
43 Cash In on Twitter--But Beware
44 Mom, Daughter Have Rare Sleep Gene
45 Social-Networking Ban for Sex Offenders?
46 The Perils of Short Links
47 Is Apple Planning September Event?
48 Exxon Hit with $600K Fine for Dead Birds
49 Man Charged with Infecting 3,000 Computers
50 Clot Risk Varies Among Birth Control Pills
51 Meteor Shower Puts on a Show
52 Abu Ghraib Torture Was "Like Nothing"
53 Lost Russian Cargo Ship Possibly Spotted
54 U.K. Jewel Thieves Used Hollywood Makeup
55 Iran Reformists Boldly Take On Khamenei
56 U.S. Soccer Star Has Swine Flu
57 Comic Fan Outraged Archie Dissed Betty
58 Manson Disciple "Squeaky" Fromme Set Free
59 A screen for cancer killers
60 Child DNA donors should have their say
61 Podcast Examines Link Between Arsenic Exposure and Flu Susceptibility
62 Scientists Find a Common Link of Bird Flocks, Breast Milk and Trust
63 Champion Mare's Legacy Lives on with Unusual Birth of Filly
64 GPS Helps Locate Soil Erosion Pathways
65 Keeping Nutrients in Astronauts' Food Vital During Long Space Flights
66 Fight the Dreaded Hangover: Asparagus Extracts May Protect the Liver
67 Stored Oils Last Longer if a Natural Antioxidant is Removed
68 Heat Method to Kill Salmonella Less Effective on Whole Cuts of Beef
69 Smart Cane Gives a New Direction
70 Early Modern Humans Use Fire to Engineer Tools from Stone
71 Facebook Can Incite Jealousy
72 Robotic Systems Help People with Disabilities
73 Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel
74 Fire Used to Make Better Tools 75,000 Years Ago
75 Some People Just Need Less Sleep
76 Dogwhelks Chow Down
77 Timber Structure Older than Stonehenge Found in London
78 Finding the Right Piece of Sky
79 Molecular Condom Blocks HIV
80 Lithium Battery Recycling Gets a Boost
81 Microsoft Team Traces Malicious Users
82 Killing Cancer Stem Cells
83 A Cool Micro Fuel Cell
84 What a "Facebook Browser" Means For the Web
85 Gene Therapy Creates a New Fovea
86 Free Genome Scans to Senior Athletes
87 Nanowire Advance for Lithium Batteries
88 Making Android More Secure
89 Magnetic microbe genome attracting attention for biotech research
90 Mysterious charge transport in self-assembled monolayer transistors unraveled
91 UK scientists developing intelligent harvesting robot to save farms up to 100,000 pounds a year
92 Computer system improves pain therapy for cancer patients
93 Capping a two-faced particle gives duke engineers complete control
94 McGill/JGH researchers successfully reverse multiple sclerosis in animals
95 Keeping our sights on big breakers with radar
96 A Window into the Brain
97 Camera flash turns an insulating material into a conductor
98 Fungus Found in Humans Shown To Be Nimble in Mating Game
99 Carnegie Mellon develops innovative method to detect genetic causes of complex diseases
100 Beyond the looking glass
101 Early modern humans use fire to engineer tools from stone
102 Vehicle pools for goods
103 Energy efficient sewage plants
104 Molecules wrestle for supremacy in creation of superstructures
105 K-State study finds 18- to 24-year-old group more politically active, but not more knowledgeable
106 Finding good ideas: How to improve product development
107 Hurricane Season 2009: Tropical Depression 9E (Eastern Pacific)
108 Ground beetles produce lemon/orange-scented aromas as predator repellents, according to new research
109 Math model accurately mimics cell division in carbon-cycling bacterium
110 'Clunkers' Program Is Expensive Way to Cut Carbon Emissions
111 UC Davis Challenge Produces a Better Air Conditioner
112 Doing what the brain does--how computers learn to listen
113 The Peopling of the Americas: Genetic ancestry influences health
114 Cancer mortality rates experience steady decline
115 An apple a day keeps kidney stones away
116 New method takes aim at aggressive cancer cells
117 MRI may cause more harm than good in newly diagnosed early breast cancer
118 New chemical synthesis could streamline drug design
119 It's not easy being gay
120 Bureaucracy stifling studies
121 Orchids and fungi--partners for life
122 First compound that specifically kills cancer stem cells found
123 Scientists find a common link of bird flocks, breast milk and trust
124 New study suggests possible genetic links between environmental toxins and multiple myeloma
125 Sleep patterns in children and teenagers could indicate risk for depression, researcher finds
126 Impact of cannabis on bones changes with age, study finds
127 MRC scientists advance understanding of cell death
128 Scarring key to link between obesity and diabetes
129 MRI may be unnecessary prior to treatment in most newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
130 Studies do not support unhealthful relation between animal foods and breast cancer
131 New Strategy for Inhibiting Virus Replication
132 USC researchers identify 'regulatory' genetic sequences that may predict risk for prostate cancer
133 Variability of type 1a supernovae has implications for dark energy studies
134 Caltech scientists discover storms in the tropics of Titan
135 Princeton pair sets world record in packing puzzle
136 Researchers identify potential new avenue to attack cancer
137 Trigger-happy star formation
138 Interventional radiology treatment for uterine fibroids: Safe, nonsurgical option
139 New study shows that cocoa flavanols can be preserved during cooking and baking
140 Active ingredients in marijuana found to spread and prolong pain
141 Bionanomachines: Proteins as resistance fighters
142 Changes in net flow of ocean heat correlate with past climate anomalies
143 The Sky Is Not Falling: Pollution in eastern China cuts light, useful rainfall
144 Facial expressions show language barriers too
145 Technique enables efficient gene splicing in human embryonic stem cells
146 Why are autumn leaves red in America and yellow in Europe?
147 U of T scientists identify gene that has enabled water striders to glide across water
148 K-State lab gives researchers the tools to study porcine circovirus associated diseases
149 Brain innately separates living and non-living objects for processing
150 German butterfly experts export know-how
151 Nitrogen fixation and phytoplankton blooms in the southwest Indian Ocean
152 New Zune Undercuts Apple's iPod Prices
153 Apple In iPhone Talks With China Carrier
154 China Unicom Readies for iPhone Launch
155 Netscape Founder Backs Next-Gen. Browser
156 10 Reasons Why We Don't Need Another Browser
157 Andreessen Tips 'RockMelt' Browser
158 Video game sales in free fall
159 Video-Game Sales Continue Tailspin in July
160 Sony moves its e-book reader technology in the right direction
161 Sony Battles Amazon With Open E-Book Standard
162 Microsoft Trial Misconduct Cost $40 Million
163 How Microsoft Could Get Word Back On Shelves
164 Can Microsoft Keep Its Word?
165 99% of iPhone Users Satisfied, 55% Dislike AT&T
166 Yahoo-Microsoft Deal Can Challenge Google's Dominance--Firm
167 New Office 2010 Is Proof Microsoft Sabotaged Macintosh
168 Office 2010 For Mac: What's The Point?
169 Apple Board To Meet, May Discuss Board Vacancy
170 Study: Fire used to make tools 75,000 years ago
171 Ancient Weapons Point to First Use of Fire for Tools?
172 Hot Rocks Were Technology Revolution
173 Early Humans Used Heat-Treated Stone for Tools
174 China Mostly Abandons Computer Censorship Plan
175 China Pulls Back From Edict On Web-Filtering Software
176 China Backs Off
177 China Scales Back Software Filter Plan
178 WSJ: China not requiring Green Dam software
179 Carmack Draws Three 'Lines' For Id's iPhone Plans
180 Courts put DVD ripping on shaky ground
181 Report: Most Twitter Tweets 'Pointless Babble'
182 When Should You Tweet? Study Reveals All
183 Diarrhea, TB More Deadly in India Than Swine Flu (Update1)
184 Screening Could Lead to More Potent Cancer Drugs
185 Drug Compound That Kills Cancer Stem Cells Identified (Update2)
186 Research breakthrough identifies potent cancer compound
187 Saphris Approved for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
188 UPDATE 2--Schering wins U.S. approval for antipsychotic
189 FDA Okays New Antipsychotic for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
190 Those who thrive on little sleep may have rare genetic mutation: study
191 Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered
192 6 hours of sleep? It's not enough
193 Gene Cuts Need for Sleep
194 Analysts reaffirm high hopes for Amgen bone drug
195 A Partial Approval for Amgen's Osteoporosis Drug
196 Whole Foods is in a whole lot of trouble
197 British Leaders Defend Their Health Service
198 Brits fume over Americans who bash Britain's National Health Service
199 Twitter campaign to defend NHS finds friend in Gordon Brown
200 Stephen Hawking would not have been left to die by the NHS
201 Glaxo starts testing flu pandemic vaccine
202 Swine Flu Hits Bollywood