File Title
1 Navigating in the ocean of molecules
2 Marine microbes creating green waves in industry
3 The perfect cut
4 Configure your own operating software
5 Carbon Nanoparticles Toxic to Adult Fruit Flies But Benign to Young
6 Growth Spurts: Berkeley Lab Researchers Record First Real-Time Direct Observations of Nanocrystal Growth in Solution
7 NOAA and partners to survey ships sunk off north Carolina in World War II
8 Psychologists say longer lives can still lead to happier golden years
9 Guided care reduces cost of health care for older persons with chronic conditions
10 2 lines account for most human embryonic stem cell research, Stanford scholar finds
11 Cost-effectiveness of cetuximab in metastatic colorectal cancer
12 Electronic health records help cardiac patients remain healthy
13 Bladder cells feel stretch
14 Delays in UK child brain tumour diagnosis
15 Out of court settlement of malpractice claims: Incorrect treatment of bone fractures in children
16 Yerkes researchers propose ambitious new strategies for AIDS vaccine research
17 How to make negative services less unpleasant for consumers
18 Ability to process information as a baby continues into adulthood
19 The hepatitis healing power of blueberry leaves
20 Fumbled handoffs can lead to medical errors
21 Advances in lung cancer research announced at conference
22 Study finds no link between cognitive decline, socioeconomic status in elderly
23 Parents can help stop the obesity epidemic, says psychologist
24 Female supervisors more susceptible to workplace sexual harassment
25 A double-threat to teen health
26 Unveiling the true face of a gigantic star
27 Highest-ever winter water temperatures recorded
28 NOAA and partners to survey marine life at USS Monitor wreck site
29 Conaway Lab uncovers function of potential cancer-causing gene product
30 Renowned canine researcher puts dogs' intelligence on par with 2-year-old human
31 Itch-specific Neurons Identified In Mice Offers Hope For Better Treatments
32 Surface Features On Titan Form Like Earth's, But With A Frigid Twist
33 People With Lots Of Working Memory Are Not Easily Distracted
34 Chicken-hearted Tyrants: Predatory Dinosaurs As Baby Killers
35 Long Debate Ended Over Cause, Demise Of Ice Ages? Research Into Earth's Wobble
36 Scientists Find Universal Rules For Food-web Stability
37 New Planet-finder Shows Its Power: Kepler Orbiting Telescope Should Soon Find Alien Earths
38 Nanoscale Origami From DNA
39 Organic Carbon Compounds Emitted By Trees Affect Air Quality
40 More Accurate Weather Forecasts Coming Soon
41 Crystal Ball For Brain Cancer? New Method Predicts Which Brain Tumors Will Respond To Drug
42 How To Manage Dental Erosion Caused By Everyday Beverages
43 Tumor Mutations Can Predict Chemo Success
44 Marine Microbes Creating Green Waves In Industry
45 Males Of High Genetic Quality Are Not Very Successful At Fertilizing Eggs
46 Bladder Cells Feel Stretch: Molecular Mechanism Of Sensing Fullness Of Urine Found
47 Antibody Linked To Chemotherapy Drug Inhibits Ovarian Cancer In Lab
48 Immune Responses To Flu Vaccine Are Diminished In Lupus Patients
49 Heat Shock Proteins Provide Protection Against Cataracts
50 Older Cancer Patients Have More Frailty Than Other Seniors
51 Menopause: Botanicals Have No Effect On Hot Flashes Or Cognition, Study Suggests
52 Fat Hormone Influences Baseline Dopamine Levels And Our Motivation To Eat
53 New Alzheimer's Gene Discovered
54 Looking At Language: Eye Movements Of Parkinson's Disease Patients During Sentence Comprehension Support Subcortical Role In Processing Syntax
55 Men Who Do The Housework Are More Likely To Get The Girl
56 Social Stress Linked To Harmful Fat Deposits, Heart Disease
57 Beetroot Juice Boosts Stamina, New Study Shows
58 New Seedless Tangerine-Like Citrus Plant Developed
59 Marine Pest Species Costing Billions In Damage To Fisheries, Coastal Communities And Infrastructure Are Spreading
60 Sustainable Agriculture: Perennial Plants Produce More; Landscape Diversity Creates Habitat For Pest Enemies
61 Squirrel Psychology: How Squirrels Learn From Others How To Steal Food
62 Douglas-fir, Geoducks Make Strange Bedfellows In Studying Climate Change
63 ER Physician Tells You How To Avoid A Lightning Strike And What To Do If One Occurs
64 Great Diversity Of Marine Plankton Drive Oceanic Photosynthesis
65 Geoengineering To Mitigate Global Warming May Cause Other Environmental Harm
66 Researchers Reveal Ocean Acidification At Station ALOHA In Hawaii
67 Scientists Find Early Evolution Maximized The 'Spellchecking' Of Protein Sequences
68 Fossil Tooth Remains Of Extinct Rodent Species Discovered: Oldest Find Within This Genus
69 Earth Seen By NASA's Moon Mapper On India's Chandrayaan-1 Spacecraft
70 Chemical Separations: Membrane Breaks Through Performance Barrier
71 Fuel Cell Powered Unmanned Aerial System Achieves Flight Endurance Milestone
72 Wastewater Produces Electricity And Desalinates Water
73 Large Hadron Collider To Run At 3.5 TeV For Early Part Of 2009-2010 Run, Rising Later
74 Taking The Hard Work Out Of Software
75 100-meter Sprint Can Be Run In 9.51 Seconds, Extreme-value Theory Shows
76 Hearing Aids: New Software Makes It Easier To Hear The Words Beneath The Noise
77 Shedding Light On Freak Wave Hot Spots
78 Driving Out of Germany, to Pollute Another Day
79 Herring Return to the City, With Sex in Mind
80 Swine Flu Should Not Close Most Schools, Federal Officials Say
81 Paterson Eases Process for Repealing State Rules
82 New Battle on Vieques, Over Navy's Cleanup of Munitions
83 Particle Collider Will Operate, but at Half Power
84 City Says Exxon Is Liable for Tainted Well Water in Queens
85 Climate Bill Is Threatened by Senators
86 Giant Particle Collider Struggles
87 Finally, the Spleen Gets Some Respect
88 Nobel Halo Fades Fast for Climate Change Panel
89 Oysters Are on the Rebound in the Chesapeake Bay
90 Doctors in Cuba Start Over in the U.S.
91 Making Eyeglasses That Let Wearers Change Focus on the Fly
92 Research Undermines Dog Domestication Theory
93 Asperger's Syndrome, on Screen and in Life
94 Does a Nation's Mood Lurk in Its Songs and Blogs?
95 Really? The Claim: Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep
96 Q & A: The Opposite of Sea Legs
97 Dawn at the Museum
98 National Suicide Hotline Inundated by Economically Distressed
99 Secret Addiction in Taconic Crash? It's Possible
100 Extinction hits 'whole families'
101 Indian vulture births are hailed
102 Rarest croc returned to the wild
103 Rivals bid to snatch green domain
104 People 'get happier as they age'
105 'Dead' baby wakes before funeral
106 Amputee just keeps on running
107 'I just wanted to help my friend'
108 Iraqi boy's tumour removed in UK
109 Dig reveals secrets of 'green' monks
110 Gobekli Tepe: Standing stones from humanity's oldest temple
111 Bulgarian Archaeologists Rediscover Ancient Black Sea Fortress
112 Shedding old light on archaeological artefacts
113 Archaeologists Confirm Location of Important Paeonic-Era Site in Macedonia
114 World's oldest map: Spanish cave has landscape from 14,000 years ago
115 Desperate plea for help came too late for ancient Assyrian leader
116 Roman Emperor Vespasian's Villa Found
117 Two thousand year-old remains of Emperor Vespasian's house discovered
118 Woking archaeological dig turns up rare pottery
119 University of Toronto archaeologists find cache of cuneiform tablets in 2,700-year old Turkish temple
120 Chilean "Elephant" Fossils Hint at Ancient Human Settlement
121 Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship
122 Ancient plantations unearthed in Gozo
123 Archaelogists on the Dole as Funds Run Out
124 Current thinking has hot rocks on a roll
125 Beetroot eases pain of red-faced runners
126 Gene breakthrough brings cure for diabetes a step closer
127 Killer seaweed clears French beaches
128 Secret mission to expose Church of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard as fake
129 India reveals ambitious solar energy plan
130 Scientists fear robots' undesirable success
131 Astronaut craves sushi, fresh undies
132 Call to reinstate asteroid search
133 Push for digital fire spotter trials
134 Don't desert us, say sinking Pacific islands
135 Ready to make a killing in $1bn camel market
136 Calls to end animal transplant ban
137 Stem cell body finds new way forward
138 Genetic find links India to Australia
139 German sea lion dies of heart failure after marathon mating season
140 I wrote Armstrong's 'giant leap' line: Brit
141 British scientist takes credit for Neil Armstrong's moon walk speech
142 By Jove, Aussie astronomer's Jupiter discovery a big hit
143 Barack Obama vows to keep space exploration alive