File Title
1 How Fast Can Sprinters Go?
2 WWII Shipwrecks Sought in 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'
3 Tiny Bacteria Secret to Cicada's Success
4 Bird's Tool Use Called 'Amazing'
5 Why 'Willy' Could Never Be Free
6 Charge: T. Rex Was a Chicken and a Baby Killer
7 Is the Future in Good Hands?
8 Ganges Delta: Gorgeous, Wild and Deadly
9 PICTURES: "Drained" Oceans Reveal Epic Landscapes
10 Extinct Walking Bat Found; Upends Evolutionary Theory
11 PHOTOS: World's Largest Telescope Unveiled
12 PHOTO: Crusty Greek Statue May Aid "Biofouling" Fight
13 Dogs, Cats Get Acupuncture
14 Europe prepares for drugs from GM plants
15 Cambrian's fiercest hunter defanged
16 Staving off ecological disaster in lungs
17 LHC hopes for collisions by Christmas
18 Geoengineering schemes under scrutiny
19 Review: Unscientific America by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum
20 Fast-spinning black holes might reveal all
21 Can 'excited delirium' get cops off the hook?
22 Starry cocoons and double moons: the week in space
23 Consumerism is 'eating the future'
24 Skin growths saved poisoned Ukrainian president
25 Expert panel urges NASA to revive futuristic think tank
26 Video: Aftermath of a Japanese whale hunt
27 Could recession end cannabis ban?
28 Comment: Why China needs help cutting its emissions
29 Mini-magnet test makes things sticky for TB
30 Large Hadron Collider to restart at half its designed energy
31 Kepler spacecraft sees its first exoplanets
32 Interview: The life-saving shot
33 Out-of-body experiences help bring avatars to life
34 How the moving walkway nearly overtook the Metro
35 Arctic Ocean may be polluted soup by 2070
36 'Cuddle chemical' may create green-eyed monster
37 Bad spell for stem cells
38 Destruction of Martian methane may be bad news for life
39 Opinion: Do you believe in miracles?
40 Ten things we don't understand about humans
41 Found: A pocket guide to prehistoric Spain
42 Doubts over stem cell images prompt new inquiry
43 Moon may reveal elusive cosmic neutrinos
44 It's Not Easy Being Gene Suppressed
45 Astronomers Find Hyperactive Galaxies in the Early Universe
46 On the Move
47 Shaking the Earth: Just Add Water
48 Sailing to Save Threatened Coral
49 Unraveling How Cells Respond to Low Oxygen
50 Mary Had a Lot of Lambs: Researchers Identify Way to Accelerate Sheep Breeding
51 Tagged Bird Found 8,000 Miles from Home
52 Scientists Find Key to Strengthening Immune Response to Chronic Infection
53 Climate Caused Biodiversity Booms and Busts in Ancient Plants and Mammals
54 What Makes Stem Cells Tick?
55 NIST Demonstrates Sustained Quantum Processing in Step Toward Building Quantum Computers
56 Hurricane Felicia eyeing Hawaii while weakening on weekend
57 Model suggests how life's code emerged from primordial soup
58 Particle collider: Black hole or crucial machine?
59 Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tuesday, Aug. 12
60 Teaching resilience, sense of purpose in schools can prevent depression and improve grades
61 Chemists Rationally Design Inhibitors Against an RNA Molecule that Causes Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
62 Two lines account for most human embryonic stem cell research
63 Scientists explain why birds get sex on the brain in the Spring
64 Study: Racinos create mostly low-paying jobs while depressing area incomes
65 Cut marks on bone suggest burial rituals of Early Britons
66 Touchable Hologram Becomes Reality (w/ Video)
67 Dark Energy From the Ground Up: Make Way for BigBOSS
68 Low-Budget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy within a Decade
69 Family planning a major environmental impact
70 Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages--may also help predict future
71 Today's parents 'not to blame' for teenage problem behaviour
72 Crows can use 'up to three tools'
73 Brain difference in psychopaths identified
74 Fire Meets Ice: Superhot And Supercold Remarkably Similar In The 'Fermion' World (w/ Video)
75 Growing evidence of marijuana smoke's potential dangers
76 Researcher: Narcissistic bosses destroy morale, drive down bottom line
77 Mercedes to Produce a Fully Electric Gullwing
78 Astronomers Find Hyperactive Galaxies in the Early Universe
79 Researchers Record First Real-Time Direct Observations of Nanocrystal Growth in Solution (w/ Video)
80 Nanoscale origami from DNA
81 Live recordings of cell communication
82 Researchers effectively treat tumors with use of nanotubes
83 Nanoparticles cross blood-brain barrier to enable 'brain tumor painting'
84 Self-healing surfaces
85 LHC to run at 3.5 TeV for early part of 2009-2010 run rising later
86 New research sheds light on freak wave hot spots
87 Researchers find quantum errors do compute
88 Jet-propelled Imaging for an Ultrafast Light Source
89 On the path to metallic hydrogen
90 Artificial Leaves Generate Power by Pumping Water
91 Magnetic Measurements Question Assumptions About High-Tc Superconductors
92 NASA Goes Inside a Volcano, Monitors Activity
93 NASA satellite image shows deadly Typhoon Morakot slamming Taiwan
94 California commission approves sweeping restrictions on coastal fishing
95 Swiss now pray that glacier will stop shrinking
96 Kepler Detects Atmosphere of Hot World
97 Researchers show how organic carbon compounds emitted by trees affect air quality
98 Triple Asteroid System Triples Observers' Interest
99 Avalanche! The Incredible Data Stream of SDO
100 Rover Confirms Meteorite on Mars
101 Wastewater produces electricity and desalinates water
102 Surface features on Titan form like Earth's, but with a frigid twist
103 Typhoon Morakot's cloud top extent doubled in size in one day
104 Highest-ever winter water temperatures recorded
105 China's first Mars orbiter in Russia for launch: state media
106 Sonoro Elements W Wi-Fi Internet radio works without a computer
107 Gigabit Powerline Networking offers speedy solutions
108 Healthcare, the road to robotic helpers
109 Semantics-based software boosts company performance
110 Anti-Kadeer hackers mistakenly hit Australian arts site
111 Nissan's 'Leaf' to challenge Toyota's Prius (Update)
112 'Virtual' computers span the digital divide
113 Finnish firms announce electric car plans
114 Newspaper sites draw 36 percent of Web audience in June
115 Big tech push on campus; Portability is a major issue as laptops, phones in demand
116 How a denial-of-service attack works
117 News Corp. plans fees for newspaper Web sites
118 Computer software that could plan English football fixtures
119 Whither Redbox? Hollywood studios are conflicted
120 GM to launch plug-in hybrid SUV in 2011
121 Navigating in the ocean of molecules
122 Of cyclops and lilies: New strategy for the synthesis of cylcopamine, a potential cancer treatment
123 New clues about a hydrogen fuel catalyst
124 Pinhead-size worms + robot = new antibiotics
125 New DNA and RNA aptamers offer unique therapeutic advantages
126 Trapped! Scientists Immobilize Bacteria in Fibrous Hydrogel
127 Early evolution maximized the 'spellchecking' of protein sequences
128 Scientists find universal rules for food-web stability
129 What makes stem cells tick?
130 Researchers to study rebirth of an island after volcanic eruption
131 New orchid deception found: wearing the scent of hornet's prey
132 Researchers find key to keeping cells in shape
133 Psychologists say longer lives can still lead to happier golden years
134 Smile as you read this: Language that puts you in touch with your bodily feelings
135 Scientists discover new Alzheimer's gene
136 Researchers propose ambitious new strategies for AIDS vaccine research
137 Cancer cells are protected by our own immune system
138 Men with angina at twice the risk of heart attack and death compared with women
139 Britain's 'how to beat swine flu' man gets swine flu
140 Ability to process information as a baby continues into adulthood
141 Botanicals have no effect on hot flashes or cognition: Study (w/ Podcast)
142 Current hepatitis C treatments work equally well, researchers report
143 Researchers develop innovative method to detect genetic causes of complex diseases
144 Fumbled handoffs can lead to medical errors
145 Obsessive-compulsive disorder national meeting draws past, present sufferers
146 Probing Question: Why is the census important?
147 Swedish probe into Nobel corruption to close: prosecutor
148 Chicken-hearted tyrants: Predatory dinosaurs as baby killers
149 Historical movies help students learn, but separating fact from fiction can be challenge
150 New Mexico library has Billy the Kid letters
151 Men who do the housework are more likely to get the girl
152 Do promises matter to employees? Not as much as we once thought
153 Sociologists debate: Are Americans really isolated?