File Title
1 Why Do We Believe That Catastrophes Come in Threes?
2 Rebound Acid Reflux with PPIs May Induce Dependence
3 Hidden Diet Busters at Summer Hot Spots
4 Michael Jackson and Prescription Drugs: A Window on a Broader U.S. Issue?
5 Can Caffeine Be Harmful And Should I Give It Up If I Have High Blood Pressure?
6 Honeybee mobs overpower hornets
7 Honour given to 'UK astronauts'
8 Planck achieves ultra-cold state
9 How open source is growing up
10 EU aims to aid net shoppers
11 Make-or-break summit as G8 gamble on climate and economy
12 G8 must push ahead on climate talks: Danish minister
13 Backup plan to get NASA to moon cheaper
14 Alternative moon rockets to over-budget Constellation gaining traction
15 Five fab apps for iPhone OS 3.0 and the new 3GS
16 Apple Gets Hit By Bad PR On Apps Payments
17 Apple's iPhone Bills Due
18 for iPhone
19 CrunchPad Will Be a 'Dead Simple Web Tablet' on Saturday July 04, at 11:56 AM
20 Apple, Acer and...Arrington?
21 Michael Jackson Malware Rings in July 4 Weekend
22 Congress prepares to face health care challenge
23 Healthy examples
24 One in six children clinically obese when they start primary school
25 Malt-O-Meal recalls some products with dry milk
26 Companies recall products linked to milk processor
27 Hikers rescued after call for help
28 Ailing pets propel profusion of care
29 AP Poll: Half of pet owners give pets human names
30 Stopped motorist hurts officer, flees
31 Officer dragged 50 feet by fleeing car
32 Key to evolutionary fitness: Cut the calories
33 Secrets revealed about how disease-causing DNA mutations occur
34 New targeted therapy finds and eliminates deadly leukemia stem cells
35 Climate change and the mystery of the shrinking sheep
36 Research reveals what drives lung cancer's spread
37 'Jumping gene' diminishes the effect of a new type 2 diabetes risk gene
38 Stanford bioethicist and colleagues call for federal regulation of genetic ancestry testing
39 A rush of blood to the head--anger increases blood flow
40 Gene's novel role may provide key to treating liver and neurodegenerative diseases
41 UCLA scientists find molecular differences between embryonic stem cells and reprogrammed skin cells
42 Scientists 'rebuild' giant moa using ancient DNA
43 Evolution: Crabs go deep to avoid hot water
44 Virus-resistant grapevines
45 Rampant helper syndrome
46 Ferns took to the trees and thrived
47 Natural Compound Stops Diabetic Retinopathy
48 UT multimedia program increases middle school students' interest in science
49 Ben-Gurion U. researchers reveal connection between cancer and human evolution
50 Pacific Northwest forests could store more carbon, help address greenhouse issues
51 Brain malformations significantly associated with preterm birth, Wake Forest research shows
52 Integrated optical trap holds particles for on-chip analysis
53 A question of height
54 Learning from locusts
55 Study identifies how tamoxifen stimulates uterine cell growth and cancer
56 Triggering muscle development--a therapeutic cure for muscle wastage?
57 New class of black holes discovered
58 MS study offers theory for why repair of brain's wiring fails
59 Wagner's 'difficult' reputation unwarranted says research
60 The least sea ice in 800 years
61 Double success for Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia scientists working on chromosome segregation
62 Genetically engineered mice yield clues to 'knocking out' cancer
63 NIST develops novel ion trap for sensing force and light
64 Unexpectedly long-range effects in advanced magnetic devices
65 Existing Parkinson's disease drug may fight drug-resistant TB
66 Researchers unite to distribute quantum keys
67 MIT researchers find new actions of neurochemicals
68 VLBA locates superenergetic bursts near giant black hole
69 Pinpointing origin of gamma rays from a supermassive black hole
70 NASA's Fermi Telescope reveals a population of radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars
71 Printable batteries
72 Doubts cast on credibility of some published clinical trials
73 JNCI news brief: Hepatitis B virus mutations may predict risk of liver cancer
74 Study shows PET can measure effectiveness of novel breast cancer treatment
75 JNCI news brief: Improving the biomarker pipeline for early cancer detection
76 MIT and CDC discover why H1N1 flu spreads inefficiently
77 Bioethicists lead call for public debates on future uses of stem cells
78 Research output in developing countries reveals 194 percent increase in five years
79 Sexist jokes favor the mental mechanisms that justify violence against women
80 Visit to the doctor: The supply of additional private services is increasing
81 Children with Autism Need to be Taught in Smaller Groups, Pilot Study Confirms
82 Poor health among indigenous peoples a question of cultural loss as well as poverty
83 Overweight Kids Experience More Loneliness, Anxiety, MU Study Finds
84 Rare sheep could be key to better diagnostic tests in developing world, says Stanford study
85 Spanish scientists develop echo-location in humans
86 The sound of light: Innovative technology shatters the barriers of modern light microscopy
87 Scientists create first working model of a 2-qubit electronic quantum processor
88 University of Leicester researchers discover new fluorescent silicon nanoparticles
89 Anti-biotech groups obstruct forest biotechnology
90 Zooming in to catch the bad guys
91 Stirred, not shaken: Bio-inspired cilia mix medical reagents at small scales
92 New lab-on-a-chip measures mechanics of bacteria colonies
93 New statistical technique improves precision of nanotechnology data
94 Microbial analysis, micropatterning methods featured in Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
95 Researchers find clear difference in quality, type of lung cancer info available in US and Japan
96 Nanotechnology may increase longevity of dental fillings
97 Second Life data offers window into how trends spread
98 Aphids Do Home Repair
99 Seeds Are Nature's Most Efficient Ratchet
100 Call for tolerance towards some 'stem cell tourism'
101 How to Spot an Influential Paper Based on its Citations
102 Harnessing Nanoparticles To Track Cancer Cell Changes
103 'Holey' Nanosheets for Wastewater Dye Removal
104 Coolest spacecraft ever in orbit around L2
105 Gadgets: A solution for working with underwater cameras
106 Japan demands 119 million dlrs in tax from Amazon: report
107 Iconic skyscrapers find new luster by going green
108 UK spy chief's family details posted on Facebook
109 Downturn dating: Hearts flutter as markets stutter
110 Omg! Positive tone boosts Yahoo celeb site to top
111 Volkswagen plans electric car in 2013: head
112 Japanese imperial army maps to go online
113 Racing car powered by chocolate and steered by carrots takes to the track at Goodwood
114 Energy-Efficient Intelligent House that Can Learn our Routines
115 Panasonic Develops High Efficiency CRT Recycling Technology Using Laser
116 All in sight: Scientists test infrared system for the protection of whales
117 Renault to test electric cars in Paris, Milan: company
118 Sound imaging: clever acoustics help blind people see the world (w/ Video)
119 Second Life data offers window into how trends spread
120 TV stations struggling with viewer loss on DTV
121 Jay Leno wins right to Web name for his new show
122 Inexpensive Thin Printable Batteries Developed
123 Late Blight--Irish Potato Famine Fungus--Attacks U.S. Northeast Gardens And Farms Hard
124 Coolest Spacecraft Ever In Orbit Around L2 (-273 Degrees Celsius)
125 Super-energetic Bursts Discovered Near Giant Black Hole
126 Climate Change And The Mystery Of The Shrinking Sheep
127 Mars More Like Earth Than Thought? New Details About History Of Water On Red Planet
128 Human-like Brain Disturbances In Insects: Locusts Shed Light On Migraines, Stroke And Epilepsy
129 Optical Computer Closer: Optical Transistor Made From Single Molecule
130 Researchers Discover New Information On Spreading Of Cancer
131 Innovative Technology Shatters The Barriers Of Modern Light Microscopy
132 New Way To Fix Leaking Mitral Heart Valves Safe In Initial Testing, Study Shows
133 Fast Neutral Hydrogen Detected Coming From The Moon
134 Zooming In To Catch The Bad Guys: New 'Perfection Tool' From Researchers In Israel Enhances Video To Catch Criminals And Terrorists
135 First Detailed Look At Progress Of A Wildland-urban Fire
136 Hurricane Katrina: Why Some People Stayed Behind
137 Pacific Northwest Forests Could Store More Carbon, Help Address Greenhouse Issues
138 Computer Recognizes Archaeological Material And Fake Van Goghs
139 Tubules 'Grown' From Droplets
140 Computer Scientists Develop Model For Studying Arrangements Of Tissue Networks By Cell Division
141 Quantum Encrypted Information Sent Over An Eight Node, Mesh Network
142 Second Life Data Offers Window Into How Trends Spread