File Title
1 Fishing boat lands World's oldest underwater human bone
2 Bill Gates quits Facebook over 'too many friends'
3 Physicists on the prowl for dark matter
4 Study shows strong evidence that cloud changes may exacerbate global warming
5 The auroras in the Northern and the Southern hemispheres are not identical (w/ Video)
6 Robot Trash Collectors Are Roaming the Streets of Italy (w/ Video)
7 EU: Microsoft agrees to unbundle Explorer from Windows
8 NASA's Spitzer Images Out-of-This-World Galaxy
9 Surprise Collision on Jupiter Captured by Gemini Telescope
10 All of us--from slime mould to MPs--are born to cheat
11 SKorean moves to turn science fiction into fact
12 Huge telescope opens in Spain's Canary Islands
13 If you're happy, then we know it: Scientists build 'hedonometer'
14 'Nano violin string' made of vibrating carbon nanotube (w/ Video)
15 New Nanoparticles Could Revolutionize Therapeutic Drug Discovery
16 Quantum dot research could lead to medical advances
17 New silver nanoparticle skin gel for healing burns
18 Silicon with afterburners: New process could be boon to electronics manufacturer
19 Monitoring Cancer Cell Changes With Quantum Dots
20 Project Sage: Bringing Solar Power to the Masses (w/ Video)
21 Girls game less because they have less free time, study
22 In Texas, drought means conserving every last drop
23 Europe fast-tracking swine flu vaccine
24 All 13 astronauts enjoy first day off in 11 days
25 Meltdown 101: Package sizes at the grocery store
26 Wedding dance video goes viral
27 China web users 'outnumber US population'
28 Researchers create first targeted knockout rats using zinc finger nuclease technology
29 Technology on way to forecasting humanity's needs
30 A New Path of Conduction for Future Electronics
31 Research looks at how light and matter behave around black holes, other celestial objects
32 Longer life for milk drinkers, say researchers
33 Samsung claims slimmest 'watch phone'
34 LED closes the yellow gap: Full conversion of blue into amber light by new nitride phosphor
35 Gulf's 'dead zone' much smaller than predicted
36 Hubble captures rare Jupiter collision
37 Risky driving puts P-platers at high danger of crash
38 Images of Solar Eclipse as seen by Hinode Satellite
39 Gov't considers 7 states for mercury site
40 Putting Plankton in Perspective, from Sea to Sky (w/ Video)
41 Russian cargo ship blasts off for International Space Station
42 Improved air quality during Beijing Olympics could inform pollution-curbing policies
43 Alternative agricultural practices combine productivity and soil health
44 Report: Calif. needs to think small to save water
45 MSU scientists to design optics for new solar mission
46 NASA celebrates Chandra X-Ray Observatory's 10th anniversary (w/ Video)
47 Spring cold snap helps with stream ecosystem research
48 Circus performer's flight preview steals NASA show
49 Rainfall to decrease over Iberian Peninsula
50 Small fossils provide key clues for interpreting environmental changes
51 Japanese professor creates baseball-playing robots
52 Palm Pre reconnects with estranged iTunes
53 Britain's National Gallery offers its art on the iPhone
54 Ski Robot Could Decipher the Art of Skiing
55 New e-book reader to use AT&T network
56 Teen devises prayer app for iPhone
57 Twitter schools businesses in benefits of microblogging
58 Computer forensics links internet postcards to virus
59 New invention could revolutionize how diseases are diagnosed
60 Privacy concerns over Google book project
61 Hollywood places biggest 3-D bet yet on 'Avatar'
62 Next-generation sound systems to minimise background noise
63 Server market woes likely to grow as year goes on
64 Samsung Electronics posts 'outstanding' Q2 results
65 CEO apologizes for Orwell incident
66 Engineering researchers: Novo-G supercomputer fastest of its type in world
67 Soft PC sales send Microsoft profit down 29 pct
68 Speech-recognition technology is rapidly improving
69 Yahoo! swoops for Xoopit email photo finding firm
70 SKorea fines Qualcomm 208 mln dlrs for unfair trade
71 Ann Arbor News abandons print, goes online
72 AP 'news registry' to track online use
73 Amazon 2Q profit falls with Toys R Us settlement
74 New undersea cable gives Africa high-speed Internet
75 Newest system mechanic adds energy boost, more
76 What scientists know about jewel beetle shimmer
77 Chemists make liquid protein
78 Safer hair dyes and cosmetics to be made from Shetland seaweed
79 Global warming may impede eelgrass growth
80 Evidence of endangered frog group found in Calif.
81 Ants more rational than humans
82 Human-dog communication--breed as important as species
83 Monarch butterflies with a heavy load
84 Genetically engineered bacteria compute the route
85 Songbirds' elaborate cries for food show first signs of vocal learning
86 China announces first panda from frozen sperm
87 Red List overlooks island species
88 Researcher sheds light on 'man-eating' squid; finds them timid, non-threatening
89 Baby whale's first breath caught on camera off Australia
90 Who can cool his body fast? Toucan
91 Reprogrammed mouse fibroblasts can make a whole mouse
92 Parasites keep things sexy in 'hotspots'
93 Synchronized swimming of algae
94 Looking different 'helps animals to survive'
95 Chimps, like humans, focus on faces
96 Getting to the bottom of rice
97 Noise pollution negatively affects woodland bird communities
98 Bangladesh leopard renews hopes for species survival
99 High construction cost for cycads
100 Swine flu could hit up to 40 percent in US
101 Tamiflu not for campers who don't have swine flu
102 Hepatitis C case found at 2nd Colorado hospital
103 An unusual collection: A brain tumor tissue bank
104 Pinpointing cause of colic: Researchers identify organism
105 Airway cells use 'tasting' mechanism to detect and clear harmful substances
106 Knee injuries may start with strain on the brain, not the muscles (w/ Podcast)
107 Mexico swine flu 'patient zero' was baby girl in February
108 Study identifies women at risk of gaining excessive weight with injectable birth control
109 Protein that promotes cancer cell growth identified
110 New drug may reduce heart attack damage
111 From Mass.: Health care reform 'dos and don'ts'
112 Stress can induce hair loss, and is especially notable in women
113 Smoking rates significantly higher among homosexual men, women
114 In vitro antibody production enables HIV infection detection in window period--key to safer blood
115 Embarrassing illnesses no bar to information sharing
116 Emphysema severity directly linked to coal dust exposure
117 The disease markers that will aid arthritis research
118 BALCO agent searches for steroids in supplements
119 New lab test helps predict kidney damage
120 Some blood pressure drugs may help protect against dementia, study shows
121 5 ancient Roman shipwrecks found off Italy coast