File Title
1 Taller Athletes Are Faster, Study Finds
2 WD-40: Strange Facts and Myths
3 Money Relieves Pain
4 Cash for Clunkers: Smart or Stupid?
5 Justin Timberlake Opens First Eco-Friendly Golf Course
6 Jumbo Squid Scare Californians But Aren't Man-Eaters
7 Why Raindrops Fall in Different Sizes
8 Toucan's Bill Acts as Giant Radiator
9 Could Extinct Animals Be Resurrected from Frozen Samples?
10 New Film 'Orphan' Boycotted Over False Fears
11 Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light
12 Formula Found to Explain Earth's Evenly Spaced Valleys
13 New Species of Horny Toad Identified in California
14 How 'Jeweled' Beetles Get Their Shine
15 Nearly Extinct California Frog Rediscovered
16 Permafrost Could Be Climate's Ticking Time Bomb
17 New Science Rap by 'AlpineKat' Deals with Nuclear Physics
18 Eco-warrior trashes seismic experiment
19 Big claims for tiny lenses
20 Heart, heal thyself
21 Recession hits Wyoming dinosaur exhibits--July 24, 2009
22 Mice made from induced stem cells
23 European body told to cut free
24 Ray of hope in dark-matter hunt
25 World's Biggest Cave Found in Vietnam
26 GIANT CAVE PICTURES: World's Biggest Found in Vietnam
27 U.S. Turtle Demand Booming in China
28 Baboons "Raiding" Cape Town
29 Alien-Wasp Swarms Devouring Birds, Bugs in Hawaii
30 Giant Toucan Bills Help Birds Keep Their Cool
31 Chimps Do Get "AIDS," Study Finds
32 Quake Machine Shocks 7-Story Condo
33 Pizza chefs help cook up dexterous robots
34 How to glue together a lighter spacecraft
35 Craig Venter: Programming algae to pump out oil
36 England's homogenised woods are bad for biodiversity
37 Cosmic spokes and pummelled planets: the week in space
38 Fears over HIV vaccines laid to rest
39 Innovation: Is the future of healthcare online?
40 How to make ice melt at -180íC
41 The scientific arguments for US healthcare reform
42 The blind spot and the vanishing head illusion
43 Is your cat left or right pawed?
44 What NASA's return to the moon may look like
45 Mismatched materials produce self-assembling gears
46 'Oprah neuron' hints at nature of memory
47 Giant 'soap bubble' found floating in space
48 US vehicle efficiency hardly changed since Model T
49 Comment: Why people don't act on climate change
50 Microwave weapon will rain pain from the sky
51 Ion engine could one day power 39-day trips to Mars
52 Chimps can develop AIDS after all
53 Controversial palm-oil plan may save the orang-utan
54 Fathers aren't dispensable just yet
55 Scramjets promise space travel for all
56 Galapagos penguins harbour malaria threat
57 Apes may imitate but they struggle to innovate
58 Researchers Discover New Molecular Pathway for Targeting Cancer, Disease
59 Team Gains Insight Into HIV Vaccine Failure
60 Scientists Present First Genetic Evidence for Why Placebos Work
61 Nature? Nurture? Scientists Say Neither
62 Encounter with Number Vortex Earns Econometrics Prize
63 Scientists Find Previously Unseen Effects of Protein Buildup in Diabetic Baboons' Pancreases
64 California's Channel Islands Hold Evidence of Clovis-age Comets
65 Students Embed Stem Cells in Sutures to Enhance Healing
66 Corn Yield Stability Varies with Rotations, Fertility
67 Advisory; Source for Stories Regarding Cell Phone Use and Driving
68 This Article Will Self-destruct: A Tool to Make Online Personal Data Vanish
69 Scientists Refine Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Power Plants
70 Purer Water Made Possible by Sandia Advance
71 Ocean Health Plays Vital Role in Coral Reef Recovery
72 Scientists Capitalize on Extended Solar Eclipse
73 Vaccine Blocks Malaria Transmission in Lab Experiments
74 New Windows Opened on Cell-to-Cell Interactions
75 Music Is the Engine of New Lab-on-a-chip Device
76 Calcium Helps Evaluate Soil's Ability to Retain Earth's Carbon
77 Researchers Advance Therapy for Parkinson's, Other Diseases
78 NASA Celebrates Chandra X-Ray Observatory's 10th Anniversary
79 Parasitic Worms Make Sex Worthwhile
80 Gene Mutation Discovered for Hereditary Neuroendocrine Tumor
81 Scientists Unlock Optical Secrets of Jewel Beetles
82 Spring Cold Snap Helps with Stream Ecosystem Research
83 Improved Air Quality During Beijing Olympics Could Inform Pollution-curbing Policies
84 Quantum Dot Research Could Lead to New Medical Advances
85 Protein That Promotes Cancer Cell Growth Identified
86 Ants More Rational than Humans
87 On Protecting Birds and Bats from Wind Turbines, Cornell Helps Set Research Agenda
88 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Rare Jupiter Collision
89 An Amazon Culture Withers as Food Dries Up
90 Hubble Takes Snapshot of Jupiter's 'Black Eye'
91 The Eclipse Chaser: Euphoria, and Results
92 Radioactive Drug for Tests Is in Short Supply
93 Is the Sun Missing Its Spots?
94 When 'What Animals Do' Doesn't Seem to Cover It
95 Using Scientific Tools in an International War on Fake Drugs
96 Toilet Is Fixed on Space Station
97 New Technology to Make Digital Data Self-Destruct
98 Withdrawal Method Finds Ally
99 Searching for Extraterrestrial Life
100 When Weight Is the Issue, Doctors Struggle Too
101 Researchers Train Minds to Move Matter
102 Researchers create first targeted knockout rats using zinc finger nuclease technology
103 Parasites keep things sexy in 'hotspots'
104 When the going gets noisy, some birds get going; others thrive
105 Scientists discover key event in prostate cancer progression
106 OMT announces a breakthrough in the development of a novel human antibody platform
107 Stem cells not the only way to fix a broken heart
108 Stripping leukemia-initiating cells of their 'invisibility cloak'
109 Protein excreted in urine may be help in diagnosing kidney disease caused by HIV
110 Injection reverses heart-attack damage
111 Resistance to antibiotics: When 1+1 is not 2
112 The disease markers that will aid arthritis research
113 Human-dog communication--breed as important as species
114 Genetically engineered bacteria compute the route
115 High tech vehicle design boosts emergency rescue capacity
116 Red List overlooks island species
117 Knee injuries may start with strain on the brain, not the muscles
118 In vitro antibody production enables HIV infection detection in window period--key to safer blood
119 Improved air quality during Beijing Olympics could inform pollution-curbing policies
120 Protein That Promotes Cancer Cell Growth Identified
121 Pinpointing cause of colic: UT Houston research identifies organism that could trigger constant crying
122 Ants more rational than humans
123 Early detection and quick response are key to defense against anthrax attack
124 Airway cells use 'tasting' mechanism to detect and clear harmful substances
125 UTMB study identifies women at risk of gaining excessive weight with injectable birth control
126 New silver nanoparticle skin gel for healing burns
127 Stop and smell the flowers--the scent really can soothe stress
128 Biodiesel on the wing: A 'green' process for biodiesel from feather meal
129 Music is the engine of new U-M lab-on-a-chip device
130 New windows opened on cell-to-cell interactions
131 HIV infection and chronic drinking have a synergistic, damaging effect on the brain
132 Some blood pressure drugs may help protect against dementia, study shows
133 Mass. General team develops potentially safer general anesthetic
134 Synchronized swimming of algae
135 Almost 1/4 of Spanish women take antidepressants
136 NASA celebrates Chandra X-Ray Observatory's 10th anniversary
137 Short Stressful Events May Improve Working Memory
138 Silicon with afterburners: Process developed at Rice could be boon to electronics manufacturer
139 Newly Discovered Gene Fusion May Lead to Improved Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
140 Technology improves salmon passage at hydropower dams
141 Delaware State U. scientists refine hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle power plants
142 Fuel Cells, Energy Conversion, and Mathematics
143 Fresh meats often contain additives harmful to kidney disease patients
144 New lab test helps predict kidney damage
145 Testing trauma cases for blood alcohol levels can identify high-risk patients
146 Leukemia cells evade immune system by mimicking normal cells, Stanford studies show
147 1 in 6 Public Health Workers Unlikely to Respond in Pandemic Flu Emergency
148 Vi typhoid vaccine proves highly effective in young children
149 Report offers principles for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of research data
150 Caltech physicists create first nanoscale mass spectrometer
151 Engineering researchers: Supercomputer fastest of its type in world
152 If You're Happy, Then We Know It: New Research Measures Mood
153 UAB Computer Forensics Links Fake Online Postcards to Most Prevalent U.S. Computer Virus