File Title
1 Non-embryonic stem cells pass major hurdle in mice
2 World's 1st Swine Flu Vaccine Trials Start in Australia
3 Multiplying like bunnies? Not this jackrabbit
4 PETA: Video shows Ringling Bros. abusing animals
5 Huge Fossilized Dung Reveals a Hidden Ancient Ecosystem
6 Study calculates warming threat to Colorado River
7 With Spacesuit Glitches, NASA Takes No Chances
8 Genetically modified rice 'crucial in drought battle'
9 Calif. budget plan includes new offshore oil
10 Rain hinders efforts to rescue 23 miners in China
11 Bangladesh leopard renews hopes for species survival
12 Nissan to produce electric fuel cells in Sunderland
13 Ruling on oil region bolsters peace in Sudan
14 NZ researchers to implant pig cells in diabetics
15 Acrobat's space visit preview steals NASA's show
16 Eating Habits in the Obese May Echo Drug Addicts' Patterns
17 Vaccine shows promise against typhoid fever
18 Study: Seniors see savings in Medicare drug option
19 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu case found in Canada
20 Cellular Protein Yields Clues to Diabetes, Alzheimer's
21 No Firm Evidence Green Tea Helps Prevent Cancer
22 Colon cancer every 10 years OK for some at risk
23 Typhoid vaccine effective for kids: institute
24 AIDS-like Illness Found in African Chimps
25 Young Black, Hispanic Women Tend to Develop 'Love Handles'
26 The Pill may be less effective in obese women
27 Elevated Insulin Levels Linked to Breast Cancer
28 Molecule Helps Leukemia Cells Hide From Immune System
29 US: 160 million swine flu vaccine doses in October
30 Many doctors feel negatively about obese patients
31 Speechless: Dilbert Creator's Struggle to Regain His Voice
32 Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock
33 Danger Room in Afghanistan: Rebuilding Bamiyan
34 Top 10 Geeky Things You Don't Know About Romance Writers
35 Tuna Ranch Hormone Cocktail Could Save Bluefin
36 Eclipse Shadow on Earth Seen From Space
37 Artifacts From the Future: Online Dating Site
38 Shield Law Overturns Warrant for Student Photographer
39 RunKeeper Is a "Nike+" for, Runners, Cyclists and More
40 The Eclipse, as Seen by the People (With Flickr Accounts)
41 Submarines for Everyone!
42 Antifreeze Could Keep Saturn Moon Wet
43 Spotify Set to Take America by Storm
44 Mice Grown Entirely From Skin Cells
45 Great Geek Debates: "Geek" vs. "Nerd"
46 Delivering Security on Demand
47 Light Repels Light
48 Helping Robots Get a Grip
49 Silicon Chip Spots Blood Proteins
50 Q&A: Mark Little, Head of GE Global Research
51 Brain Surgery Using Sound Waves
52 Making Light Bulbs from DNA
53 Big Oil Turns to Algae
54 Cuil Tries to Rise Again
55 A Biofuel Milestone
56 Reprogramming Satellites during Flight
57 A Superlens That Assembles Itself
58 The Business of Personal Genomes
59 A Cell-Phone Microscope for Disease Detection
60 Astronauts cut spacewalk short over suit concerns
61 Andrews Space Delivers Composite Liquid Oxygen Tank To AFRL
62 40 Years On, Renaissance Begins For Lunar Exploration
63 Russian missile designer quits after test failures
64 Opportunity On the Move Again
65 Australia Selected To Support Research For Future Mars Mission
66 How Enceladus Got Its Stripes
67 Fujifilm unveils 3D digital camera
68 Solar eclipse inspires awe--and disappointment
69 NASA Tracking And Data Relay Satellite Mission Passes Major Review
70 Solving The Mystery Behind Magnetic Reconnection
71 Thirty Meter Telescope Selects Mauna Kea
72 High-Energy Laser Could Protect US Navy Ships From Small Attack Boats
73 Navy Laser Success Key In UAV Research And Development
74 Chimpanzees Infected With SIV Do Develop And Die From AIDS, Contrary To Prevailing View
75 Predator-Prey Interactions Are Key 'Conductors' Of Nature's Synchronicity
76 New Discovery Suggests Trees Evolved Camouflage Defense Against Long Extinct Predator
77 Quantum Measurements: Common Sense Is Not Enough, Physicists Show
78 Testing Relativity, Black Holes And Strange Attractors In The Laboratory
79 Human Spear Likely Cause Of Death Of Neandertal
80 Scientists Present First Genetic Evidence For Why Placebos Work
81 Neural Stem Cells May Rescue Memory In Advanced Alzheimer's, Mouse Study Suggests
82 New Blue Light Nanocrystals Could Help Mitigate Global Warming
83 Ancient Humans Left Evidence From The Party That Ended 4,000 Years Ago
84 Promising First-in-class Drug Candidate For Genetic Protein-misfolding Disease
85 Music Is The Engine Of New Lab-on-a-chip Device
86 Bad Mitochondria May Actually Be Good For You
87 Experiments Show 'Artificial Gravity' Can Prevent Muscle Loss In Space
88 Stop And Smell The Flowers--The Scent Really Can Soothe Stress
89 Weight-gain Guidelines For Women Pregnant With Twins
90 Extreme Glucose Levels In Diabetic Patients With Heart Failure Linked To Increase Risk Of Deaths
91 Life After Chemotherapy: Daily Tasks, Quality Of Life May Be Affected, Researcher Finds
92 Refining Most Effective Methods To Predict Alzheimer's Disease
93 Genetic Marker Linked To Problem Behaviors In Adults With Developmental Disabilities
94 Potential New Drug Target For Diabetes And Alzheimer's Disease
95 New Insights Into Causes Of Anorexia
96 Screening For Childhood Depressive Symptoms Could Start In Second Grade
97 Close Caregiver Relationship May Slow Alzheimer's Decline
98 This Article Will Self-destruct: Tool To Make Online Personal Data Vanish
99 Trash Or Treasure? Families And Their Beloved Possessions
100 Starve A Fever, Feed A Cold, Don't Be Stressed
101 Motor Molecules Use Random Walks To Make Deliveries In Living Cells
102 Cell Division Find Prompts Overhaul Of Immune Response Modeling
103 Insights Into Failed HIV-1 Vaccine Trial
104 Are We What Our Mothers Ate?
105 Twinkling Nanostars Cast New Light Into Biomedical Imaging
106 Industrial Air Pollution Worse Than Vehicle Exhaust For Breathing Problems In Children
107 Corn Yield Stability Varies With Rotations, Fertility
108 Warming Climate Threatens California Fruit And Nut Production
109 Could Cosmic Ray Influence Climate By Charging Up More Frequent Lightning Storms?
110 New Insights Into Iran's Past: Landlord Villages Of The Tehran Plain
111 How Evolution Can Allow For Large Developmental Leaps
112 California's Channel Islands Hold Evidence Of Clovis-age Comets
113 Growing Sea Lamprey Embryos Dramatically Alter Genomes, Discard Millions Of Units Of DNA
114 Fossilized Dung Balls Reveal Secret Ecology Of Lost World
115 Scientists Capitalize On Extended Solar Eclipse
116 Jupiter Pummeled, Leaving Bruise The Size Of Pacific Ocean
117 Minerals On Mars Influence Measuring Of Its Temperature
118 Radioactive Material From Dying Supernova May Have Spawned Our Solar System
119 Scientists Look Beyond Earth To Understand Auroras
120 Purer Water With Long Shelf Life Made Possible With One Atom Change To Water Purification Product
121 Lighting Revolution Forecast By Top Scientist
122 Light Shed On DNA Mechanisms
123 Chasing Tiny Vehicles: Microscope Shows How Nanoferries Invade Cells
124 'Lab On A Chip' To Give Growers Real-time Glimpse Into Water Stress In Plants
125 New Statistical Tool Identifies Predictable Economic Variables
126 Cell Phones Turned Into Fluorescent Microscopes
127 Design Tool For Materials With A Memory
128 Virtually Engineering Power Plants
129 Chemists make liquid protein
130 Silicon with afterburners: New process could be boon to electronics manufacturer
131 Reprogrammed mouse fibroblasts can make a whole mouse
132 Ytterbium's broken symmetry: The largest parity violations ever measured in an atom
133 Short stressful events may improve working memory
134 Parasites keep things sexy in 'hotspots'
135 Physicists on the prowl for dark matter
136 Oprah, Luke Skywalker and Maradona--new study investigates how our brains respond to them
137 Study provides documentation that tumor 'stem-like cells' exist in benign tumors
138 Google Wave to Launch Public Beta Service by End of September (w/ Video)
139 Can brain scans read your mind? Neuroscientists provides new insights
140 Researcher sheds light on 'man-eating' squid; finds them timid, non-threatening
141 Looking different 'helps animals to survive'
142 LED closes the yellow gap: Full conversion of blue into amber light by new nitride phosphor
143 Baby whale's first breath caught on camera off Australia
144 The auroras in the Northern and the Southern hemispheres are not identical (w/ Video)
145 Some blood pressure drugs may help protect against dementia, study shows
146 Researchers to implant pig cells in diabetics
147 Chimps, like humans, focus on faces
148 Speech-recognition technology is rapidly improving
149 A bright idea: Philips lets flat lights out of lab
150 Integral satellite disproves dark matter origin for mystery radiation
151 Evidence for ocean on Enceladus: Tiny Saturn Moon Could Be Targeted in Search for Extraterrestrial Life
152 A New Path of Conduction for Future Electronics
153 A new method to cleaner and more efficient CO2 capture
154 Beyond flash--memories are made of this
155 Astronauts cut spacewalk short due to suit trouble (Update)
156 Hepatitis C: No overall difference in sustained viral response in most widely used treatments
157 First nanoscale mass spectrometer created
158 Vcom3D's iPod translator device is a valuable tool for U.S. soldiers
159 Microsoft says Windows 7 is ready for PC companies
160 Stem cells not the only way to fix a broken heart
161 Stripping leukemia-initiating cells of their 'invisibility cloak'
162 Scientists discover key event in prostate cancer progression
163 Copper can help in the battle against influenza A H1N1, scientist says
164 Study finds rapid growth in health costs hurts economic performance of US industries
165 Yahoo! swoops for Xoopit email photo finding firm
166 Newly discovered gene fusion may lead to improved prostate cancer diagnosis
167 Noise pollution negatively affects woodland bird communities
168 CDC says no sign yet that swine flu is mutating
169 Getting to the bottom of rice
170 Wanted: British women to eat chocolate for a year
171 NASA celebrates Chandra X-Ray Observatory's 10th anniversary (w/ Video)
172 N/A
173 The risk of developing deep vein thrombosis during a flight is often overestimated
174 Detecting early signs of osteoarthritis
175 High construction cost for cycads
176 Almost one quarter of Spanish women take antidepressants
177 Safer hair dyes and cosmetics to be made from Shetland seaweed
178 Bangladesh leopard renews hopes for species survival
179 The benefit of migration
180 The 'see food' diet
181 Research looks at how light and matter behave around black holes, other celestial objects
182 New undersea cable gives Africa high-speed Internet
183 Rainfall to decrease over Iberian Peninsula
184 Monitoring Cancer Cell Changes With Quantum Dots
185 Targeted Nanoparticles Boost Arsenic's Anticancer Punch
186 New silver nanoparticle skin gel for healing burns
187 Implantable Device Offers Continuous Cancer Monitoring
188 Laser technology creates new forms of metal and enhances aircraft performance
189 Superfast airplanes through super tiny technology
190 Nanoparticles Image Breast Cancer
191 How rolling terrain rolls: New study could help identify signs of life on other planets (w/ Video)
192 Aus amateur tells of 'one in a million' Jupiter spot
193 Kingston Unveils the World's First 256GB USB Flash Drive
194 YouTube in 3D?
195 Bad mitochondria may actually be good for you
196 Electronic nose created to detect skin vapours
197 Biodiesel on the wing: A 'green' process for biodiesel from feather meal
198 Stop and smell the flowers--the scent really can soothe stress
199 Green Ideas: Making Concrete from Rice
200 Purer water made possible by Sandia advance
201 Research leads to new technology to protect human health
202 Carbon nanotubes and aptamers: Vew biosensor detects extremely low bacteria concentrations quickly, easily, reliably
203 Promising new treatment for Alzheimer's suggested
204 HIPS fireproof coatings can really take the heat
205 The secret jungles of ancient France
206 Edible coating makes fish filets longer-lasting, healthier
207 Synchronized swimming of algae
208 Big Advantage for the Small--Climate change influences the size of marine organisms
209 Trees evolved camouflage defense against long extinct predator: First evidence of camouflage defense in plants
210 Multiplying like bunnies? Not this jackrabbit
211 Researchers find key 'conductor' of nature's synchronicity
212 Stunting plants' skyward reach could lead to improved yields
213 'Long-haired' water moulds are the most virulent
214 Researchers turn cell phones into fluorescent microscopes
215 Eliminating cell receptor prevents infection in animal study
216 DNA of ancient lost barley could help modern crops cope with water stress
217 Sticky protein helps reinforce fragile muscle membranes
218 Scientists discover gene mutation responsible for hereditary neuroendocrine tumor
219 Human cells secrete cancer-killing protein
220 Bone from blood: Circulating cells form bone outside the normal skeleton, study finds
221 Short stressful events may improve working memory
222 Social scientist suggests new research framework to study complex systems
223 Ancient Maya Practiced Forest Conservation--3,000 Years Ago
224 Study calls for new approach to teaching English as a lingua franca
225 When context matters: Consumers link unfamiliar products to surrounding items
226 How children draw conclusions from the products they see
227 Taste sensation: Ads work better if all senses are involved
228 What a coincidence! Personal connections improve sales