File Title
1 Clinton in US-India climate plea
2 New images of Moon landing sites
3 Endeavour astronauts on spacewalk
4 Cave record of Britain's pioneers
5 The good and the bad of netbooks
6 Milan to enforce teen drink ban
7 Find 'could cut allergy deaths'
8 HIV circumcision study ends early
9 Turkey smoke ban extends to bars
10 US war zone troops 'can smoke'
11 'They took out 95% of my tumour'
12 Astronauts Embark on First Spacewalk
13 Teen Who Roasted Kitten Shows No Remorse
14 NASA Pics Show Apollo Leftovers on Moon
15 Myanmar Detains Dozens of the Opposition
16 Turkish Ban on Public Smoking Ignites Ire
17 40 years later, moon still giant leap for mankind
18 The Economic Failure of the Space Program
19 Buzz Aldrin, 40 years later, explains why humanity walked on the moon
20 Astronauts deal with flooded toilet in orbit
21 International Space Station's U.S. toilet malfunctions
22 Astronauts Add Porch to Space Station
23 Craft Docks; Astronauts Number 13 on Station
24 Carl Icahn says he favors Yahoo-Microsoft search deal
25 The Power of the Brand as Verb
26 Toshiba Will Sell Blu-ray Player This Year
27 Burned By HD DVD, Toshiba To Sell Blu-ray Players
28 Making sense of the '1984' Kindle kerfuffle
29 Amazon Removes E-Books From Kindle Store, Revokes Ownership
30 Early Abort of Ares I Rocket Would Kill Crew
31 NASA Panel Says Budget Cutbacks Have Impaired Programs
32 The whys of NASA's post-lunar history
33 Could Apple really dictate iPhone terms to Verizon Wireless?
34 Ed White, Jimmy Stewart inducted in Aviation Hall
35 Astronaut, actor among inductees in aviation hall [et al.]
36 Arctic Mystery: Identifying the Great Blob of Alaska
37 Mysterious organic blobs found in Alaskan waters
38 Giant Mysterious Blob off Alaska Coast Identified
39 Giant mysterious blob found floating off Alaska coast
40 'Technical preview' of Office 2010 launched
41 Google's Battle in Business Software
42 Apple vs. marketing on 'best price'
43 Can Pirate Bay's new cloud business model succeed?
44 Lawsuit claims Apple, Mafia sent threats via iPod
45 Lawsuit alleges Apple helped Mafia to send threats via iPod
46 Man Sues Apple, FBI, Others For Conspiring Against Him With Mafia
47 Bizarre suit accuses Apple of Mafia ties, bugged iPod
48 Expectations high for Apple quarterly results
49 Swine flu pregnancy tips reissued
50 Swine Flu Expected to Return With Opening of School
51 New Push in H1N1 Flu Fight Set for Start of School
52 Swine flu: government tells pregnant women to avoid travel
53 Pregnancy, STDs on the Rise Again Among U.S. Teens
54 Improvements in Teen Sexual Health Waning
55 AIDS, pregnancy up among young
56 Genes and the environment interact to influence adolescent alcohol use
57 Children with FASD have more severe behavioral problems than children with ADHD
58 Researchers uncover genetic variants linked to blood pressure in African-Americans
59 Genetic source of muscular dystrophy neutralized
60 New science of learning offers preview of tomorrow's classroom
61 La Jolla Institute discovers genetic trigger for disease-fighting antibodies
62 Learning is social, computational, supported by neural systems linking people
63 Male sex chromosome losing genes by rapid evolution, study reveals
64 Secrets of a life-giving amino acid revealed by Yale researchers
65 Study reveals sandfish tucks legs and swims like a snake through desert sand
66 Neon blue-tailed tree lizard glides like a feather
67 Energetic bottleneck factors in catastrophic winter seabird losses
68 Why winning athletes are getting bigger
69 Scientists locate disease switches
70 Large epidemiologic study supports brain power of fish in older people
71 The Fancier the Cortex, the Smarter the Brain?
72 Greater Yellowstone elk suffer worse nutrition and lower birth rates due to wolves
73 Invasive species threaten critical habitats, oyster among victims
74 Cover of Journal shows cell infected by virus first viewed by MSU scientists
75 Professor hopes to help high elevation pines grow
76 How to manage erosion caused by everyday beverages
77 New Study Sheds Light on the Growing U.S. Wind Power Market
78 A global model for the origin of species independent of geographical isolation
79 Healing power of aloe vera proves beneficial for teeth and gums, too
80 Professor sheds light on DNA mechanisms
81 Phase 3 Alzheimer's drug increases toxic beta amyloid in the brain--but still provides benefits
82 Circulating blood cells are important predictors of cancer spread in children
83 Duke, UNC scientists create entirely new way to study brain function
84 Focusing HIV treatment helps control concurrent hepatitis B infection
85 Who am I? Adolescents' replies depend on others
86 How the moon got its stripes
87 Environmental factors instruct lineage choice of blood progenitor cells
88 Fighting drug-resistant flu viruses
89 Capturing CO2 in a bowl
90 Quantum goes massive
91 New pheromone helps female flies tell suitors to 'buzz off'
92 An Eagle of Cosmic Proportions
93 34 US Nobel Laureates urge inclusion of $150 billion in climate legislation
94 Technology is key for biofuel success
95 New geothermal heat extraction process to deliver clean power generation
96 11 leading national experts reach consensus on beneficial biofuels
97 New information about DNA repair mechanism could lead to better cancer drugs
98 LROC's first look at the Apollo landing sites
99 Apollo 11 moon rocks still crucial 40 years later, say WUSTL researchers
100 Baking soda: For cooking, cleaning and kidney health?
101 JNCI news brief: Thalidomide does not improve survival in small cell lung cancer
102 Falling birth rates shift rotavirus epidemics
103 Data show ATryn effectively prevents serious blood clots
104 Researchers investigate high-risk populations for bladder-cancer screenings
105 Hospital software improves patient satisfaction at discharge from hospital
106 Made-to-measure solutions for enhancing prostheses of amputated legs
107 Baby bathwater contains fragrance allergens
108 New study uses wastewater to map large-scale patterns of illicit drug use
109 UAB/Southern Research Scientists Discover How Flu Damages Lung Tissue
110 Touch typists could help stop spammers in their tracks
111 New evidence that popular dietary supplement may help prevent, treat cataracts
112 Developing a safer form of acetaminophen
113 Could cannon balls from the early 19th century sink warships?
114 Arctic Images Derived From Classified Data Should Be Made Public To Help Scientists Examine Climate Change and Impacts of Diminishing Sea Ice
115 On the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing today's scientists point to new frontiers
116 FSU scientists unveil new seasonal hurricane forecasting model
117 UCSF researchers help crack parasite genome, identify drug leads
118 Blind can take wheel with vehicle designed by university engineering design team
119 Mathematical Model Shows Why Defeating Insurgent Groups Like Taliban is So Difficult
120 Research Finds Active Video Games a Good Alternative for Kids
121 Argonne develops program for cyber security 'neighborhood watch'
122 Our Metallic Reflection: Considering Future Human-Android Interactions
123 Scientists assess flooding and damage from 2008 Myanmar cyclone